Skam has exceeded all of my expectations. That scene was possibly one of the purest forms of acting I have ever seen. It was real in a way I have never seen on a tv show before. The way they just breathed each other in. You could see the relief they felt being back together. They just melted into each other. Isak and Even have saved each other, and it is damn beautiful. I have never seen love portrayed in such a honest and realistic manner, and I don’t think I will ever again. Thank you Skam, for showing the world one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful love stories of this generation. It’s been a great ride.

i still can’t stop crying even now when i watch that scene.

there’s virtually no dialogue, save 3 words, 3 whole words, said in that entire scene between them: you’re not alone.

and the rest? was just left to henrik and tarjei to follow through, with o helga natt playing as such a beautiful, soul soothing backdrop to the entire scene.

and … i’m just, i’m not exaggerating here when i tell you that my actual soul and body feels cleansed, and purified from just watching that scene. i feel … lifted? elated? i feel transcended up to a different level, where … in that universe, love is all that is needed. love, and the right person who comes along and gives you all that love, to make you feel that you’re going to be okay.

it just … that entire scene, was literally that simple. there was no extravagance, no big promises or words being said. it was just, so pure. so, so pure. so holy? and … even though there were /SO MANY/ symbolisms present in that scene, they never ONCE overpowered the true meaning and message of that scene, but rather, enhanced it to provide that true meaning and message of that scene even further:

that once in your life, you WILL find someone come, and fill you up with so much love and warmth, and that will make you feel so, so good. and so hopeful. and it’ll make you feel that, because you’re not alone, because that someone is there, by your side, who believes in you, who knows your flaws and your strengths, who accepts you for everything that you are, 

it’s THAT feeling that that person brings to you in doing all of that, that will give you all the courage you’ll ever need to feel good about life, and yourself.

and i just … please can henrik and tarjei just - take a bow. the simplicity, yet the amount of small nuances and intricacy they added to every LITTLE frame and second of that scene holds SO SO much meaning. whether it be even and the way he was breathing isak in, or isak waiting a few beats before kissing even to allow even all the time he needed, or whether it was just how GENTLE and SOFT they both were with one another - like, henrik and tarjei add SO MUCH into their performances? and the natural chemistry they have just enhances the viewing experience THAT much more, and heighten it SO MUCH, that it resonates. and it resonates in such a deep way that … even HOURS later, you can still feel yourself on the verge of tears from remembering what you saw.

that scene. o helga natt. i’m - i kid you not when i say, that i have never EVER seen such a pure, healing, soothing, comforting scene EVER in my whole TV viewing life. i am SO PROUD to be a skam fan right now, that got to witness the most profound scene i have ever had the pleasure of watching in my entire life. because, the way skam has handled this issue of mental illness: they didn’t romanticise it, or use it as a plot device. 

the signs were there, from the start, even for those who aren’t as observant. it was building up and up. and the way they addressed isak’s full acceptance of even, and in telling even that tonight - i’m - honestly - 

i have no words.

o helga natt. that is all, what a holy night, a revelation of some sort, tonight has been.

Hold on

-Fuck, Carol- said Morgan

- I know.. I just couldn’t let Tara die too…- said Carol as Rosita covered her wound with a bandage

-I can’t do anything.. I wish we could just cut it but we can’t.. maybe.. it’s not infected?- said Rosita with hope in her eyes

They knew she was infected. She has tried to kill a walker who was going to bit Tara’s neck but unfortunately, she fell and the walker scratched her as she stabbed the walker. She has saved Tara but.. 

- Daryl is gonna kill you if this doesn’t- said Morgan 

- Really?- she asked Morgan

- Of course, that man is so in love with you.. he wants to kill Ezekiel just because he looks at your.. body all the time- said Morgan blushing

- Oh my God, Morgan- she laughed- Daryl is not.. he is just.. we are best .. I mean…- she tried to explain but Morgan and Rosita were looking at her with funny faces

But then, it hit them. She could die. She was probably infected.. 

- Tell me it’s not true- said Rick as he entered the infirmary and he walked to them.

- It’s true.. is Tara okay?- she said as Rick sat next to her covering his face with his hands

- She is suffering an anxiety attack- said Rick- And Maggie still doesn’t know about this..

- Just wait.. maybe it doesn’t happen- said Morgan with hope in his tearful eyes

- Yeah, let’s wait- said Rick as he took Carol’s hand.


- You fucking kidding me???

They were all listening to Daryl shouting and growling as Rick explained to him what has happened to Carol. Carol was sleeping in the infirmary with Tara’s head in her lap. The poor girl just got calm when she could see that Carol was still alive. 

Unfortunately, Carol looked worse and it seems like the infection has started or maybe it was just that she was tired.

- Daryl..

- You fucking tell me she is probably dying?? and you fucking tell me now?? after four hours??? - shouted Daryl

- Oh man..- said Aaron as he sat next to Maggie who was almost crying

- You think Rick is safe with him?- asked Morgan

- I don’t think anyone will be safe if she dies- said Maggie

They all saw in shock how Daryl threw a chair through a window.


- She has a fever- said Rosita- I can’t do anything else for her.. just wait.

And she went away as the others just looked at Daryl. 

Maggie stood up trying not to cry as Aaron helped her so she would not fall. 

- I’m not gonna wait, I will do stuff. I know she wants that.. I can’t.. she is like my mother, would you tell her that?- she told them and she went away with Aaron who was openly crying

- Daryl…- said Rick - We will wait here.. but if you let me, I would like to say goodbye.

Daryl just growled at him.

- Daryl- said Morgan- Don’t give up.. Carol is so strong, she could survive this.

 But Daryl started to cry then next to him. 


- Fucking woman- he said to her as he sat next to her holding her hand.- I told you to stay safe

- You know me Dixon..- she said looking at him with feverish eyes- I’m stubborn

- You’re a pain in my ass- he said as he kissed her hand.

He was praying. He hasn’t prayed since he was a kid. 

- I had to.. you know I had to.. I needed to save her..- she said looking at Tara, who was sleeping in her lap

He growled at her but he knew she has done the right thing. He would have done the same. 

- Daryl.. 

- Shut up, woman. I’m so fucking angry at you, why? You knew you had to be careful- he said trying not to cry- What the fuck I am gonna do now?

- If you don’t want to end ..

- I’m not talking about that. How I’m gonna survive without you,woman? I can’t.. I can’t.. without you.. fuck- he said as he broke down holding her hand

- Hey.. even if I.. I will always be with you- she said - And If I don’t die.. I want something to live for.

- Fuck woman, you have me if you want me- he said blushing

- Woah.. how romantic Dixon- she said as she coughed a little

- This is not a damn romance novel.. but you know I’m yours- he said

- And I’m yours- she said as she closed her eyes


- You know there are squirrells.. which can fly? Like birds??- she said laughing and burning with fever

She was worse. Tara was trying to make her feel better but she was already… She was hallucinating and saying weird stuff. He was just looking at her and he saw Rick looking at them from the door. The man didn’t want to leave them in this moment. He saw in Rick’s eyes that Carol was a sister to him, after everything.

- Yeah, we know sweetheart- said Rick as he walked to sit in a chair next to her bed

- But they are not majestics like deer, you know babe- she said looking at Daryl 

He laughed but he almost choked, he wanted to cry and cry and cry. He looked at her face, her beautiful face and her beautiful eyes. How was he gonna survive this?

His life will be over the moment her heart stops beating.

- You knew Judith threw up in the couch one day, Rick?- she said laughing- God, I hated you because I had to clean it. You were so busy flirting with that blonde chick in Alexandria… thank God, you’re fucking with Michonne now

They all blushed and started to laugh. God.

- God.. Next time, call me okay?- said Rick caressing her leg-  You don’t have to clean all my mess.. even when you do it all the time

They knew the meaning of that sentence was deep. He was asking her for forgiveness for all the times he failed Carol, for all the times she had to save them.

Carol smiled at him 

- Ah I love you guys- she said closing her eyes 

- We love you too- said Tara already crying in Carol’s lap

No one talked after that. Carol was already unconscious


- Sophia..- moaned Carol

- Fuck no.. don’t take her away from me- he begged 

He knew maybe it was for the best. To let her go and be with her beloved daugther, the daughter he couldn’t save. But he was being selfish and he wanted her, he need her. He could not fucking live without her

- Just.. please.. let her survive this. Please. I love her. Please. Carol…- he begged until he broke down and started to cry while gasping her name

Rick and Tara saw him from the door, they couldn’t risk to let him alone with her in case she would turn. 


- Hold on- he whispered against her hand

Carol has stopped saying things or calling Sophia’s name. Her breathing was slower, her face looked more pale.. she was dying and he felt like he was dying with her.

- Hold on- he begged again- Just hold on.. You’re stronger than this, you’re stronger than this.. Carol…

He continued saying her name like a prayer. 


He remembered every fucking moment he’s spent with her, every thing she’s said to him.Every time she’s smiled with him, everytime she got angry at him…But he would not forget their last conversation.. although he still hopes it’s not their last.


- We could go away after we defeat Negan- she said holding Judith-  I’m sure there are some places in the Mountains, you know? No walkers, no bad people.. 

- Mm- he said as he saw her humming a song to Jude

- You okay, Daryl?- she asked him

- Yeah.. just thinking.. you know?- he said as he went to her

- Thinking? you? You kidding me?- she said laughing and she let Judith in her crib. Then she turned to him-  what’s wrong, sweetheart?- she asked him again more serious now as she caressed his jaw

They have become closer after she came back from the Kingdom, they were living in the same house with Rick and Chonne and the kids. They would usually have dinner and every meal together.. and lately he’s been sleeping in her room just to make sure she’s okay. But still.. he wasn’t brave enough to make a move.

- You know what I’m thinking, woman- he said looking down

- Yeah, I do- she said with her soft voice

And she did it. She kissed him in the mouth. He always knew it would be her the one making a move. And he almost cried when they shared that kiss. 

He’s never felt more happier than in that moment. Her kiss tasted like home.

End Flashback

He looked at her again and he prayed again.

- Hold on, woman..


No one could believe it. It was some kind of miracle. 

It happened during the night. Carol has stopped breathing and he broke down, begging and wailing like a wounded animal. Rick was ready to finish her when it  happened. 

Sophia appeared, Sophia’s ghost or whatever. She looked like an angel and she was smiling at them. She leaned to Carol’s face and whispered something. He knew it wasn’t an hallucination because Rick was seeing her too and Morgan too. 

- Mamma…- they heard Sophia whispered and then, Sophia looked at them. 

He was frozen. That little girl.. the little girl he failed to save.. a little girl he has loved.. like she was his own daughter.

And then, it happened. Carol started to breath and she opened her eyes. 

Her blue eyes.

She was okay, she was alive..

And Sophia was gone.


Life was good. After so much pain, fear.. life was good. They were safe. And she was alive. God, thank god.

- What are you doing?- she asked him as he went into the shower with her- are you really gonna shower?

- Mm.. if you don’t mind..- he said

They haven’t done much more apart from kissing she has come back from the dead. He was so afraid she could get hurt, she looked even stronger than ever.. but to see her die and relive.. as a human again. It has opened his eyes. Life was even more frail.

- Come in- she said opening her arms

And they took their first shower together… and they made love for the first time.


- How is the baby?- he asked her

- Baby is okay.. Maggie is okay- she said as she changed her clothes- Hershel Jr- she said smiling

- Come here- he said opening his arms- Come here, sweetheart- he said as she started to cry in his arms

He knew it hasn’t been easy for her to help with Hershel Jr birth. 

- Maybe.. maybe we could have one- she whispered into his shoulder

- Maybe- he whispered kissing her 


The months passed. It was spring time. And they have been living in that new place for long time.They have decided to move away from Alexandria and the war zone after summer. 

They have found a good place far away in the mountains. 

The others have decided to live in a little village, an abandoned village. It was safe, good walls around it. But Carol and him.. they wanted more peace, more calm. They found a cabin, a safer place.. it was just half an hour by car from the little village so they could visit Rick and the others

The cabin was a beautiful place. A wood cabin. And they have amazing views from there and they haven’t seen walkers. It was too high, it was a difficult place for them. Walkers could never reach the place.

And he was grateful for it.

He looked at Carol, she was 7 months pregnant. And everything was going okay. They didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy but they didn’t care. They just wanted a healthy baby. 


The months passed into years… 6 years. They were still in the mountains.. a beautiful place. They haven’t seen walkers in 6 years.. not even in the village. Maybe it was time for a new era. Maybe the apocalypse was over.

He didn’t care. Not really.

He was coming home after two days hunting with Carl and Jude. That girl was so good. He loves her so much. Carl was just hunting because Enid wanted a deer, poor Carl. The young man was dealing with a very pregnant Enid, who asked for meat all the time. 

Thank God, Carol never did that stuff. She had just wanted chocolate all the time.

- Daddy!!!!!- shouted a little voice 

He looked in front of him.

Their daugther Marie was running toward him so fast. 

- Hello princess- he said as he took her in his arms.He kissed her in the forehead and he went to the backyard of their cabin. 

Carol was there playing with Marvin. Their little boy, 2 years old. She looked like an angel with their little son in her arms.

- Hey pookie- she said as Marvin laughed

- Hey- he said sitting next to them. 

She just smiled at him again. 

They didn’t need anymore. They were good in their cabin with their two beautiful kids. 

Life was good.


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A heart of gold stopped beating, Hard working hands now rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best. We think of you in silence, We often speak your name, All we have are memories, Your picture in a frame. A million times we've thought of you, A million times we've cried. If love alone could have saved you, You never would have died. It broke our hearts to lose you, But you didn’t go alone. For a part of us went with you the day God took you home. ❤️

Oh my goodness, this poem never fails to make me cry. It’s very beautiful and incredibly fitting. 💜💜

tips for group projects (at school)

One thing you will always face with in school is group work. I’ve had great experiences with group work and horrible ones, it depends on how the group is communicating.

Hopefully your group partners take the project seriously enough to not leave you with all the work in your hands, that truly sucks and unfortunately the attitude has to come from them, there’s not a lot you can do about it. However everyone must do their part at a minimum level so if you have somebody who isn’t doing their work or even trying, hold them responsible as a group.

Having people skills and solving problems together is important, even if you prefer to work alone.

So here I shall present to u lovelies from experience some of my personal tips, as usual, to save yal from a lot of stress in group projects at school -hopefully!

Google Docs is hands down the most useful thing I have ever encountered for group work. It is The Best™. 

  • Imagine you have a group paper to write. You can write your document online and share it with any other users. You and all the members of your group can be writing and editing the document in real time. It will colour code what each person is writing.
    • In my last project we couldn’t meet in school so we just scheduled a time for us to all join online to work. We could all work together, each in the comfort of their own bedroom, so we worked on the project faster. Google Docs provides a chat too so conversation while working is made easy.
    • There is no need for flashdrives. Everyone can access the updated version of the paper wherever they are from their computer, tablet or phone.
  • There’s a revision history section where you can see old versions of the document, sorted by date and who made the change. You can see every detailed change made so far and go back if you think you made a mistake changing something.
  • If the paper is long you can chose to view an outline where you can go directly to each part, just like an index or table of contents. No need to scroll and search through the pages like a crazy person and you can divide everything neatly.
  • It provides already made templates, including essays, reports, book reports, project proposals, etc., so everyone can more easily agree on clean formats, fonts and colours.
  • You don’t have to worry about file formats either: it opens, edits and saves in Microsoft Word and PDF files.
  • There is also Google Slides (for presentations/Powerpoint), Google Sheets (for spreadsheets/Excel) and Google Forms (for forms, surveys, applications, invites…), with the same features, all 4 free, available both 4 Android and iOS.
  • ++ Google Slides lets you time your presentation and train with your notes bellow each slide. You can train with your phone!
  • ALSO: all the changes are automatically saved as you type, no save buttons.

Every opinion matters and should be taken into consideration if given seriously. The good thing (and basically the whole point of group work) is getting ideas from different angles and understanding that the person next to you may have a different idea than yours that you might agree but you never would of thought alone.

This means we all have different backgrounds and different brains, and building a project together should allow ideas to flow, especially if it’s a creative one.

  • If appropriate to the type of project, bring a paper and brainstorm, by writing down ALL of the group’s ideas. Even the silly or crazy ones. Then together, narrow down to the top 3 ideas. You could try to work with one or two or all of them.
  • Don’t be the leader all the time or talk too much. Listen to others and debate everyone’s opinions, including yours. Make sure you understand what someone is saying before you weigh in with your opinion about it. Give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • If by the contrary you have a tendency to follow whatever the group decides, please please please don’t be afraid to speak up. Everyone has good AND bad ideas.
  • Also if there is some kind of personal conflict, stick to professional discussion, try to work it through face to face respectful calm talk, and try to come to an understanding.

Keeping contact with the teacher during the different phases of the project is very beneficial:

  • makes you look more interested in the project.
  • let’s the teacher know you are not the doing everything in the last minute.
  • informs the teacher you are facing and overcoming your problems as a group.
  • the teacher might signalize what is best to change or cut, wich otherwise you wouldn’t have known.
  • also if you have [terrible] group partners, this is a way to distinguish yourself from them.

This contact can be made by:

  • asking questions about clarification on what is asked or the organization of the project.
  • the correction of drafts of your work.
  • email or in person.

Of course all teachers are different, some can be more helping and correct drafts, others may want you to do everything alone, but most teachers appreciate this kind of interest and participation and take it into consideration when grading.

A research from the University of Chicago supports that when people share food, they’re more likely to cooperate and build trust. It has to do with our animal instincts!!

Trying to create a safe positive and friendly environment to work in makes group work a lot easier. So next time ya group partners meet, share some snacks/gum, it might help!

ALSO: a key thing i wanted to add is to KEEP MEETINGS SHORT. Meetings are good to understand everyone’s pov but horrible to waste time, so focus on the task at hand or revelant subjects, divide and conquer.

good luck babes! 

Luna’s Christmastime Survey PriTicket Giveaway 2016!

Okay it’s here! We’re going with a free-for-all first come first serve giveaway again! (With one catch. See below.)

If you’re new to this blog, I have waaaay too many extra PriTickets and am willing to send them out to loving homes every so often (wiiith the QR codes punched out on the ones that contain my save data). New this time is that every envelope will now contain friend tickets of all three of my characters! (Before I didn’t have many extras of Hinode and Hikari, but now that they are in higher ranks I’m eager to get rid of all their lower ranking tickets.) 

So, there is one catch this time! And that is, I want everyone who participates in the giveaway to answer a survey. (The questions range from stuff I wanna know to improve the blog, stuff I am curious about, and stuff that miiiight just impact what will go in your envelope ;D Gee I wonder what happen if you answer that you also like Aikatsu Stars….) 

So here’s the deal: Copy paste the survey below into an email and delete all the answers that do not apply to you.  (If that is too difficult to do on mobile I would suggest putting an “O” next to your answers.)  As the final question asks, please include your mailing address. Send it to lunawingsreflecting @ gmail . com and I will send you a quick reply to confirm I got it, then mail you an actual envelope filled with random PriTickets! Deadline is either December 15th 2016 OR when I get overwhelmed with over 30 entries. Whichever comes first. The latter is way more likely so PLEASE check reblogs for an update before entering. Late entries will not be accepted. Followers only, but you don’t need to reblog this post. I will mail the tickets out sometime before the end of next week! 

So, onto the survey….

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(I know it sounds cheesy af, but this season of SKAM made me want to love again. I gave up on feeling things and immersing myself in other people a while ago, because it’s too exhausting and it takes me so much time to mend my heart. But in Isak, I saw myself: hesitant, doubtful, always questioning if it’s real, unsure if I’m worthy of love, unsure if it’s worth the pain. I eventually decided it wasn’t worth it and chose to save face. It ruined me. I should have given it my all. I should have chosen the pain. I should have yelled those words I was so afraid to say. Because it is worth it. 

I hope Isak realizes it, too.

Thank you, Isak. Thank you, Julie.)

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What do you expect from the new novel? I think the author has written other novels with a little bit of ichiruki

No telling to be quite honest.

Imo – Makoto has been slight to the feelings or Orihime and Renji, but I’ve always gotten the impression that she knew Ichigo and Rukia loved each other – IHers cried non-canon for all the novels – Honeydish, Death Save the Straberry, etc. etc. – but my how their tune has changed now.

I expect all sides of the fandom to be trolled to some degree, at some point.

Plot-wise, theres bound to be more holes and bullshit, so lets just be ready.

Reblog, post, and /or send me something with your top 4 favorite sebaciel hearts

❤red heart for blush Your embarrassing me 💙blue heart for loyalty, my lord 💚green for jealousy-my master, my butler-not yours 💛yellow for AWKWARD-like a corset fitting 💜purple heart for unbreakable bond
💟my Valentine, and I will always try to show it, even if I don’t know how, you will always know it, even if I fail to show it. 💔heartbreak, literally….until death do us part, I will save your ass 💕the two lovers, always by each others side 💖the always shiny, always new love, as that is how you will forever look in my eyes, no matter how worn down and dulled you may become. 💗loves layers, the complicated yet more beautiful side of things, all their weirdness wrapped in love 💘ya got me You pierced my heart Now let me Peirce yours 💞love ever-changing, the constant fluctuation of affection 💝a gift for your hard work, to let you know I care-but just don’t embarrass me. 💓shaky shaky The love that rocks and is a bit unstable But is somehow qll the stronger for it 💌heart in traveling and in sending, that while it wanders it is always present with you, and you will always be who I send it to-my gift to you zt ♥the card heart, my most powerful card in the game, yet I don’t want to play you, for then you leave my hand But I always play you, for you never fail to win I always trust you to win my game So much that I forgot the prize

For all the people in the world. Anyone who has prejudices against other races or really anyone you don’t quite understand. I encourage you to read this speech from the episode “The Breach” in Star Trek Enterprise. It truly touched me and I hope it touches you in some way or another:

[Dr. Phlox is attempting to save an Antarans life who had been injured]

Hudak: Tell me, were you raised listening to stories about my people, the ‘evil Antarans’? Did they give you nightmares?
Dr. Phlox: I could ask you the same question about my people.
Hudak: Do you have children, Doctor?
Dr. Phlox: Why?
Hudak: Did you tell those stories to them? Did you teach them to hate Antarans just like you were taught?
Dr. Phlox: My children have nothing to do with this.
Hudak: Don’t they? If they were here right now, what would they think about their father, talking to an Antaran?
Dr. Phlox: Enough!
Hudak: Would you even let them in the same room with me?
Dr. Phlox: I have tried to treat you with respect, but I refuse to listen to these insults. You’re the reason we haven’t been able to put the past behind us! You have kept this hatred alive! No Denobulan would want to be in the same room with you!
[storms out of sickbay]
[Now in the mess hall with T’Pol]

Dr. Phlox: When I was quite young, I wanted to take a… a trip to an arboreal planet, near our system. It was a park of sorts with a… great variety of exotic animal life. Some friends and I had planned the journey for months, but a… week before I was supposed to leave, one of my grandmothers took me aside and told me I couldn’t go.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Why not?
Dr. Phlox: She said the planet was tainted. Antarans had lived there once; even though they’d been gone for years, she believed the place had been spoiled by their presence.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you go?
Dr. Phlox: No. But when I had children of my own, I took them there. I was determined not to raise them as I was raised.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Your children were fortunate to have a father who taught them to embrace other cultures.
Dr. Phlox: [gloomily] I certainly tried…

[Back in Sickbay]

Dr. Phlox: You also asked me if I have children; I have five. And no, I never told them my grandmother’s stories. When they asked me about the Antarans, I told them the truth, as best as I knew it. I told them about our military campaigns against your people. About how we had demonized you, turned you into a faceless enemy. I wanted them to learn to judge people for what they really are - not what the propaganda tells them.
Hudak: How would you know who we really are?
Dr. Phlox: I don’t. But I am proud to say that my children would consider my grandmother’s attitude archaic - all of them but one.

Dr. Phlox: You wanted to know what my children would think if they were here now. I can tell you what Mettus would think: he would be happy to have me grant your request - and let you die. But that is not the example I tried to set for my children. Why not live? Set an example for yours?

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Hey, could I possibly get a ship? I am a 4'11" girl with short, lopsided purple hair. I'm super pale, but have constellations of freckles all over. I have big brown eyes, but my thick black glasses conceal them. I love animals with all my heart, and if I could save all of them that need saving, I would. I enjoy reading and drawing, but my main hobby is writing. I have few friends, but those I do have, I would do anything for. I wear casual stuff, but I always throw in a bow tie. Thx! (male plz)

I’d ship you with Newt! What would start as a bond over animals would grow into the best of friendships, until it blossomed into something more! You’d be a perfect partner for him, helping him with his rescues and then drawing and writing on your own while he’d be working on his book. Also think about the freckly babie omg

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You have to be married to this person for the rest of your life! No affairs! Kai or baek?

those r my mens and i would die for both ima feel bad if i pick …. like baekhyun is loud amd would probably not help clean up and would expect me to cook and raise the children while he plays video games cus hes a meninist But he saved my life when i was sad about k*stal But kai was my first love and he was my bf for an entire year before he hurt me & i got w baekhyun :/ i wnna pick kai but baekhyun dsnt deserv that :(

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nooooo barefoot in the snow is a must and pasc i love you so much and i swoon whenever you and alex talk because you two are highkey my otp please marry each other i love you both so much and you're both so perfect and lovely and beautiful and better than me and and then i could live with you and get cuddles and be all worm and nice!! i'm weeping i love you so much pasc please save i don't wanna go back to school

@phoenixejean let’s get married rn and go get our child in BC !!!!

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(Not a request) Hello!! So, I first want to say that I love the blog! <3 Fantastic content and wonderfull mods! Anywho, uhhh, what would the opinion on being sent some fan art be? Because all of your head cannons and scenarios are so fantastic and they inspire me to draw silly little things. (I love the pokemon ones. And I'm Aizawa trash. So thank you. You've been saving my soul from senior year with all the scruffy badass content xD) Anyway, love the blog hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Oh man we love fan art of the things we write. It’s such an honour tbh and if you wanna send in or tag us in anything pls do. 

Aizawa trash means you’re some high quality trash. He’s one of my faves to write for tbh. I don’t particularly enjoy writing any of the teachers but Aizawa is made from sarcasm, wine and everything fine. He’s relatable. I hope your senior year goes well (๑ゝڡ◕๑)

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This isn't svt related, but have y'all checked out Pentagon and/or SF9? If you have, what do you think?


I know more about SF9, but Pentagon has been creeping a lot lately even though I totally don’t have time to stan new groups rip me

The choreo to K.O. is so lit okay that beginning what the fuck is even going on ?!? 

I haven’t picked biases in any of the groups yet bc it’s too hard omg.

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Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.