savory broth

Now on the Menu  

We’ve gotten your emails, read your reviews and seen your tweets. Cats love Broths, but there’s a certain flavor they’d like to see added to the menu. So today we’re introducing our newest addition, Broths with Chicken! Four mouthwatering varieties, combining rich and savory broth with pieces of tender chicken.

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Ways to Wow: Wowing the Whole Family 

In the latest installment of our #WaystoWow series, blogger Holly Sosa from Our Holly Days shares how she wows her whole family with delicious meals featuring chicken. Whether it’s a warm and comforting chili for her husband and children, or rich and savory Broths with Chicken for her favorite feline, everyone in her home is enjoying the taste they love the most–chicken! See her chili recipe and learn more about how she wowed her cat with Broths here.

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