A short update :)

I decided to let ポテト (the plush cat (^-^;) hold the awl to make @todayintokyo and potentially some other people as well happy :D

I made a sheaths for it to protect its tip and to prevent it from rusting :)
I used one of the Kogatana I made earlier to carve out the shape and a Mame Kanna (a very small plane :) to smooth it out :)

I use the same kind of cover on my Kiri (gimlets :) 
They work the best if you put a drop of oil into them this way each time you insert the tool into them you apply a light coat of oil on them :)
I like to use pine of fir for these since these are readily available but Kiri works very well too :D
Kiri is kind of hard to get a hold of in Hamburg though and I need to keep track of my money and I don’t have much Kiri left (^-^;)

Anyway I made some handles for the Kogatana as well :)
I used Kogatana without a handle for a long time until I saw a video of Kiyoto Tanaka carving the neck of a guitar using a Kogatana with this style of hand and ever since I tried it out myself I don’t want to use them without a handle anymore :D
The exception being my marking knife which I prefer to use without a handle or any wrapping :)

I finished the Osaebiki Nokogiri :)
The shape is not 100% correct and closer to a Katabe for details but this is because I’ve have had some situations where the saw blade was too tall to cut inside of a Dai and I had to resolve to using a jewelers saw which was tricky and annoying so I anticipated those situations and chose an old rusty run down saw that had a small saw blade :)
This will make some things on big Kanna less easy but I’m just happy I have a saw that works for both applications right now :D
The saw I used was a very rusty and bent one…
It came with a handle but it was falling apart. I tried removing it in a nondestructive traditional way but this didn’t work so I used a chisel to split it open and it seems like someone used epoxy to fix the handle to the blade :(
Please don’t do that Epoxy is just not good for that application. Yes you can heat it up to remove the blade but heating it up puts it at risk of loosing the temper since you cannot heat the tang directly and if you loose the temper retempering it is basically impossible for someone who’s not doing this on a regular basis (I have experience with metalworking and heat treating so I kind of know what I’m talking about and even I would not attempt doing this).
So please please please don’t use epoxy to fix a handle to your chisels, saws or awls m(_ _)m
All it does is marry a consumable (the handle) to the part that is supposed to last (the blade) so that it is a lot more work than it should be to separate both when one of them is used up.

For reference here are some articles I wrote about how to make traditional Japanese saw handles :)

and :)

I recommend wrapping the front part of saw handles with copper wire or steel wire to prevent it from splitting :)
There are many ways to go about this but I found that the way I like the most is to carve a shallow groove not deeper than the thickness of the wire into the wood of the handle and to fix the beginning of the wire in place using a small wooden pin/nails then wrap the wire tightly around the handle and fix the end of the wire in a similar fashion :)
This way you can easily salvage the wire when the handle wears out and reuse it on the replacement handle :)

Also I have 3 plush things :D
I’m too old for that (^-^;)

My next project is making a proper way to store my drills :D
My sharpening tray has fallen out of use because i sharpen at my kitchen sink and it is too big for my tiny kitchen…
I thought about salvaging the wood but I decided to put some partitions in it and to use it to store my drills which I usually store by wrapping them in newspapers (^-^;)

I need to make some kind of tool wrapper for my carving knifes as well (^-^;)
I have some old pieces of a jeans that I damaged so maybe I can use those to sew some kind of carving knife protection thingy :D

This article got longer than I expected (^-^;)
Sorry for my rant about epoxy but I’ve restored several tools where this was the case and it is one of the worst things I had to deal with (>_<;)

I wish everyone a great weekend with sweet dreams (^-^)/

Anne-Claire Rohe

 A Basics Line That Strives for Less-Is-More

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