savory cake

So it was my birthday. I had a big party, and my friend made me a birthday cake. He brought it out, and it was a savory cake. It had a doughy base, with cheese and all sorts of other toppings sprinkled on top.
I said “That must have taken a lot of effort to make.”

And he said “No, it was a pizza cake.”


Made a cool thing @home yeahhhhhaa

Here’s my take on Eggs and Bacon:

Egg yolk from our chicken Moe on top of a savory sweet Brunost cheese cake, served with duck prosciutto crisps, pickled ground cherries, ground cherry vin, corn shoots and flowering purple beans.

The yolk was seasoned with crumbled brown butter, burnt caramel lace and maldon salt.

Soproud of this bb :’)


Today a lot of the international students went on a school-sponsored trip to liverpool as kind of a last outing before classes started. I had no idea what to expect other than that it was a big futbol town, but it was really incredible. The city is a mix of old, intricate buildings and new structures with clean lines and lots of glass, and it makes for a really interesting experience. Not to get too nerdy, but in the Liverpool Museum, I came across a quote that explained it nicely:

 “Liverpool is a city of expatriates dumped in a corner of Lancashire where they don’t belong, who have joined in a haphazard way and made something original out of it.” -Nicholas Wollaston, Winter in England, 1965

Here’s some brief info on the pictures: 

  •  "Jury’s Inn" …I just thought that was hilarious.
  • Savannah and I just wanted a picture with the “humped zebra crossing” sign and got photobombed by a really polite cross-dresser. When in Rome Liverpool…
  • The city was setting up for chinese new year, it looked really cool.
  • Erin and I in front of the Liverpool Cathedral
  • The view from the Liverpool museum
  • Liverpool Cathedral again. I can’t tell/remember what it said, but I thought the contrast of the neon sign with the old stonework was awesome.
  • A portrait of April Ashley in the Liverpool Museum. She was a pioneer for transgender rights in Liverpool and eventually modeled for Vogue. There was a whole section of the museum dedicated to her and the movement. It was really interesting and she was stunning. 
  • Giant forever 21 duh
  • A couple of girls in our group were dying for their first batch of fish and chips. The only vegetarian option they had was called a savory cake, and was potatoes and herbs deep fried in some sort of batter. On top of chips. It’s a good thing I love potatoes because they have been a good chunk of my diet so far, and always fried. Sorry, heart.
  • Being the most touristy person in the cathedral as usual.