Prototype kydex carry for my Sliky saw Gomboy for small of the back Scout carry  .

This was the first version I made which carries ok  but due to the large pivot screw and the rubber of the handle it makes it difficult to mold more central and does mean that the saw sticks out a tad too far than I would like .

oh well ,always have a plan B !

 Gomboy via @silky-europe

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

Weekend Update’s Stefon: ND edition
  • Seth:Stefon, so if our viewers are looking for a relaxing vacation, do you have any suggestions?
  • Stefon:Yes, yes, yes, yes. Blackrock Island, located in scenic, the-middle-of-the-swamplands, is sure to please the most discerning taste. This place has everything: fires, hallucinations, lies, oranges, no escape (and I'm not just talking about the guy in the graveyard who won't stop playing ghost sounds).
  • Seth:That may be okay for some uh, adventurous, customers. Any places more family-oriented?
  • Stefon:Oh yes, yes, I know just the place. Ryokan Hiei in Kyoto, Japan. Currently maintained by a crippling sense of guilt and responsibility, this place is sure to be great for the whole family. Just don't let the children go anywhere alone. Or to the bathroom.
  • Seth:So that *may* not be what our viewers have in mind. Any other recommendations?
  • Stefon:Okay, if you are looking to get fucked up, hit up this manor in England...

@deadlyimmortal-blog @les-aventures-de-nancy @pariaritzia I honestly have no idea what Yumi’s secret is that’s being referred to, even after all this time. Maybe someone else does, since it just seems like too glaring of a plot point to shove in there for no reason, but it could just be there for the scares. Which if it is, I’m honestly willing to overlook it 100% because I think it’s cool, and it says a lot about the culprit that they could take advantage of someone close to them’s deepest sources of guilt in such a personal way. This isn’t a good reason to overlook it, but I just think what it says about the character is much more interesting. 

After graduating from film school, two budding students desperately wanted to make a film, but could only afford to rent one room. Despite other people’s doubts, they took the challenge and made the horror movie they’d been writing about for years. That movie was named Saw, and became one of the most popular slasher films. Just goes to show, if you dream big, you can make it.

The Different Types of Horror Fans

The ones there for the gore

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The ones who appreciate the classics

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The ones who like jump scares

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The ones who like to be mind-fucked

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The ones who appreciate the dark story lines 

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The ones who wonder if they could survive

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Which are you?