Twenty months ago, before we even knew if/when Bandstand was coming to Broadway, @nathanjohnsonny photographed me & @naponacott at @driftstudionyc for potential key art images. Our iconic show posters & two press photos were released, but there are so many gorgeous pics that never saw the light of the day… so, for the next (and final) four Sundays of our run, i’ll be revealing my favorite outtakes from this shoot that were never used. Stay tuned for more new images of Donny & Julia, as we savor our final three weeks in @bandstandbway. (PS. It certainly is swell being married to this talented photographer! Thanks for capturing magic and letting me post, @nathanjohnsonny.) 😉

  • Sansa: Arya, why are we even fighting?
  • Sansa: The rest of our family has been wiped out
  • Sansa: If anything, now is the time we should stand together!
  • Arya: No. We must fight about the things we did as stupid children.
  • Sansa: We just had an amazing reunion??? Can't we savor it???
  • Arya: No
  • Sansa: Why not?
  • Arya: Don't you know? The plot consistency kind of ran out around season 4.

Stepping out of the bathroom, you find Dean sitting on the edge of the bed shoveling pie into his mouth.

How the fuck does he make eating attractive?  Sometimes you can’t figure out if he’s aware that he exudes sexual energy constantly.  Is it innate?  Is it practiced?  A mixture of both?

The answer doesn’t really matter, he is what he.  A sexy mother fucker who also happens to be the bravest and most loyal person you know.  

“Mmm,” he murmurs, savoring his pie.  “Ain’t nothing sweeter than a slice of pie.”

“You sure about that Dean?” you ask huskily.

Dean looks up just as you drop your towel to the ground.

Suddenly the pie isn’t so interesting.

anonymous asked:

I'm watching the original series for the first time. When does my son chekov get introduced to the show?

First of all; WELCOME TO THE CREW! TOS is truly a religious experience.

Second; he gets introduced in Amok Time which is the first episode of the second season and his introduction is only one of the many reasons Amok Time is one of my favorite episodes.

Don’t rush through it though!!! Savor every cheesy unicorn dog filled moment.

Older (Biadore) 4/? - nellie

A/N: In which Adore continues to make terrible life choices, but what else is new.

Also, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s given me such lovely feedback. This is the longest fic I think I’ve ever written and you’re all so encouraging it really inspires me to sit down and keep writing.

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Circle of Lights

face framed, head at an angle,
lips touched, supple, savored,
as we suckled, sipped life,
blinded by the kaleidoscope, 
freckles and blushed features,
breathing in between spaces
and a circle of unending light,
a halo for that angel tonight,
rescued from a benighted state,
my fate, a saccharine heroine,
gracious, precious and benedight.

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

(might tweak with it a bit more later… but I have work in the morning and should have been in bed an hour ago RIP)


you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you


Dear baby,

These words have been caught in my throat ever since you made yourself known to me. It’s funny, this is the most common, integral part of life, yet you don’t realize how truly magnificent it is until it happens to you– Everything about it is overwhelming.

Your mother is some kind of otherworldly being, I hope you know. I’m convinced of it. I’m in awe of her, everything she does, how brightly she shines. How much love she puts into everything she does. You’ve already got a head start with her carrying you; there’s got to be magic in that womb. Your presence in our lives is already ethereal and this journey has barely begun.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.


Sometimes I see feysand fanart that is set during acomaf and I try to imagine what Rhys might be thinking and it’s always something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe she accepted me’ or ‘I’m actually holding my mate in my arms, how am I this lucky’ or ‘I need to savor this moment and memorize everything because it might not happen again’ and that just really destroys me sometimes

✧*ೃ༄ exo: what making out with them would be like

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minseok is more likely to sit back and let you take the reins in this, given that it isn’t something he finds overly sexual. if you want to straddle his hips, that’s fine, but he’s also okay with a little distance being between you two. all the same, he’s fine with a session that’s of rough nature just as much as he is one that’s very sweet in nature.

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sessions with luhan would always be very handsy. as you’d already have been straddling his hips from the moment this began, his hands would roam your body freely. this position gives him easy access to your thighs and ass, which he’ll take full advantage of. somehow things will remain relatively tame despite this, unless you’re looking to go in another direction.

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a makeout session with yifan is most likely to be very rough. this is to make up for the small window of time his movie filming forces him to squeeze them into; he wants the “full experience” in whatever amount of time he’s given to work with. it’d be up against the wall of your living room, and most definitely one of those spur-of-the-moment things that leaves you a little startled when it’s finished.

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sessions with him are very peaceful and tame. there would be a little space between the two of you, and junmyeon would cup your cheeks with both of his hands. he wants to savor the moments you have together; everything would be slow and dragged out for as long as possible. if he decides to be a little more daring than usual, he may allow one of his hands to wander down to your thighs and rest there.

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a makeout session with yixing would be by far the sweetest. it would start off slow and gentle and would remain like so for the entire duration. his hand would cup your cheek as well, and if he’s feeling a little riskier than usual, he’ll slowly pull you into his lap. he’d be very careful with you, as though each kiss were your very first together.

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makeouts with baekhyun would be most playful. he likes to fall back onto whatever piece of furniture you happen to be sat on and giggle while pulling you down on top of him. he’ll gasp and go “how naughty” as though you’d thrown yourself at him, which would probably earn him a slap on the arm before things resume.

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even if they’re not meant to lead to anything naughty, jongdae has a way of making things look like your makeout sessions are leading to something more. at the last second, he’ll end things with a smirk, but before then, he’ll be doing the absolute most to get you going. his fingertips will graze your stomach from under your shirt while he snakes his tongue into your mouth. kind of an afterthought, but he loves when you bite down on his lower lip a little bit as you pull away.

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each makeout session with chanyeol would start off a bit slow and hesitant if he’s the one to initiate them, but once things have been going for a minute or two, he won’t be so shy about letting his fluffy side out. whether he broke the kiss to pepper a few across your cheeks or to smile like an idiot and tell you how much he loves you, it’ll only be to do something sappy for you.

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makeouts with kyungsoo would be a extremely passionate. the great love he has for you is something he wants to express as greatly as possible through his kisses, so each one is something intense and loving; something that should be savored. he’d maybe tangle his fingers in your hair or caress one of your cheeks too, but other than that, hand-related touches would be kept scarce.

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though quite a few people (me included) find this scenario to be gross, zitao would be very sloppy during makeout sessions. as he tends to get a little desperate and needy during these times, there would be lots of tongue included in your kisses. nine times out of ten, makeouts lead to sex, so there’s a strong chance you’ll both be laying on the bed already, with you hovering over his figure.

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this wouldn’t be playful, as with baekhyun, but rather giggly instead. it’s safe to say that jongin finds something to giggle about in every situation he’s in, and this is no exception. this time, however, he’ll be high off the love you share, as cheesy as that sounds. actually, it’s more that this would be so soft and ethereal, he almost can’t believe he’s actually with someone like you.

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contrary to what most people would believe, a makeout session with sehun would be really fluffy. there has to be romance somewhere in the relationship; everything can’t be sexual and lacking emotion. anyway, he’ll break the kiss every few minutes to tell you how pretty your eyes look, or how soft your lips feel. aside from the fact that you’re sat between his legs, hardly anything about this would be sexual—it’d be about appreciating you, since sometimes he feels like he doesn’t do that enough.