savvy cosplays


So, the Nepeta was mostly a little test run of the make up to see how it looks, but the Sollux one was actually included in my audition (the hair is too long, I know, but I didn’t have access to someone with hair-cutting abilities so I made due).

I really like the Nepeta one, but I wanted to see what others think before I audition again and get my hopes up. Like I said, it’s just a quick closet cosplay, but I think it looks much better than my Sollux one. Especially because now I have the fangs (a birthday present from my roommate). Nepeta’s also feels a lot more natural to me, despite my deep and abiding love for the two-toned dork..

Idk. Please tell me what you guys think. I really am dying for some feedback before I submit the audition.