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*looks in the mirror*
  • oliver sykes: "do you think you're the only one who feels the way you do?"
  • vic fuentes: "I still think you're beautiful"
  • kellin quinn: "wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting"
  • austin carlile: "this is not what it is, only baby scars"
  • andy biersack: "you are only hurting the most important person in the world. You"
  • danny worsnop: "she's just a beautiful girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders"
Good Enough

A/n: I suffer from depression 👌💕💕

Summary: reader is insecure and deals with depression and image related issues. Chris saves the day.

Warnings: insecurity, fluff, weird food related nicknames.

He stirred in the night rolling over only to feel there was no one where she usually slept. He didn’t even feel her get up. He wasn’t getting any sleep anyway he might as well go and check on her. She had often battled with insomnia, she was probably watching a movie and fell asleep again downstairs.

He trotted out of the bedroom to investigate. As soon as he hit the second to last stair he could hear faint whimpering coming from the living room. Maybe she was watching Legally Blonde 2 and she was at the scene where Elle is crying in the bathroom. He continued down the stairs and rounded the corner.

The Tv was off and the whimpering continued. He crept slowly over to see her curled up in a ball on the couch crying into the throw pillow, and holding onto the blanket for dear life. His baby, his girl, his Honey Mustard, sobbing like there was no tomorrow. His mind went from a matter of different options (who’s ass am I kicking? Did I say something earlier today to hurt her? How am I gonna apologize? Is she on her time of the month…?)
He rounded the couch and sat at the end where her legs wouldve been if they werent scrunched up into her stomach underneath the blanket.

He slowly set his hand on her back only to feel her flinch. (Shit! I scared her)
She sucked in her last sob and turned to look up at him. Her nose was red, her eyes were too. Her lips were puffy and her face was still very dewy. She looked like a water color painting come to life.

“Did I wake you up?” She rasped. Her voice ragged with unshed tears.
“No baby.” He continued to rub her back. “I couldnt get much sleep and you were gone so I thought I’d come down here and join you. Usually when you cant sleep you end up watching Tv and if we’re both up we have late night hot cocoa and popcorn.”

She chuckled to herself and sat up. “I’m sorry hon, turned out to be a much sadder turn of events.” She said softly.
“You wanna tell me whats wrong? Why your down here doing your lil disney princess cry into the pillow routine?” He smiled warmly. Although he hated seeing her cry it did tickle him that she would lay face first and hide in her arm like Cinderella, or Mulan. Always without fail if she was ever upset thats what she would do.

“Its stupid and I dealt with it a while ago. It takes me a while to let go of things thats all.”
“Im here for stupid.” He replied
She took a deep breath and repositioned herself sitting in the corner of the couch opposite him. Although she was tall she had managed to shrink herself holding her knees close to her chest with her arms tightly wrapped around them.

“I was going through magazines for dresses the other day and one of the girls found this model on one of the pages and she aptly pointed out that the model looked like a hotter version of me.” She sniffled. “And that kind of fucked me up.” She laughed bitterly as she wiped tears with the back of her hands. “It sent me somewhere really dark. Growing up I wasnt very pretty. I was bigger than the rest of the kids and awkward. I looked like a bulldog in a chihuahua kennel if you look at the class photo. Then as I grew up I ‘blossomed’ and I thought I was the prettiest thing in the world because I finally looked like what I dreamed of. Accept for my obvious flaws but that’s why we work out together…” she trailed off closing her eyes and squeezing out streams of tears as she cleared her throat. “It got into my head that when people see us together they dont think I’m hot enough for you either. Like when people see us together you could be with someone hotter and.” She covered her mouth and cleared her throat again. “I’ve never been dainty enough, or soft enough, or lady like enough Thats why I’m in action movies where I get the shit kicked outta me.” She chuckled. “Im not good enough for you Chris and I think us getting married is a bad Idea.” She said softly punctuating her statement by violently wiping away traitorous tears.

“Ooh ho ho NO!” He said abruptly. “No chicken noodle, you are not going to sit over here and tell me that you arent hot enough for me. You did a semi nude spread in Vanity fair last month looking like a goddess and you’re going to feel insecure over some kid in a bridal wear catalogue because of one of your bridesmaids?!” He got up and walked in front of the couch.

He knelt in front of her in his nakedness. At this point she hated that he didnt wear pj’s since she was getting a lecture from her very very very naked boyfriend. It was downplaying the seriousness of what he wanted to say.
“Chris? Why didnt you put on your robe?” She chuckled. “Because its our house and you’ve seen everything already. Im still trying to get over why you sleep in clothes but to each their own.” He waved it off. “But that’s a talk for another day. Honey mustard, you are fucking insanely hot. You’re like wasabi hot. And when we get old you’ll still look maybe 35 to 40 while I’ll look like a soggy old dude. I love you and I think you are the best. If anything you’re more than good enough for me because you put up with weird shit all the time. I love you, Honey Mustard.” He squoze her knee.
“I love you too, Chicken Nugget.” She said softly rubbing his hand with hers.
“Now how about we watch a movie?” He said beaming at his fiancé.
“Can we watch Legally Blonde?”
“Fuck yeah. Of course we can. I’ll go make the popcorn.”

This week’s theme: Exploring God’s Plan

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. - Ephesians 2:8

My dear sister,

God’s grace is a gift to you. It is because of His grace that you have been saved. Even in those insecure moments. His grace covers you and He is still planning every aspect of your future. So hold onto that when:

1. You’re not feeling pretty enough

You can’t compare yourself to that one guy’s girlfriend. You can’t compare the way your body is shaped to your friends or the people you follow on Instagram. There is no reason to look in the mirror or a photo of yourself and think that it’s the way you look that keeps you from catching that one guy’s eye. Pray and ask God to cover you with His grace when these thoughts start crossing your mind. Yes, it is true there is a very subjective and often times false standard of beauty out there, but don’t believe the lie that literally every guy at college, in your community, or even at your church is only attracted to that. Don’t try to figure out who is or isn’t looking your way. Focus on reminding yourself of the beautiful truth that you have been saved by grace, and because of that, whoever does or doesn’t look at you is all a part of God’s perfect plan, and even when it’s hard to understand, it’s worth it to see what He has for you.

2. You’re not feeling good enough

No matter what your past mistakes were, through Jesus Christ you are no longer enslaved to those things. Yes, you may still have to deal with certain things, but don’t believe the lie that just because you were in that bad relationship, or because you lost your virginity that God’s grace cannot find you. God grace is a gift–He doesn’t have to give it, but He DOES!

3. You haven’t met the “right” person

If you desire to be in a godly intentional relationship someday, you have to trust that the “right” person will come into your life when God says “it’s time.” No more stressing out over every little thing. Wrap yourself in God’s grace knowing that He has this whole thing figured out.


Biblical context + further reading: Ephesians 2, Galatians 5:1-12

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scorpius, mabel, and princess bubblegum!

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Zesty Snapchats!

He’d totally send another one like this to Rose saying ‘My bf is cuter than yours’

Rose grabs Alisha and sends one back saying ‘oH YEAH? LOOK AT THIS CUTIE’

It turns into an entire snap war-

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sometimes I think about what would have happened if Leo had accidentally killed Frank in a moment of jealousy/ego……………………………………..

I really hope Pearlmethyst is never canon, because I feel it would be just a plot device so that Pearl magically saves Amethyst from her insecurities. I want Amethyst to overcome them HERSELF, without relying on the typical skinny white character.
- Anonymous

There is absolutely no reason for Pearl to be shipped with Amethyst. Their maturity levels are too far apart, and they remind me of the relationship I have with my little sister.
- Anonymous