A parody of the Saw franchise is in the works, arriving only about a decade too late. Titled Slaw, the film stars pro wrestlers-turned-actors Kevin Nash (Magic Mike XXL) and John Kap (Dollface). Kap also came up with the story.

Matt Green is directing from a script by Richard Tavernaro. The cast also includes Aaron Beelner,  Escalante Lundy, Michael E. Sanders, Baby Norman and April Bogenschutz. Look for the completed film to debut in 2016.

Slaw is a parody of the Saw franchise of movies and follows the antics of two brothers who terrorize anyone who ruins their “dining experience.”

Be careful who you make angry when you’re out to eat - when it comes to food, you only get one chance for a first impression.

rant ahead

take it from a devoted saw fan, this isn’t exactly an unpopular opinion but more of an educational rant

ok, everyone in the saw fandom is probably familiar with adam stanheight-faulkner, he’s the guy from the first movie, you might remember him as the guy who said fuck a lot or the one who died at the end, whatever

lemme just highlight things adam did that make him a complex round character (to me) contrary to some people’s opinions saying he was simply just for comic relief or a useless add-in

  • he starts off as a panicky, confused, and angry kid but by the end he’s the one trying to calm lawrence down. character development. like, by a long shot . even though the movie is a little over an hour and a half long
  • everyone has to make a living somehow, but he did it in the wrong way by invading someone’s privacy. it was a mistake and everyone makes mistakes, they’re human
  • he manages to crack jokes in stressful times. not many people are able to do this with ease
  • he is part of the overall plot. without him, lawrence might’ve never been tested, think about it
  • he didn’t want to show lawrence the photo of his family being held hostage because he knew how it’d make him feel. hence why he said, “i couldn’t” when asked why he didn’t show lawrence. so he’s not that apathetic, or angry, as seen at the end
  • lets also appreciate the fact that he fucking kills zep when zep is about to kill lawrence. lawrence is losing blood really fast and there’s no way in hell he can move, zep is gonna shoot him because it’s the rules. you think adam is dead when bam! he’s suddenly alive and smashing zep over the head and killing him
  • why did adam do this? to save lawrence? he knew lawrence was going to escape if he lived, but he didn’t know if lawrence would come back for him. he saved his life anyway, while being wounded from a bullet in the shoulder, he still finds energy to save him. Oh, but he’s a weak character, right?
  • ITS BECAUSE OF ADAM THAT LAWRENCE LIVES UNTIL SAW VII. It’s because of him that lawrence sees his family again. ADAM SAVES HIS LIFE. People seem to forget this and think of adam as the whiny useless kid

in conclusion, adam stanheight-faulkner is not weak, or useless, or unimportant. watch the movie after reading this whole thing, you might see it differently.

see as i see