• me: if a soldier throws himself on a grenade to save his friends does that mean he goes to hell too?
  • priest: *gets super pissed and his mouth opens like the bad guy from The Mummy and swallows me whole and im never heard from again*

Friendly reminder that Finn was abused and conditioned to be a mindless drone by the First Order his entire life. He and the other stormtroopers are treated as if they are subhuman, a means for the Empire/First Order to maintain their hold on the galaxy. It isn’t until he is an adult that Finn experiences love, compassion, and camaraderie. In TFA, Rey, Poe, BB-8, and Han become the only family he has ever known. Honestly, aside from Rose, he doesn’t even know the other members of the Resistance that well since he hasn’t spent much time at the base.

He’s already lost one member of his new family, of course he would try to do everything he could to not lose another (Rey). Calling Finn selfish for trying to protect this girl that he clearly loves so much, both platonically and in my opinion romantically, and claiming that he needs a redemption arc is bullshit. He bravely left the First Order and has continuously risked his life to save his friends, what about him needs to be redeemed? This is especially infuriating when it comes from people who bend over backwards trying to prove that Kylo Ren isn’t responsible for his actions because of his “rough childhood”  

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God damnit patient, you're stabbing me with feels-

No, no, no, it’s okay! Didn’t you see, the story had a happy ending! The Host saved his friend <3 It’s all going to be okay… It has to be okay. They’ll always be okay <3

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i scrolled down and saw a mod tag "if you infantalize mituna i will break into your house and eat your microwave" and id like to day YES i see so MANY people infantalize mintuna (and having dealt with being infantalized myself) it's annoying. also "i will break into your house and eat your mircrowave" is the FUNNIEST thing ever.

THANKS im just pissed all the time abt this because hes a grown adult man who inflicted major brain damage on himself to save his friends and people act like hes a child. its just Bad and kinda ableist

It’s Chloé’s fault

She and Adrien are friends

She doesn’t get along with Marinette

Chloé’s friendship with Adrien causes Nino and Adrien to become friends 

That her treatment of Marinette causes Marinette and Alya become friends

That a misunderstanding happens between Adrien and Marinette 

Which causes Nino to give advice to his new friend 

and Marinette to become Ladybug to save her new friend 

Which overall results in Marinette and Adrien falling in love with each other 

Mike wheeler

- president of the AV club
- has a toy dinosaur named “Rory” bc it roars
- wears nothing but striped polos and christmas sweaters
- religiously plays dungeons and dragons
- jumped off a cliff to save his friend from bullies

Also Mike Wheeler

- tried to physically fight the chief of police
- also called him a piece of shit
- vandalized the bathroom stall
- plagiarized an essay
- probably told mr kawolski to go fuck himself

The Sin of Hubris, and the Dangerous Myth of the Mighty Skywalker Bloodline

For many years, there was balance and then I saw Ben. My nephew with that mighty Skywalker blood. And in my hubris, I thought I could train him, I could pass on my strengths.

The Last Jedi is full of parallels and, in particular, parallel characters. You have Rey and Kylo Ren at the forefront, but you also have the pair of Luke and Snoke looming behind them. And while Luke may merely be bitter and tormented while Snoke is twisted and malevolent, both masters have walked shockingly similar paths with regards to Ben Solo. Luke openly admits to the sin of hubris - excessive pride or self-confidence - and is painfully aware of his failings. Snoke, by contrast, is all-too guilty of hubris but trips up by failing to be mindful of his pride. This lack of self-awareness is what, with delicious inevitability, results in his destruction. Luke is forced to confront his own hubris and pride when Ben Solo turns on him and destroys his temple, whereas Snoke receives no such lesson until it is too late - Kylo’s betrayal ends him definitively, and leaves no room for the reflection that Luke was permitted by his survival.

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!! we only have a few weeks to save net neutrality !!

to put it simply, net neutrality is the principal that states that internet providers in america (like at&t or verizon) cannot control what we say, do, or see online. trump’s fcc chairman ajit pal and other members of the fcc want to take it away from us americans.

the effects of no net neutrality would include:

  • slower internet speeds, and companies can charge more money for faster internet and the companies could demand money from websites, like netflix. if netflix or any other website were to disagree, the company asking for money could make the website unwatchably slow, or even block it as a whole. these companies could choose to block whatever content or websites they wanted too.
  • higher pricing. without net neutrality, you would have to pay more money monthy, weekly, or daily just to use social media, stream music, play video games, use your email, and much more. imagine having to pay $10-20 extra just to watch your favorite youtuber or to use tumblr/instagram/snapchat/etc.
  • marginalized communites with little to no voice in the media to be effected. The LGBTQIA+, people of color, indigenous peoples, and religious minorities tend to rely on the open internet to fight back against discrimination placed upon them by society.

in my opinion, one of the worst effects would be those placed on the young adults and teenagers. go onto any social media platform, and you would see the hundreds of people saying that a band, youtuber, book series, movie series, or an online friend saved their lives. their lives. in today’s society, some people depend and rely on the internet to bring them happiness. no net neutrality would take away that joy if the person could not afford to pay that bill or their internet provider blocked it. take a moment to think of the many people saying that the internet is their escape from whatever they were forced to deal with.

if you want to help, there are so many ways to do so, you don’t even need to be american. you can:

  • send a letter to congress
  • sign a petition (link to one here)
  • share and spread the word, tell everyone and anyone you know to help out
  • call congress
  • text RESIST to 50409
  • blow up the inboxes of the people who have the future of america’s internet in their hands
    • ajit pal -
    • mignon clyburn -
    • michael o’reilly - Mike.O’
    • brandon carr -
    • jessica rosenworcel -
  • call ajit pal at 202-418-1000
  • do even more research, as i haven’t even told the half of it!

!! the fcc is voting on ajit pal’s policy december 14, meaning we need to start working double time. it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can mutually agree on a human being’s right to open internet !!

please help us to save the internet.

Punching Solves Everything!

Context: Dming a Pokemon Dnd campaign, the party that consisted of a ninja, martial artist, and photographer were trying to save their researcher friend who had been captured by some crazy guy obsessed with fairy tales and fables.
They were searching through what was considered the “murder basement” which was full of traps and people forced to act out various fairy tales if the party ran into them. The ninja was having their Gengar phase through every door looking for the correct way to continue on through the maze to save time.

*the party approaches one of the last doors in the hallway*

Ninja OOC: I approach first and try to open the door being careful of traps.

Dm: There are no traps that you can see but the door is locked.

Ninja OOC: I attempt to punch down the door.

Photographer OOC: woah, wait a second I can just unlock it? I still have my feat for that.

Martial Artist OOC: Or let me punch it, I mean, that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Ninja OOC: Too late, I’m rolling for it.
*rolls nat 20 plus 7*

*the whole party loses it*

Dm: As you punch the door, you send it flying off it’s hinges as it rockets down the hallway. As you look onward, multiple explosions and dust erupts behind the door’s path. After a few moments the dust clears and you see where all of the hidden traps were are now spent as well as a large metal contraption slowly starting to rise back up to the ceiling.

*after explaining the scene, the Dm sighs slightly defeated and mumbles to themselves but loud enough for the party to hear*

Dm: You ruined my murder hallway…

*the party loses it again*

Care For You (1)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Every time he takes care of her, she runs away.

WARNINGS: swearing, throwing up, nightmares, underage drinking, swearing, drunkenness, that’s it i think lol

Word Count: 3.3k+


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It all started when she dozed off in her College Algebra class. She hadn’t been getting a decent night’s sleep since the fiasco with the Demodogs and Will Byers. She had gotten wrapped up in the situation since the group of tweens—and Steve—asked for her help. They trusted Steve with their lives, but they also trusted Y/n and she was perhaps more than willing to help. She loved the kids, so she dropped everything to help save their friend.

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I will always defend Tony, why? Because he is NOT a villian. He is a man with flaws, a man who even despite making mistakes, always tries to learn from them and fix them for the better good for not just himself, but also for the people around him. I honestly don’t get why people have such a vendetta against him. If you truly looked into his character with depth instead of just at a surface level, then you would understand his complications, why he puts up a persona even around the people he cares about the most (because yes believe it or not Tony actually has a heart and CARES about others) and acts like a jerk, because deep down, Tony is not a jerk. 

He is a man of self doubt.

Has suffered from tremendous loss and pain.

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Has suffered from PTSD countless of times after propelling himself into the abyss to save his friends and everyone on Earth from an alien invasion along with trauma from other experiences.

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But even despite that, he still tries his best to protect the people he cares about and loves, the very same people he considers close friends along with the love of his life, Pepper and his newly found fatherly protectiveness over Peter, even when they themselves have doubted him. 

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So anybody who can’t truly see these facts are blinded by their own perception of what they choose to believe is right and wrong. But just remember, while you continue to spread hate on this subject matter, it doesn’t make you the better person over the other and it doesn’t change the fact that while you fault Tony for his mistakes and paint his fans as the dirty image in this fandom, your favs aren’t the end all be all. They too have made their mistakes and they aren’t and will never be perfect either.

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Honestly if Aelin and Rhysand ever met it would quickly become them each trying to out-do one another in terms of ultimate-sacrifice making and manipulation for the greater good. 


Aelin: in order to save my friends I handed myself over to my worst enemy who wants to torture possess and murder me 

Rhys: well in order to save my friends, I used the last of my powers to protect them and my people while I became a slave to a sadistic rapist for 50 years

Aelin: in order to save my country, a victim of a great empirical power, I made my best friend, a shape shifter, promise to take my form and lead my people when I die saving the world. I also made her agree to have kids with my cousin, who looks exactly like me, so that no one will know she isn’t me.

Rhys: well I let my mate believe I was a super shady evil mastermind in order to get us out from the clutches of said sadistic rapist

Aelin: my literal predestined purpose for being born was to expend all of my life energy and die to forge a lock that seals the evil demons in their world

Rhys: I let my mate use my entire life force to save the world and died in her arms without telling her about my plans

Aelin: I married my mate and had him take my last name, never telling him about my plans to save the world by sacrificing myself, all because my country needs a monarch with my last name in order to secure its future and I also don’t really want him or my friends wasting time rescuing me from my mortal enemy when I have to die anyways :))) i was literally born in order to die and ive accepted it :)) #borrowedtime #sacrificemebitches

Rhys: Okay thats just fucked up. 

I like how for Ben and Rey it’s not a matter of “do we like each other,” but rather, it’s a matter of how they’d like to express it:

“Hey Ben let’s date and you join the Resistance and save my friends lol they’ll be cool with you – Kylo of the Knights of Ren – hanging around afterwards, right?”


“Rey, everything sucks and your parents are garbage – may I offer instead the entire galaxy? Be my Empress”

I will never get over how Rian Johnson tricked white feminists into believing his misogynist garbage movie is feminist by having a white woman shit on Poe Dameron and having Rose taser Finn for trying to save his best friend’s (the heroine’s!) life…. while he turned the heroine into a naive airhead and got her gaslightened, manipulated, belittled and abused for an entire film - calls that SEXY - and  none of the white feminists notice a thing. This is the wildest shit I’ve ever seen in a fandom. 

Edit: I forgot to mention he made Rose sacrifice herself for a man who she had a fan girl crush on after which she spends the end of the movie in coma, and Leia - the heroine of generations of women - spent the largest part of the movie in coma too, bc why not? And Holdo dies after it turns out Poe was kinda right all along … like??
Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 1 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: It is almost 1 am over here but I had to post this and get it out of my system. This is going to be a mini-series! Part one is posted below and I will update over the next few days :) Give me some feedback! xoxo

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven FINALE

There would never be a normal Halloween in Hawkins, Indiana. The kids would always be doing something whether it be fighting off some monsters, or saving their best friend, or getting their two favorite teens to finally date.

“We can’t tell them that we came up with this,” Dustin insisted as he looked at the group.

He sat around a table with Mike, El, Will, Lucas and Max. The group was gathered in Mike’s basement as they tried to come up with a foolproof plan on getting you, Y/N Henderson, and Steve Harrington to finally date. Halloween was coming up and that was the deadline.

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2 - Harry Fic Recommendation

In honour of reaching one thousand followers, I thought I would do another one of these posts and give up some love to some blogs and fics I believe really deserve it. But I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, I love and appreciate you all so much.

my first recommendation post

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There is no doubt that I have missed innumerable fics in this post but if you have a fic you believe I would love or deserves more love, always feel free to send it to me!

Once again, I’ll put the blog first, then some of their fics I love in particular with brief descriptions. Some of the fics don’t have titles, so the description is the link.


  • Little Lion Series - I seriously adore this series about Harry being a single dad who falls in love with the reader. 
  • The Princess and the Pauper -  You’re a princess who travels into the city, you see your people struggling and you also meet Harry, a tailor who you feel a strong connection with.






  • Eight Months: part one // two // three // four - this! series! is! amazing! Honestly, I don’t even know how to properly describe it in a way that properly conveys how amazing it is without spoiling anything. Point is, you need to read it right now.
  • I’m just going to advise you spend a few solid hours reading everything this blog has to offer.


  • Dear Mummy - a fic where Harry is Beau’s father. This fic absolutely broke me. Let it break you too. 


  • Clingy - you overhear Harry talking badly about you at a party
  • The Charity Ball -  you’re a med student, and you feel miserable at a hospital charity ball- until you meet Harry.


  • Anger -  Y/N loves Harry to pieces, however, not when he switches from being the nicest man to the complete opposite whenever he’s angry.TW: sexual assault 
  • Ambiguous Love - your best friend Harry kisses you when he gets jealous of someone hitting on you, but this creates a miscommunication about his commitment to you
  • Sick of Losing You -  Harry and Y/N lost each other when he found someone else.
  • Needing Comfort -  Harry and Y/N have been fighting for days. On day four, Y/N starts to cry.

Now because this is my thousand follower post and I am a self-indulgent narcissist I’m going to list my favourite fics of my own :)

  • I Wish -  it becomes clear that your relationship with Harry is going to be a long-term thing and he wants to start to become a bigger part of your daughter’s life
  • Perfect - your best friend Harry saves you from your boyfriend when he gets violent 
  • Infinity - you and Harry get into a fight at Anne’s house
  • City of Love - you and Harry are mobbed in Paris and Harry is quick to defend you when a journalist gets violent
  • Lullabies + Dunkirk Skies - soulmate AU where you find the person you’re supposed to spend your life with, just when your life looks like it could end at any moment

Again, thank you all so much! I promise I will be posting more fics soon x

my masterlist // send me a request 


Comic by HANA✿, translated by me with permission.

This reincarnation AU, the idea is that Madara already recovered his memories of the previous life a long time ago, so when he came across orphan Obito, he adopted him. But Obito just remembered the previous life now after this traumatic incident where he saved his friends Rin and Kakashi from an accident.

Will save not to peep at the peen

OVERVIEW: So basically, my dumb group just saved our NPC friend from drowning. We brought him back to our room since he was incoherent and pretty much out. We had the brilliant idea to take his wet clothes off of him so he doesn’t freeze. Our cavalier grabs spare clothes and helps the warpriest dress our poor NPC.

DM: “Will save not to peep at the peen.”

Warpriest, panicking: “Wait which one of us?”

DM: “I was joking. … But now, both Ada (warpriest) and Kas (cavalier).”

Of course, the warpriest passes with a perfect 20. The cavalier, however, fails with an 8.


Cavalier: I hate you.


If you were curious, the peen is average.

karatam  asked:

I sometimes wonder if within the Star Wars universe, bringing balance to the force means being able to use both the Light and the Dark without falling 100% into either side. Like, Rey being pulled to the Dark because it has something she needs, but maintaining her moral compass and compassion and urge to do good. idk it always seemed odd that an order all about balance only placed emphasis on one side of the spectrum 1/2

Tho it might just be a misunderstanding on my part. Is the Dark a separate part of the Force that Force-sensitive people can manipulate, different from the Light part? Or is that just what it’s called when you use the Force for purely selfish reasons? 2/2

oh my friend you have unleashed such a can of worms i am so sorry please bear with me.

there are two answers to your question, one of which is “what we get from the series so far” and the other one being My Obviously Correct Headcanons And Opinions.

In the past, the Dark Side has been pretty much exclusively categorized as “what happens when you use the Force for purely selfish reasons.” That power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the more you let your anger and resentment and personal need fuel your use of the Force, the more twisted you and it will become. that an act of weakness CREATES a darker seed of weakness within, to be continually exploited.

but that’s always been an inherently unsatisfactory definition–not because of what it implies about corruption, but because of what it identifies as the root of that corruption. it’s been frustrating as far back as Yoda’s lessons on Dagobah, where he told Luke that interfering in order to save his friends would make him vulnerable to the dark side for ???reasons??

It’s wrong to lash out in fear. It’s destructive to let your negative emotions be the sole source of your strength. all of that makes sense.

but where do you draw the line between selfishness and selflessness? Where do you find the boundaries on the spectrum from compassion, to caring, to possessiveness, to obsession?

the OT and PT never really gave us satisfactory answers to these questions–only vague pseudo-buddhist notions about how wanting things will make you miserable and terrible, probably, and that true balance means neutrality. means never having personal investment. and that’s just not how people work. so if we’re going by the idea that that’s the Jedi way, then yeah– the Jedi do need to end.

but as Luke said– the idea that the light side of the force will go away if the Jedi Order becomes obsolete is ridiculous.

so where does that leave us, in canon?

well, if the light side of the force stands for life, growth, connection, and peace, then that would seem to imply that the dark side must stand for death, decay, fractured society, and violence. this means that balance of the Force isn’t just some neutral value, because the Force itself isn’t value neutral. the Force isn’t weather–the Force is the collective intention and interconnectedness of all sentient consciousness. you can’t blame a hurricane for killing people because that’s just what hurricanes do. Hurricanes can’t decide. but people DO. and that’s what makes it the Dark Side of the Force–it’s the decisions behind the actions.

and yet.

so much of where the PT failed was that it did such a poor job of showing us what it actually set out to show us: how a good man, Anakin Skywalker, became corrupted by the dark side. what the PT ends up saying is “he wanted to end slavery so much that he became a fascist; he loved his mom and his wife and that made him Terrible.” which– what the hell kind of lesson is that? We never actually saw that thing click in his head where it suddenly became okay for him to kill younglings. We watched it happen, but I never bought a moment where he gave in, because I never saw how his weaknesses as a good man–how his desire to protect and defend made him selfish and possessive–turn into something outright violent against people who had nothing to do with him. they never sold me on the connection.

but the sequels… they’re doing something different.

the consensus in the OT and PT seemed to be that it’s terrifyingly easy to succumb to the dark side. that you could be minding your own business having friends and wanting good safe things for them and one day you could trip and fall and that would turn you evil. i never vibed with that.

the ST, though… over and over again, what I see it saying is that it’s hard to be evil. It’s hard, and it sucks, and it kills everything good in you. that’s why Finn rejects it; that’s why Kylo Ren is so fucking miserable all the time. but it also demonstrates that there’s something so inherently compelling about using the Force to get what you want that once you’ve gone far enough, the idea of losing it is so incomprehensible you’d do anything–you’d do the worst thing–just to keep it from happening.

(Worth noting: the first Force power Rey ever uses is the Jedi Mind Trick. the first thing out of her mouth when Luke asks her what the Force is is “a way to make people do what you want.”)

it would be the easiest thing in the world for Ben Solo to be the golden boy of the Republic. that life was handed to him on a platter–all he had to do was stay there. all he had to do was take it. even now, Rey is still telling him: the door is open. the life you left behind is right there, waiting for you, needing you, if only you’d be willing to do the work to take it back.

so much of Kylo’s dialogue is talking about how he feels conflict, the pull towards the light, how his only goal is to kill the good in him, kill the past, kill all his ties to his obligation to morality. but it’s a constant fucking struggle for him. you don’t just trip and fall into evil. you have to choose it, every day.

and if that’s true–that tells me so much more about “the dark side” than the other films ever did. it’s not that caring is a curse, because Ben Solo killed his caring a long time ago. it’s that once you’ve had a taste of whatever it is that made Kylo Ren powerful enough to stop a blaster shot in midair and hold it there for five minutes, while carrying on an entire, quite distracting conversation–that once you have that, it digs so deep in you you can’t give it up. it’s a disease, the same way that an addiction is a disease. and with the Force behind it, it has the power to feed itself.

and you’ll never get well from an illness you have no interest in a cure for. so you keep digging deeper into the dark, because even if it’s hard, even if it tears you apart inside, the dark can give you things the light never will. and most of all, it’s convinced you that those are the things you should want.

what i think we might be heading towards–what i would LOVE to see us heading towards– is the conclusion that we’ve been incorrectly defining the Dark Side this whole time.

if I have a rope, I can use it as a lifeline or as a noose. that doesn’t tell me anything about the rope. it tells me about me. 

Evil corrupts. Malice makes you strike first, strike hardest, strike in arbitrary anger. Trauma warps your sense of reality and makes it hard to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy, between acting for for your own survival and actively undermining your own self-interest. Wrath makes you act so that the punishment far outstrips the crime. Jealousy tells you that the things you love belong to you. Hate makes you want to destroy the things you don’t understand. Vengefulness makes you mistake personal satisfaction for justice.

but the Force… I don’t think the Force does any of that. it can be used as a vehicle to get you there faster, but that doesn’t mean that part of the Force is dark and used for dark things only. It means that you MAKE it dark when you USE it for the dark. 

Balance means harmony, not discord. the Force in balance needs must tend toward the light not because death is evil and must be avoided at all costs, but because life, uninterrupted until its natural end, is life as life was intended.

death isn’t the dark side. death is the Force in balance.

murder is the dark side, because it’s using the Force for something it was never meant to be used for, on purpose, for wrong, for personal gain. and no wonder it’s powerful, because the Force is always powerful–it’s all life and thought and spirit that exists! but that doesn’t mean the Force wants you to do a certain amount of bad things and the universe would fall apart otherwise. it means the Force needs people to tell the difference, because that’s all the Force has ever been: the interconnectedness of sentience.

the Force doesn’t tell us what to think. we tell it what to think. and the Force doesn’t need murder any more than people do.