savory tarts

cuire, faire cuire (au four)  to bake
mélanger, remuer  to mix, stir
tamiser  to sift
lever  to prove, to rise (dough)
préchauffer  to preheat

la levure  yeast
le levure chimique  baking powder
la levure de boulanger baker’s yeast
le levain  sourdough starter
le bicarbonate (de soude/sodium)  baking soda
la sucre  sugar
le sel  salt
la pépite de chocolat  chocolate chip
la farine  flour
la farine complète  whole grain flour
la pâte  dough
la canelle  cinnamon 
la (noix de) muscade  nutmeg

le pain au levain  sourdough bread
le pain complet  whole grain bread
le pain de seigle  rye bread
le gâteau  cake
le petit gâteau  cupcake, cookie
la tourte  a savory pie
la tarte  a sweet pie, tart, or torte
le quatre-quarts  poundcake
le biscuit  cookie
le brownie  brownie
le petit pain  roll, bun

Appetite (Blackwall, Sera)

I was chatting with frandayam about something unrelated when this came to me. It started out as a headcanon and then sort of became a story? So, written fast and not really properly edited.

Grey wardens have legendarily–even proverbially–huge appetites. This presents a complication for Blackwall, but help comes from an unexpected quarter.


Grey Wardens have legendarily–even proverbially–huge appetites. Whatever strange processes go on in their bodies to give them their powers also consume a lot of food. And there are people in Skyhold who have spent significant time in the presence of Wardens: Varric, of course, and Leliana, for starters.

So the first time Blackwall fills up a plate, Varric says, “Light meal today, eh, Hero?” He’s not needling him, he’s not suspicious, he’s just making conversation, like he does…

…but Blackwall thinks, Oh shit.

The next time he has a meal in public, he puts half again as much food on his plate as he wants, and tries to figure out what he’s going to do: stuffing himself silly at every meal seems like a poor plan, especially given that he may be needed on the battlefield, but discarding food would be an abominable waste… and yet Varric’s going to notice, apparently, if he doesn’t eat as much as a real Warden, and if Varric’s going to notice Leliana almost certainly already has noticed, and this is frankly the stupidest way his cover could possibly be blown….

And then Sera leans against his arm, bony elbow in his side, poising her fork over his plate. “You gonna eat that?” she asks, jabbing at a meat roll balanced on the side of his plate.

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