saw a bunch of cool birds

I’ve always wanted to make one of these so

Here is Voltron, according to what I’ve seen on my dash, from someone who has never watched it and knows nothing of the characters. 

This is Lance. He’s a jerk but he’s homesick and I can relate to that. He’s the fun-loving energetic sly one who’s always getting into trouble. He misses his family and just wants to go home. The poor guy. 

This is Keith. People ship him with Lance. I don’t know much about him but he looks cool. Maybe he’s the cool type, like Kyoya from Ouran, or Otabek from Yuri On Ice. He looks like the level-headed person of the bunch. 

This is Pidge. I know even less about him but when I first saw his name all over tumblr, I thought people were talking about Pidgey the Pokemon and he does look like a bird so. Probably really shy but really skilled. Protect him at all costs.

This is Shiro. He has a cool name and cool hair. Is he the dad figure? He looks like a disciplinarian. These guys all fight in (with?) robots, and his is probably the strongest. People do really amazing cosplays of this guy. Props to you all. 

How did I do?

Just looked out the window and saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk tussling with something on the ground out in the yard. Figured he caught a bird since he was fairly close to my feeder but I got my binoculars out and watched him for a second only to see him scratch the ground like a chicken and pull up a bunch of worms to eat. Never seen a hawk dig up worms before so that was pretty cool! 

Surprised he could find any because much of the ground has ice on it right now and we’re supposed to get snow later but he pulled up seven or eight while I was watching him. Wish he’d been close enough so I could have gotten a decent video of him doing it!


Today Prussia went to a festival and saw a whole bunch of bands. While he was there he bought two t-shirts and was befriending the birds. He was hungry so he set out to find a snack. He came upon a water ice cart with custard and wanted custard. After waiting in line for half an hour he got up to order and they were out of custard. He then went to another cart and they gave it to him right away. He went back to watch the bands and they were amazing. They used all kinds of cool lights and confetti. Prussia decided he would want to go to a festive again.