Tonight I realized that I really enjoy the way I look in underwear now. After stage 1 I was happy because I finally had this important part of myself that I’d been missing but I didn’t feel the satisfaction I was really hoping for when I put on clothes. I didn’t get the ‘full’ package that I wanted because everything was so flaccid and easy to squish. After stage 2 I completely fill out my underwear and finally have that look I was hoping for. I tried on all of my underwear earlier (seeing which ones fit) and couldn’t stop smiling as I looked in the mirror. It’s an incredible feeling looking down and knowing that’s my body. I didn’t expect the implants to change my relationship to my body in such drastic ways but they really have.

Every week, a bumblebee comes into my home and finds itself tired & stranded on my floor. Unfortunately I’ve found one that had died, so I wasn’t able to help it. But today another one has appeared! I’ve used a Tupperware container with some soil and stones to enclose it along with some sugar water to drink and regain its strength. But my question is this..

Why do they keep appearing before me? Is this a test? Throughout my life I’ve always stumbled across bumblebees in distress and 99% of the time, I’ve done my best to help them.

I’m rambling aren’t I?

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What are your thoughts on Fenrys crush on Aelin? I don't know what to think tbh


I just don’t understand why there can’t be a male that is not in love with her. ALMOST EVERY GUY WE MET HAD A CRUSH ON HER. I just want Fenrys and Aelin’s bromance. 0 crush. Just bromance