So most of you will know that Lockshop wigs is currently my all time favorite wig shop! I absolutely love their wig and I would highly recommend them over any other wig company!  And I recently acquired a link which will grant you a €5,00 voucher for your purchase if you sign up right here! I wish I had a code like this when I ordered for the first time so I may as well share this opportunity with you guys so you can save a little bit of cash! >w< Their wigs have got to be my all time favorite! I wear mine all the time, so I most definitely recommend them!!!!


Okay guys I’m begging for your help. I only have a little bit of time left. I will be driving down to Louisville tomorrow to see Taylor so I can’t post a ton on here to try to get attention to meet her. You guys have already done so much to help me out so I understand if you don’t want to still help, but I’m going to ask.

Please Reblog and Tag taylorswift tree-paine I have been a fan for years, I remember the first time I heard Taylor sing, I feel in love right away. She has been the biggest influence and role model in my life. When I was at my lowest point in life you guys saved me, and the only reason I have all of you is because of her. It is my dream to meet her. It already means the world to me to know what I will see her perform tomorrow, but getting to meet Taylor would make my wildest dreams come true. 

I love you all. I hope to see many of you tomorrow in Louisville! Here is my dress if you recognize me PLEASE come say hi!!! I would love to meet my Swifite friends! Now lets get ready to party like its 1989!!

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Why do people say that Natsu loves Lucy? Where it has been said or shown? This is because all the time he saves her?..but he saves all... Lucy often because it is useless and a burden for the team and Fairy Tail. (It is a fact, all the troubles FT often because of her)

Love doesn’t have to be romantic, first and foremost. There’s platonic love that good friends share. Which is the most important kind of love, I think.

It’s pretty obvious Natsu loves Lucy. In one way or another.

And second, if you’re only gonna tell me Lucy is either weak, useless or a burden to the guild then please save yourself the trouble of coming to my inbox at all, thanks.

and not all of the guild’s problems are her fault, where’d you even get that idea
R5 All Night Lyrics

We’re staying all night
Got blusian baby playing in mind
She gets me so hot
Giving me faith I gotta testify

And the way that she walk I can’t hide it
If I said I don’t like it I’m lying
Hold tight
A little bit of love will change your life

She said I’m out of my head, I’m going out of my mind
And when I’m out on the edge will you save me save me
Can we live for the moment
Can we live for tonight
Can we forget what was broken and say say say we’ll be
Cuz even if we change we’ll always be the same
All night
I promise if you stay we’ll never fade away
All night

And now it’s midnight
And I can feel your electricity
Give me the skin tight
Good girls ain’t never making history

And we dance in the streets til the morning
Never sleep when the city is calling
Hold tight a lil bit of love will change your life

She said I’m going out of my head, I’m going out of my mind
And when I’m out on the edge will you save me save me
Can we live for the moment
Can we live for tonight
Can we forget what was broken and say say say we’ll be
Cuz even if we change we’ll always be the same
All night
I promise if you stay we’ll never fade away
All night

We’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
And we got nothing but time
We’ll be alright
To make the most of this life
We’ll be alright
Take all the wrongs and the rights
We’ll be alright
Forget the morning just say say say
Won’t you say it now
We’ll be alright

Cuz even if we change we’ll always be the same
All night
I promise if you stay we’ll never fade away
Cuz even if we change we’ll always be the same
All night
I promise if you stay we’ll never fade away
All night
All night

This is what I heard, did anyone hear anything different?

Tomorrow I’m being called in by a helicopter mom to advise her daughter, who’s going to my university next year. To organize my thoughts, I decided to type up a list of all the college tips I can think of. They might help other people too.

I attend a large state university. Many of these tips probably work best at a similar institution. However, I hope some are universal. Of course, it’s all based off my opinion, but hopefully some of it will be helpful. 

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young fercanoes, centferies, kids arent ferright, imfertals, novfercaine, the fernix, my songs know what fer did in the dark, alone togefer, where did the ferty go, just one yesterfer, miss missing fer, death ferley, save rock and ferl...

i got more: ferturday, thrilfer, hum hallelujfer, the (afer) life of the party, fame < infermy, the carpal tunferl of love,

i got more: ferturday, hum hallelujfer, the (afer) life of the party, the carfer tunnel of love, fame < infermy and i slept with someone in fer out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me. also nobody puts ferby in the corner


mk11 :

jade is back and gayer than ever! she saves kitana and kitana learns that raiden is probably suffering the same way she is so they become friends again!

smoke is back and surprisingly also gayer than ever and kuai liang has never looked hotter! (thank u elder gods)

cassie comes out to her parents and they reveal kung jin already told them ages ago, we learn kung jin cant keep a secret and tells the kombat kids krew that he once saw raiden cry.

all ur outworld faves are here and learning to love for the first time! except erron black, he gets kicked in the family jewels my sonya in the first minute of his re introduction and is barely seen again.

bi han is,,,,,, bi han is,,,,,,please save my little snowball,,,,,,

dragons! love! intrigue! those queercoded villains you love so much! peoples heads popping straight off their necks! all this and more in the next installment of mortal kombat!

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shindan prompt anone here! "pretending to date you because someone was obnoxiously hitting on you AU" I imagine Barry being so uncomfortable because some drunk dude/girl is flirting really hard with him and he doesn't know how to respond so he tries his best to push them friendly away without making them angry anD OUT OF NOWHERE COMES HIS CAPTAIN IN A COLD ARMOR AND SAVES HIM FROM THIS EVEN IF BARRY IS BLUSHING LIKE WILD FIRE. imsorry hh what do you think about this? ´w`


I had one like this but the person wasn’t drunk and Barry was in a grocery store or something.

But I love it! It’s my fave!

And Len drags Barry away, insisting that they’re together and the person should back off.

They are away from the other person but Len still has his arms wrapped around Barry and he can’t stop blushing. Even though he wraps his hands around Len too, he insists he can let go now.

Len doesn’t. He swears the person is still watching and they have to be more believable. He ends up pushing Barry up against the wall and kissing down his neck while Barry is like?????? What is going on????? I think I like it??????

And that’s how they end up making out in a bar bathroom (((:

Man I love being bisexual and all the straight passing privilege I get.

You know, being shunned from both het and gay spaces, having my identity  erased at every turn, having my minimal romantic attraction to men being treated like some kind of sin or like a saving grace depending on where I am and who I’m with, being stereotyped as confused or faking my attraction to women for attention, and generally always being afraid that the people who accept me now might not accept me if I was dating a woman and yet still always fearing for my safety anyway, because as an out queer person I’m still treated like shit by the majority of society because homophobes don’t give a shit if sometimes you happen to fuck the socially acceptable gender too.

All of that, it’s just so great. I love my straight passing privilege.

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You saved me. Recently, I lost someone very close to me. I watch as she took her last breath. Today I was ready to leave. I was on here one last time and I came across a post of yours. Tonight you have saved me and I thank you for this my new friend!

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. But I and all the future people who will love you are all so glad you stayed. Thank you, you beautiful soul!

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So I went to the store for my mom’s birthday present. During the transaction, I saw the clerk put small “paid” stickers on the box. I was careful to take them off before presenting it to my mom.

I was not careful, however, to notice the giant sticker on the front, displaying the price for all to see.

Of course my siblings are snarky and completely lacking in subtlety or sensitivity (because it’s not like that would embarrass me or make feel shame or anything haha right?) and point it out immediately and it hits me slow like a warbling wave of gelatin in my face.

I try to save face with a joke. “Well, now you know the price of my love!”

But I still feel really stupid.

Hello, darlings, I have a pretty important announcement for all of you.
This is probably the last time I’ll be posting on the blog as an admin. I want you to know that I’ve absolutely loved my time here. When I decided to create this blog, I honestly didn’t think much would become of it. I’d actually started writing Beatles preferences on my personal before this, because I just really love writing and I wanted to share that, incorporating the band that has honestly probably saved my life, maybe more than once. I’ve become quite busy with work and just… life, however, and writing just isn’t quite the same for me. I still love it, and this is absolutely nobodies fault, but I don’t think it’s fair to any of you, Meagan, or myself, to continue being an admin here. I’ve already talked to Meagan, and I would absolutely love to submit work when I’m up to it. I have so much faith that she’ll take excellent care of the blog and all of you; she really is amazing, and. I’d like to thank her for putting up with me over the last few months.
I want you all to know that I love each and every one of you, and I’ll always be on my personal if you’re going through something, want to get to know each other, or even simply scream over the beauty that is ‘67 Macca. If you don’t already know, my personal is adayinpepperland, so you can always reach me there.
This blog will always mean so much to me, and I’m so glad to know that it means quite a bit to others as well… The fact that I was able to be a part of something so big is just incredible to me.
So, I suppose that’s all for now… Peace and love, everybody. Peace and love. ~Paige💜

Save Atlantis week Day 2: favourite ship!
Jariadne because they love each other so much it’s adorable!
Season 1:
1X01It was love at first sight. From the moment Ariadne saw Jason she knew what it meant to love someone with all her heart !!
In 1X05 the jariadne was starting to become clearer when Jason said “ you can trust me Ariadne.” He said it so sincerely it was <3. And he said “ I would gladly give my life for her ” that was an amazing moment!!
In 1X07 he fought for her to her that he would fight for her hand in marriage,and she kissed him and said “you’ve given me strength ” ( I died at this point XD)
In 1X11 the JAriadne was there ! It was !! She feared for his safety and he opened the door on her naked so that’s a step forward in their relationship XD
She protected him in 1X12 , 1X12 was great because they kissed and they spent the night with each other and Jason told her why he couldn’t kill pasiphae whilst Ariadne was very close to him XD he said “ I won’t let any harm come to you, I promise ” which was so sweet !
In1X13 they ran away together and Aeson said to Jason “ she is very beautiful, you have feelings for her?” He replied “ more than I can express” HE ADMITTED HIS FEELINGS!!! When Minos thanked him for saving Ariadne he didn’t seek a reward just knowing that she was safe and unharmed was enough!
Season 2: A
In 2X01 she asked for his help retrieving the palladium. He said “ you have my word I will not fail you” !! :)
In 2X02 she waited for his return to atlantis, when he did return she kissed him until they were interrupted :( XD but then she said they couldn’t be together :(
In 2X03 he fought in the coronation games he fought against Telemon who proposed to Ariadne :( She came to congratulate Jason on doing so well and she said “ my feelings for you have not changed ”
In 2X04 Jason accompanied Ariadne to her wedding :(. When the colcheans attacked Jason saved Ariadne from dying. They hugged and Ariadne’s feelings for Jason were showing even more and she was accepting those feelings even more.
In 2X05 when Jason found them in the cave Ariadne ran to him and hugged him. Then she admitted her feelings for him and said she loved him and Jason kissed her!! <3
2X06 was my favourite episode because Jason went on a big journey to save her and never gave up . When she proposed it was amazing because she defied the royals for love .
… . . B
In 2X07 they admitted their feelings for each other even more. And Ariadne was fuming when Jason had been arrested ( i loved that bit)
2X08 & 2X09 had bits of but not as much as other episodes.
2x12/2X13 they way they hugged when he returned with diocles and the others was amazing and they kissed twice ! The wedding was amazing it was so nice and peaceful. They way they were cuddled up together in the morning <3 <3 <3 They moved back into the palace United :) Ariadne said they would defeat pasiphaë together that showed she stood by him even during hard times.
So in conclusion jariadneforever!

A quick send of love and hugs to all my fav lads and lassies. I’m so sorry I’ve been so absent around here.

Between some drama at home and (moreso) the start of the busiest part of the work year, I’ve been generally beat. Save for meetings, I stare at a computer all day for a living, which means when things get super busy at the office, by the time I get home, I see computers and am like

My after-work life has primarily consisted of netflix, TV, tea, and a notebook in my lap (when motivated/awake enough to write).

I think I am going through Jensen withdrawal, as I keep having restless nights (after which I wake up exhausted, stressed, and unable to remember my dreams — for better or worse).

Annnnd, that’s it for updates. :-/ Boring, eh? Hope y’all are doing well and having a good start to your summer (especially those of ya with little ones who have now been unleashed upon your homes for summer break!).

Miss you guys! If anyone needs me for anything, please send a message! I’ve sucked at responding to the ask games and stuff, but I promise I’m trying to keep up with personal notes!

also: one of the reasons my day was crappy was because i lost one of my positions at work, which sucks because i’m trying to save money for college in the fall. a few days ago a clothing company offered to sponsor me on this blog so i could earn a couple extra bucks.  would you guys care if i took the offer? i’d tag all sponsorship posts so you guys could blacklist, and you’d only have to click through if you were interested in helping me out.  i’d love feedback.

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I'm a Piscis in love with another Piscis. He suddenly thinks we should end our relationship, but when I let him go he then comes back saying he misses me but doesn't want to stay with me. Should I end for good the relationship? I love him a lot :(

I hate to say it but I bet you its cuz you ain’t the only girl on his radar boooo. I get that you love him a lot, I went thru thru this with my Pisces ex but while I was over here thinking there was potential to save US, he was playing ME but wanted his cake & to eat it too… He wanted all the perks of a “friendship” with me, without having to put any real work in or by being a real friend after we broke up. & I was dumb enough to give him that. My wise advice & support that I only give fam & loved ones wasted on someone who was fucking with me the whole damn time - he didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve my friendship, he chose to end it with me & I bet that’s what this Pisces is doing to you…attempting to keep you on the back burner while exploring his options. DONT GIVE HIM THAT, you’re gonna hurt yourself in the process, or you know…Do, but you’re gonna punch yourself in the face when you realize you were playing the fool.