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Not only was [Lily] a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.

*Lottie Tolhurst as Lily Evans.

1. You and your love are both soft and haunted and some people will come into your life and take that softness for granted. This is just how the world is, my darling, diamonds exist but so do wolves and sometimes it is the diamonds that we need to watch out for because they are made of cold and wolves still have heartbeats and are just misunderstood. Navigating the world is a hard thing, especially for girls who are made of story flavoured madness and seeking happy endings here that are harder than finding a pearl in the deepest part of ocean.

2. I have known of too many girls who have both become and died in the embrace of men that should have loved them better but chose to let them go. Both Gods and men tend to treat dreamers and romantics with an equal part of disdain and neglect. I have ached for them, but watching sadness does things to a persons mind and heart.

3. My cousin was a small girl with dreams the size of a country and determination made of a bullet that penetrated every job she ever did. I never once saw her fail and then she fell in love. Even bullets can dissolve when put in enough heat. Watching her melt from a gun to a wound was enough to teach me that alone had a lovely sound to it.

4. Alone and lonely are two different things. Alone means nights with my books. Alone means quiet star gazing and drinking tea drinking on my roof. Alone means hours of self aware retrospection in a coffee shop whilst scribbling poetry. But most importantly alone means not wilting into the arms of a man who may not appreciate the stars and poetry. Lonely is carnal. Lonely is craven. Lonely is sad.

5. I thought I was safe in my alone. But love is a wicked predator, it found my hiding place even in a forest. To do so, it set my beautiful forest of alone on fire.

6. For a while, we were happy. For a while, love almost had me believe that I was wrong. Until the day you left, like a hurricane leaves the ocean. For good.

7. I crumbled. Picked myself up. And crumbled again. Eventually I lost track of how many times I had to get up. Eventually you began to fade into the graveyard of the still living people that have abandoned me in my head.

8. I am better now. The forest of my alone finally has grown back from the ashes. Bigger and better than before, my alone is beautiful. It is slowly filling the graves you left inside me with self love and healing. My alone is softer with my heart than your love has ever left it feeling.

—  Nikita Gill, Alone

“Have I been there, I could have healed you.”

I can’t move on, it’s been weeks, but the zutara feels won’t let me go. Curse you talented fanfiction writers, meta writers, and headcanon writers. let me move on please.

ok i tried using sai seriously and boi am i disappointed.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Full-Stage View
Post Nekoma vs Karasuno match with EVERYONE ON STAGE DOING 5000 THINGS.

  • 1st gif: Zoom in on Hinata and Inuoka meeting
  • 2nd gif: Zoom in on Noya trying to start a conversation with Yaku
  • 3rd and 4th gifs: Tora and Tanaka
  • 5th and 6th gifs: Kuroo and Daichi going at it (Yaku and Noya comparing receives)

Please do not repost gifs

If you honestly think that Wonder Woman was ever going to be pushed to the background of Justice League while Batman was going to do everything, you clearly weren’t paying attention to the finale of BvS.

Terrifying Kobolds like a Fucking Five Year Old

Context: My character is a 6'2, 171 pound half-dragon, half-drow bloodrager.  Because of a feat, high Charisma, and an added rank, she gets a +11 to Intimidate checks and she’s the only member of the party who speaks Draconic, and we’re entering a dungeon full of kobolds, which she’s very familiar with.  Here are the three times I decided to roll Intimidate checks.

1. Our Rogue failed her stealth check and a kobold noticed her

Me (ooc): Am I close enough to terrify him?

GM: You are.

-rolls a 24-

GM: Ok, everyone, you hear December start speaking in a loud, growling language.


-the kobold immediately walks over to the bookshelf and stares at it-

Our Oracle NPC: What the fuck just happened?

2. There’s a kobold guarding the entrance to the dungeon

Me (ooc): I’m gonna intimidate it.

-rolls a 16-

GM: You step into the room.

Bloodrager: Stand aside.

-the kobold blinks and steps off to the side so we can enter-

Rogue (ooc): How in the fuck.

3. There’s a mass of kobolds who just saw the bloodrager after failing a stealth check.

GM: What are you gonna do?

Me (ooc): I’m gonna scare the shit out of them.

-rolls a 30-

Bloodrager: -steps out from behind the corner and cracks her knuckles with a grin- Are we gonna do this the messy way or are y'all just gonna go sit in that corner over there?

-the kobolds all scurry into the corner and hide behind their shields-

GM: I wanna know how you’re making all these rolls.

Me (ooc): She has a +11 to Intimidate checks.

GM: Does she have the feat that adds her Strength modifier? (this character has a Strength mod of 4 and a Charisma mod of 3)

Me (ooc): Yeah.

GM: Of course she does.

Kuro 107.5: in which Vincent...

Is this super hot dude with this cool and mysterious aura…

Swirling his wine sophistically…

And debating philosophically about the ways of life…

Showing without a doubt his brilliant mind and instin–


Vincent… I really tried to believe in you…

BnHA Profile: Aizawa Shouta

Aizawa is one of the cleverest, most underrated characters in BnHA, and I’m not just saying that because he’s voiced by Suwabe and therefore immediately on Lethey’s Love List. This is a guy that sort of drags himself through life, doing good deeds without seemingly getting a lot of satisfaction from it. He’s almost an anti-hero even though he’s more pure than several of the other characters in the series. So let’s break him down.

Out of the Limelight

Aizawa is an ‘underground’ hero. He avoids the media, he stays out of all the flashy stuff and really, the only reason people like Izuku know his name is because, well, Izuku is a massive nerd.
As a hero, but also personality-wise, Aizawa is a clear foil for All Might. One is always smiling, embracing fame to become a symbol of peace that stops villains everywhere from even wanting to start shit. He’s super flashy, cares deeply about appearance and also he’s just… huge and muscular.
Eraserhead, meanwhile, has a resting bitch face, looks like he hasn’t showered in days, wears basic black pyjamas wherever he goes and he shrinks back from attention like a vampire seeing the first rays of the sun.
This contrast extends to their fighting style. All Might is all about power and speed. He’s an all-rounder that overwhelms his opponents with a super-quirk. Meanwhile, Aizawa is an incredibly specialised hero that needs a clear strategy and an extensive knowledge of martial arts to even stand a chance. In many ways All Might is to Aizawa what Izuku is to Shinsou, someone blessed with overwhelming power and therefore hard to deal with. It’s not really that difficult to see why they don’t get along very well.

 (spoilers from the manga under the cut) (also this stuff is just really long ok)
(I have many feels)(and many opinions)

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Frodo Baggins meme  six colors (6/6)



As far as first dates go, this had to be Draco’s favourite. Why? Because not only was he on a date with Mr Harry Potter himself, he wasn’t just out for the usual early evening dinner and minimal chit-chat. No, he was at a Pottery class. At first Draco was surprised that Harry would even have thought of somewhere like this for a first date however, the more the night went on the more he realised that’s he’s Harry Potter, when had anything that boy had ever done been predictable?
Draco had never experienced the muggle side of extra curricular activities so he had absolutely no idea what the night would entail. Thankfully he’d had Harry to guide him through step by step in order to make something that eventually resembled a plate. Even though Draco’s face was smeared with clay and his clothes were probably ruined he decided he couldn’t really care less. This was the most fun Draco had had in a very long time and he knew that there would be no one else he’d want to spend his time with. As the night drew to a close with both men waiting for their plates to dry, Draco smiled to himself as he saw Harry try, and fail, to get the remnants of clay off his jeans eventually ending with him huffing a breath of defeat. Something told Draco that this was the start of something quite extraordinary.

It was two years later when both men were moving into their first house together that they were reminded of their first date. Draco was unpacking the last few boxes of his things in which he found the plate he made the very first night he went out with Harry.
“Harry, come here and look at this,” Draco shouted out in enthusiasm. Harry came walking into the kitchen with a smile on his face which somehow managed to grow as soon as his eyes landed on the object in his boyfriends hands.
“You kept it.” Harry breathed fondly while taking the plate from Draco’s hands and examining it up close.
Draco rolled his eyes and replied teasingly “Of course I kept it Potter, did you think I threw it away as soon as I left that night?”
“No, no of course not. I just thought I was insane for keeping mine for so long and not using it that it’s sort of a relief to see you have yours too.” Harry replied, passing the plate back to Draco.
“Well there is a first time for everything Harry” Draco spoke while pulling him in for a kiss.

So it was that night when Harry and Draco were eating their Chinese takeaway off of their homemade plates that they both realised to themselves that this was perfect, as long as they had each other, they had everything.

sandvipers  asked:

What do you think it is about ASoIaF that inspires people to the extent that we see in the fandom? I mean, there are tons of incredible people like you analyzing writing for it; you have websites and podcasts and essays written and complex theories and whole books published devoted wholly to the series. I have never seen this level of devotion before. It's incredible, but there are so many amazing books out there; why these books?

Hi! Well, to be fair, I think there are a number of other SF/F franchises that are as popular, if not more popular, than ASOIAF, and that inspire this same kind of devotion. But why ASOIAF? idk why anyone else feels the way they feel, but I can tell you why I love ASOIAF. GRRM wrote in one of the autobiographical sections of Dreamsongs:

By the time we got to Weathertop, Tolkien had me. ‘Gil-Galad was an elven king,’ Sam Gamgee recited, ‘of him the harpers sadly sing.’ A chill went through me, such as Conan and Kull had never evoked.

I knew exactly what GRRM was talking about, because I’ve felt it too:

“No,” Ned said with sadness in his voice. “Now it ends.”

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On tonight’s edition of unrelenting insomniac thoughts: This one throw away line in this one scene that only serves to set up that something is rotten in the state of Riverdale that I’m pretty sure has haunted only me.

(Is Riverdale a state? is that established yet? or is it like Puerto Rico or Guam, a territory picked up from the Spanish years ago that isn’t a state and just hangs there in limbo and pays taxes without representation in direct conflict with the us constitution? or is it just a weird offshoot of Alaska or Vermont that the states refuse to talk to or about during family reunions?  They have maple trees and snow in Vermont, right?)

This scene gets so much more depressing and telling once you know F.P. has been coerced into playing the fall guy for Clifford Blossom and, unfortunately for my brain, raises a million more questions that I fear will never be answered.  (Literally, there’s like, at least thirty questions that i know will never be answered without at least a season dedicated solely to F.P. Jones II and the mystery of why he looks so much better scruffy and slightly manic.)

Like, how long has F.P. been ‘playing his part’ of the town drunk? Fred made a comment about F.P. stealing, but I don’t recall anything him commenting about being an alcoholic (then again, the whole story seems to be written from Jughead’s p.o.v. and what he knows.  This is also the show that refused to say abortion or concede there’s anything harder than weed despite showing a dead, o’ded body in the last episode and continuing graft of political figures.  Which raises another question: Is sheriff an elected position in Riverdale? Is that why Roscoe Keller (is that his name?  I feel like he’s a Roscoe despite the entire internet telling me his first name is Sheriff) was biting at the bit to arrest someone for a murder, regardless of how tenuous a motive it is?  He needed election money from the Blossoms, much like Mayor McCoy, to fund his election campaign?  Or did Clifford merely promise him a new Keurig and pinball machine for the station? Was he so jealous of Riveradle high’s ample supply of coffee and coffee related accessories that he accepted money from Clifford?  I’ll bet he decided on a KISS pinball game.  He looks like a closet KISS fan.).

(Even more ridiculous ramblings under the cut)

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Episode 8 of What the ******* hell just happened?!

There is no way in Purgatory I’m going to be able to describe this episode properly….but I’m going to give it a go anyway!

After talking to Wynonna about the time that Willa tried to get her killed (thank goodness Willa’s dead) Wynonna goes for her scan

That poor doctor

Waverly goes off to play snooker with Nicole

Yeah she did see the DNA te…oh you mean the game? Yep we all saw that, you failed big time.

Waverly decides a “distraction” is in order

but while Wynonna’s away Rosita will play, at taking over the role of interrupting a “special” moment

Wynonna does it better

Rosita wants to throw Wynonna (no,not literally throw her) a baby bash and wants to organise it with Waverly and Nicole

Aww so cute…I mean Nicole and Waverly agree to help

Wynonna turns to religion 

Just kidding, she ends up in the past and finds out that Robert and Wyatt were friends and Doc was quite frankly, a bit of a dick.

Rosita takes “baby bash” to a whole new level

At least it’s full of doughnuts

Waverly is still surprised that Rosita is talking to her given that she’s barley said one word to her since they met, Nicole suggests that is because the Earp’s are intimidating and a tough party to crash

Yeah! she even got a sash to prove it!

Nicole points out that Rosita is still new to the group and is “dating Wynonna’s baby-daddy”

Aww…I mean…oh never mind…

while Nicole goes to sort some other decoration, Rosita asks Waverly if she’d like a “preggatini” 

Did they just?…Nah they didn’t…or maybe…hmm *narrows eyes suspiciously*

Wynonna makes a tough decision 

That reminds me of a dream I once had…

After threatening Juan Carlo, Dolls goes to see if Wynonna is all right

This is Wynonna we’re talking about, of cause she’s always going to do something stupid.

After grabbing the wrong bag Waverly finds out that Nicole had her DNA results all along and didn’t tell her

This just went from Wayhaught to Waynought, Nicole even used the L word and Waverly still walked away from her, this did not make me sad *sniffs sadly*

Dolls develops a bad case of frostbit

Kidding, the Women in Black froze him while he’s trying to protect Wynonna

Close to death, Robert ‘Bobo’ admits that he can see Wynonna, thinking that she is his angel, since in the normal world the place Wynonna’s in is on fire, she starts coughing in the past and is dying, even though Robert was an innocent man condemned to hell he still worried about his angel, trying to comfort her and asks for her name

Even when she is dying, Wynonna is still doing all she can to protect Waverly, her light, her angel, her sister. I’m not the one that’s crying, you’re crying! *sobs*

Dolls gets Wynonna out of the fire and does not stop until Wynonna is back amongst the living

Waverly finally reads her results

and remembers who saved her from drowning at the lake

Robert Svane aka Bobo Del-Rey

The man who saved “his angel”

While laying in bed with Wynonna, Dolls tells her that she had died for 77 seconds

But that can’t possible be a bad thing now can it?

Tacos are tasty! Tacos are tasty!

I think I just did a Jeremy…