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Hundreds of Letters || Bucky Barnes x Reader

{summary: “i wrote two hundred letters i will never send.”}

here’s a little something sweet for bucky barnes.

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There was something surreal about being roommates with Captain America and the man who was once known as the Winter Soldier.

Since you worked with Tony Stark on a near daily basis, this often put you into close contact with the Avengers. Despite being on good terms with the vast majority of them (including the youngest of them all, that Parker kid), the two that you got along with the most had to be Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

Something about those two men made you click with them instantly. Perhaps it was the fact that they were alive during the time when the whole world was in turmoil that made you sympathize with them-

Or maybe it was due to your growing feelings for Bucky that made you WANT to be closer to them.

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Audience- Jun Fluff

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Request: Hiiiii can i request a Junhui fluff where reader is best friends with svt and suddenly Jun confesses his love to her while the rest go hide and watch from a distance please?

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 853 (I’m sorry it’s so short, I have major writers block right now.)


A/N: Hey guys, I have made a decent break into my inbox and just wanted to let everybody know that I need more requests for future works! Just please remember to make your request specific and if you request under an account, it is most likely going to be done sooner! Anyway, I decided to try writing this in 3rd person pov to see if that fixes some of my grammatical issues I have been noticing lately. Also, thank you to galaxycyndaquil for helping me fix up some parts of this scenario! Ya’ll should go check out her blog.xx

 Vernon slipped around the corner, releasing a loud howl of excitement as Seungkwan chased behind him. Dino and Minghao were having a grand Mario Kart race as Hoshi, Joshua, and Woozi sat behind them cheering every few seconds. Seungcheol and Jeonghan sat on the couch, talking quietly as they continued to wonder how their parenting of the large group of teens went so wrong. Jun, on the other hand, sat in a corner looking at his phone and smiling every few seconds.

(Y/N): TBH you might have to stop me from throwing myself off a cliff… my professor is being a complete ass…

Jun: lol I will make sure to keep you alive until finals. Do you wanna come over to the dorm and help keep me sane from being around these idiots?

(Y/N): I will on one condition: send me the answers to the calculus homework.

Jun: [jpeg.img sent] Hurry up, I’m going insane.

 Sighing, Jun tucked his phone in his pocket as he observed the boys continuously running around the dorm. He ran a hand through his fluffy hair and began to walk to the front of the house. Quickly and carelessly, he slipped on his jacket and shoes, walking out the front door to meet (Y/N) halfway. The crisp spring air bit at his cheeks as he stuffed his thin hands further into his pockets. 

 Along both sides of the road, small bushes of flowers that were just beginning to bloom framed the sidewalk. Leaves from the tall, aged oak trees scattered themselves along the area, ever so often inching forward or backward due to the wind’s strong force. The smell of nearby food vendors drifted through the air, filling Jun’s nostrils with both sweet and savory scents. The only sound that was heard was the rustling of leaves and Jun’s heavy footsteps.

 Is now the time? Should I tell her today? Will she say she likes me back? Questions clouded up the boy’s mind, muddling his thoughts in the process. Maybe I shouldn’t even bother…

 The thing about unconfessed love is that it can truly be painful. Jun knew this well, as he has been in constant pain for almost three years now. (Y/N) had been one of his first and most valuable friends when he arrived in Korea, and even he knew that they were destined to stay in touch for the rest of their lives.

 Jun rounded a corner, and could see (Y/N) lightly stepping on the sidewalk down the road. He began to hurry his steps and let himself take longer strides, which led to them finally meeting by the time she had only walked a quarter of the way down the block.

“Jun! I thought you wanted me to meet you at your house…” 

“Well, I thought we could just talk and stuff on the way back. Plus, I needed the exercise.” Jun gasped and huffed, his recent lack of exercise finally catching up with him.

“Well, do you wanna grab some food on the way to the dorm? I haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Jun nodded, and they stepped towards a booth that sold sticks with pieces of meat stuck on it. (Y/N) offered to pay for herself, but Jun quickly shut that idea down and paid as she begrudgingly nibbled on the tender meat.

 They walked in complete silence. The tension that filled the air was a kind neither of them had felt before, and that scared them both a little bit to be completely honest. By the time they had reached the front of the dorm, they both had finished their food and were desperate to be able to just start a normal conversation. 

“Hey (Y/N), before we go inside the dorm, I need to tell you something.” She nodded and readjusted her bag on her shoulder.

 “I may never have told you this, but… I think I have feelings for you. I get it if you don’t like me back, but I hope we can stay friends because you are really a special person in my life.” Jun rambled, but was abruptly cut off by her lips covering his own. His eyes went wide, and she soon drew back from the tenderhearted kiss.

 “Jun, to be honest, I have feelings for you too. I really just enjoy being around you, and I would never in a million years even dream of leaving your life. What does this make us, though?” Tilting her head, the young woman nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt Jun thread his fingers in hers.

 “It makes us whatever you want us to be, (Y/N).” Suddenly, the door swung open and Seungkwan and Vernon crashed onto the ground. The other 10 members of SEVENTEEN stood, their mouthes practically hitting the floor.

 “Hell yeah, Jun! Get some!” Vernon’s yelling was interrupted by (Y/N) hitting him with her bag, and the other 12 boys burst into laughter.

 “That’s what you get for ruining a private moment, idiot…”

Prim And Proper (Part 2)

Summary: It seemed unlikely, but [Y/N] and Steve quickly become close friends… until something happens, and [Y/N] has to deal with her feelings for Steve.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1981

Warnings: Some swearing.

A/N: read part 1 here or via my Masterlist.

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Chapter 2: This Thing Called Jealousy.

It was not until he brought Sharon around one day, his girlfriend, when [Y/N] experienced a new emotion around Steve, and realized an undeniable truth. No matter how much she did try to refute it - first to herself and then to Wanda who had read her feelings. There really was no denying it: she was jealous of Sharon. She seemed like an amiable girl, and had taken an interest in [Y/N], especially once she noted how important [Y/N] had become in Steve’s life.

[Y/N] tried to find a comfortable position on the couch in the common room as she was scrolling on her phone, only to tap on it every now and then when she read or saw a post she loved on tumblr, when Steve walked in with his girlfriend. She thoroughly enjoyed spending hours of her time on the Internet, going through her dashboard and favorite tags. She often received confused looks from observers (known as her roommates) when she would suddenly burst out in laughter over something funny she saw. They must think of me as very weird, she thought amusedly. Her head moved up when she noticed the unexpected guest, and [Y/N] sat up straight abruptly and put down her phone.  

“Hey there, [Y/N].” Steve walked up to her with a smile.

“Oh, hi.” She repressed a yawn. Guess I was a bit too comfortable.

“I’d like you to meet my girlfriend. This is Sharon.”

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Rule of Thumb Pt. 6

Requested: yes

TW: a shit ton of happiness, pregnancy 

Summary: Life in Lawerence proves to be amazing as Dean searches for a home.

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There was a soft silence in the Winchester homestead. All the alphas and omegas were tucked away in bed, that is to say until Jess left the spare room she and her husband shared to go satisfy a bacon craving. A typically pleasant, savory scent flooded the house pulling the members up and out of bed. 

Dean lingered around the kitchen daring Jess to eat it all while he called Crowley. Crowley was a peculiar family friend and was holding the treasured Winchester lot until one presented themselves as ready to buy. 

Dean wrote down the time he and his little omega would go and scout it out. He  hung up and pulled up a chair. His nose crinkled happily at the new scent of his omega mixing into the kitchen. She offered a smile, joining his lap. 

“Got us that appointment.” He murmured, concern flickering his gaze as y/n hopped of his lap, running to the nearest bathroom. 

He was quick to his feet, following her just behind Mary. His mother held the girls hair away from her face as she retched into the toilet. “Sorry.” Y/n finally mumbled leaning away from the toilet, seeking the cool tile for comfort. 

“Don’t apologize baby.” Mary soothed pouring a small cup with mouthwash. “I’ll leave this right here for when you think you’re done.” 

Dean crouched beside his omega, kissing her forehead softly. “You want to stay in today?” 

Y/N shook her head, leaning against Dean. "No, I’ll be fine, it happened yesterday too. Today the smell just got me.” 

Mary grinned, digging around in her medicine cabinet. She pulled out a small box and sat it next to the mouthwash. “You might want to take one of these.” 

Dean felt his chest expand with pride as he peppered kisses all over Y/N’s head. “My pups. You could be having my pups.” 

A new sense of excitement rushed through the Winchesters. Everyone was on edge, nervously excited for the results. As the timer rang, Dean stood and silently walked toward the counter where the plastic test was balanced. His chest pounded, aching for a family. Two pink lines stared back at him, causing a smile to spread across his face. “We’re pregnant.” 

What followed was mass chaos in the home. Henry didn’t really understand, Mary was chewing Dean’s ear off for not be more attentive to your needs, John admittedly was crying, Sam had a wondrous grin on his face, and Jess, well, Jess had to burst the bubble so to speak by saying her water broke.

For the Winchesters, drama wasn’t unusual, but a new baby and impending baby was a lot for one day. Dean decided to keep the appointment with Crowley after Y/N’s morning sickness became too much due to the sterile hospital smell.

He already developed a stronger alpha presence. His hands never left her body, his teeth ready to bare and growl at anyone who so dared look at her longer than a second. Crowley was amused to say the least, but somewhere deep down he felt a fondness for Dean and happily filed the paper work.

Dean parked Baby outside of the bunker the family owned. Normally he would have been nervous, but he was too high on life to care. “Um, Dean?” 

His eyes flickered her way. “Yeah sweetheart?”

“Why the fuck does your family own a bunker?” 

At the sharpness of her tone and the way her eyes narrowed at the fact the Winchester property was under the fucking ground, he knew he had faulted. “I’ll explain inside.” Hoping she would just believe him.

Flavors (Simon Dominic)

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    “Ooh, let’s go in there!” Hyukwoo said, pointing at a brightly lit tent filled with tables of happy-looking people eating delicious-looking food.

     “Everyone good with that?” Jay asked. Everyone was, so in they went. It took a few minutes of waiters rearranging tables for them to be able to sit down together, but soon they were all seated. It had been months since they’d all gone and done something fun together like this, and this had been a perfect opportunity- Seoul’s biggest food and wine festival coincided with a short span of less busy time the artists had.

    “Wow,” Kiseok said, eyeing a plate a waiter was carrying to another table. “This looks great. Good idea, Hyukwoo.”

    Soon a waitress came to give them menus and get their drink orders and soon they were ordering their food, all talking cheerfully. Kiseok was sitting between Hyunjung and Jay, who was recounting the story of a particularly lively night at one of his favorite clubs during which he had almost gotten in a fight, and soon Kiseok and the rest of the table were in hysterics.


    “Oh my gosh, you won’t believe who’s out there!” Yuna, a waitress, gushed as she handed Kayleigh, one of the chefs, a slip of paper containing a table’s orders.

    “Who?” Kayleigh asked, only quickly glancing up from the pan of asparagus and tomatoes she was sauteing.

    “AOMG!” Yuna said. “Like, all of them!”

    “Really?” Kayleigh asked, though her voice didn’t rise; she was still focusing.

    “Yes!” Yuna said. “We better make sure their food is extra good.”

    Kayleigh chuckled. “Technically, we have to make sure everyone’s food is extra good.”

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The hotel seemed to appear out of no where. It was a huge, beautiful mansion jutting out of the woods, though it wasn’t overgrown or run down at all. It appeared to be a perfectly intact, well running hotel! Not only that, but the kitchen must be in full spirits! The savory scents of Kantonese curry and other heavy spices wafted from the open and welcoming double doors, enticing any young wanderer to come in and take a load off.

Will you enter?

EXO react to their child waking them up on Christmas Day

Such a cute scenario a lot of us can relate to. :) I couldn’t agree with you more. Nothing beats bias fluff feels haha. Thanks for your request baebae. <3  

*Gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

Xiumin: Already stirring into a wake before you, Xiumin would eye your son with some lingering traces of somnolence, evident upon his face. Your son would be bouncing giddily while exclaiming how “it’s Christmas” and how “Santa really came.” Calmly smiling while ruffling his little boy’s hair, he wouldn’t be able to conceal his smiles at the palpable excitement illustrated upon his son’s features. “You think you got everything you wanted buddy?” he would inquire to which your son would nod with fervor. Minseok would prod you awake as your son dashes to his presents, patiently waiting for both of you to arrive. While your little boy is unraveling his presents, I can see Minseok preparing a special coffee for both you and him. 

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Luhan: Both you and Luhan would be relatively exhausted from the Christmas preparations you did the night before. So the moment your son comes dashing into your room buoyantly begging for both of you to get up, Luhan would tiredly implore for a few more minutes. “It’s really early buddy….give mommy and I…five…more…..minu….tes..” he would drone, clearly fatigued. Your son would cutely pout at this, eventually wandering towards the Christmas tree where he would continue to ogle at his presents. Eventually, with your assistance, Luhan would finally bring himself to a wake already seeking out breakfast. “Hey now, you didn’t already open your presents did you?” he would jokingly tease his son as he commences in opening his presents. 

Kris: Wide awake by the time your daughter rushes to your room, gushing about it being Christmas, Kris would already be a bit poignant inwardly at the sight of his daughter in a whimsical reverie. Immediately taking her into his arms, stroking his daughter’s filaments into place while she continues gushing with innocent effervescence. He would listen keenly to everything she has to say while maintaining a soft smile. “Did you count all the presents you got princess? How many did you get?” he would softly ask while she exclaims with outstretched arms ‘a lot!’ Chuckling softly, he would remark: “Santa sent us a message saying that you got the most presents out of all the kids in neighborhood. That’s how good you’ve been this year.” Ruffling your little girl’s hair, he wouldn’t hesitate in following her towards the Christmas tree.  

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Suho: Dazed and somewhat surprised that your daughter is already awake at such an early time, Suho would attempt to sleepily converse with his little princess. “You’re already…up princess?” he would mumble in between yawns while his daughter nods excitedly. While rubbing the remaining lethargy from his eyes, Suho would still listen intently to your little princess’s bubbly raving on the plethora of presents she received from Santa. “Well of course you got lots of presents princess! I hear the boys and girls who make it to the top of Santa’s ‘nice list’ get the most presents. You must have been near the top sweetie. How good is that?” Once you’ve emerged out of your stupor, that’s when Joonmyun would allow your daughter to open her presents. Also, Joonmyun would be such an overly excited father while his little girl unveils her presents, but in a genuine manner.   

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Lay: You would end up having to awaken Yixing as your son eagerly bounces upon your bed, clearly ecstatic on the morning of Christmas. Automatically, once Yixing stirs out of dormancy, he would be at a state of elation upon catching glimpse of your son’s jubilant face. “My sweet prince, Merry Christmas,” he would murmur softly, patting his son’s head fondly. He would want to watch his son open his presents immediately, taking account of the anticipation apparent on his son’s face. Yixing would also be very affectionate towards you, leaning towards you for a loving kiss as he softly strokes the side of your face. “He’s been so good this year,” he would remark sentimentally before pecking the side of your face. “Merry Christmas baobei.” 

Baekhyun: He went all out for your son the night before and is nearly drained of energy the morning of Christmas. Snuggling close to you, your exuberant son would burst into your room exclaiming that “Santa brought so many presents” to you and Baek. Baek would groan aloud, half awake half asleep, as you try to get him out of his stupor. It would take him a while to become fully rejuvenated and by then, you would have already made your son breakfast right before he opens his present. Baekhyun would finally appear, just as fervent as his son. “Wow buddy! Look at all the presents you got! That’s easily a good hundred,” he would say jokingly, accompanied by a wink. While your little boy unveils his presents, Baek would enjoy in playing along with your son with each new toy he revels. “Those race cars are so cool! Let’s have a race buddy!” 

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Chen: Similar to Baekhyun, Jongdae would have stayed up the previous night piecing together all the extravagant components all for your daughter to have a memorable Christmas. As your daughter bounces on your bed with sheer exultation, you would be prompted to nudge Chen out of his lethargy, to which he would mumble for “five more minutes.” Your little girl would be so anticipant for him to stir so that she can giddily enthuse to him on the grandiose decorations and the abundance of presents that are strewn beneath the Christmas tree. He would stick to his word about being up in five minutes however. He would take a good amount of pictures while your little princess is opening her presents. “Smile pretty, princess~” he would coo to her. Reluctantly, he’ll allow her to put her new tiara on him and hold her new toy wand as well. “You want daddy to become a princess? But baby, that’s your job right?” Turning to you, he would mutter: “no pictures please jagi. I don’t want any of the other members using this as blackmail against me someday.”

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Chanyeol: He would be most excited for your little girl the moment she makes way to your room on the morning of Christmas. Hardly any lethargy would linger upon his features once your daughter begins gushing over it being Christmas. Immediately, Chanyeol would pick your little girl up and carry her–fly her around your room as she squeals with jubilation. “Ready to open all the presents you got princess? You’ll love it!” Chanyeol would declare as he carries your little girl to the living room where all her presents are. He would be the one to wake you up rather than your daughter. I can see him taking an ample amount of photos, some of which we’ll go onto his IG for his fans to view. He would be congruously excited for his daughter with each presents she unveils. “Wow princess! That stuffed bear is so cool!” He would willingly let her dress him up in all the cute toys she receives. 

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D.O: He’d be expecting this and would be prepared for your son. The moment your son comes to your room expressing his elation because of it being Christmas morning, Kyungsoo would take him into his arms affectionately. He would ruffle his hair softly, while your son goes on about all the presents he received. “You’ve been very good to your mother and I this year,” Kyungsoo would praise his son, much to his delight. They would both wait for “mommy to wake up,” before opening presents. He would go out of his way to prepare a special holiday assortment of food for breakfast. You would stir at the savory scents that waft throughout the house. You would be greeted by the sight of your son indulging in breakfast along with Kyungsoo preparing a meal for you. Smiling softly, he would grant you a loving peck before saying ‘merry Christmas’ to you. 

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Tao: Immediately awoken by the sound of your son bouncing around your room excitedly, Tao would take your little boy into his arms, already wanting to ‘style’ him up for the day. “See, you have to have your hair like this–cool, like daddy’s.” He would nudge you once he’s done working on your prince to show you how ‘stylish’ he looks. “See? Just like daddy.” And in true Tao fashion, you can expect lots of picture taking throughout the day. He would take a few snapshots of your styled son, already sending the best ones to the other members and saving the rest for his IG. And even while your son is unraveling his presents, Tao will be playing cameraman, recording and photographing every little detail for you and him to cherish and reminisce over in the future. “Look up at the camera son! Show everyone how cool you look with your new shades!” 

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Kai: Honestly, it would take an air horn to wake this guy up haha. Simply put, I just see Jongin as a heavy sleeper. So once your daughter bursts into your room with palpable jubilation upon her features, you would be the only one to stir into a wake. While you softly stroke your little girl’s hair, she would nudge Jongin slightly, to which you would explain to her that ‘daddy will be up soon.’ Grateful for your daughter’s patience, you would eventually have to wake him up so that he can be present for your little princess’s present opening. He’ll stir eventually, and when he does, the first thing Kai would do is scoop your daughter up into his arms spinning around with her slightly, before setting her down. “Look how many gifts you got sweetie!” he would exclaim, only exciting her more. “Maybe you got that pretty dress you’ve been wanting since Halloween.” He’d be especially cutsey around his little princess throughout the day.

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Sehun: He’ll be up relatively quick once your daughter strides into the room exclaiming that Santa got her so many presents. Smirking softly at this, Sehun would scoop her up onto your bed, softly stroking her filaments. “Of course you got a lot of presents. After all, you are my little princess, so it’s expected,” he would exaggerate, putting extra emphasis on the word “my.” He would have most fun guessing with her what it is she got for Christmas and whether or not she received everything she wanted on her wish list. “Are you sure you got all that for Christmas? Mmmm, don’t you think maybe you got some presents that weren’t on your wish list as a bonus for being so good this year?” Your little girl would squeal in anticipation at the thought of receiving presents she hadn’t even thought of acquiring. Sehun would be sure to take a few pictures of his little princess and send them to the other members with a witty caption. 

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Hope you enjoyed lovelies! Please do send me more requests. I enjoy fulfilling your fantasies. <3


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Send ‘✋’ to push and pin my muse down on their bed

The sweet, savory scent of Goro Akechi wafted through his nose. Inching his nose a little nearer to his neck, Akira breathed in his scent. His smell was exotic; he could recognise the brand of cologne he used – one of his favorites – intermingling with the outlandish aroma of charcoal flames and cinnamon.

He was driving him insane.

Akira took this opportunity to pounce his prey. He shoved the other roughly against the soft mattress and pinned his wrists above his head. The predator looked into his victim’s eyes with hunger, his lips moist and mouth watering at the sight. 

Then he brushes Goro’s soft hair away from his neck and moves in so close his chest was pressed up against the other. Akira can feel Goro’s warmth and already he had placed their lips together. He trails his lips to caress Goro’s neck, slow and gentle. 


Imagine with joji- part one

THIS IS PART ONE OF A SHORT CONTINUOUS STORY ABOUT A NEWLY POPULAR YOUTUBER MEETING JOJI MILLER . I know they’re going to be incredibly long, and i hope you enjoy <3

You haven’t spent alot of time with joji, just a few awkward question panels at vid-con, you didn’t even really think of yourself as a YouTuber. It felt strange, when you uploaded a video of you ranting about things that were… personal. There was a sense of dullness, you were speaking to a camera not to your hundred thousand viewers. The hate was the worst, there was a couple persistent haters that were hell bent on getting your page deleted. When your agent told you that Joji wanted to do a video together you were… excited. There was always something about Joji that gave you butterflies, a nervousness that made your face feel warm…

ABORT…ABORT…ABORT… Your mind screamed at you as you boarded the plane, your stomach was in knots and your throat felt stiff. You board anyway, headed to New York City, in the middle of December. It was gorgeous outside, chilly, yet crisp and beautiful. Your plane had landed almost a full hour before the scheduled time, and you had no idea where Joji lived. People were walking last you every which way at a fast to normal speed. ‘great’ you think ‘this is the part where I attempt to make contact and get completely ignored’ bit you try anyway. “Ex-excuse me?” You ask a man, he looks to be in his thirties, extremely tall. The man smiles, stops, and looks down at you. “Yea?” He asks. You give him Jojis address and explain how you’ve never been in a town remotely this big, and he seems amused while he gives you directions.

The cold was pleasant, and aesthetically pleasing, but it was starting to take a toll as delicate white flakes began to fall around you. It dampened your hair, your shoulders, and your shoes were soaked through wetting your pant legs as well. Only one more block. You look straight ahead and spot the apartment building, smiling and rushing just a bit. Rushing as much as you can with two suitcases at tow. The warmth inside began to melt the frozen water that bound your hair, it dripped on your clothes. If only you knew which apartment was his… you began wandering the halls, figuring if you found anyone you’d ask of they knew a George Miller in the building. Finally as you looked up a man stood in front of you, locking a door behind him, he wore a black sweater and a light grey beanie. “Exc-c-cuse m-m-me” you managed to get out, you weren’t even aware of your shivers. When he turned you could see him, dark hair feathered in front of cute glasses, deep eyes framed with dark lashes, eyes that widened as he began to realize who he was looking at. “I’m not late am I??” He asked , you shake your head “my flight was early, I didn’t have your number” you squeak out, he smiles just a bit taking you in. “Let’s get you warmed up” he tells you which IMMEDEATLY makes you feel warm inside.

You sit in front of the fire your knees against your chest arms wrapped around them. Head leaning on your arms. “So…uh…how was your flight?” Joji asked, he seemed as if he didn’t even know what to say to you, he didn’t know you. “Amazing actually, the lights and the snow, it was like a big city painting.” You smile, the fire is helping warm you up. You decide to get unpacked, and changed into more comfortable clothes. You choose a pair of dark grey sweats and a black hoodie with white graphics on the front. you felt a lot better now that you were in some comfortable clothes, you walk down the grey painted hallway. Joji is walking out of his room as well, you blush a bit and he smiles “guess we had the same idea” he says looking down at your attire, he too had changed into more comfortable clothes, a light grey Harvard hoodie and some blue/green/black plaid pajama bottoms. You smile, how cute. “You hungry?” he asks, you’re suddenly extremely aware of just how hungry you are, you nod in agreement. “Starving” you say simply looking up at him, he smiles and you follow him to the living room, he heads to the door “shouldn’t we change?” you ask, he huffs a laugh “you can” he says, you half smile. Back into the cold weather, you walk beside Joji and admire all of the lights up in the city. “Holy fuck what is that smell” you’re overwhelmed by a savory scent before you even see the pizza place. “Pizza” Joji says smiling. You both walk in, order and take a seat in a booth towards the back. Nobody seems to be out, there are a few people in the pizza place, some teenage girls returning glances are starting to make you uncomfortable. “Jesus, how can you do this?” you ask, widening your eyes, Joji looks confused. Tilting his head “do what?” he asks, you glance at the girls who quickly look away. “Constantly admired from afar by your jail bait fan club” you laugh causing him to grin “its not even like that” Joji laughs, you like the rhythm of his laugh, every chuckle. A server approaches you with two large, very large, slices of pizza and a thought springs into your mind. You clear your throat and place your hands together solemnly. Joji blinks, taken back by the unexpected display of religion. You chuckle “I’m totally fucking with you” you bite into your pizza as his eyes widen and he giggles “you are not at all what i thought you were going to be like” he notes, you smile and catch movement from the corner of your eye. 

“uhm, hi! you’re Joji right?” a girl, maybe sixteen says, Joji looks up and smiles “yea” he says she grins and glances at you “oh my god! I’ve seen your videos too! you’re so blunt its awesome! I’m Anna!” she says, her friend is silent beside her. “uh thanks” you say. this is the first interaction you’ve had with a fan outside of vid-con. you’re not sure how to act… “can we take a picture with you guys?” the quiet friend asks. you shrug “sure” you answer. “awesome!!! can i sit between the two of you?” she asks, you stand awkwardly and she sits next to Joji. her friend slides across from you and holds her iphone up. “i have an idea” you say to the girl, she looks up at you with awe as if you’re going to share with her a hidden secret chapter of the bible. “uhm… look at Joji like you’re so in love you might die” you say, you look up at Joji and his cheeks redden a bit, the girl turns completely red and both giggle. she does so and you pick up your pizza. the girl taking the photo laughs and snaps the pic the girl between you and Joji immediately asks to see it. Anna is looking at Joji with lovey eyes, he looks as if hes scared, and you’re holding your pizza in the air gazing at it lovingly. you hear Joji laugh, a genuine laugh, and you smile. “alright your turn” you say to the other girl who cowers a bit. you smile. “you’ll regret it if you don’t” you say she smiles and stands up, sliding next to you, pushing you into Joji. above the delicious smell of pizza, you smell a musky scent, a sweet, sharp musky scent, and you realize its Joji. you look up at him just for a second and he catches your eye, you blush a bit and look at the girl. who is grinning, you smile, its great to see her so happy. you hear a click and look up. all finished. “thanks so much you guys are legit the best for this” Anna says “tag me in this” you tell her she grins “i will!” and you wave as they leave. Joji pulls your plate to you, it might be taken the wrong way if you move to the other side of the table. you pick up the slice. “wasn’t so bad right?” Joji says, you shrug “actually kind of fun, I’ve never had that happen before” you admit. Jojis warmth next to you is calming, you find yourself drawn to it. you stop yourself from leaning in. “alright, you ready to get out of here?” Joji asks, you glance up at him and smile with a nod, he smiles back. you glance out the door, those girls are smiling with their phone up, and start to walk away as you stand. you walk outside and the gust of cold hits you instantly, you shiver and relax as you walk. “its just strange i mean, not even four months ago i was right where they are” you say “well, not literally, they’re in high school, but i was just there yaknow nobody knew who i was” you say “its cool though, making people happy by having fun” Joji says. you nod, but when does it stop being fun…? “you… you tried to do more personal stuff didn’t you?” you ask, cautiously “yea” he says, shortly. “and you got alot of hate or it. you’ve been doing this so long, for me if i don’t give them what they want this could all end” you say. “i totally feel you” Joji admits “i felt weak when i took down my vlogs, like i was playing into this sense of celebrity bullshit.” he says, you make it to the door of the apartment. “but i have a life, i have friends i go out i do things i want to do. i mean, we just went to get pizza in the middle of the night in our pajamas. there are definitely perks” he smiles, you wonder if he knows you’re looking at him… you lay in your bed, eyes closed, thinking about what Joji said. perks, were you a perk? or did he just mean the freedom of pajamas in public…? you pick up your phone and look at the picture on your page. Joji smiling down at you while you smile at the girl. it makes you feel…good.

EXO react to their wives being stressed out from work

Thanks so much for your request love. <3 Just a note, I have written a similar analysis before, so I’ll be taking some excerpts from that post. 

*Gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: Lots and lots of cuddling. Aegyo galore. Just being very cutsey is Minseok’s way of uplifting others and bringing them to an appeased state. When his lucidly overworked wife least expects it, he would cutely back hug her, squeezing her tightly with ample amounts of affection. “Missed me jagi?” he would inquire before giving her swift kisses to her cheek, already eliciting soft smiles from her. They would end up cuddling together on the couch, with seemingly no end nearing. Minseok wouldn’t let her go until he can draw out some source of equanimity from his wife. 

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Luhan: He would feel genuinely sympathetic towards his dutiful wife, as the stress is profoundly illustrated upon her features. Luhan would probably use the romantic cliches to elevate his wife’s strained disposition. By cliches, I mean things like a warm bath, teeming with effervescence. And scattered across the bubbly surface would be a myriad of scarlet petals just to set the tone right. “You work so hard baobei. Relax for a little bit. It’ll be worth while,” he would coo to his wife, guiding her to the bath he specially prepared for her. If she wanted, Luhan would stay by her side, relishing in the sight of her immersing herself within the watery element. If he feels bold enough, Luhan may end up joining her in the bath, not only to rid her of her stresses, but now to tempt her body. 

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Kris: Aww, hubby Kris would really hate to see his wife in such a pressured state. Since they’re married, Kris might actually use some seductive tactics to wear his wife’s stress away. He would greet her once she returns home murmuring huskily: “I’ve missed you baobei,” before delving towards her for an enraptured kiss. His sturdy hands would fall upon her sides, as he deepens the kiss, already allowing tangible sparks to encompass them both. The kiss would be prolonged until they both concurrently retreat from ir. Still engrossed in a lustful passion, Kris would smirk softly, tempting her further. “You seem extra eager today…should I continue?” Without waiting for an answer, he would once more kiss her, this time for a shorter duration, however the intensity remains in tact. “Let me make you feel amazing,” he would mutter lustfully, luring her to a state of aphrodisia. 

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Suho: Suho may end up going out of his way just for his wife’s sake. After seeing the stress take it’s toll on his wife, Joonmyun, being the affluent hubby he is, would probably end up arranging a vacation to a deluxe beach resort for the two of them. He wants his wife to be at a state of serenity and placidity and by visiting the scenic Jeju island, he expects this to suffice in reducing his wife’s anxiety. Suho would probably end up surprising her with this news a few days before they are scheduled to depart for their vacation. Not to mention he would deliver the news to her in the cheesiest way possible. After another tedious day at work, his wife would return home to the sight of Joonmyun dressed in beach attire. The sound of beach music would be sound, prompting his wife to question his antics, to which he would respond with “oh this jagi? This is for our vacation! No not here jagi, we’re going to Jeju! I even booked our stay near the beach!” 

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Lay: Similar to Luhan, Yixing would use the sentimental cliches to ease his wife’s weary mind and heart. Instead of a bath, he would things such as bundles of chromatic flowers and balloons, adorable stuffed animals lined up along the bed, crimson rose petals embellishing the bed, potent candles lit up, with savory scents wafting through the air, etc. He would want to really put his wife in a state of sheer ataraxia with all these mind assuaging gifts. He would allow her to rest in their bedroom, being cautious to not disturb her while she’s in a soporific state. “You’re amazing baobei,” Lay would murmur softly to his wife as she’s resting upon their bed, “please don’t overwork yourself love. Take care of your health,” he would advice while stroking her filaments soothingly. Alternatively, Yixing may end up playing mollifying melodies on his guitar for her to drift off to sleep to.  

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Baekhyun: “Wifey~ What’s wrong? You don’t look yourself,” Baekhyun would inquire his wife inquisitively, taking note instantly of the distress evident upon her face. As she tiredly shares how she loathes her co-workers and how vexing their antics can be, Baek would use his supreme humor to uplift her cheerless spirit. He would want all the details on each of the people she works with and what they’re like so that can he swiftly construct a little jocose skit for his wife to extract a good laugh out of. With his impeccable gift of performing impressions, he would act out “a day in a life of the wife” scenario, giving each of her infuriating co-workers, characters straight out of a comedy film for her to burst into laughter at. “I cannot BELIEVE I didn’t get the raise~!” he would imitate one of her co-workers with his stellar humor. His method of cheering up people is through humor and laughing. Alternatively, he may use some aegyo to ease his wife’s senses. 

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Chen: Somewhat similar to Baekhyun, Jongdae would also use his humor to his advantage in this instance. “Bad day at work?” he would ask her, before chuckling empathetically. “Yeah…my day wasn’t exactly ‘the best.’ So, let’s make the most of what’s left in the day. I still have that movie I rented,” he would offer her eager to indulge in one of his wife’s favorite films with her. While she’s snuggling up to him, watching the film intently, occasionally, Chen will make some witty commentary in between scenes in the movie. “You know babe….that weird goblin thing looks kinda like your boss right? I mean look: the resemblance is uncanny,” to which his wife would respond with bouts of laughter at her husband’s silly but agreeable humor. He would continue to point out how characters in the film resemble the people she works with in some way, to assuage her stresses. 

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Chanyeol: He would panic immediately upon seeing his wife in an enfeebled state from her job. “Jagi! Are you okay?! Did something happen?! Should I call a doctor?” He would rave on and on until his wife assures him that there’s nothing severely wrong with her, just her job finally taking it’s toll on her. Sighing in relief that his wife isn’t “dying,” Chanyeol would permit her an affectionate hug, as he’s empathetic towards her stresses. “Aww jagi. You can’t overwork yourself!” His method would be to carry her, bridal style, to bed, where he would revel his guitar, commencing in strumming harmonious melodies for her to relish. Watching his wife’s somnolence beginning to claim her, Chanyeol would continue producing mitigating melodies while humming softly against the tune. Once she’s succumb to sleep, he would kiss her forehead affectionately before leaving her to slumber peacefully. 

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D.O: Similar to Chanyeol, Kyungsoo would use his proficiency in music to his advantage when pacifying his wife’s strained senses. He would take this the most seriously of all the members the moment he sees his wife physically and mentally drained. The moment he catches glimpse of her, Kyungsoo would immediately urge her to rest in their bedroom, while he goes to prepare a soothing soup and tea to help mollify her. “The tea will help you most jagi. Be sure to finish it all,” he would advise calmly. Pressing her to finish the goods he’s prepared her, Kyungsoo would then grant her an empathetic smile, while stroking her fringes affectionately. He would begin to sing an uplifting melody as a way to lull her into a soporific state. He would continue singing with his velvety voice until his wife is claimed by sleep. He might even stay with her until she stirs into a wake. 

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Tao: Somewhat analogous to Suho, Tao would go out of his way to buy all the goodies and gifts his wife has ever wanted. He would go out and get the lavish dress she wanted or the makeup kit she has been lacking for the past few months. This would take her mind off of the outrageous amount of work his wife has had to endure as of late. All the presents he’s purchased for her would all be lined up and cutely embellished all for her. “Check it out baobei! Yep, these are all for you!” And just to ensure that she gets some rest, Tao would entice her with an offer before she unravels her presents. “You have to promise me that you’ll get rest baobei. You have to if you want to open them!” He would also be incredibly affectionate around his wife, granting her kisses and hugs to no end.

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Kai: Jongin’s method of comforting his wife is rather simple but still effective. He would feel most sympathetic towards his wife once he catches glimpse of her evidently stressed from her tiring job. “Stay here at home jagi. You need to rest.” He would urge her to take a sick day and for the remainder of that sick day, they would be cuddled together on the couch sleeping, arms encircled around each other. The only source of luminescence would be emitting from the television, but other than that, together they would be in a state of somnolence while immersed in dimness of the living room. The whole day would be dedicated to inactivity and sleeping, with Jongin pressed closely to his wife as she gets her much needed rest. Simple yet effective in its purpose. 

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Sehun: He would comfort his wife without even trying to. Sehun would watch befuddled, as his wife tiredly stumbles into his arms, lucidly longing for some rest. “Bad day?” he would ask, to which she would nod wearily in response. Sighing empathetically, he would want her to rant all she needs to about work–to her heart’s content. “Well, you won’t feel any better if you don’t tell someone about it. Tell me everything jagi. I wanna know what it is they’re doing to you that makes you feel upset.” While his wife raves and rants to him about her job and the people she works with, he would listen intently, genuinely curious while keep her in his embrace lovingly. Sehun would manage to use his sardonic humor to his advantage in this scenario. “What? My baby didn’t get a promotion? What? Don’t tell me he did. That sad excuse of a worker got it instead of you? Wow, just wow. Apparently there’s more wrong to your boss than just his sense of fashion.” Agreeing with each of his wife’s sentiments, she would manage to find jocularity with the fact that someone understands her stresses. 

*Ignore the caption haha. 

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Be sure to send me more requests lovelies! I enjoy fulfilling your fantasies. <3


Felicity (One Shot)

Summary: There are five things that make them happy.

I  II  III  IV  V   VI  VII 

01.  Sleeping In

Min Yoongi is aware he is a glutton when it comes to sleep, letting lethargy take its toll as it drags him into the sedated depths of his mind where no one exists. Had one asked months before why he slept so long, he would’ve simply said to escape. He kept his eyes shut in hopes of drowning out the world and hiding himself away for the briefest of moments, letting peace befall his tired frame.

Ask him now and perhaps that answer is different.

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catastrophicur  asked:

Balances a tuna biscotti on Gale's nose. " Say 'nyaaa~.' " And don't dump him for his indiscretions against cat kind, please.

          the aroma was overwhelming ; a savory scent that he could drink in the moment it wafted into his partially parted lips . he was about to tip his nose aside to take a bite when he heard Jude’s single request . one eye squinted and the bridge of his nose crinkled , ❛❛ ’m not sayin’ that…! ❜❜ he reached to grab Jude’s wrist . ❛❛ Why don’t you say woof ‘nd get down on all fours – ❜❜ he turned the tables , all the while he attempted to hold his arm still as he shifted to take a bite .

Red- Part 2

Don’t Go Into the Woods (A Supernatural twist on a classic fairytale.)

Co-authored by myself (ilostmyshoe-79) and the wonderful abaddonwithyall.

Read Part 1

Part 2 Summary: Determined to get to her grandmother’s house, the reader and Dean continue on their journey through the woods- and run into someone they hadn’t counted on.

Word Count: 2,500

Warning: None (yet)

The woman in the doorway was small, with wild, vividly red hair. Her black lace dress was heavy and long, shimmering in what little sunlight filtered through the trees.

“Have we met?” Dean asked, moving to completely shield you with his broad back.

“No, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know each other.”

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Konoha kind of sucked.

At least, it sucked when you were pretending not to know any one in town or how to locate any key locations. Being under constant surveillance by an ANBU team didn’t exactly help Aiko get jollied up, either. By the day before the test, her nerves were strung out.

It wasn’t so bad for her genin team, as far as she could tell. Konoha must have determined that they weren’t high-level plants. Or, like, higher level plants than was expected. So the three-man ANBU patrol team (she wasn’t fucking bitter that she apparently didn’t merit a full-team with a captain. Of course not. Why would she be bitter about that? Being underestimated was a tactical advantage that someone who was fucking stupid enough to accidentally become the Mizukage wouldn’t get often.)

- anyway, the team stayed on her ass like a tight pair of pants and occasionally signaled to each other in super-secret Konoha chakra pulse code which she definitely didn’t detect or understand and wasn’t fucking irritated about, okay?

She may or may not have spent nearly half the day in her hotel room glowering at the staticky tv while one of her ANBU watchers pointed out something that wasn’t actually suspicious in what had to be a fit of optimism that something exciting would happen soon. Apparently they had a long shift. God, she remembered that grind. Patrolling at nights, under the open sky, sprinting over the rooftops- that was fine. But daytime surveillance of some dignitary or other mildly important personage was tedious.

“Poor bastards,” Aiko said to herself.

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My fic for the #StandByMe event (asexual!hannigram) on @hannigramacethetic (with the added bonus of it being Hannigram Day~) 

This is ABO set during season one, with omega!Will and alpha!Hannibal, who happens to be asexual.

Will stared at Hannibal where he stood—casual and unaffected, even with the screen door still between them and what must be a plethora of pheromones seeping out of the house—on the porch, his heat obliterating any sense of modesty he had that may have at one point called to cover up.

The sheets were twisted around his ankles and Will lay bare for anyone to see. It was not an invitation, but was really his own need for fresh air and his assumption no one would be stopping by. After all, you didn’t just wander passed his house or even into Wolf Trap. 

One, and then all of his dogs, clamored to the door to greet Hannibal. Happy tails wagging and nails clicking on hardwood. Hannibal waited until Will grunted, a sort of ‘come in’ that didn’t require a wave of his hand or words from a too tired head.

Hannibal said hello to the dogs first. He reached into a paper bag and threw small chunks of some sort of meat to them. Will pushed himself up on his elbows to watch Winston catch one in the air.

Hannibal set his bags on the chair near the door, then took his coat off and hung it there it too. He went into the kitchen and brought Will a tall glass of ice water with a straw circling inside and set it on the end table by the bed.

Hannibal stood looking down at Will. Now that he was closer, Will could smell him. There were those stable alpha scents that made him warm and his toes tingle and kept him calm and afloat on the sea of monstrosities and now in heat too. Will bit at his fist leaving deep teeth marks that reddened and hurt. He tilted his head back and flattened himself on the mattress. The plateau was wavering.

The dogs, after a moment, lost interest and wandered back to their own everyday lives.

Between them there should have been some shame somewhere in the room, an effort on someone’s part to get a sheet, but Will couldn’t scrape enough to make it tangible and Will had a feeling Hannibal didn’t bother indulging in shame very often if at all.

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Story Elements: Writing a Prophecy

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you please help me? How do I go about creating a legend from scratch? In my story there’s a known legend that talks about a man who will arrive and he will bring the end to the world, but I’m totally lost about how to begin writing it. My question must be silly, but I hope you can help me! Thank you so much for all the hours you spend answering our questions. :) PS: Can we know the first letter of your name? That way we can say “Hello, A” or “Thank you, A!” hahah :)

Well, first, this is not a silly question, so no worries on that front. <3 Also, you can just call me WQA! ;)

Second, what you’re describing sounds more like a prophecy than a legend. A “legend” is a story, typically passed through the generations, that is largely fictional but is often based on some kernel of truth or elements of reality. King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Paul Bunyan are some examples. A “prophecy” is a statement about something that will happen someday. The birth of Jesus, for example, is said to have been foretold by prophecy. Prophecies that are passed from generation to generation often take on a legend-like status.

Prophecies can take many different forms. They can be short and somewhat direct statements, like: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” Or, they can be much longer, more vague, and more like a story. One of my favorites is the prophecy of The Prince Who Was Promised from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series: There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.

In most prophecies, you get some combination of “who, what, where, when, why, and how,” if not all of them, so you definitely want to start by figuring all of those elements out. You may not use all of them, but that’s up to you. So far you have:

Who: the man
What: will arrive and bring about the end of the world
Where: is his place of arrival important?
When: is his time or season of arrival important?
Why: is his reason for showing up or bringing about the end important?
How: is his method important?

From there, you can figure out how short and deliberate you want to be, or how long, vague, and story like you want to be. Here’s an example:

Who: the pizza man
What: will arrive with pizza and soda
Where: at a large house
When: 11pm
Why: wrong address
How: by car

So, for a short, direct prophecy, we might do something like this:

A man will arrive at the large house, one hour before midnight, bearing pizza and soda.

Notice, I didn’t put all the details in there, but I could have if I had wanted to.

Longer, more vague version:

Sometime between eleven and twelve bells, four wheels will roll up to the house of a thousand windows. Though the time is late and the place incorrect, a man will appear bearing a mistaken gift, alluring in scent, savory in taste.

Haha! Okay, that’s super silly, but I hope it gets my point across. Play with your details a little bit, and try writing yours in both short and long form. See which one works better for your story! Try to think of ways you can disguise the details to make them sound more mysterious (and vague). ;)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master list  first or your question may go unanswered. :)

V - How to break up with Kim Taehyung

You woke up to a wonderful surprise, your boyfriend Kim Taehyung or Bangtansonyeondan’s V was there to greet you a good morning. However as much as you loved his little surprise, you couldn’t help but still feel that same feeling you’d been having for the past few months. Abandoned. When you got into a relationship with him, you thought you knew what you were getting yourself into. Never have you ever thought you were more wrong, you seriously had no idea what you entered.

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