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Hello tofu! I srsly love your art so I have a question to ask if you dont mind. Are you against people saving the art that you shared in their computers for their personal use? As in, they don't share it out with anyone else but save it for future reference and admiration. I like to archive artworks that I love and bring them up w/o connecting to the internet coz my internet sucks big time. Are you ok with that? :o

saving my art is fine(using it for phone/desktop wallpaper is ok too)

 recreating/using/posting online isn’t :o
The last story structure chart you'll ever need
This is the second version; it's taken me several months to compile all the different outlines. How it works is you can line it up with the running time of your favorite movies or books; for example, the "call to adventure" is when Harry Potter receives letters from Hogwarts and the "all is lost" moment is when Obi Wan Kenobi dies in the first Star Wars film.
By Imgur

Chart of story elements, by Robert Carlson. (Yes, I know it doesn’t mention Joseph Campbell, but it is still pretty cool.)


Saving for future reference. c:

highschool musical 2 drinking game
  1. whenever the wildcats are mentioned
  2. every time ryan changes his hat, drink twice if he’s not wearing one
  3. the talent show is referenced
  4. troy and gabriella try to kiss
  5. sharpay refers to herself
  6. sharpay hits on troy
  7. sharpay is a bitch
  8. drink whenever the word ‘team’ is said
  9. drink when you see basketball
  10. ryan talks about dancing
  11. drink when gabierella is annoying
  12. whenever you think naughty stuff about zac efron
thin walls; part 2.

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steve x reader x bucky (smut)

warnings: smut, dirty talk, swearing, slight stucky, explicit video. 

prompt: steve gives his best friend a small gift. 

we’ll see? what the fuck did he mean with that? 

buckys mind was a swirling mess ever since his encounter with steve in the gym, and as much as he tried to shake it off, his cock still tingled, begging for his best friends hand wrapped around it again. admittedly, it wasn’t the first time he’d wanted that either. 

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“This song is about how when things are going very badly for you in your personal life; things are bad in your head, in your heart, in your body and everywhere. And you reach this point of stasis with it and then it begins to feel like progress. Because it’s not like you’re getting better, but you’re getting better at not being well. [crowd laughs] It’s funny now. At the time it’s maybe less funny. At the time it’s maybe less funny. At the time it feels more like demonic possession. And it feels like the moment of demonic possession where you go man if I’m going to be possessed by a demon, then fuck it. Let’s just demonically possess this world. Let’s do the things we demon possessed people do. And if people can’t handle my possessed self, that’s between them and whatever god they worship, but here in this house, we will worship the devil, that’s what you say. [crowd cheers] But this is the thing I’m always trying to point out. We say “woo!” about that, but the devil I’m talking about isn’t the devil you actually like. He’s not the devil of whiskey and smokes or whatever. This is the devil that stands between you and what you hoped to become. The devil who stands between you and your better self. The one with whom you form an alliance with at some point in your life because you can’t escape it any other way. And then later you recall this time with great trembling." 

(John Darnielle, about In Memory of Satan)


chris fleming is brutal



When in the course of American history it becomes necessary for the people to save our Nation from a Tyrant, to safeguard equality for all and their inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness from bigotry and corruption, to ensure that our Government continues to derive its power from the consent of the governed rather than by autocracy, that whenever any President becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to make such demands upon their Congress: Immediate impeachment of the President for crimes committed, or removal from office by way of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Donald J. Trump has conducted injuries and usurpations, pursuing the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world–

He has obstructed the Laws for Naturalization of Immigrants, and illegally banned refugees in need of safe haven. He has continued to violate the federal court orders which require the temporary cessation of this ban, thereby violating his executive oath. He has dismissed an Attorney General for fulfilling her oath to defend the Constitution, defying the autonomy of the Department of Justice. He has purged the State Department of its highest level officials without any regard for a responsible continuity of State Affairs. He has enlisted amateur ideologues - such as the white supremacist Stephen K. Bannon - to make national security decisions. He has vowed to enact policy and legislation which clearly tread on the separation of Church and State. He has refused to remove or address conflicts of interest regarding both his own business and that of his cabinet and family. He has moved to deregulate corporate interests, risking the health of the economy and has stated that he has chosen this action for the advancement of his own wealthy friends, showing no regard for the rest of this Nation. He has hastily signed multiple Executive Orders without the advisement of Congress, policy experts, his cabinet, or staff. He has signed an Executive Order which knowingly deprives the sick of desperately needed healthcare with no concern for their lives. He has signed an Executive Order permitting a pipeline that tramples on Native American Rights and endangers safe water supply. He has illegally threatened to cut off funding to Sanctuary Cities which have determined their values through self-governance. He has knowingly, repeatedly, and egregiously misled the public and directed his staff to do the same. He has strongly advocated for the silencing and suppression of a Free Press. He has repeatedly and consistently shown contempt for people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, disability, and religion. He has shown disdain and disregard for the judiciary and the fundamental human Rights that are the foundation of Justice.

A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

We shall Resist until our Congress uses the mechanisms afforded to it by the Constitution to remove this Tyrant from Power. And for the support of this Declaration we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Honor.

Signed. The Resistance.


Rumor Has It (Veronica x Fem Reader)

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hey, could I request fem reader x Veronica (riverdale) imagine and it’s about how people keep saying that veronica is going to ask the reader to the dance but she does and basically Veronica and the reader admit their feelings for one another at the dance? long and fluffy please? X

Warnings: none.

Theme Song: Girl by The Internet

If there was one thing you were certain of it was your love for school dances. Regardless of the ridiculous dress codes and overprices tickets, dances provided opportunities to well, dance, laugh, and make memories with your friends. Free food was of abundance as well, so having to pay ten dollars for a ticket? No biggie.

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do you use references for the poses in most of your art? im just wondering because I can never draw anything besides a simple bust without a reference lmao. And if you do/used to use references for poses, where did you find them? I've been having trouble with finding Good ref pics :-[

sometimes i do! i have some refs saved under my tag /future reference and also kelpls has really good tutorials for poses and stuff, i mostly look up to that!