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He had spent so long trying to find him and here he was. He was horrifyingly familiar, but wrong, utterly wrong.

“They caaall me Deadeye Cabs or so I’ve heard. Rare that someone tries to find me.” He laughed. “And those that dooo, weeell dead men tell no tales as they say!”

His voice, his mode of speech… that was the man he knew. And that laugh. It was wrong coming from…him, but it was familiar too.

“It is you.” Jowd said quietly.

“Meee?” The man, Cabanela… He was Cabanela. Jowd held on to that. Even if he was… different. Cabanela spun around to Jowd’s back. He peered over his shoulder and into his face with a wide grin. Jowd swallowed. He desperately wanted to look away but those black depths drew his gaze and held on tight.

“The ooone and only. Who else could I be, baby?”

….this was not what I planned to do tonight… but after this conversation I started actually imagining stuff (at like 1 in the morning I might add)…But everything I was imagining was much better visually. He’d still dance around but be more extreme if that were possible and sometimes movements that just look wrong either unnatural or sudden jerky movements like head tilts before flowing into the more elegant stuff.

And tonight I wrote a little but it would’ve been a complete AU and I have no idea what I’d actually do with it so drawing and snippet happened instead.

This is tankens fault for drawing it in the first place. It made it stick in my head. Never mind that I posted the damn screenshots. Context here

I’m sorry for continuing with this monstrosity.

And I didn’t get back to what I was originally drawing that sparked my grumbling that sparked that conversation that sparked this.

taurus represents prosperity in every sense of the word - material, financial, interpersonally, and spiritually. the rich inner resources inside taurus provide a natural eye for beauty, fairness, grace, and the opportunity to spot the development for wealth. money is always fairly important to taurus. they are the sort of kids that take pride in savings, try to trick the tooth fairy to get extra, or realise the ease wealth can bring you from an early age. this need for financial abundance relates not merely to materialism but rather an intense desire for security in every available way 

Old love never dies

(A/N): I suck at titles so bad

Request:  I know requests are closed but I have to write this or I will forget. Can you do one where Steve gets injured during a mission and about to die and don’t want to be saved but the reader tricks him into treatment(w/ Peggys lipstick) bc she loves him?

Warnings: angst, almost death, swearing

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   You had noticed the resemblance between you and Peggy but you had thought it was a crazy coincidence, maybe Steve just had a thing for “Peggy-esque” kind of girls but you slowly began to realize that you were wrong. Steve didn’t  like “Peggy-esque” girls, he liked Peggy and unfortunately for you and your feelings you were the best candidate for that. 

   You realized you looked just like Peggy, down to the bed of her nails, you talked like Peggy given that you came from the UK, and you had even realized she had the same strong-willed, stubborn personality that you had. Steve Rogers wasn’t attracted to you, he was attracted to Peggy Carter, and you just had to be the embodiment of his deceased lover. 

   You often found Steve talking to Nat and Sam about Peggy like she was his entire world or something. The way his eyes would shine brightly and how that smile would rise to his lips had your heart aching because you weren’t the one to cause that twinkle and smile, it was the image of long gone lover. 

   To say it hurt was putting it lightly. For months you had thought Steve liked you for you and in return you gave him your everything, he knew every secret, every little detail about your life. But that’s not what hurt the most, what hurt the most was that you had fallen in love with him, so completely and utterly in love and he didn’t reciprocate it. 

   Some nights you could hear Steve murmuring in his sleep, Peggy, peggy, peggy,” when you were right there, not even a foot away from him. Other times he’d not so blatantly be staring at old pictures of her, stroking over her face as though she was some porcelain doll that needed to be protected. 

   You knew you should spare yourself the pain, leave Steve and find someone who loved you for you, not some image of the woman he once loved and yet you couldn’t bring yourself too. Something about the way he’d hold you, kiss you, tell you he loved you, it felt all too real to be fake. So instead of leaving, like you so should, you stuck around, dealing with all the pain Steve Rogers dealt upon you. 

   Things had been worse for the wear for awhile now but this- this topped the cake. You’d been on a mission when everything suddenly turned to shit. One minute you were on the way out and the next you were being ambushed on all sides. 

   You had been in no way prepared for the fight which then led to this- this whole incident all together. 

   You had been fitting these Agents left and right when suddenly a shot ran through the air and within a moment you had been knocked to the ground, skidding across the dirt as the battle around you raged on. 

  Something deep within your gut was telling you that something had happened, something was wrong and as you slowly sat up you could definitely see why. Your gaze had immediately locked on the writhing form on the ground, all clad in his patriotic uniform. You sprang from the dirt, rushing to Steve’s side as he rolled around a bit, groaning in pain. 

   “Oh my god Steve,” You breath out as you attempt to hold him still, trying to get a good look at his wound or wounds. 

   “Hurts.” He hisses through gritted teeth and you could already see the sweat forming on his brow. 

   “Oh god, it’s okay,” You smooth your hands over his abdomen, stopping when he groaned in pain. “Is this it?” You ask as you gently prod a bit further only to be met by another groan of pain. “Okay, oh god, it’s okay Stevie, I’ve got you, we’re gonna get you out of here, get you some treatment and-” 

   “I don’t want to leave,” Steve whispers, “I don’t want treatment, I don’t wanna get better,” 

   “Steve, you don’t mean that, come on-” 

   “(Y/N),” Steve breaths out, gently cupping your cheek as he does so. “This is the end of the line for me, I don’t want to go on,” He gives you a sad smile and you know as you stare down at it that there would be no convincing him. He wanted this, wanted to die, wanted to be reunited with Bucky and Peggy. And who were you to stop him? After all, you didn’t really matter to him at all. 

   “Steve, please-” Tears begin to form in your eyes as you cradle his head in your hand, the other applying bits of pressure to his bleeding wound. You swallow thickly, going over your words in your head. “If not for me, do it for Peggy,” Steve slowly cracks one eye open to look up at you, his lips parting as he goes to answer your question. You stop him before he can say anything, leaning down to press your lips against his. 

   Recently you’d gotten a new lipstick and you had realized it was the same exact shade as Peggy’s had been. You were going to stop using it when you realized it made Steve happy and if he was happy well then, you were happy. And he was especially happy when he kissed you, no doubt relishing in the way you nearly- nearly tasted like Peggy. 

   “Steve please,” You pull away slightly, just enough to breath and talk, “Do it, please,” Steve is quite for a few moments, just staring up at you through hazy, half-lidded eyes. “Steve, Peggy would want you to,” Those words, those damn words mentioning Peggy seem to trigger something within him because he nods, grimacing slightly as he does so. An almost smile overtakes your features as you smooth your hand over Steve’s hair, just appreciating him for one moment before you start barking orders at everyone, demanding they get Steve out of there and to safety. 

   You watched as Sam and Tony carried Steve away, leaving you and the rest of the Avengers to battle the Agents. Your heart raced as you fought valiantly but it wasn’t do to said fighting, your heart was pounding in your chest because Steve, your Steve, was on the near brink of death and the only thing that had convinced him to stay was the thought of Peggy. 

   As soon as the fighting stopped you and the rest of the Avengers rushed to the hospital that Tony had said Steve was being treated at. It wasn’t too far and with the Quinjet you got there in no time. You realized it must have been silly to see all these supersuite clad adults running through the hospital, after all who ever saw such a thing? You did happen to note all the strange stares you had gotten but at the moment it wasn’t your primary focus. Right now all you needed to focus on was Steve and getting to his room before it was too late. 

   You come to a skidding halt beside the room door, the rest of the Avengers following right after. Immediately your eyes trained in on Steve’s body lying in the bed, motionless but breathing. You sigh in relief as tears begin to pool in your eyes, 

  It’s okay, he’s okay now, he’s alive and breathing and-

   Tony sighs a bit, shaking his head as he stares at the new party of people. 

   “Kid’s been out of it since he came here, doctors are thinking it’s just exhaustion,” 

   “At least he’s alive,” You breath out as you take a tentative step towards his bed. Your fingers graze over the material of his blanket and you could’ve sworn you saw him jolt at your touch. You go to open your mouth to continue your statement when Steve’s quiet, broken voice cuts you off. 

   “Peggy? Is that you?” 


To any stoner out there; reblog to help a fellow stoner:

Step 1: Put the weed in the grinder.
Step 2: Flip the grinder upside down, so the weed is on the bottom, keef collecter on top; then grind.
Step 3: Turn rightside up and open the chamber where the ground up weed is and place a coin inside. Once done, retighten with coin inside.
Step 4: Shake the grinder side to side, up and down, whichever you prefer for about one or two minutes
Step 5: Untighten both the ground up weed chamber and keef collecter and see your results.

(The keef picture is how much I have after only 1.5 G’s of weed and the picture with the quarter dollar shows how fine it makes the weed that isn’t small enough to be keef.)


tfw u don’t like sakura trick but it’s got bomb ass kiss scenes

“Trick friends into thinking you have your shit together”

Singlehandedly my favorite life hack compilation, below I’ve included my favorites. Read the whole compilation:

1. Put a bunch of shit in jars

You know when you buy rice, pasta, or grains, they come in perfectly good plastic packaging? Well throw them out, pour the contents into big jars, and put them on display. Voila! Oppan cottage-style.

2. Put a hardcover book on your piece of shit bedside table with a bookmark in it.

You were never going to read Crime and Punishment, but you may as well make it look like you did. If you really want to seal the deal, put a pair of glasses that you haven’t worn since high school on top. They’re back in style now, anyway.

3. Get the biggest bowl in your house and fill it with some fucking lemons.

“Better get this out of the way,” you can say just before you sit down for dinner to make sure everyone has seen it, and then never mention it again. Everyone will assume you have jars of homemade lemon curd in your pantry. But I know the truth.

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: Who would you save when-
  • Person B: Wait, is that THAT question?
  • Person A: Me and your-
  • Person B: Nonononono this is how relationships end, right?
  • Person A: Pancakes are burning?
  • Person B: Oh good, phew. Good. Very good. Wonderful. *wipes sweat off forehead* That was a close call!
If you wanna be upset about Doctor Strange, fine, but please stay in your lane

I mean know what you’re talking about and be honest about where your distaste is coming from

This girl just came at me full force on Twitter over why I didn’t have a problem with Doctor Strange (the character) being whitewashed and my answer was (truthfully) that the character is not whitewashed because he’s white in the comics

This chick was being so condescending like she called me sweetheart and boo and implied that I was stupid and then had THE NERVE to ask me for receipts like WHY would you ask me for receipts on material that you have never read, you just set yourself up to eat your words. Not to mention how backwards it is to ask for said receipts AFTER you’ve made multiple proclamations that he’s a POC like how are you gonna ask me for evidence when you don’t have any yourself, it’s pathetic

I mean she admitted to being wrong but I’m overall sick of this lazy activist bullshit. We live in an age where you’re not limited by technology, a simple google search could save you from an embarrassing conversation.

PLEASE continue to call out whitewashing and any other POC erasure but don’t dilute the movement by throwing buzz words where they don’t apply and not doing research. You’re gonna look like a fool

P.S. If you don’t like BC in the role just say that. Don’t hide behind activism or claim he “stole” the role from your fav or a POC (this has been disproved so many times it’s ridiculous)

Also while it’s self-indulgence time, re: voltron & shadows, best scenario would be Lance being last & everyone being there, keith being earlier on with less people around.

Honestly, Shiro already had a shadow-type sitch with the whole crystal venom thing. what a good ep.

Anyway back on topic a pal phrased it best, keith is very rip off the bandaid & lance is very peel it slowly so the fact that Keith would have to address the shadow stuff w the team without shadow just putting it out there for him would actually be worse for him, while lance having an audience makes something already bad infinitely worse. Not to mention if Lance knows the score but falls into the script anyway, he’ll feel even more garbage. knows it’s gonna be bad, knows he doesn’t got it, tries to Real Quick catalogue all his issues & brace himself, It’s Worse. Also Lance feeling like Keith has the upper hand if he saw Lance’s shadow but Lance didn’t see Keith’s is Peak Conflict. make it bad folks. gotta get it terrible all aroubd. im Living

There comes a moment when you realize that the LazyTown kids line up perfectly with the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so with that in mind:

  • Robbie decides his new thing is gonna be to open a candy factory in LazyTown. Sportacus will be so ashamed of it that he’ll leave town… foreVER!
  • He invites the kids in for a tour and to load them down with free candy
  • Sportacus comes along because a factory is dangerous and Mr. Ronka shouldn’t have to run after five sugar-hyped kids while he’s working
  • And also so he can flirt with Robbie
  • The kids all end up succumbing to parody versions of the character they’re paralleling
  • But it’s okay because Sportacus is there to save them
  • Robbie tricks Sportacus into the glass elevator but gets trapped in there with him and they both get launched into the sky
  • But it’s okay because Sportacus has a skycycle in his backpack
  • So everything turns out okay
  • And the kids get loads of candy and Robbie gets to hang out with them and even make a snarky comment about how Extra™ Sport is with his backpack skycycle
  • In the stinger Sportacus drops down into the lair and compliments Robbie on how well thought out and executed his plan was, it was such a good plan and he did such a good job! Sportacus is proud of him
  • Then they smooch and go to bed because it’s late and they’re both tired

(Augustus/Ziggy: candy loving boys, Veruca/Stingy: I want it all, Mike Teevee/Pixel: gizmo guys, Violet/Trixie: abrasive and obnoxious and loud, Charlie/Stephanie: The Good One™)

ok but Luffy literally did a Sanji impression right in front of Croc and Croc STILL had no clue what Sanji/Mr. Prince looks like or that there was another unaccounted for Straw Hat

right in front of you Croc


Tips for saving money

Just a reminder that this is what I have found to work or be useful like the apps or tricks

1. Clearance Rack most stores have these and sometimes they even hide them, switching where it goes but usually there by the back and can really save you some money

2. Shopkick is a great app I use where when you go shopping you scan things (you don’t have to buy anything) or just but walking in the store and you rack up points to get gift cards

3.Sell your unwanted things different apps you can use Mercari neerbuy letgo

4. Get Amazon prime for free by using a free trial using a gift card that no longer has money on it and make another account in a month

5. Get Spotify Premium for 99 cents every winter Spotify does a promotional event where you can get 3 months premium for less than a dollar.

6. Go to cheap stores Trader joes, Tj-Maxx, Marshalls and Kohls

7. Don’t go to the store hungry you buy food you don’t need and usually it’s unhealthy

8. Credit Card reward systems these actually work and are so good my grandma has got over 2000$ of money just from using her cards to buy things