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Kitchen Witch Recipe: Protection and Prosperity Potatoes

Josh, I thought Foodie Friday wasn’t for a few days…

You’d be correct! However, just as I share other spells, I’d like to share some kitchen spells here and there! And what better way to start off than with protection and prosperity! Enjoy!

Fondant Potatoes for Protection and Prosperity

-3 large Russet potatoes (prosperity, wealth, health)
-3 tbsp butter (prosperity, wealth, health)
-2 to 3 tbsp Vegetable oil (protection - many vegetable oils are soy, which is linked to protection)
-Rosemary sprigs (protection, wealth, cleansing)
-Salt (cleansing, protection)
-Pepper (protection)
-½ to 1 cup Chicken broth (prosperity, health)

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees (Fahrenheit). Cut ends off of the potatoes, then slice down the sides to peel and form cylindrical shapes. Cut the cylinders in half and soak in cold water for about 5 minutes to clean off excess starch. Pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Put oil in a non-stick, oven-safe skillet and put over high heat. When the oil is shimmering, add the potatoes with presentation ends down, and lower the heat to  medium-high. Pan-fry until well browned. Season top-facing ends with salt and pepper.

3. Flip potatoes and season the tops. Use tongs to hold a paper towel and blot the oil out of the skillet. Add butter and rosemary to the skillet.

4. Use tongs to hold a sprig of rosemary and gently brush butter over the potatoes using the sprig. Cook until the butter foams and turns from white to tan.

5. Pour chicken broth into the skillet. and transfer to the oven. Let it cook until potatoes are crisp on the outside, but very tender on the inside, about 30 minutes. If potatoes aren’t tender by 30 minutes, add a quarter cup more broth and cook for 10 more minutes.

6. Transfer to plate or serving platter and spoon rosemary butter from the skillet over the potatoes. Garnish with fresh rosemary sprigs, let cool for 5 minutes, and serve.

Culinary Notes

The main appeal to this dish is savory flavors, rustic presentation, and great texture. The aim is a very crispy exterior to the potatoes, with a tender, almost creamy interior. The flavor and aroma of the rosemary-infused butter will add a lovely touch to the chicken broth used to roast the potatoes. Serve either as a main or as an appetizer paired with meat dishes. (I made this as a main, with a side of sauteed asparagus with a thin balsamic glaze.)

Witchy Tips!

Cook with intent! The ingredients certainly have a lot of influence, but cooking a magical meal means adding each ingredient with the appropriate visualization and intent for what you’re aiming for with the spell.

Don’t be afraid to personalize! Add sigils to the non-presentation ends of the potatoes before cooking, draw the sigil with the oil when adding it to the pan, or trace symbols in the air over the dish before or during cooking. Whatever you feel may add to the spell, add!

Pairings always help! If you feel an ingredient needs to be substituted or paired with another, do so! Thyme is traditional with fondant potatoes, but I felt more inclined to use rosemary when casting this spell. Alternatively, one could use both thyme and rosemary for a double whammy! Likewise one could pair the dish with another dish - in the case of protection and health, perhaps it could be paired as a side dish with chicken cacciatore, or served with red wine to promote prosperity and health!

Confidence! One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned or needed to teach is that intent is the most important aspect to a spell. If your intention and heart is in the right place, you can’t mess up the spell! The same goes for cooking. Cook with confidence, and avoid second guessing, and you’ll end up with something flavorful and wonderful! This is why cooking and witchcraft go so well with each other! Intent is key for both skills!

May all your meals be blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(

“So what are you?”

The question which plagued my childhood in suburban Kansas; the ponderance of which led me towards years of agonizing identity searching; the answer to which I still hesitate to deliver.

“So what are you?”

It is an innocent question; one I know I am not alone in hearing the echoes of. But what do I say? “I’m mixed” is the short answer, but it always leads to the question of “With what” so do I say “My mom is white and my dad is brown” but brown isn’t usually specific enough so do I say “my mom is white and my dad’s Pakistani” but that doesn’t flow right because white is a race and Pakistani is a nationality so do I say “my mom’s American and my dad’s Pakistani” but that isn’t true because my dad was born in Canada and he’s lived here his whole life and American sure as hell doesn’t mean white I mean my dad IS American so do I say “My mom’s a white American and my Dad’s Pakistani American” but that just sounds like I’m trying too hard so that’s out of the question and so do I just drop it and leave it at “none of your business” but that’s rude and it’s really such a simple question so what in the hell do I freaking say?

“So what are you?”

It’s a good question, really… why don’t you tell me? I am the alienation that I feel when my mom’s family talks about how dangerous those Muslim immigrants are over dinner and I am the strange sinking feeling in my stomach which occurs when my cousins tell me that whatever I’ve just done is haraam. I am the frustration which clouds me when people around me doubt that I am what the hell I say I am. I am the product of the millisecond long stares of confusion people give me when I tell them the pale as china blonde lady I’m with is my mother and the looks of disgust I get when I, the young, doll eyed light skinned girl, go out to dinner late at night with a big burly middle aged brown man, aka my father. I am the three and a half years it took me to decide what to call the pigmentation of my skin.

I am the sadness which clouds me when one of my Aunties asserts how lucky I am to be so fair skinned. I am the anger I feel each and every time I think about the people who called my full and plump Desi lips fat as a kid and now use copious amounts of lip liner to accentuate their tiny mouths on Snapchat. I am the hours of hoping and praying during and after shootings that it wasn’t a Muslim. I am the incredible lengths I go to, the precise and complex knowledge I feel I must have of my roots in order to truly claim my heritage. I am neither and I am both and I hate it.

“So what are you?”

I can’t stand here and tell you that it is all bad. That would be I lie, for I am also the cool, smooth feeling of the bronze crucifix which sits on one side of my bedroom wall and the sentiment of the words “Allah most merciful” written in beautiful Arabic script on the other. I am my large French hazel eyes and my thick and wavy South Asian hair, my favorite of my features.

I am the pride I feel as I trace my thumb over the intricate embroidery on one of my anarkalis and the anticipation I feel for Christmas as I help line my grandmother’s fireplace with garland. I am the rhythmic clanking of my bangles as I dance to bhangra music at a cousin’s wedding and the clicking of tongues by a sizzling grill as my grandpa flips our burgers during a Sunday night barbeque. I am the flavorful and savory taste of pulao my father makes and the creamy texture of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. I am the Maybelline mascara I coat my eyelashes with and the kajal I used to line the edges of my eyes. I am the flavorant meeting of two cultures melting in an incredible country in which such a thing is even possible.

“So what are you?”

God, but what am I thinking? I’m Jackie. I am the impending messiness that is my bedroom. I am my inability to fall the hell asleep before eleven o’clock at night. I am my love for all things fashion and glamour. I am my obnoxiously large collection of makeup. I am my hideous shedding of tears each and every time Spock dies in the Wrath of Khan.

I am my intense love for horror movies and my struggle to move in the dark for two days after watching them. I am my passion for music and Michael J. Fox and Kanye West and my unrequited love for Zayn Malik. I am my collection of records and of 32 scarves which I never wear, my brown riding boots, my belting of Christmas carols in the middle of July, my irrational hatred of algebra, my inability to sleep without my phone being on its charger, the Toll House cookie dough I eat straight from the bag and the four Beatles posters I have hanging in my room.

I am the scent of Aussie conditioner and my clumsy, spacy nature; my obsession with the Kennedys, my adamant love for Diet Dr Pepper, losing myself in my daydreams, my extreme extroversion and procrastination of literally everything, my weakness for Reese’s peanut butter cups, my A to Z knowledge about Mick Jagger, my ever changing mind. I am my dreams and I am my fears and and I am my tenacity and I am my mistakes and my courage and my insecurities and my abilities and my hope … I am so much and yet I am so little. I am me. I am unapologetically and beautifully me.

“So what are you?”

I am Jacqueline Renee and I am what I am and no answer that I give you to this question will make what I am any different.

Next Time (Solangelo)

This is a smut fic filling the request of @bailci hope you like it!

Between 2,000 and 4,000 words. Rated M

Dark. Dark dark inky dark all around. Shadows hug my aching sides. The blackness tenderly touches my bleeding skin. God, even my eyes hurt, which makes no sense.

Well, I mean I guess it kind of does, when you consider that I’m traveling through basically a wormhole of darkness and trying not to pass out from exhaustion. I focus hard, squeezing my aching eyes closed.

‘You’re almost back, Nico.’ I think hard, trying to keep myself conscious. ‘Don’t you fucking quit now when you’re so close’ I scream in my head.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what in Hades happened to me. Well, let’s just say one teenager against a horde of monsters is not an easy fight, no matter how many undead soldiers you can conjure up.

My head is pounding, and my heart is beating so fast that I can feel it vibrating in my chest. I’m almost there…

With one final burst of energy, I pop (there really is no better word to describe my entrance) out of the deep shadow of the big house. I remain standing for a holy half second, before crumpling to the ground in a bloody heap.

My breathing is labored and shallow, and the agonizingly deep and long cuts in my skin throb angrily. If I’m completely honest, I’m not sure how I’m even still alive, let alone conscious.

I drop my head to the ground and close my eyes, trying to block out as much of the pain as I can. Gods, I don’t even have the energy to call for help!

I can hear the other campers walking around; the laughter of friend groups, the clash of swords in a tight spar, and the unmistakeable splash of Percy entertaining the younger campers with his water powers. But they’re too far.

And I’m bleeding out.

I almost summon an ironic laugh. After all I’ve been through in my 16 (normal) years of life, is this seriously how I’m going out? A solo battle and being too far away to call for help? I let out a breath, and I utter a small sound. Pretty much a pained moan. It’s all I can do.

“Did anyone else hear that?” A voice says. My eyes snap open. Someone is close by.

“I think so…” Another voice exclaims. Both are female and sound young… maybe twelve or thirteen.

I can hear their footsteps crunching softly on the gravel, being cautious, as every demigod should be.

I’m focusing on them. I’m focusing so hard on their nearing footsteps that I almost miss the taste of metal filling my mouth. But then, it starts building.

My mouth is filling with blood, and I’m panicking. I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking breathe. I try to bring my hands up to claw at my throat, and find myself unable to move them.

‘Oh Gods. Oh Gods-’ I think frantically as the red liquid spills over my lips and dribbles down my chin. ‘is this it?’ The thought has barely crossed my mind when a shrill scream permeates my ears.

I’m nearly choking on my own blood by the time I hear one of the girls yell-

“Get Chiron, now.” She says, before I slip into a complete daze, almost like my death trance. It’s cloudy and misted in my mind when I feel the vibrations in the ground of Chiron’s hooves galloping over to the back of the big house where I lay. My vision swims from hazy to clear as he lifts me gently into his arms.

“Get Will. Now. Hurry!” I hear him say, but it sounds far away, as if he’s speaking to me through a phone…

I can taste the savory flavor of ambrosia when we enter the infirmary. The familiar taste of a pomegranate tart is dulled by my senses.

After about ten minutes and a dangerous amount of ambrosia, my vision clears finally, and my mouth has stopped spilling blood. My wounds are still shedding crimson onto the sterile white sheets without holding back. I can’t move, but out of what is in my field of vision, I can make out the bustle of healers around me.

I look desperately for Will, but he’s nowhere in sight.

An IV is put into my arm once I reach my ambrosia and nectar limit to keep me alive, but I don’t know how much it’s going to help. I feel pretty beyond saving at this point.

“Where is he?” I hear a shout come from outside of the room, probably in the hallway. Everyone in the room stops moving, until the door is thrown open.

In the open doorway stands Will, his blonde hair messy, and his blue eyes sparkling with determination and fear. He looks around for just a moment, before his eyes lock on me and widen. “Nico-” he whispers, sprinting to my bedside and taking my hand. Just his presence is enough to help me through the pain. He looks at me with eyes full of seriousness and worry. “what the fuck did you do to yourself” he asks me, dead serious. I’m a surprised by his use of language; Will doesn’t curse much.

“A-a m-m-missio-n” I croak out in a jumble of stuttered syllables. His eyes harden.

“And you went without telling anyone…” He looks at me hard in my brown eyes, and I melt, right then and there, into his heartbreaking smolder. “not even me…” He grips my hand tighter, and I wince from not his grip, but from collective pain.

He sits straight up when I do so, startling me. He stands up, and over me.

“Guys, clear out for a few hours. Let me take care of him.” Will says to the other medics in the room. They all nod and head out, trusting Will completely with me, knowing that with him in charge, I will do more than just pull through.

As soon as the other people leave the room, and the door is shut, Will walks straight over to it. For a terrifying second, I think he’s going to leave me, before I notice that he’s just locked the door and is walking back to me.

Strange, but I’m in absolutely no place to question him seeing as I’m literally dying.

“W-why did you lock the d-door?” I ask him, some strength returning to my voice from the efforts of the ambrosia and nectar. He just walks over to me, and pushes my black hair out of my eyes.

“Because I don’t want anyone walking in-” he says, staring at me with a look so powerful it makes me almost have to look away. He takes some more steps towards me, and hovers over my bedside, a gentle, caring smile on his beautiful face. “Healing is personal. Especially with someone you love.” He says it casually, but my eyes widen at the words. He… loves me?

Before I have time to contemplate though, a sharp stab of pain rips through my body, and I reflexively arch my back, gritting my teeth and letting out a strangled gasp.

“F-fuck!” I stutter, and Will gets right to work.

I can see why he locked the door when he starts peeling off my bloodstained and slashed shirt, showing him the bone-deep gashes all over my chest, stomach, arms, and even… below my navel.

My face heats up for no reason when his eyes travel over my pale, exposed bloody skin.

‘He’s just doing his job-’ I find myself thinking.

“Okay. I’m going to put my hands on you, and heal you. You may have some scars or minor scabbing over left from the deepest wounds-” he cuts off taking a deep breath and looking at me, yet again, straight in the eye. “but I’ll do my best.” I nod to show that I understand, but my voice isn’t working.

He places his warm, steady hands on my chest and stomach; one over my heart, and the other over my belly-button. He presses down lightly, though I feel no pain from his touch. Suddenly, a soft golden light starts to emit from his hands, warming my whole body and numbing all pain.

I find myself having to hold back moans because of how amazing it feels to be healed by Will; I can feel my strength returning, and my skin regrowing. My wounds are scabbing, and some are even completely disappearing.

Way too soon, Will has taken his hands off my torso, panting and sweaty from the effort it took to heal me. He wipes his brow on the back of his hand, and looks upon me with a smile; I blush when his eyes seem to darken as they rake up and down my body.

“How ‘ya feeling?” He asks in his adorable Will-voice. I move my arms, testing them out, and cracking the joints.

“Good as new.” I say, looking up at him with a smile as I sit up in the red-stained sheets. He sighs in relief, before biting his lip.

“Uhh. I-I have to ask…” He looks down, suddenly nervous. Scratching the back of his neck, he continues the thought. “Aren’t those pants uncomfortable? All… you know… covered in blood?” He asks me sheepishly. A blush creeps its way onto my face.

“Uhh… yeah.” I say. He looks to me with a nervous smile.

“How would you like a different pair?” He asks cheekily, and despite my blush I giggle. Even after me nearly dying, this guy can bring out laughter from the deep depths of who-knows-where-my-sense-of-humor-is. Anyway, I shrug.

“Yeah, actually…” I say quietly, feeling self conscious about Will seeing… well, me. He smiles and reaches into a drawer, producing a pair of black sweats.

“They should fit-” he says, throwing the pants to me.

“Thanks.” I say, before absent-mindedly stripping off my bloody pants and leaving me just my ripped boxers. I look up to see Will staring at me, a bright blush covering his cheeks. He looks up when he notices that I caught him staring, and his blush darkens even more.

“S-sorry…” He stutters. I look him over. He’s still looking at me as if he’s under a trance, and it’s honestly pretty strange. Until I notice something.

His pants are… uh… tightening. A noticeable bulge has started to grow in his jeans, and I can’t believe it. Will Solace is getting turned on my me changing my pants. I throw the sweatpants away, the need to get dressed forgotten. I nervously twist the skull ring on my finger at I look at him.

And now I’m getting turned on my him biting his lip.

And him trying to discreetly crack his knuckles.

And his crazily messed up hair that I just want to run my finger through as he fucks me-

And now I’m walking towards him. And now we’re kissing. Gods, this is not just a kiss. It has to be some magic gift or something from Aphrodite.

His lips are so soft and warm, it’s like pressing my mouth to a cloud of steam. My tongue pushes tentatively into his mouth, not quite sure what to do, but apparently doing it right because Will sighs and pushes his hand into my black wavy hair. He pulls back just for a second, his eyes clouded with a list that makes my already impressive boner that much harder. His swollen lips may also be a contributing factor.

“You’re supposed to be healing-” he says as I start kissing his neck. I follow my instincts on what to do; biting softly and then harder at some places; eliciting animalistic moans from him that make me want to come right then and there. “Nico, you just almost died…” He protests weakly between moans.

“But I’m fine now, thanks to you.” I reply between kisses, my hands under his shirt and sliding it over his head.

His own are running over my already bare chest; they trace the indentations of my pecs and my light abs, (the beginnings of what I hope will turn into a fabulous six-pack.) down to my prominent 'V’ line.

I keep kissing his neck and collar bone, at one point biting and sucking so hard I’m sure it will leave a sizable hickey; not that I care. It just shows everyone that this man is mine.

“Fuck, Solace…” I breathe the words as he palms my erection through my boxers, the thin fabric not leaving much to the imagination.

“Okay, just wait a sec.” He says back sassily as I begin to undo his belt, eventually slipping it out of its’ loops and pulling off his jeans. My cock twitches when I see him almost completely bare.

Gods, he is perfect.

“Nico Di fucking Angelo.” He breathes. “How did I end up here?” He laughs, and I smile, his tented underwear calling me to pull it off and take what’s inside.

“Dunno, but I’m glad it happened.” I say, throwing all control out the window and pushing him up against the wall, pressing our hips together and a sharp moan escaping my lips. I recapture his swollen lips and use one hand to pin Will’s hands over his head on the wall, and use the other to pull off his underwear.

I look down for just a moment to admire the fucking gorgeous cock of Will Solace. It has to be at least eight inches…

eight inches of Apollo-bore heaven.

“You’re so beautiful” I say to him as I start touching him, electing little gasps and grunts from him with each flick of my wrist. I run my thumb slowly over the slit, catching beads of precum on it as it glides over. He breathes heavily and smirks, looking me in the eyes.

“You have no- ah! Fuck!-” he moans in the middle of his sentence, to my satisfaction, when I give him a hard pump. “i-idea how much I want to bend you over a table and fuck you until you can’t walk for days-” he says breathily, pushing my hand off his cock and flipping us so that my back is now against the wall, and I can feel his hot, aroused breath on my face.

Just the words coming out of his mouth make me want to moan, so when he licks and kisses all the way down to the tip of my dick, you can guess how I felt. He looks up at me for a moment, silently asking permission. I nod, and he puts my head in his mouth.

Just the feeling of it makes me moan his name.

“W-Will!” I pant, my hands buried in his hair as he bobs his head, and I thrust along with him. He takes all eight and a half inches at some points, and I have to resist thrusting my whole length down his throat. “fuck…” I moan again as he swirls his tongue around the shaft, before leaving me right on the edge when he lets me go with a string of spit connecting my cock with his lips.

“I want to finish with you.” He says, and I nod, hard as it is… then, I smile.

“Sorry, what do you want me to do?” I ask him, feigning ignorance. He raises an eyebrow.

“I think you know.” He says, running his hands down my body, causing me to shiver.

I shake my head.

“No, I think you need to tell me.” I say to him, and he smiles, catching on. He shoots me a dirty look that has precum leaking out of me, and a moan leaving my lips.

“I want to come together. I want to see you moan my name when you come because of me. I want to feel your body under me as you jack me off. I want to fuck you, but not yet. Next time, when we aren’t in a hospital-” he winks. “You are fucking mine.” He says, before taking my hand, trailing it down to his cock, before taking mine in his own hand.

Soon, both Will and I are balanced on the edge. I’m panting from the buildup, and then-

“Fuck… FUCK! WILL! Gods-” I say as I come all over Will’s fist, him doing the same soon after.

We collapse on the bed, both panting and in a euphoric post-orgasm bliss.

“So… next time we won’t be in a hospital, right?” Will asks me, and I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Nope.” I say. Oh man… I can’t wait for next time…

The First Year. {Elriel}

Warning: Major fluff ahead.

Originally posted by joyeuxno-el

Azriel wasn’t late. Elain was simply early.

She sat on her couch, in which she had bought at a thrift store for thirty bucks because of its vintage floral print, staring at the clock above the fireplace and clicking her wedges against the soft, shag rug. Her studio apartment was small, but nothing beat the view of the city from her floor-length windows. It was all she needed: a bed to sleep on, a fridge to cool her leftovers, and the Velaris skyline greeting her every morning as she sipped her coffee from her ancient couch in Azriel’s oversized t-shirt.

He had asked her, more than once, why she loved to sleep in it so much. He’d left it bunched up in the corner after their first time, leaving later the next day to go home and change for work in the button-down he had worn over the navy-blue v-neck that had a hole under one of the arms, and near the hem. 

It’s so old, he would laugh. I’ve had that since high school. It’s ripped and-

And it’s yours, Elain would argue. It makes me feel like you’re here with me at night, even when you can’t be.

And when I am here? You still wear it.

She would grin, wrapping her arms around his neck. Because I know you think I’m sexy in your clothes.

It was true. He had never denied it.

Now, she was dressed in something far more appropriate for the evening, at least for the start of it. 

Azriel had mentioned the week before that he was preparing a surprise for their one-year anniversary, and then presented her with a gift: a new dress. It was a light mauve, and nearly reached her knees, the thin straps and plunging neckline giving Azriel, and whoever else stopped to admire, the perfect view of her shoulders and chest. 

Elain wasn’t sure why she was nervous, she knew Azriel better than anyone, and he she. Perhaps it was because she had never had a relationship last even a year, and although she was sure Azriel was her forever, the thought was still daunting.

She didn’t want to mess it up. She didn’t want to curse it.

The doorbell rang, causing Elain to jump to her feet, and smooth out her skirt, before rushing to the door. The knob was already twisting, though, and Azriel appeared before her.

He froze, a small smile appearing on his lips once he saw her. “You look beautiful.

”The blood rushed to her cheeks, and she was amazed that he still gave her that feeling.

“Thank you. You do too.”

It was then that she noticed the bags in his hands, and when she gave him a pointed look, his smile only widened. “I told you that I was planning a surprise.” 

He shut the door behind him, and kicked off his sneakers by the welcome mat, and the small, black and white striped kitten that was sleeping on top of it. “You should probably tell Petunia that if she keeps sleeping behind the door, she’s going to get stepped on.”

Elain glanced adoringly at the three-month-old kitten she and Azriel had adopted the month before. “Why don’t you tell her?”

Azriel chuckled as he set the totes on the kitchen counter and began emptying its contents. “We all know Nia does not listen to me. Scratch me? Maybe. Sits outside of the shower meowing at an obnoxious volume until I get out? Absolutely. But, listens? Unfortunately, not.”

Elain giggled as she followed her boyfriend into the kitchen. “A surprise, then?”

“Ah, yes.” He paused, and Elain admired how handsome he looked in his royal-blue button down. He pulled a bouquet of tulips out from inside one of the totes he liked to use at the farmer’s market, and offered them to her with a tentative smile. Once she had bashfully accepted them, and given him a gentle kiss on his cheek, he continued, “I am going to make you dinner. And, if it’s edible, we will eat it.”

Another laugh escaped Elain, as she sought out a vase for her gift. After finding the glass vase that had belonged to her mother, and filling it with water, she placed it in the center of her kitchen table. “That sounds perfect…..However, why the dress, then? Couldn’t I have worn my sweat pants?”

Azriel watched her as she laughed, as she threw her long, dark curls over her shoulder and leaned against the opposite side of the island. “Yes, you could have. You still can, if you’d like. You just never buy anything for yourself. I only wanted you to feel beautiful.”

Elain narrowed her eyes, and wondered how she got so lucky. People, it seemed, rarely found someone that made them feel invincible, and loved, and worthy of something greater than an ordinary life. Azriel gave her that, and loved her for who she was.

He lived to make her feel beautiful.

He blinked, as she continued to stare. “What?”

“Nothing,” she shook her head, as pride and love and pure adoration filled her soul. “Can I help with anything?”

“No,” he said, and pointed his finger at her for emphasis. “You will relax, and let me do the cooking.”

“Fine,” she agreed, not complaining in the slightest. “Az?”

“Yes?” he asked, over his shoulder, as he threw a bunch of spaghetti noodles into a pot filled with water.

“Stove isn’t on.”

He paused. “……I knew that.”

“Mhmmm,” she teased, before throwing off her heels and making herself comfortable on the couch with Petunia.  

After nearly an hour of pots and pans rattling against the counter, and each other, and a few choice curse words from Azriel, he had placed a blanket on the rug in front of her fireplace and set two plates of spaghetti, with a side of garlic bread, gently in the middle. After pouring two glasses of wine, and placing them strategically on the brick of the fireplace, he started a fire.

As he sat down opposite of Elain, and rubbed his hands together in preparation, he said, “The sauce was one of mom’s recipes. Hopefully I remembered it correctly. If not…..Well, we can order Chinese.”

Elain grinned as she took in a mouthful, and closed her eyes at the sweet, savory flavor that coated her tongue. “Mmmmm. Your mother would be proud.”

After a soft crimson brushed along his cheekbones, he dug in. They ate in a comfortable silence, Elain laughing only when Petunia would hiss at Azriel to stop brushing his hand along her thigh.

Before she could remember how they got there, they were lying on the blanket, two bottles of wine down, stomachs full, and sharing memories of their first year together.

Elain glanced up from where she’d laid her head against his chest, and smiled. “When did you realize that you loved me?”

Azriel lifted his brows, a sparkle igniting in his deep, hazel eyes. “The day I ran into you in the hallway, and instead of screaming at me for not paying attention, you busted out laughing because I had jelly from my donut smeared across my cheek.” 

Elain’s eyebrows scrunched together. “That’s the day we met.”

“Yes,” he agreed, “it was. That was the moment that I realized I never wanted to have a day go by without hearing the sound of your laughter.”

Maybe it was the wine, but Elain’s eyes grew misty. “You knew you loved me then?”

“Yes,” he said, again, fully confident. “I knew that I could fall madly in love you with you someday. I knew that you were perfect, in a completely imperfect way, and I could not wait to get to know you. I knew that I wanted, needed, to know you. And, even knowing that then, you have shocked me with how amazing you are, Elain.”

She shook her head, grabbing his chin and pulling it down so that their eyes met. “I love you.”

He pressed a soft kiss to her lips before pulling her on top of him. “I love you, too.”

And as the sun set behind Velaris’ skyline just outside her windows, and as Azriel ignored the infuriated sounds that came from the kitten as he made love to his girl on the blanket in front of the fireplace, all seemed as close to perfect as life and love could get as year one came to a close, and year two began. 

Raven Had lost her mind this time. It had been so many nights and so many days since they had started dating, but tonight felt like the first time. Her mind was spinning, All emotions were being thrown aside as Beastboy Kissed her passionately, under the moonlight seeping in from the windows. How many times had he snuck out of his room just to be with her, she wondered? It must have been over a dozen times. His heat and his fangs graced her lips and she tasted his savory flavor. She wanted more, and she clutched the back of his head to pull him in closer….

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Saika Little Lady’s Day Festival & Basket Auction!

To celebrate the Little Lady’s Day festivities Saika has decided to host a basket auction on Monday March 13th at the Lavender Beds Ward 11 Amethyst Shallows! We’ll have different yummy festive foods, games, and the basket auction of course! Feel free to stop on by between 10pm to 1am EST ( 7pm to 10pm PST )!

As with everyone else, with stormblood promising new housing plots Saika is in much need of a larger upgrade! Our smoll cottage can only fit so many… The auction and booths will be taking actual gil for this event. Donations are also welcome and loved!

Our Festival Games

100gil Kingyo-sukui Booth ( Goldfish Scooping ) : “Each person plays individually. The basic rule is that the player scoops copperfish from a pool with a paper scooper called a "poi” and puts them into a bowl with the poi. This game requires care and speed as the poi can tear easily. The game is over when the poi is completely broken or incapable of scooping properly.“

Player will pay the booth runner then /random to see what happens, RP it out however you like!:

  • If Random is 499 and under their scoop breaks.
  • If Random is 500-799 they win a Copperfish, their scoop breaks.
  • If Random is 800-899 they win a Copperfish, their scoop DOES NOT break and can go again.
  • If Random is 900+ they win a Coral Butterfly, their scoop DOES NOT break and  can go again.

This Booth will also sell Tier 1 Aquariums while Supplies last at 10,000gil (Much cheaper than current Market Board Price) for you to put your fishies in!

100gil Chō-Han Bakuchi Booth ( Even Odd Gambling ) : "The game uses two standard dice, which are shaken in a bamboo cup or bowl by a dealer. The cup is then overturned onto the floor. Players then place their wagers on whether the sum total of numbers showing on the two dice will be "Chō” (even) or “Han” (odd). The dealer then removes the cup, displaying the dice. The winners collect their money.“

  • Player will pay the Booth Runner choose either Cho/Even or Han/Odd to place their bet on then /random.
  • The Runner will then take the first two digits of the roll and add them up before revealing the results to the Player.
  • Winners will receive an option of either box of Nutty Nutkin Cookies (Acorn Cookie) or a small box containing a Mini Rolanberry Cheesecake ( Rolanberry Cheesecake)!

100gil Cork Gun Booth :  "Each person plays individually, player is given an air shard loaded gun and a colored chalk coated cork as ammo. The rule for this game is to point and shoot at the target! Try to aim for a bullseye!”

After paying the Runner, Player will /random to see what happens!

  • If Random is 699 and under they miss.
  • If Random is 700-799 they win a booby prize box of Nutty Nutkin Cookies (Acorn Cookie)!
  • If Random is 800-899 they win a booby prize Fresh Fruit Basket (Assorted Fruit)!
  • If Random is 900+ they win a Stuffed Moogle or Chocobo!

Other Booths!

Refreshments Booth

  • 200g Tea Smoked Raptor (Smoked Raptor) - Raptor Shank that had been smoked in coerthas tea, toasted rice grains, pearl ginger slices, and maple sugar in a box next to a bed of homemade garlean garlic noodles and pickled vegetables.
  • 800g Slow Grilled Fish (Grilled Raincaller) - A variety of whole descaled and gutted clean fresh fish on bamboo skewer and lightly salted before placed next to the fire pit to slowly fry in it’s own juices.
  • 200g Shoyu Sesame Akami Tuna Kabobs (Tuna Miqa'bob) - Larger chunks of our Akami Tuna bowl mixture coated in sesame seeds then skewered onto bamboo sticks before slowly roasted next to the fire pit for a rare kabob.
  • 200g Teriyaki Shiitake Kabobs (Forest Miqa'bob) - Dragon Peppers, Shiitake Mushrooms, whole Mini Ruby Tomatos, skewered on bamboo then dipped in our teriyaki sauce and then slowly roasted next to the fire pit!
  • Zoni - A traditional eastern soup that is served during special occasions. We make our stock from dashi and kombu to give it a light savory fish flavor. Within the stock we add Young Cieldalaes Spinach, simmer Coerthasian Carrots, simmered Lotus Roots, and some of our fresh pounded mochi that we toast over the fire pit. [ This is an IC RP dish that will not need gil to take and can be asked for at any time or picked up in cups beside the booth vendors. Have your characters help themselves to some warming soup during the event! We also have an actual stack of this stuff if you wish for one just ask! ]

  • 250g Taiyaki (Pastry Fish) - A slightly sweet pancake-like batter that has been cooked in an iron fish shaped grill. Served within is your choice of a sweet anko, creamy vanilla bean mousse, smooth silky chocolate cream, or luscious custard.
  • 350g Fluffy Doman Cheesecake (Cheese Souffle) - A mini fluffy eastern version of a classic cheesecake that’s more cake than cheese. Dusted with powdered sugar and packed in a decorative small box.

  • 100g Sencha (Chamomile tea) - One of the most common forms of Green Tea, Sencha like most of our teas is steamed instead of fermenting for preservation. It is then kneaded and rolled into needle-like shapes.
  • 200g Genmaicha (Thanalan tea) - Sencha that is mixed with roasted brown rice and small amount of matcha. It has a nutty flavor and aroma thanks to the roasted brown rice and a soft greenish color thanks to the matcha.

                                             Survivors Booth

Donation Booth

Had fun? Feeling generous? Donate with Kyuu’sae at our donation booth! Remember all donations are optional and if you feel like it, you don’t have to donate–but we do ask you at least have fun or try to during the event! Enjoy yourself, relax, make new friends even!

Those who donate over 50k will have the option to receive a raffle ticket and be asked to /random for him! For what? It’s a surprise!  *NOTE: IF YOU DONATE AND GET A RAFFLE TICKET WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING THE THREE WINNERS AND THREE PRIZES AT THE VERY END OF THE EVENT. IF YOUR TICKET IS CALLED AND YOU ARE NO LONGER THERE YOU FORFEIT YOUR PRIZE.*

                                           Basket Auction

Basket auction will be held at the docks at 12:30am to 1am EST ( 9:30pm to 10pm PST ) and will be in real gil to help fund for a larger home.

Basket 1 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, a friendly Roleplay ‘date’ with one of the following; Oyun, Chanto, Mimi, or Trishelle, and an *IC set of Dolls made to look like the Saika crew! It is a doll festival after all!

Basket 2 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, Kadomatsu, Hard Rice Cakes.

Basket 3 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, Hard Rice Cakes.

*Dolls are ICly given and made by Chanto and Oyun. OOCly they will be a custom drawn doll chibi of the Saika crew! These drawn dolls are purely IC and the drawings are simply for viewing pleasure so you know what your character is getting. You are in no way, shape or form–buying these dolls with gil for ownership. These dolls that will be show are for visual reference only and belong to the character’s said owner and drawn by me. These dolls are a gift to my fellow Saika members and staff for staying and supporting me all this time.

*Inspired by SquareEnix Events, FFXI’s festival events(remember going to to the ponds outside of town to scoop fish with your paddles?), @thaliaksembrace @gildedpony-ffxiv and @crescent-ffxiv

**Gil prices were adjusted on food to cover the crafting cost to make it with only a bit of profit. All food is HQ and cheaper than Market Board price. All items while supplies last!

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Question on human vs. Angaran diet. We know humans don't like nutrient paste and Angarans dislike pie. I recall some speculation that Angarans don't eat meat, which maybe explains why Jaal took apart a rodent without gagging. W/o meat eating, less need to detect unusual animal smells (= maybe meat that went bad). So the experience of savory flavors might be very different or even absent. All this is to ask, what do you think Jaal tastes when... engaging in intergalactic diplomacy? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Intergalactic diplomacy.” lmao. I love it.

Getting to the important question first - I’ll share a little snippet from the fic I’m working on:

She tasted better than he could have imagined - not dissimilar to tavjaare, a fruit native to Havarl. The appropriateness of that comparison was not lost on him. He had many fond memories of eating them fresh from the vine, sun-warmed juices running down his chin despite all his efforts to capture them with his lips. The thought that he might soon have Ryder doing the same sent a pleasurable shiver down his spine.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So I kind of got around this question in my writing by having him compare it to a fruit I made up. I do think that the angaran sense of taste probably does enjoy flavors that we generally do not - sour, bitter, pungent, etc. (more on that later). Now… as a lady who likes ladies, I don’t dislike that, um, particular flavor, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Given that it’s pretty clear that the angara have a very different sense of taste, however, I’ve decided that as far as he’s concerned, it’s a very pleasing flavor. His taste receptors respond to it in a way that’s not dissimilar to how we react to sweetness. 

I leave whether or not they are herbivores entirely up to headcanon. Given that Jaal eats a lot of the same food the rest of the crew does (he talks about how human food tastes, he has eaten more than one meal prepared by Drack, etc.) and he’s on a ship full of omnivores, I’m less inclined to headcanon him as such… but to each his own. Personally, I see Jaal and Ryder’s differing attitudes about dissection as being more cultural than anything else. Logically speaking, it doesn’t make much sense that we (humans) regularly butcher animals for consumption, yet find it ghoulish to study the remains of an animal that died of natural causes in order to better understand their physiology. I’ve had to do dissections before and while I didn’t find the process pleasant, it wasn’t as though gagging was an inherent part of the task. (And I say that as someone with an annoyingly sensitive gag reflex.)

Now, to ramble a bit about angaran taste because I can - I haven’t had a chance to scour everything in the game to look for details, but the things I know so far:

  • They are immune to capsaicin (the substance that makes spicy food hot), which is probably one reason why they think human food is kind of bland. It’s incredibly likely that they simply never developed a means of detecting it, as capsaicin isn’t tasted so much as experienced through pain receptors. I have heard that people who lack sensitivity to capsaicin just find it sort of bitter on the tongue, though that’s most likely because they are tasting a base flavor that others cannot detect over the heat. Jaal would likely be able to chow down on the hottest of hot peppers and equate it to tasting like a slightly-off apple or bell pepper (assuming he’s had those before and can compare). Capsaicin is also present in smaller amounts in foods like cinnamon, cilantro, oregano, etc. so those would also probably taste a bit different to him. It is unclear if he’s also unaffected by piperine (the source of black pepper’s spiciness) - but chances are, he still finds it fairly bland, as it’s a common ingredient in human food. 

[Note: this fact will make my Ryder cry a bit on the inside, as her love of spicy food cannot be shared. She will be very disappointed when she makes him eat something exceptionally spicy as payback for calling their food bland, only for him to have zero reaction to the heat level.]

  • By contrast, angara appear to find methyl anthranilate very irritating, causing a burning sensation in the mouth. Methyl anthanilate is a flavoring used in candy, soda, chewing gum, etc. It’s mostly associated with artificial grape flavor, as it’s a naturally occurring compound in concord grapes and other related hybrids. It’s also used in modern perfume-making (so Ryder might want to check the ingredients on any perfume/soap/etc. that they wear before he puts his mouth and/or tongue on their skin. Though if they do have trace amounts of methyl anthranilate on their body, it probably would only cause a minor “spicy” sensation for Jaal). Other foods to look out for would be lemons, oranges, and strawberries. It’s up to headcanon to determine how sensitive he is to these foods. He may find the burning sensation intriguing at low doses (similar to humans and capsaicin) or he may find it completely unbearable. I’d stay away from grape candy or soda, however. That appears to be a solid “no” for Jaal. It will make his mouth and tongue burn.
  • They are completely capable of eating human food, so thankfully they don’t have to overcome the same hurdles as quarians and turians when it comes to living and working among humans. 
  • Jaal’s other mothers were not impressed with the pie Sahuna tried to make in an attempt to practice cooking for Ryder. I took this simply as confirmation that Jaal isn’t alone in thinking human food is bland. It’s a reflection of their differing sense of taste rather than mere personal preference.

So what flavors do angara like? I haven’t seen much in the game to confirm anything, but considering they can’t truly experience some of our strongest spices and think our food is generally bland, it makes me suspect that they like their food with some very strong flavors. And since Peebee said it tasted gross, those may be some strong flavors that aren’t really considered all that pleasurable to our palette. I’m thinking bitter and sour primarily, as those are flavors we generally only really like in small doses. He may enjoy things like very strong, unsweetened, plain espresso, bitter greens like kale, or very vinegary foods. It’s also quite possible that there is some compound that the angara use in their food that humans have no receptors for, making us immune in the same way they are to capsaicin. 

anonymous asked:


After literal months sitting in my inbox, this is finally getting answered. I have alternate answers to all of these, but I had to pick one (and stop wasting valuable work time googling “ridiculous bagels”), so without further ado:

Bangtan as Bagels

Kim Seokjin - Multigrain Bagel

Wholesome, good for you, stunningly aesthetic, and often overlooked as one of the best kinds of bagels out there. (Not pictured: strawberry cream cheese, for optimum sweetness, whimsy, and pink)

Min Yoongi - Onion Bagel with Chive Cream Cheese

A little prickly on the outside, a little bitter on the inside. But a savory flavor sure to satisfy. And once you’ve picked this one, everyone will be able to tell. ;) Plus, it’s mostly just gooey goodness at the heart of it…

Jung Hoseok - Whole Wheat Bagel Sandwich

There is nothing this bagel does not offer you and freely give. Enjoyed by all who try it, filled with goodness to keep you going through your day, and never fails to bring joy to the world around it.

Kim Namjoon - Sesame Seed Bagel with Lox

An acquired taste for some, this fancy and seemingly pretentious bagel is actually the everyman’s bagel, loved by millions as a good way to start the day. Sophisticated, yet frequently awkward to eat.

Park Jimin - Bagel Bite

Wee but mighty – you can never get enough of this bagel. Frequently saucy AND cheesy, this is one bagel sure to please the masses. And check out those cute little curves! (Notice how hard I’m resisting making the JIMIN IS A BAGEL JOKE?)

Kim Taehyung - Rainbow Bagel with Sugar Crystals

I’m not sure I actually need to explain this one, but here goes: Never fits the mold, stands out proudly, makes everyone smile, and loved by both children and adults. (Paired with the right spread, this bagel can be intense, compelling, and unexpectedly intriguing)

Jeon Jungkook - Everything Bagel with Mac & Cheese and Also a Burger Because Why the Fuck Not

Always so fucking extra, this one. An everything bagel includes all the best parts of all the other bagels (because they raised him on their BACKS, Jungkook. I mean… *ahem*) Always doing the most, sometimes gets stuck in your teeth and bugs you all day (or worse, embarrasses you), gives you heartburn, and probably leaves you with regrets in the morning. But also, really just a kid on the inside, trying to impress everyone. 

My Favorite Places to Eat in Paris

I, Anndi, am a serious foodie. About 99% of the reason I ever leave my house is to try new food. Since the city is jam packed with restaurants on every corner, it’s hard to know which ones are truly worth your hard-earned coins. Well I am here to help you! Below is a list of my Top 5 Favorite Places to Eat in Paris. 

1. Gumbo Yaya

Fried Chicken? Collard Greens? HUSH PUPPIES?! By far my favorite place to eat in Paris and it has nothing to do with french food. With a cool hip-hop ambiance and cookout style decor, Gumbo Yaya is a great relaxed place to dine with friends. In all honesty, it’s not incredibly authentic soul food (having a southern family I’m a harsh critic), but the fried chicken is BANGIN’ and it beats going to a french KFC any day. It’s fairly priced, with a good sized portion meal being between 11-15 euros. 

Pro Tip: Get the Big Homie or the Chicken&Waffle Burger. Thank me later. 

3 rue Charles Robin, Metro stop Colonel Fabien (line 2)

2. Ménélik

If you have never had Ethiopian cuisine before, just know it is entirely TOO LIT. Food full of overwhelmingly savory flavors that is meant to be shared among a large group and eaten with your hands (Take lots of napkins). From the authentic ethiopian artwork, multi-colorful tapestries, and mesmerizing east african music, this spot bathes in authenticity. The best part is easily the free mystery wine you get before your meal. It will have you feeling good in no time. But if you feel like paying for alcohol, I would try Tej which is a wine brewed with honey. 

Pro Tip: Ask for more sourdough bread. You’re going to need it. 

4 rue Sauffroy, Metro Stop Brochant (line 2)

3. HolyBelly

Oh, HolyBelly. Are we in old town Paris or gentrified Williamsburg, Brooklyn? It took two times of waiting in line for over an HOUR until I actually tried your savory goodness. But boy was it worth the wait! This French-American spot, located at the heart of the 10th, is a hipster haven and has perhaps the best brunch in town. With its impeccable attention to plate presentation, it has the most “Instagram-able” meals in the city. If you order the Savory Stack you will have dreams about it several weeks after. 

Pro Tip: Try to get in line before 11am. After that its all over champ. 

19 Rue Lucien Sampaix , Metro stop Jacques Bonsergent (line 8)

4. Churrasquiera Galo

This portuguese restaurant has a pretty underwhelming decor and even less impressive service. It’s small and has the community-style seating I loathe quite dearly. BUT the food is awesome!! The portion size is super generous by European standards and you can get a full, hearty meal for less than 13 euros! What’s best is that its located only a 8 min walk away from the Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre, the highest point in the city. It may not be phenomenal in all respects but the food makes it worth a lunch stop after sight-seeing.

Pro Trip: Only go if super hungry. Or wear stretchy pants. 

69 rue du Dunkerque, Anvers (line 2), Barbes-Rochechouart (line 4)

5. La Crêperie Bretonne

My absolute favorite french meal is crêpes and galettes. Sweet or savory. I will take them however I can get them. PLEASE resist the temptation to try your first crêpe from a cheap fast food hole-in-the-wall in Saint-Michel and instead opt for one of the many tasty sit-downs on Rue du Montparnasse. This long, narrow street is lined with nothing but restaurants that specialize in this french delicacy. The most popular of these is La Crêperie Bretonne. I personally like to top my crepes with ham, egg, cheese, mushroom, and spinach but you don’t have to start or stop there! You will be overwhelmed by the options. So go here! Your taste buds will thank you for it. 

Pro Trip: Cider is the best pairing with galettes (savory crepes). Highly recommend!

56 rue de Montparnasse, Metro Stop Edgar Quinet (line 6), Vanvin (line 4), or Gare Montparnasse (line 4, 6, 12, & 13)

The Sable Tree Company and Thaliak’s Embrace join hands in a collaborative event to celebrate the upcoming All Saints Wake! Before a night of celebration, accompanied with drinks and games, accompany us for a play of murder mystery - can you catch the killer?

Join us in our:

1. Murder Manor: Come join us and see if you can figure out our murder mystery! Due to the nature of this game, our Manor will be opening at 10 am PDT and closing at 10 pm PDT in order to let as many people as possible experience our Murder Manor!

2. Snack Booth: Come indulge in our tasty menu! From various of savory and sweet flavors, we hope our limited edition All Saints Wake Menu will give you some thrills and chills! (Snack Booth will only be open during party hours)

3. Games: Join us for some lighthearted games featuring some of the holiday’s decor! Throw some darts at our various pumpkin, ghost, and bat themed balloons in Pumpkin Pop or take on our security’s new weightlifting game of Troll’s Challenge!   (Game rules will be explained my booth runner at event. Games will only be open during party hours)

4. Raffle: Do you dream of owning a small Lakshmi? How about having a tiny Susano that rejoices in the glory of your combats? Or maybe you wish for a odd little Otter to toddle besides you, lighting the paths in your adventures? Now is your chance! Enter our raffle and see what you win! (Raffle entry fee is 15k - more details on raffle such as prizes and rules are HERE. Raffle entries will only be taken during party hours until raffle drawing time.)

5. Costume Contest: Interested in showing off your spooky glamour skills? Now is your chance! With NO ENTRY FEES, prizes of Pumpkin Butler Minions, and a grand prize of a Blackblossom attire- you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain by just having a bit of fun! ( More details on raffle such as prizes and rules are HERE.Contest entries will only be taken during party hours until judging time. ) 

Location: The Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 35

Murder Manor: 10 am PDT - 10 pm PDT

Party at the Manor: 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm Pacific

Date: 10/28/2017


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Congrats on doin' the thing. I hope you keep doin' the thing. Can we get Pidge and Hunk working on something together and Pidge falling asleep on the big guy? Platonic please! <3

Hunk blinked, eyes tracking to the next word on the list. He was getting better at understanding the Altean syllables, though he knew his pronunciation was still crap. Allura and Coran would laugh their heads off, if they could hear him. But he and Pidge were both beginners, so they understood each other fine. It was easier with the just two of them, actually, since they both talked very slowly and sounded everything out with great care. And probably had the same awful, awful accent. “Okay, what about, um… Ahl-ni-rrrAH-kan?”

Pidge grunted and paged through the Altean dictionary to find the word. She was more advanced than Hunk was, yet, so she was better at understanding the definitions. “That’s…a fine red powder from the planet Kokor, with a slightly bitter, savory flavor, used most often in soups and stews.”

“Hmm.” Hunk turned that over in his mind, until he could picture one of the tiny containers in the equivalent of a spice cabinet in the kitchen. He had gone on a tasting spree earlier in the day, so he was pretty sure he knew which spice matched that description. “Okay, I think I know what that one is.” When he went back to the kitchen, he would make a label. “Moving on to the next ingredient…”

Pidge yawned and leaned more heavily into his side. “Are you sure translating this recipe is really gonna be worth it?”

“Allura says this is one of Coran’s favorites, and he’s been really stressed lately trying to keep the castle together. I want to do something nice for him.”

Pidge hummed and nestled her head against him. “Too bad we’re so busy we can only work on this late at night, when everything is else pretty much okay and no one’s attacking.”

“Yeah.” Hunk reached over and patted her head. “Thank you for helping me with this.”

She mumbled something like, “Y'r w'l'c’m,” and Hunk smiled.

“Okay, next ingredient…”

A soft, muffled snore interrupted him, and Hunk looked down at the fluffy head pressed into his shoulder. Pidge was asleep, and Hunk was pretty much there himself.

Hunk smiled and set the tablet aside, leaning back into the sofa behind him and making himself a better place for Pidge to lean. Coran wouldn’t mind waiting one more day for his surprise.

2,000 followers special! Prompts are now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! You can read all of the fics at this link or on AO3 starting here.

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what did pineapple pizza ever do to u to deserve this treatment

listen to me you godless scum

there are five tastes. salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami. or, sorry, that last one is actually pronounced 


because it’s actually the best taste of the five. just, like, the best. like, y’know how aang completed the gaang bc he was an airbender but he was also the most powerful of the five of them because in addition to being the airbender he was the goddamn avatar? it’s like that. 

Pizza, as one of the single best foods, nay, best things on god’s gay earth, is Umami flavored. it’s savory, it’s got a richness to the cheese and a unique flavor profile intrinsic to the sauce and it’s all held together on top of the dough, which is the best kind of bread because it’s got the highest amount of bread/cubic meter of any bread, and it’s highly customizable bc of it’s modular toppings. 

HOWEVER, some have seen fit to abuse this privilege by tainting the beautiful tongue-gasm that is pizza with toppings that are EXPLICITLY outside of the Umami wheelhouse. Pineapple is the worst of these offenders.

pineappel’s a fruit. fruits contain sugars. y’know what category sugar falls into? SWEET. not umami. putting pineapple on pizza is tantamount to putting lemons onto pizza, or apples, or even pretzels. they just don’t belong on that pizza. it’s like driving a monster truck through a ballet recital- both components are all well and good on their own, but when you mix them it’s a sheer unmitigated disaster and someone’s gonna wind up with multiple broken ribs. 

Rosemary and Basil

Rating: G
Words: 862
Summary: An old prompt about Neb and Cullen baking together that I always wanted to write but never had time until now. 

There was barely enough room for them both to prepare food together in her tiny apartment kitchen, but Cullen liked the added layer of intimacy. How her hair smelled of vanilla shortbread. The pungent, earthy aroma that the round afternoon sun summoned from the tattered Rivaini rug in their living room. The flex of her calves when she stood on her toes to reach a mixing bowl from the cupboard. The way the record player emitting Maryden’s chansons filled the space with richness and enclosed him in a fantasia of security. The way they wove around each other from counter to counter, task to task. How they could be two bodies moving as one.  

Keep reading

[Facts: Food]


- Mutants get differnt food than the rest of the crew members. mostly they get scraps from the buffet or leftovers in general. Due to the chefs talent however even the leftovers seem appatizing enough. The reason behind this is that similiar to the mainland , they are still below every normal beeing on the maw and get depicted das animals. (*Roger is one of the few crewmembers who tends to cook for himself time to time. mainly simple things like eggs or soup.)

- Coffee and tea are amongst the supplies of a daily ration ALL crewmembers are handed out by the twins. Its not uncommon that some employees trade their supplies amongst each other basing on their needs. The daily rations wary from one employee to another. 

- The children of the prison are fed scraps prepared by the twins. The scraps include meat that they ddeemed unfit for serving (mainly due to size) , fruit or raw vegetables that got damaged during shipping and fish. 

- The Bellhop does not have a strong sense of taste or smell thus he overspices his food a lot. The twins gave him a small set of spices for himself. 

- Cigarettes are amongst the few supplies that are delivered monthly to the maw by the ferryman. The monthly delivery gets signed by all crew members and everyone is allowed to add things to the list which they deem neccessary. (*its usually written in a mixture of french and english)

- after the yearly emerging of the maw , everyone has to help cleaning up the bodies and preparing the red meat. The twins are responsible for the actuall preperation. The Janitor has to bring the bodies to the kitchen via cargolifts hidden beneath wall panels. The Red meat is seen as something very special amongst the crew members and everyone is looking forward for the chefs serving it. 

- The Lady barely indulges in physical meals , especially when someone is watching her. She feasts on souls. a huge portion of which is delivered by the guests. To keep her youth she has a special ritual. She will ring up the janitor and order him to bring children up to her quaters. After she feasted on their souls she will have the bodies prepared for her by the twin chefs. These meals make up a huge portion of the physical meals she actually consumes. 

- The Twins live off their own cuisine which is one of the best known to mankind. despite their huge statue they barely eat full meals but eat a lot during preparing and cooking. Their tastes vary amongst each other. Twin 1 (The older twin) preferes savory flavors while his brother preferes pastries and sweet things. (*Twin 1 is older by 2 minutes which is a lot to them)

- The Janitor sometimes feeds parts of his ration to the children or the nomes. Since he actually can cook for himself he doesnt needd much of his own ration , However he keeps his coffee and the tea , booth are rather important to him. (He owns an electric heater to prepare booth without needing to head for the kitchens)

- The ferryman is one of the few who does not need a ration for himself since he spends most of his time on the mainland which is also where he gets his food. His preferences are unknown to everyone and noone dares to ask either. However he will decline every offering of food from the maw. 


- Three is not very picky with her food. Her favorites are potatochips and fresh fruit. Her most disliked food items are mushrooms and aged cheese due to their odor. 

- The Carpenter adds to his diet by dead vermin or seagulls. He hunts after nomes but does not eat or kill them , he ate one before and described the meat as mushy and unpleasant. He mainly prepares them by sticking the skinned vermin on wire and holding them in the furnace for a couple of minutes , sometimes he will devour them raw as well. His favorite food however is bread and fried eggs. 

EXO going down on you (analysis)

Hello lovely readers, here’s another smutty analysis for you all. The thirst is real here…

Happy ‘sexual’ Thursday! Enjoy!


Kris: Kris would definitely relish in going down on you. The idea of him being able to send you into an enraptured state with just his mouth would be incredibly gratifying for him. The thought would drive him into a desirous state for you, therefore he would go down on you in a heartbeat, tearing your panties off with immense rapidity. Spreading your legs, he would delve for your core hungrily. Flattening his tongue against your clit, he would grant you long, lavish licks from your clit to your entrance, not leaving an inch of your core unnoticed. Your eyes would roll back as your back arches at the prolonged pleasure his gradual lapping would confer to you. He would smirk against your core as he murmurs how much he “loves the way you taste.” Kris is the type to finger you while eating you out…inserting two or three digits within you, just to increase your enjoyment, as you pant his name breathlessly. He won’t let you climax just yet though, he would rather have you orgasm while he is embedded within you, holding you in his arms as you cry out for him. 

Kai: This boy would absolutely glorify your body, as if it is on a sacramental eminence. He would take his sweet time in building you up to a rapturous climax. He would lavish your breasts by gently fondling them before trailing  passionate kisses from your breasts to your abdomen, causing you to squirm in anticipation. Your breathing would deepen as he centralizes his attention on your wanting core. He would spread your legs apart, beginning to place soft kisses on both your inner thighs. Jongin would be a bit cautious when going down on you, so he would experimentally peck (kiss) your womanhood a few times, just enough to ensure he is not causing you discomfort. The way you gasp aloud and toss your head back in profuse pleasure would be his signal to continue. He would run his tongue over your entrance to your clit, finally taking the sensitive nub into his mouth, sucking onto it lustfully as you moan stridently, eventually allowing your peak to ravage your body erotically. 

Suho: Suho would be a bit modest when going down on you. I see sex in general with Joonmyun being very vanilla and straight-forward…therefore, he would only go down on you willingly when he’s feeling rather adventurous/kinky. He’d still be blushing slightly as he aligns himself between your legs. Carefully removing your undergarments, he’d start by fervidly sucking on your clit with slight caution. Your amorous whimpers caused by the blazing pleasure that sears throughout your body would incite him to keep going. Occasionally he might ask if you’re doing alright as well as throwing in a few affectionate compliments: “You’re perfect jagi. I love you so much,” he would murmur against your entrance, stimulating you further. As he gets more into it, he would switch off between kissing and lavishly licking your dampened folds. Similar to Yifan, but in a less frenzied manner, he’d build your climax up enough, until finally he would enter himself into you and commence a zealous love-making session. 

Chen: Oh dear, Jongdae would be a huge tease when going down on you. What would turn him on the most is your frustrated groans as he leaves you in need of a euphoric orgasm. He’d start with your panties still intact…kissing the outlines of your entrance, gently nipping at the fabric of your undergarments, chuckling to himself at how soaked you’ve already become. He wouldn’t remove your panties until you beg for him to. Once you’ve expressed your need for him, he would finally remove your panties, only to experimentally run a finger up and down your slick folds. You’d mewl in satisfaction as he inserts his fingers within you, coating his digits in your arousal. Placing his fingers in your mouth, he’d allow you to taste yourself, wanting you to know how “good you taste.” He’d softly nip and kiss your clit, setting you up for an intense climax. “God you taste amazing,” Jongdae would say smoothly as he proceeds to suck on your clit, humming a tune against the nub, allowing the vibrations to traverse your body, channeling bundles of ecstasy to your body. Of course, in true Chen fashion, once he’s gotten you close to climaxing, he’ll cease licking and sucking, just to get you to implore to him shamelessly. Chuckling smugly, he’d murmur: “isn’t it amazing how you can get like this with just a little foreplay?” Depending on how kinky he’s feeling, he may just end up denying you your climax multiple times, but eventually once he’s squeezed enough fun out of you, he’ll allow you to ride your orgasm out against his tongue, as he laps at your clit with great rapidity. 

Sehun: He’d be cocky as always, even when going down on you. He’d also be a bit sloppy and hasty when eating you out, but it would feel amazing in it’s own unique way. Sehun isn’t exactly the ‘romantic’ type in bed, but more so the rough, ‘down ‘n dirty’ type. So, he wouldn’t waste anytime tearing your panties off and briefly fingering you roughly to start. You’d writhe as spontaneous bouts of pleasure channel throughout your body, causing you to moan lucidly with lust. He’d smirk to himself at how aroused he can get you with just his fingers. He’d then extract his digits from your core, replacing them with his mouth. You would cry out in ecstasy as you feel his tongue traverse from your clit to your entrance, ensuing a delicious friction. Of course, he’d dirty talk in between licks: “that’s right, moan for me baby,” “you like it when I fuck you with my mouth? Hmm?” “Say my name baby. Say it loud. Let the world know how well I fuck you.” You would finally reach your climax once he begins to suck on your clit harshly, as if attempting to draw out all the savory flavors it has to offer. His teeth would lightly, ever so lightly graze the nub absorbed in nerves, causing abrupt euphoria to surge throughout your body. Once your orgasm recedes, you’d better be prepared to suck him off, ‘cause he’ll be expecting it. 

Chanyeol: Yeol would definitely be into leaving marks and hickeys upon your thighs as he’s eating you out. He’d be skillful, but rough, very much like Sehun. With your undergarments still intact, he’d lightly bite and suck on the skin of your inner thighs, causing your senses to heighten as you whimper in pleasure at each little mark he imprints upon you. Finally, once he’s marked your thighs, he’d merely peel your panties to the side, already driven over the edge. He would roughly suck on your clit, resulting in you throwing your head back and gasping out strings of obscenities at the profound pleasure. Lapping at your entrance, he would probably prod at you with his tongue in an attempt to enter you. He would moan against your core, allowing the vibrations to course your body, sending your nerves into a euphoric state. He would love if you gripped onto his hair, while your orgasm transmits you to a state of sheer ecstasy…climaxing upon his wandering tongue, blissfully. 

Lay: Though I have stated that I make out Yixing to be a very vanilla partner, similar to Joonmyun, I see him using oral sex regularly. (especially with you on the receiving end) He’d be incredibly gentle and loving with you. While gently kneading your breasts, he leave a path of delicate kisses down from your abdomen to your wanting womanhood. Gently spreading your legs and removing your panties, he’d softly kiss your folds, as you softly gasp in satisfaction at the way his mouth molds impeccably against your core. As his tongue works up to your clit, lightly flicking the nub, Yixing would want to make sure you’re doing alright. Once you’ve signaled that you’re enjoying yourself, he would continue to delicately graze his tongue against your clit, sending you into an exhalted state at the immense stimulation delivered with just minuscule licks. While he’s kissing your folds, he would use one hand to softly fondle one of your breasts, doubling the stimulation, eventually causing your peak to engulf your body wholly in one exquisite bout. He’d greatly enjoy watching you as you toss your head back immersed in pleasure, gasping his name, riding out your orgasm enchantingly. 

Luhan: Luhan would be incredibly romantic when going down on you. He’d want to make you feel like a deity of immense divinity and grace. He would kiss your inner thighs lightly, while murmuring little compliments into your skin, causing you to tremor with anticipation. Finally, his mouth would reach your core. He would commence by kissing your clit with lustful passion. You’d cry out in pleasure at how good his soft, pliable lips feel against your sensitive folds. You would gasp rapturously as his tongue traces the structure of your libidinous nub. His mouth would eventually reach your entrance, making soft sucking motions to intake all your effeminate secretions. He would probably begin to draw circles upon your clit with his thumb as his mouth remains fastened to your entrance. Luhan would love it if you were to thread your fingers within his hair, pulling him closer to your core, as you call his name out with each motion he permits your womanhood. Through eyes darkened with lust, he would observe intently as your orgasm consumes you sublimely, becoming aroused at the sight of your back arched and your face contorted with palpable registration of the euphoria. He might ask you to tend to him by sucking him off afterwards. 

Baekhyun: This would be a regular form of foreplay with Baek. He’d definitely have the most fun going down on you. Just fathom the things he could do with those pretty fingers of his…he’d be hasty in starting off, disrobing you with rapidity due to his need for you. He would teasingly run one or two fingers up and down your slit arousing immensely. You’d pant amorously at the way he temptingly moves his fingers at your entrance. He would chuckle to himself, amused by your reactions: “Naughty girl, I haven’t even gotten started and already you’re wet? You must really want me~” Finally, his digits would enter you, as he pumps within you with remarkable timing, hitting all your erogenous spots perfectly. Gasping his name aloud, this would signal for him to increase the intimacy. While fingering you, he would press his mouth against your clit, running his tongue all over your pearl, causing your senses to disarray as well as your nerves to set ablaze at the ecstasy his mouth grants you. The way you chant his name and moan clearly enraptured would convince him to continue lapping on you. Baek would love it once your body writhes in unalloyed pleasure; riding out your orgasm against his tongue. Once your high subsides, he would extract his fingers from within you, lapping off your arousal, with a smug smirk. “Baby tastes good~ it would be selfish of me not to share,” he would then kiss you fervidly, allowing a sampling of your savory nectar. (For future reference, expect some 69.)

Xiumin: Oh this boy would absolutely love pleasuring you with his mouth and tongue. Particularly in a face-sitting position. As I’ve said before, Minseok strikes me as the submissive/kinky type, so you towering above him, as he laps at your dewy folds, drawing out as much of your saccharine honey as possible would be incredibly arousing to him. As you lie upon his face, he would grip your sides firmly, releasing his tongue to flick rapidly against your clit. Moaning audibly at the swift movements his tongue showcases, he would switch to more slow and sensual licks, a great contrast from his previously quick and unpredictable flicks. This would be a reoccurring theme with Minseok: switching from fast paced stimulation to slower, delicate licks. He would love when your climax is nearing, causing you to grind against his mouth zealously. He would switch from sucking on your clit to your entrance, taking in all the nectar you have to offer. This would elicit moans of satisfaction from you as his lips mold against your folds, making sucking motions, drawing out your piquant arousal. Of course, in true Xiumin fashion, he would ask you consistently if he’s doing okay: “Jagi, you like this right?” “Is this how you like it Jagi?” Once you’ve assured him that you’re enjoying his techniques, he’d continue, bent on making you climax. Eventually, as he’s lapping at your folds, preparing to engulf your clit, you would tremble above him, tossing your head back, groaning aloud as you allow your climax to course throughout your body. Even while you’re climaxing, Xiumin would still lap at your core, completely enamored with the way you taste. 

D.O: Kyungsoo goes all out for your sake when going down on you. He’ll do everything in his power to satisfy you because he wouldn’t want you to feel unfulfilled. He’d be gentle, but have enough power to have you squirming at each motion he makes with his tongue. He would suck your clit delicately, watching you gasp stridently, while gripping the bed sheets tightly, through hooded eyes, relishing in the sight. As you chant his name consistently, Kyungsoo would than release your clit, beginning to draw teasing circles upon your sensitive pearl. He would prod a finger or two through your dewy entrance, embedding his digits within you. As euphoria channels throughout your body, moans of exhalation would escape your lips as you intake the combo of his tongue brushing your clit and his fingers thrusting into you at a moderate speed, further arousing you. He won’t say much, with the exception of a few affectionate compliments like how ‘perfect you are’ or ‘how much he loves you.’ You would tremble pleasurably against his words as they tickle your impressionable folds. Eventually, as your walls tighten around his digits, indicating an impending climax, he would go back to sucking on your nub to drive you over the edge. He would greatly enjoy you clenching onto his hair as you ride out your high. Once your senses return to their previous scope prior to your climax, you would feel him looming above you, planting an affectionate kiss upon your lips, as he murmurs: “God you’re perfect.” 

Tao: During sex in general, Tao has two sides to him: his adorable and affectionate side, and his rough and dominant side. When he’s being romantic, he would love going down on you. What he would love most is your reactions to him going down on you…it would embolden him to continue. He would kiss and nip at your folds, eliciting soft whimpers from you with each kiss he permits you. He’d chuckle light heartedly at your reactions: “you’re so cute like this you know that baobei?” He’d permit your clit small kitten licks just to evoke more moans from you. Eventually, after he gives your clit a few strong sucks, your body would be conquered by a rippling orgasm, much to his amusement. He would giggle amused, as you ride out your climx. He would then climb atop of you, kissing your face as he comments on how cute you can be. If Tao is in his dominant mode, he would have to be extremely needy for you in order to go down on you. Tearing your panties off of you with lust coated eyes, he would proceed to nip and bite at your clit, just enough to make you squirm and gasp breathlessly, absorbed in sheer libido. He would embed two or three fingers within your core, stretching you out, much to your pleasure. Thrusting into you harshly, he’d continue to nip and suck roughly on your clit, blinded by his desire for you. At this point his need for you is profound, so he would break away from your core, wanting you to suck him off. You’ll get your much deserved high eventually, once you’ve tended to his needs first. 

Have an EXO ask for me? Send them in! I’d be happy to fulfill your fantasies! 


Alternative food

Food in Terraria is a weird thing and with a general lack of crafting outside of a couple things that aren’t fish, just doesn’t have much of an impact on gameplay. Still, I find myself thinking of how it would be handled in a serious context (a-la Fell).

Granted, needing to eat isn’t even that necessary in a context like Fell, since coming back from death just sort of resets everything, and the weird passage of time makes it hard to really internalize hunger. Heck, ambient magic keeps a lot of things preserved a lot longer than should be natural, including people who aren’t paying attention to their own health. It explains why hair never grows and needs a specialized stylist who may or may not utilize magic or potions to get short hair to style long (but that’s another issue entirely).

Someone like Ren who is not only very large in general but also excels at not dying probably needs to eat more than an incompetent idiot like Axl, so, yes, Ren was actually a pretty good cook even though he’d rarely admit it.

After spending some time looking through my own cupboard and fridge at stuff I rarely make since I barely cook (and all things considered, Terrarian cooking should probably be at least mildly idiotproof), I started thinking about what things are available in Terraria that could be used as alternatives and how, and a major thing I noticed being underutilized is the various plants… sure, the herbs themselves are used in potions, but what other functions do they have… and more importantly, their seeds? Even without a large farm and Staff of Regrowth, I often find my storage drowning in herb seeds I will never use after a certain point.

So, have some non-canon uses:

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Recipe: Moroccan Slow Cooked Lamb

This is a really flavorful, savory Lamb Tagine-ish dish that brings to mind the colors and feel of Bond’s time with Madeleine Swann as they search for L’Americain in Tangier (Spectre)

For the lamb and the sauce, you’ll need:

1 tbsp ground cumin
2 tsp ground coriander
1 ½ tsp salt
1 tsp fennel seeds
½ tsp cayenne pepper
½ tsp black pepper
2 ½ lbs. trimmed boned lamb shoulder cut into 1 ½-to-2 inch pieces
4 tbsp olive oil
1 large yellow onion, finely chopped
1 tbsp tomato paste
2 cups low sodium chicken broth
1 15oz. can garbanzo beans, drained
1 cup dried apricots, chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1 or 2 cinnamon sticks (depending on how fond you are of cinnamon!)
1 tbsp minced peeled fresh ginger
2 tsp grated lemon peel
2 tbsp chopped cilantro (for topping – I excluded it this time because I didn’t have any on hand, but it’s tasty and looks pretty af)

I feel like this looks like a ton of ingredients and work, but it all really goes quite fast! 


  1. Mix together the cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt, pepper and fennel in a large bowl. Add your lamb pieces and toss to coat. 
  2. Heat 2 tbsp of the olive oil on medium-high heat in a heavy skillet or cast iron pan. Brown the lamb on all sides, turning occasionally (about 8 minutes per batch). 
  3. Once browned on all sides, transfer the lamb to another large bowl and add 1 tbsp of your oil to the pan before cooking the next batch. 
  4. Add the chopped onion and tomato paste to the drippings in the pan, and reduce the heat to medium. Saute until the onion is soft, about 5 minutes. At this point, i transfer the mixture to a dutch oven. 
  5. Add the chicken broth, garbanzo beans, apricots, tomatoes, cinnamon sticks, ginger and lemon peel. Bring to a boil, making sure to stir along the bottom. 
  6. Return the lamb to the dutch oven, and bring everything to a boil. Then, reduce the heat to low, cover with the lid, and simmer about 1 hour while the lamb heads to tender flavortown. 
  7. Once tender, uncover and simmer to help the sauce thicken up for about 20 minutes. It should coat a spoon. 

I served mine over couscous with toasted almond, mint and grated lemon peel and it was a really nice flavor combo. Ya girl doesn’t really go for red wine, but lamb was made for pairing with red wine so pour yourself a glass while it cooks and have another when it’s finished!