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There you have it, anon! And since I ended up finishing it anyway, you can also find it on my redbubble as a sticker/shirt/mug/a lot of other stuff!!!

Babes! what even is this!? how are there 450 of you following me? first off, THANK YOU. when i created octavia back in july of the last year i never imagined i would ever make it to almost a year of writing her. i was just having fun for the time being, writing a character i had fallen in love with. it never even crossed my mind that so many of you would enjoy my take on her. now, i can’t imagine not being on this blog. i’ve made so many memories & strong friendships that i’ll carry with me always. i just really wanted to thank you all for being so amazing and kind & it’s a pleasure seeing you all on the dash. each day your guy’s writing inspires me in so many ways. my octavia would be nothing without you guys!

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We now have a new Holiday in the Fandom. On May 29, from now on I propose we celebrate the blessed holiday of Seraphim. I will be saving this url and I will be changing it every year on May 29th. 

so save your URLs kids.


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1. Pets! No surprise. Isn’t this on everyone’s list? XD

2. Spiral/curved staircases. I need the elegance. QwQ

3. More physical activities. Like skateboarding, tennis, soccer, etc.

4. Taller sims. I want some taller guys sometimes.

5. New nose/mouth/etc. shapes. I’m getting bored with the ones available~

If there is a blog that is harassing you a good thing to do would be to firstly block them (all of their blogs that you know of)  and then make sure only people who you follow can message you by going to settings and turning the following on: Only allow messages from Tumblrs you follow. Also if you don’t want them to stalk your blog you can go to settings and turn off the following option:  Allow logged-out users to see this blog. This can help prevent them from sending anons when logged out and this way blocked users can’t harass you by simply logging out. If they make new accounts just block them immediately without answering any of their messages so that it seems like all of their accounts are blocked because of their IP.  those are some helpful tips that I figured out helped me keep away some stalkers and fucked up people. 

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Since Seri doesn't exist after she punched Reisi, when she find out about the mission she understands but is really upset that Reisi never told her or the squad. They were never given a choice to try and help him because they all care about him too. Meanwhile Fushimi is not accidentally listening in on them and feeling touched. No no no.

This would be really sweet, Awashima not just upset that Fushimi was sent into danger but that she wasn’t informed of it. Maybe some time shortly after the end of ROK Munakata and Awashima finally get some alone time to discuss the whole incident. Fushimi’s just returned from hospital and is limping towards Munakata’s office to give his own mission debrief when he sees the door is cracked open a little and Awashima’s inside. He stops to lean on something for a moment, the wound in his thigh aching, and then he hears Munakata saying his name from inside. He starts to straighten, assuming he’s being called, but then Awashima replies and he realizes that they’re talking about him. Part of Fushimi feels kinda juvenile for listening in but he’s also curious and ends up staying there by the door eavesdropping.

As he listens Fushimi realizes that Awashima and Munakata are discussing the jungle mission as well, Awashima stating the facts of the whole thing like how Fushimi’s betrayal was a fake and he was sent alone into jungle, he very easily could have died but Munakata did send both Yata Misaki and Hirasaka Douhan down to retrieve him. Munakata nods and agrees, adding that Fushimi was well aware of the risks of the mission when it was given but chose it anyway. Awashima pauses and then says she understands that secrecy was paramount, as the fight had to look real and there was always the possibility that jungle could be listening in at Scepter 4 somehow, especially after Munakata got fired and who knows who the Prime Minister might have sent in. That said, however, Awashima admits that she can’t help but feel angry that she was never told until it was too late and that she is aware the alphabet squad feels the same, that they were all left in the dark on this point until Fushimi emerged injured from the underground. Munakata says he understands that it is hard for them to realize that they were lied to and Awashima actually interrupts him, saying that isn’t the case – it’s not the fake fight or fake betrayal but the fact that Fushimi was in danger and none of them could help him, that someone important to them was in danger and there was nothing at all they could do to help. Awashima remembers seeing Fushimi at that party and says she feels frustrated, knowing at that time how alone Fushimi must have felt, how desperate, and how shocked she felt seeing him there. And now all she can think is if only she’d had some choice in the manner, if she could have helped him somehow, being aware how much it must have hurt Fushimi to have to attack his comrades, to be seen as nothing but a traitor.

Munakata goes silent for a moment and then sincerely apologizes both to her and to Fushimi – without ever indicating whether he’s aware Fushimi is listening in or not – because while he still feels that it was important as few people as possible knew about this mission he also understands her frustration and the feeling of being helpless when someone you care about is in danger. Meanwhile outside the office Fushimi limps out of the room, figuring he’ll give his report later and wondering why his chest feels tight and his eyes are stinging, not quite able to grasp these new feelings surging through him.

Tagged by @thewindthief Thank you!! I’ve been waiting for a chance to share more of my trash music on here.
Rules: put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up

1. Wakkanai by Galileo Galilei
2. The Boxer by Jerry Douglas (ft. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon)
3. Power by Bastille
4. Wide Awake by Grizfolk
5. The Currents by Bastille
6. Zenzenzense (Movie Version) by RADWIMPS
7. Change in Chemistry - Haikyuu!! OST
8. Sure As Hell by Tonight Alive
9. Blinding by Florence + The Machine
10. The Greatest by Tonight Alive

“If you know you’re gonna lose against your enemy anyway, then the only thing you can do is party hard" -Sun Tzu, probably.

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i  am   eternally,  devastatingly  romantic,   and  i  thought  people  would  see  it  because ‘romantic’  doesn’t  mean  ‘sugary.’   it’s  dark  and  tormented   —   THE  FUROR  OF  PASSION,  THE  DESPAIR  OF  AN  IDEALISM  THAT  YOU  CAN’T  ATTAIN.           /          independent  rebekah  mikaelson, from  the  cw’s  the  vampire  diaries  and  the  originals,  as  interpreted  by  sofia.

“Do you ever think about how many people in the world go hungry every day? It’s terrible how something so vital and necessary can become disposable just because one lives in a wealthier country.” Daniel pauses, wincing at the look on the person’s face, their hand still outstretched over the trash can. “I mean, uh… not that I meant you specifically, just- um…”