recently re-read an old post of mine that had shit talked SAW a little bit and i’m blown away cause i don’t remember really disliking it that much. then again, SAW has incredible replay value, it really is better on the second or third play cause you can see through the whole story better and put the pieces together.

which is to say, if you don’t love SAW and have only played it once or twice, try it again

After graduating from film school, two budding students desperately wanted to make a film, but could only afford to rent one room. Despite other people’s doubts, they took the challenge and made the horror movie they’d been writing about for years. That movie was named Saw, and became one of the most popular slasher films. Just goes to show, if you dream big, you can make it.

The Different Types of Horror Fans

The ones there for the gore

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The ones who appreciate the classics

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The ones who like jump scares

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The ones who like to be mind-fucked

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The ones who appreciate the dark story lines 

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The ones who wonder if they could survive

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Which are you?