Rewatching Legend of the Gobblewonker

And just THIS LINE: Save your sympathy! I’ve been having a great time withoutcha’! Makin’ friends, talkin’ to my reflection–

And all I can imagine is him sitting sadly in the middle of the lake, looking down at his own reflection and trying not to cry and going:

“You would have loved the lake Ford. You would have come fishing with me…Ah, w-who am I kidding! you would have gone off monster hunting with the kids. but-but at least you w-would have brought me along right Ford?


And then breaking down crying against the side of the boat ;~;

Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden’s chemistry is off the charts. I can’t believe a point of my life I didn’t like Stiles and Lydia together, but that development was beautifully written and Lydia Martin has allowed herself to let someone in. All of the pack helped save Lydia, but Stiles was the one calling the shots and took the time to realize something was wrong, and went to high measures to save her. That’s love, you felt it the entire episode.


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Stiles saved me

To all those who are posting hate in the stydia tag because of the “stiles saved me” quote, let me tell you something: I, a stydia shipper, am pretty aware that Lydia Martin can fucking save herself, in fact she did when she melted Valak’s face just with her voice like the fucking badass queen she is but you know why I love so much that quote? Is because it means that Lydia finally acknowledges the fact that she has someone in her life that cares about her so much that he is willing to stay in a place he could die even when she beg him to leave, that someone loves her deeply to create a whole plan to get her out of eichen house, that she knows that this someone would lose his mind if something happens to her.
Lydia Martin is a strong, fearless, powerful woman that can destroy anyone with her scream but this woman after 5 seasons is finally aware that someone is always looking out for her no matter what, that even with no powers he could burn the hell down just for her, to me this means that she is grateful to have Stiles Stilinski in her life, a man who believes in her and loves her with all his being, to me it could be a sign that she might finally realized that she loves him too.

Sorry if there are any mistakes.


So in my last few photos, you all saw that ridiculously massive gunblade.

See, the gundam couldn’t even hold that up, so I’m gonna save that for another build.


I love bloodborne cause it has such a pirate feel in its outfits, and all of that piratey goodness kind of leaked over into my current custom, which I’m renaming the Vandal Gundam.

Should be fun

what she says: “I’m fine.”

what she means: “My hands are literally still shaking after watching 5.16 and I cannot get them to stop. My heart is beating like crazy as well. There were so many stydia moments that I can’t even tell you my favourite one. Actually I can. All of them. From her saying “you came back for me” while smiling at stiles WHILE ALSO being in enormous amounts of pain, to the two of them sitting in the back of the jeep gazing into each others eyes with such love and concern over one another. To stiles lifting her onto the table and covering her when she shatters the glass, to caressing lydia’s face when he thinks she’s dead. And FINALLY. When she’s hugging her mother and telling her that stiles’ saved her while starring up at him with the biggest smile. I AM COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY NOT FINE. THIS WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED.  

Hey guys I’ve been getting a few messages these past couple of weeks asking if i’m doing okay or where I am. Do not worry I’ve just been busy with life. I’m in limbo of a new chapter currently and Tumblr isn’t the most important thing during this personal transition.  I’m also at a time where I’m not really into drawing. I’ll try my best to post some work that has been saved in other files but for now things are gonna be pretty slow. Please know that I’m not on a hiatus and I will still be posting when I can. I love all you guys so much! Thanks for all your concern! 

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Hello there, I love your blog and today is my birthday! I recently realized life is short and we have to fulfill our desires soon. DWA has a long dream of seeing closh wedding since claw got dusted. So shall we start a petition or some sort of wishlist on behalf of DWA and take them to C and josh to hurry up their plans and stop all these encouraging "puppy love" signs of toilet roses, near lip kisses, awkward pap hugs etc! It would save time for everyone and DWA finally would be happy truly!

Happy birthday, anon! Or DWA, whoever you are, this is getting confusing. 

But let me ask you, why are we still talking about C and Closh and all that crap? I love joking about them and her and all but what if, WHAT IF, instead of bringing up Closh and spreading it all over my dash, we simply talk about Joshifer? You like them too, right, anon?

We most certainly can start a petition on behalf of DWA so that we get a beautiful Closh wedding (trust me, I’d have a lot of fun doing that, so good idea!), but Joshifer.

Let’s talk about Joshifer.

Let’s bring up Joshifer.


Joshifer on my dash.

Beautiful Joshifer.

Super Stiles!

Oh my goodness this episode was amazing! I love Stiles and all his plaid glory. He was finally able to be Batman for once in a serious situation! He saved the love o his life and if people were unsure about how Lydia feels about Stiles, tonight should have cleared things up for you. LYDIA LOVES STILES AMD CARES FOR HIM AND WANTS TO PROTECT HIM, JUST LIKE HE IS WITH HER! I seriously hope they get together or kiss or at least tell each other how they feel before the end of this season. We have waited to long and have been through too much with theses two to be traded any longer!
P.S I wasn’t the only one who thought Stiles was going to kiss Lydia in the car was I?


Both IC and OOC!
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That will be the only blog I’m checking for messages. Thank y'all for understanding, and hopefully I will be more active in the future.

~With all the love,

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What about the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

That one is a special case, specially for me because Victor Hugo has a very special place in my heart and I grew up in a french school and I was always fascinated by Paris, so I loved it from the start. Baxter worked in it too so of course the quality was top notch, the music was AMAZING (best disney OST hands down. Fuck Elsa if somebody sang God Save the Outcasts in the Oscars I would’ve broke into tears), and you can tell the movie actually HAS a message about abuse and oppression, as watered down as the original story might be. 

I love it because it was nothing like all the other disney stuff. Yeah sure you got your music and your tacky romance but you also got a disabled man raiseed by an abusive murderer who has done everything in his hand to ruin his life under the excuse of “doing wha’ts best for him”, a rromani woman who is targeted by that same man who dares to accuse her of tempting him, aND A GOAT and the pre-Napoleonic, medieval mess that was the hyperpopulated and gruesome Paris in the late middle ages (1400 something I think?)

Just the first sequences with the romani people running away from Frollo and the whole murder and the archdeacon’s song gives me the chill because it’s so fucking real and the scenes inside Nôtre Dame with Esmeralda singing God Help the Outcasts were so delightfully animated and directed and the lyrics of the song itself are so painful to hear dlsuadpif`ssdIOHDSFS DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE BELLS OF NÔTRE DAME I WENT TO PARIS WANTING TO VISIT IT AND THE FUCKER WAS CLOSED FOR VISITS WHY W H Y

JUST… nah man Disney hasn’t done anything that can hold a candle to the Hunchback of Nôtre Dame in ages.

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Super curious! Would you happen to know which anime are the gifs that you used for the PIL guys going to save the MC :D? Been looking and couldn't get the answer to all of them! <3 Appreciate your help if you can answer them~

Absolutely lovely! I picked each one of them specifically because they all are from some of my favorite animes :) I’ll just list the name of the guy with the anime gif I used for them so you’ll known which one came from which

Eduardo - Special A

Morgan -  Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Thomas - Soul Eater

Christopher - Fairy Tail

Russell - Yona of the Dawn (also known as  Akatsuki No Yona)

Alan - Noragami Aragoto

Nathan - Chivalry of a Failed Knight (also known as Rakudai Kishi no Kyabarurii I believe) 

Hope this helps :)

I know about 14 different Hannahs. This one, by far, is definitely my favourite (after me, of course :p)

I don’t remember how me met, but I’m really glad we did. You’ve listened to me, comforted me, even saved my life once, you’ve been my friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You are so amazing, and deserve all the Marties and happiness in the world. 

I love you. Happy birthday! :D

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(#) im not doin too well rn, i have a lot of homework to do but was so exhausted i decided to take a nap (thanks for helping me fall asleep for that US!Sans) but i woke up and now i just cant feel anything. i have so much work but i just cant function. idk what you can do but i guess i just need someone

Underswap: it’s my pleasure, cutie! it’s my duty as your loving datemate to save you from stress! but it looks like my job isn’t done yet.

Classic: i’ll say! are ya sure it’s absolutely necessary ya finish your homework? maybe you should just pick out the most important stuff and do that.

Underswap: and if it hurts to work at all, you probably shouldn’t. your teachers will understand!

Classic: well, in a perfect world, they would. the point is, ya shouldn’t sacrifice your well-being for school. and if it’s at all possible, try to prevent this from ever happening again.

Underswap: chop that homework in half! *makes a chopping motion*

Classic: yeah, break long term assignments into pieces so you’re not stuck with an avalanche on the last day. but for now, if ya can’t get anything out of the way, don’t worry about it. it sounds like you could use some rest.

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Honestly? I think he's fantastic. First of all, I love that he is Ace. It just... it's so much closer to what I think canon would be, fits my headcanons, and just... AH! You have his asshole character down, you understand his deeper convictions and thoughts, and I love seeing the fun little crack things you post. Your drawings are amazing, btw. Serious just... fav Bakura ever. Thank you. Don't stop.

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Hey lovely x I'm looking for more stony and/or winterhalk blogs to follow :) Do you have any recommendations? x

Hi back at you, cutie!

Wow, asking me for recs? Crazy. Okay. Lemme start with the winterhawk, because I’m fairly new to that too - if you haven’t read @captn-sara-holmes winterhawk fics, DO IT. All of her fics (winterhawk or otherwise) are AMAZING.

As for stony, I could go on forever, but lemme give you my favorites. @saved-by-the-notepad @tari-aldarion @adorkabledora @aeranor @ravenisthegem @downeyjraddict@pensversusswords @brandnewfashion @kelslk @starspangledsprocket @amaratony @everybodyilovedies @everyworldneedslove @dailysuperhusbands @squeeful @captainstarkreportingforduty @hello-shellhead @colonelrogers @copperbadge @starkpad @hale-rogers @knightinironarmor god, there are so many more. (I follow almost 1k blogs, the majority of which are marvel.)

I guess my final suggestion is to basically go through my reblogs and see who I pull from, if you need more. I hope that helps!