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  • My Dad: u r the only person in the world who likes gargoyles anymore. It was awful and it had too many Star Trek actors
  • Me: i will fight u and the internet will back me up
‘Miss Me’ DVD Theory

  So when watching the end of The Six Thatchers last night, we all saw Mary’s DVD. Well, I have a theory on the deeper context of her dialogue and what it means in deeper subtext. Brace yourselves, this’ll be a long one.

Okay, so the first thing we see on the DVD is the words “Miss Me?”, which are associated with Moriarty. From all the subtext we’ve gotten in series 3, we can safely assume that Mary is more than likely working with Moriarty to separate John and Sherlock and make sure they don’t get together or realize their feelings for each other. Once Sherlock plays the DVD, Mary immediately says: “I thought that would get your attention.” And it did; she needed Sherlock to watch the DVD and get her message across to him. After talking about how she had hoped she could have an ordinary life, she says that her “old life was full of consequences”, and that “the danger was the fun part but you can’t outrun that forever. You need to remember that”.

Here, the danger is Moriarty, and it always has been. Moriarty has been after Sherlock since the first episode, and his motivation - being a twisted ‘romance’ - hasn’t changed in all that time. Mary’s telling Sherlock that he can’t fight Moriarty forever, and that he has to acknowledge that.

After that, she says that she’s giving a case because of that fact. And that case is to “Save John Watson”. She makes that very clear by repeating it twice. She doesn’t say what she wants to save him from, though, probably believing that Sherlock will be able to figure it out by himself. Obviously, it means that John is danger. And we know this is true, because John has always been danger of Moriarty. After all, he’s what matters to Sherlock the most, - his heart - and Moriarty vowed to burn him back in The Great Game.

After the credits, we see Mary again, and she tells Sherlock to “Go to hell”, which really contradicts her plea to him to save John. Putting that in there just really doesn’t make any sense, after she seemed so earnest for Sherlock to save John. Until we look at the bigger picture, and consider the fact that she’s working with Moriarty.

If you’ve seen TJLC Explained, then we know that Mary does love John, but in a far more selfish way than Sherlock and Sholto do. She claimed that she would do anything to stop from losing him, and we trust that she’s true to her word. She was going to lie to John forever just so that she could keep him, and probably would’ve had her way had Sherlock not revealed her. And that works for both her and Moriarty; she gets John, he gets Sherlock, it’s a win/win for both of them. The end goal for Moriarty has always been to have Sherlock for himself, and he uses Mary to achieve that end. 

As long as Mary is alive, she can work at keeping John away from Sherlock, and leave him to Moriarty. This video is the backup plan, in case something goes wrong and she’s permanently removed from the picture. After all, the DVD only showed up after Mary’s death, and she explicitly states that “If you are watching this I’m probably dead”. She can’t be there to keep John and Sherlock apart anymore, and so she gives him this “case” to Save John. Then she tells Sherlock to “Go to hell”

It may seem confusing, but consider this: because of the soundtrack in The Reichenbach Fall, Moriarty is referred to as “the Devil” in subtext. We then know to associate anything to do with demons or the Devil with Moriarty.

Both Mary and Moriarty don’t want Sherlock and John together, but both of them are willing to do different things. Mary wants to keep John for herself, and Moriarty is willing to literally burn him. Sherlock wants to keep John safe from both of them however he can, and they both know this. So if Mary tells Sherlock to Save John, he’ll do it, even if he doesn’t trust her. John is what matters most to him, and he’d do anything to assure his safety and happiness. So, what wouldn’t he do to make sure that John’s okay?

 That’s why Mary tells Sherlock to “go to hell”. Hell, where the Devil is. And the Devil, as in Moriarty. If Moriarty has Sherlock, what reason does he have to burn John? This also explains why Mary would put “Miss Me?” on the front of the DVD, since she’s associated with Moriarty, and it’s all about the plan.

With that in mind, let’s look at the DVD in a far more literal context:

“I thought that would get your attention. (I need you to listen to me) So, this is in case… in case the day comes. If you’re watching this I’m probably dead. (This is the backup plan) I hope I can have an ordinary life, but who know? Nothing’s certain, nothing’s written. My old life… it was full of consequences. (If you fight, you’ll have to suffer the consequences) The danger was the fun part but you can’t outrun that forever. You need to remember that. (You can’t run from Moriarty forever, you need to acknowledge that) So… I’m giving you a case, Sherlock. (I’m giving you an option, Sherlock) Might be the hardest case of your career. (It won’t be an easy one) When I’m… gone, IF I’m… Gone… I need you to do something for me. (I can’t be there to protect him from his fate anymore, so you need to do this)

Save John Watson. (Save him from Moriarty) Save him, Sherlock. Save him. (You have to do this, to save him)

Go to hell, Sherlock.” (Go to Moriarty, Sherlock. Save John)

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Favorite Disney movies for Sans, Paps, Unydne, and Mettaton?

OoOh Mettaton! You’re speaking my language! I looovee Mettaton. -Feve


He’d probably like the movie Jungle Book. (I haven’t watched iT IN SO LONG OH GOD) His favorite character’s probably Balloo since he sort of relates to his carefree attitude. Although Papyrus is sort of scared of the song ‘trust in me’. 


His would definitely be Pirates of the Caribbean (ey. That’s a Disney movie). When he first saw the DvD case, the skull head probably got him to think it was a movie about skeletons. He doesnt regret watching it though. Sure, it was a bit violent and creepy, but now he has a ton of pirate theories!


Like Papyrus, she really enjoys Pirates of The Caribbeans, but also really likes Mulan. She finds it really cool that the princess decides to go train in the army although she wouldn’t have been allowed to. Of course, she complains that Mulan should have been allowed to fight in the army even if she was a girl. 


I might be wrong, but listen. I’m sure Mettaton would adore Lion King. The music in that movie is so amazing that I’m sure he’d end up making a cover album of it just for the heck of it.His favorite song would either be ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ or probably ‘Be prepared’. 

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so, we really get more for our money if we get the dvd set, just lower quality video?

personally I don’t own any blu-rays so I don’t know what type of quality they have. But I do own several of bangtan’s DVDs and videos aren’t lower quality at all. they’re already pretty awesome for me.

Anonymous said: is the epilogue dvd different from a “2016 memories” or is it the same?

it’s different

Anonymous said: does it say anything about the region code for the blu-ray? i saw it for the dvd but couldn’t find it for the blu-ray version

sorry not sure but it’s probably the same? It didn’t specify in the cafe post.

Anonymous said: Happy new year, anne!! :3

happy new year anon!!!

Anonymous said: Do you think BTS might go home this year? Last year it was noticeable that they were…?

I hope so! I think they did go home, but just lowkey about it bcoz they get followed around even in their hometown.


There’s to be a great feast tonight. Songs will be sung, tales will be told; and Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend. 


“My legs were being pulled in all sorts of directions and suddenly there was a huge rip in the crotch of my trousers.” -Ryan Gage


“i’m more built than you.” / “yes you are.” / “and i’m gonna be taller than you.” /  “mhmm. you will.” / “..say i’m taller than you” / ”i’m taller than you.” / ‘HIDE!’

so i saw that dvd cover and gods. g o d s. so many headcanons so little time. also thanks seiyoko for screaming on twitter with me. ;u;