savior of the spiral

wizard101 au where whenever anyone says your wizard’s name they have to say all of your titles as well

e.g. “Hello, Adrian DarkHeart, Master Explorer, Bookworm, Gravalum Magus, Golem Tower Champion, Hero of Unicorn Way, Three Streets Savior, Master Diplomat, Wizard City Protector, Gobbler Chaser, Gobbler Catcher, Savior of Wizard City, Wizard City Explorer, Sunken City Survivor, Giant Hunter, Undead Stalker, Undead Hunter, Golem Breaker, Elemental Disspeller, Triton Underwater Hero, Krok Thrasher, Krok Hunter, Junior Archeologist, Krokosphinx Delver, Tomb Raider, Order of the Fang, Hero of Krokotopia, Master of the Oasis, Krokotopia Explorer, Secret Shopper, Spider Squisher, Web Cutter, Mastermind, Hero of Marleybone, Honorary Detective, Aeronaut, Member of the Watch, Honorary Engineer, Marleybone Explorer, Dragonspyre Master, Ghostbuster, Loremaster, Dragonrider, Savior of the Spiral, Dragonspyre Explorer, Spiral Geographer, Shark Catcher, Astrologist, Celestian Explorer, Lion Leaper, Elephant Tracker, Hero of Zafaria, Zafarian Explorer, Presser of Froudlings, Squire, Armiger, Knight Errant, Oni Slayer, Emerald Champion, Mooshu Explorer, The Purifier, Peacemaker, Spirit Walker, A+ Student, Hero of Pegasus Place, Wysteria Explorer, Liberator of the Helephant, Plant Liberator, Goblin Smasher, Honorable Bronze Archon, Master of Death, Legendary Artisan, Master Gardener, Intermediate Angler, Fire Starter, Campaigner, Lamba of Harmony, Royal Marleybonian Order, House of Scales Champion, and Rookie Monstrologist. What can i do for you today?”

a-mug-full-of-jellybeans-deacti  asked:

Vee was actively trying to kill or otherwise seriously harm inmates and was getting away with it. Healy was passively dangerous. Yes, he was bigoted and misogynistic but, in the last season he realised his flaws (not to the full extent but even so,) and made a conscious effort to change his behaviour. I wouldn't be suprised if we see a big change in his character in the coming seasons.

I disagree completely and here’s why: Vee is a devil you know. The other inmates are manipulated by her, but we the viewers are never given any reason to doubt that she is a wholly bad character. When characters like Vee play out you essentially wait for their house of cards to come crashing down, and that is sort of what comes out of storylines like that.

Healy’s storyline this season, imo, is about him realizing that the women he’s in charge of don’t trust him anymore and as a result he is losing what he believes is his duty/opportunity to be these women’s “hero and savior”. He is literally scared he will be obsolete. We see him spiraling, revealing more extreme views every damn episode while he simultaneously is turning in to the walking joke of Litchfield. I’m pretty sure his “conscious effort to change his behavior” is done because he thinks it will elevate him in the eyes of the inmates, increasing his position of power again.

IDK I would be really surprised if he turns good.