The worst part of it all, is that I can tell you the exact moment I lost you.
I remember the look you gave me that made me realize that there was no way I could save this.
That moment replays in my head every single day.

-That look on your face stings the back of my eyelids every time I shut them.
Can't Let Go ... Olicity

I’ve been listening a lot of Adele lately and it stroke me how much her songs are making me think of Olicity. And the one I’m so much into right now after the Felicity Boyfriend/Kiss Bullshit is “Can’t Let Go”

When did it go wrong, I will never know I have loved you all my life How did it slow down, I go round and round Thinking about it all the time“ 

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This is exactly what Oliver keeps thinking since the break up. He must be in so much pain reliving these moments over and over again trying to figure out how he could have done things better.

I gave you heaven on a platter baby I gave you everything you never gave me I never lied and I never faked it Only wanted for you to save me This love, it ain’t over yet There’s too much that I haven’t said“ 

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That’s how Felicity must feel. I mean she gave him so much more since day 1 and even if she is the one that broke things off, we all know she knows this love is not over.

Did you find the note that I wrote? I hid it in the seam of your coat It was hard to write with a lump in my throat Do you even know that I can’t let go“ 

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This always makes me think of Oliver writing his diary that I believe is only for Felicity, where he tells her EVERYTHING that happened to him since the island.

Why were you so cold, let the truth be told Tell me was it all for the thrill? What was I thinking, I gave you everything But you still went for the kill“ 

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Felicity knew the risks when she gave him her heart, I believe she knew that he would break it at some point and she was probably more angry at herself that at him.


"Ooh sometimes I feel like I’m in the dark Ooh I thought I’d die in your arms" 

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Oliver said it himself, Felicity is his light in the darkness that his lige has been since his father’s boat went down. And if he has to die, I’m sure he wish to die in her arms.

Hope you know, I won’t let go Do you even know that I can’t let go“ 

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The promise they can’t say to each other but that everybody knows. Felicity will never leave his side, "not a chance”.

So to all my Oliciters out there,to the Arrow writers and to the all world, I hope you know that WE WILL NEVER LET GO OLICITY.

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To my best friend @just-call-me-mrs-captain

Babe, you’ve been there for me through everything. You’ve seen me through a godawful divorce, the hardships of becoming a single parent, and a Dom who wanted more from me than was healthy to give. You’ve been there through every tear, and all the smiles. I’ve laughed and cried, loved and lost, but through it all, you have always been right there. Always just one text away.

People say that the friendships you make online aren’t real, but I challenge those people to maintain “real” friendships closer than the one we have. I’ve never before had a friend I could talk to the way I do you, whom I can be my complete self with without fear of judgement. I challenge those people to understand the hours I worked to save up, and the hours you, someone that gets carsick, spent in a car just so we could meet each other. I challenge those people to try and understand what it felt like to finally be in the same room with you, and I damn sure challenge them to miss anyone they way I miss you.

I couldn’t imagine life without you darlin, and I love you more than words can say!

You are my person, and I’m so so glad I met you, because life just wouldn’t be the same without you!!!


If you caught up on yesterday, I have nothing to offer you today.  Most likely into the night as well.  Though I should have my month’s recap post ready.  xD

For about five real time minutes, my sims did nothing of note.


Except I found out Artyom must be really really good with the neighbors.

In game it’s about 3:20 in the morning here.


At least I have all my lots and sims in a nice neat orderly fashion

So that tonight I can at least begin the arduous process of importing everyone and tweaking their stupid selves in SP - SAVING HEAVILY.  Everyone loves that.  xD

Other than the month’s recap later, have a lovely day!  :)


It only took two more hours because mom stayed two hours extra at work. Had I known that, I would’ve scheduled my bus. My complaining aside, I loved this episode.

First of all, Lance’s slide and tumbling out were pretty funny…

Smooth save tho.

Also, I’m happy if even for a few seconds and not showing the full face, we get focus on Gold/Ethan:

I dunno if whether to pity them, sauntering up like that. You guys know he’s Elite Four; one of you even said he was. Hell, he’s fucking Champion at this point. You should have the sense to know this will end poorly:

I’m hoping next week we get Ariana, Archer, and Proton since I’m rooting for them doing the Goldenrod Radio Tower, but I’m really happy to see Petrel animated. (And Dragonite giving him the stink-eye is also pretty amusing.)

I’d kind of wish for Lance to Hyper Beam people like he does in the game. (Just have them dive aside or run away panicking before it makes contact tho, because that would be funnier.)

Every time Gold (I never could get used to calling him Ethan XD) shows up, I just:

(Yellow may have been my first game, but Gen2 was when I started really enjoying the games. Mainly because I could finally choose my own starter and getting a better grasp on the mechanics. So I’d say I have more of an attachment to the Gen2 protagonists than any of the others.)

And now to save the Electrode, and fuck up TR’s shit.

Who then decide to fry Petrel:

And the day is saved–I really love Lance looks in the first pic.

all-my-lovely-fics  asked:

Nagito and Sakakura, let's be original 8)

I already did the Ko, so

Send Me a Character

And I will tell you my:

  • First impression: Sakakura was kind of just there, at first. I thought he was alright
  • Impression now: H O P E  J E S U S
  • Favorite moment: When he saves Naegi even though he’s bleeding severely and close to death
  • Idea for a story: Survivor AU
  • Unpopular opinion: Are there even any unpopular opinions to have on him anymore we’re so united
  • Favorite relationship: I ship him and Munakata more, but I actually like how him and Yukizome interact in despair arc as friends
  • Favorite headcanon: He lived my friends.
Oh No. Girl Meets World is ON

Girl Meets Creativity. Double Oh No. Did you know that my masters thesis was about how to integrate the arts into education? Well it was. And now the kids are trying to save art classes. How dare GMW. How DARE.

Poor Maya. She didn’t mean to believe in something. 


(but this means i have to sit through awful disney channel commercials. i blame tumblr and your stupid enticing gifs)

Is that Corey’s old teacher as the superintendent? 

Why does Lucas define the girls by their looks and Farkle by his intelligence yo. Oh here comes the hormones. NO SHIPPING BABY TEENAGERS. No no no. I am fighting this fandom tooth and nail people. 

I like Zay. He’s my man. 

ANOTHER COMMERCIAL??? You guys are making me SUFFER for my Maya and Riley.Why are the caterers dancing and singing on the commercial? The Lodge. They’re the caterers, right?

Performing in front of the community meeting. Riley doing interpretive dance. Haha. We used to make jokes about doing interpretive dance for class assignments. Did I tell you my specialty was incorporating the arts into education? Never managed to get anyone to do interpretive dance, but it was an option. lol. 

Of course Topanga yields to the kids. They all yield. Superintendent Turner IS his old teacher. Performing a list of prime numbers is disappointing. LOL. did I say I have dyscalculia? SCREW YOU ALL I LIKE THIS SHOW. Tap away Farkle, tap away. No more numbers. You know I saw the first episode this morning before school. Boy they’re lucky Farkle hit puberty and got so darn cute. Yay puberty. 

And that’s why we make fun of interpretive dance. But Riley is funny.

They actually said Yoink when they took Maya’s microphone. 

I dispute the contention that a studio art major from Princeton would ruthlessly cut the arts from education. She knows. You don’t just STOP thinking creatively. No matter how it hurts to not make it as an artist. She went into education, she’s going to channel her love of the arts into her job in education, because that’s where it belongs. 

I like the story about Guernica, though. That was good. 

The horse from Guernica was IN the council member’s  painting. *Sniff*

Don’t be mean about Riley’s purple cats. Purple cats are great. Screw you art teacher.  Expressionism is valuable. 


@blyedeeks I hope you’re happy.

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It's brilliant how protective she is of Ferrington. Also love that even though she never said thanks she is showing her thanks by taking her in and offering her to prepare for the fire that's to come. Investigation of all that went down. You reckon it's a mix of thanks and also needing someone on her side to save her butt?

The Stella/Ferrington bond is the strongest thing close to friendship in the show and it is so brilliantly executed. Stella appreciated Ferrington’s honesty and discretion from day 1 and in exchange Ferrington earned Stella’s respect. Truly my favourite pairing on this show.

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Hello! I was wondering if you're doing ships? If so...I'm 17. I have blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and I'm short. I'm pretty shy, but I still love making friends and socializing. At first I can seem very serious, but I can be very goofy/sassy. I'm easy going, open minded, and positive. I love all music and can play flute, piano, guitar, and cello. My favorite things are photography, naps, hiking/camping and anything warm and fuzzy ( especially puppies ). Sorry this is so long. Thank you so much ♡

Always Recommending You New Music- Moonbin

Has You Saved As “Puppy” In His Contacts- Sanha

Buys You A Fluffy Sweater- MJ

Best Friends- Eunwoo

Like Siblings- Jinjin

The Ship- Rocky

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When you were first introduced to Rocky it was through Eunwoo - and at first things were awkward with neither of you knowing what to say, but as soon as moonbin came over and starting talking about music the conversation flowed from there. Now, you two have been on a few dates and rocky’s favorite ones are the hiking dates! He loves exploring, especially if its with you. Whenever you guys are hiking together and you stop to take photos of the beautiful scenery, he pulls out his phone and takes pictures of the most beautiful thing he knows - you - and keeps them in a little album. He’s probably got like 200 photos of you taking photos that he looks at when he’s feeling down.

1.) Alec Gets Adventurous Pt. 2

Title: Alec gets Adventurous Pt. 2
Ship: Malec (OTP), Jace and Alec (BroTP)
Written By: @alyxhavok
Word Count: 1193
Summary: Magnus has a secret mission job, and his phone is not working… Alec freaks out… Alec and Jace may need to save him. Pt. 3 coming soon!
Warnings: Some profanity… I guess…
Additional Links[ao3]

Alec: “Magnus Bane, don’t you dare hang the phone up… Hello? Magnus!”

Magnus: “I am still here, my love… but now I must go before…”

Dead silence, not a click of the phone or any noise at all…

Magnus shakes his phone and holds it up, still no signal. He knows Alec will panic about this, but there is nothing he can do about it now. He is already too far in to go back now…

“MAGNUS BANE!” A loud, booming voice comes over an intercom… “THE HIGH WARLOCK OF LIMA, GABRIELA GAGE WILL SEE YOU IMMEDIATELY.” Magnus rolls his eyes and makes his way to an office he has been in too many times to count.

“Gabby!” He beams at the woman, who in return just scowls… “I know, I know. I am not supposed to be in Peru, but I wouldn’t be here again if it wasn’t of the utmost importance. I am here to…”

“I know why you are here, Bane. I got all four hundred and seventeen of your letters requesting we drop the ban. You explained in great detail why you needed this favor. The only problem…” She is now wearing a sarcastic grin, and Magnus knows what is coming next. “I don’t care!”

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Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.