In exactly 30 days, I become a wife. And that’s so huge that my mind still can’t fully fathom it.
We had our last premarital counseling session tonight and after 9 months of engagement, the endless marriage advice is just swimming in my head, and I’m trying to find the time to comprehend it all and file it away to pull out later, because Nick and I don’t even have time to argue this month.
Ultimately, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I know it’ll be a really great badge to wear, it’ll be a lifelong adventure, it’ll be daily lessons and sanctification and fun.
I just truly can’t believe my wedding day is closing in. I want to soak these 30 days in like nothing else, to savor and celebrate each moment, and to be fully present in my present. Life will never go back to the way it was, but life will always be getting better.

Cheers to my last 30 days, and the soon-coming first day of the rest of my life.

We’re savoring the final days of summer fun with this Throwback Thursday.

“Camp among palm trees on beach, Marco, Florida” was taken by the photographer Julian A. Dimock in 1907. Dimock’s work in the early 1900′s South documents African American communities, as well as the lives of the Seminole Indians of Florida. See over 3,000 of his photographs in the Julian Dimock Collection


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recommend any talex fanfics? Ones with happy endings thou LOL 😂😁

Yeah, here’s a list of my faves for you and the anon before you: 

Dear Tobin Dear Alex: (the only first person fic I condone)

House Hunters:

The Storm series:


Paper Stuffing, Man:


There’s a lot more, but try that list for now!

The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee.
Jason: “This is my life. I get a ton of books in advance and usually feel the need to read them fast to keep on top of things, and I feel like I don’t have the chance to savor them. ‘The Queen of the Night’ will be out Feb. 2016 and I literally just started it today and decided I’d like to take my time on it. It’s a novel about a Parisian opera singer reliving her experiences. With a writer like Chee, you really want to study his words and sentences, so I’m taking it in slowly. He’s worked on this novel for a really long time from what I understand, so this is like his grand statement. I think this is going to be one of the most talked about novels of 2016. Aside from a book, I always have a magazine on me. I like balancing out fiction and non-fiction and different ways of telling stories. You really have to get immersed in a novel and it’s nice to break away from it every once in a while.”
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After midnight (BMP) Louis x MC

So, that’s what can happen when two shy people are dating. Enjoy!

“Tell me what you like,” he said huskily, his hot breath caressing the sensitive skin behind her ear. She moaned in anticipation, unable to put her desire into words. Instead she drew him even closer, her hot body trapped under his. He smiled at her actions, savoring the closeness between them. His hand ran up and down her body, from her thighs over her hips, the side of her upper body, lightly brushing the side of her breast without ever lingering longer on any part. Soft, needy noises left her lips and surprised herself, but she couldn’t hold them back.
“Won’t you tell me what I should do with you?” he whispered, the voice full of promises and passion.
“Whatever you want,” she finally replied shyly.
He smirked, pleased with her answer. “Very well my love, but be prepared. I don’t intend to let you sleep tonight.” He kissed her with fervor, pressing him even closer against her so that she could feel his hardness. She gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, even more when he gently parted her legs with one knee and settled between her thighs, grinding against her hips. The heat within her body seemed to increase further although she already thought she couldn’t take it anymore. Every fiber in her body screamed for his touch, his kisses, his love.

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U ever eat something so good u hate to see it go and when u get to the last bite u keep belching it up just to retaste and savor it?

………. No.