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It was easy come and easy go when it came to most ship crews, those that heldfast and on for dear life were those individuals worth cherishing. And as she leant against the metallic frame of a dim and maroon hued hollow that someone called a Main Battery, the blonde commander simply observed someone she didn’t have to flounder to put into such a category. Hell and back, three times over it seemed now - sure there was a gripe here and there, but that was part of his innate charm. 

Blonde curls spilled about her shoulders with a tilt of her head, resting against the side paneling. “I already know the answer,” she spoke with a start, noting how he didn’t even bother to turn to greet her - typical, drowning in his work all the same and just as her in turn. “But is there anything I can do to get you to leave the Main Battery for just a few seconds, Garrus? You know a little shore leave so I can at least get a minute to see how you’re holding up."