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Mutually Attractive Devotion (RusAme Harry Potter AU)

Here is my contribution to the rusame pottertalia tags. Based off of this post here on @zeemoshetalias ‘s blog and their reply, and this fanart here by @cidershark . I loved the idea and needed to to fic it. Warning for some foul language. Alfred does not have a verbal filter, alas. Also available to read on FF.

Mutually Attractive Devotion

“This is proving quite pointless…”

“Shut up. We’re not leaving until you have this mastered.”

“That remains to be seen. Earlier you called this light little dusting a blizzard. I will be fine in this weather. You, I am not so sure of.”

“Don’t contradict me. You’re supposed to be having happy thoughts. Now be happy.”

Alfred’s makeshift pupil sighed warily as a thin trail of white vapor fell sadly from his wand, dissipating in the chilly night air so much like each puff of air they both took. The height difference made it feel quite strange indeed to be “teaching” the Durmstrang student; Ivan stood almost a whole head taller than Alfred. He literally had to look up to him. Nevertheless, Alfred was a Gryffindor, a member of a house of leaders! He was going to assist his friend and fulfill his heroic quota.

“Something about your voice does not inspire happiness,” Ivan mused with a roll of his eyes. “Or your laugh. Or-“

“There’s that mocking again. Unless this is what it takes for you to conjure a Patronus, you should try a new approach.”

His words were met with a wet thwack! and a face full of snow.

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