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Soundtrack (Song 3 of 5)

Word Count: 6285 (That justifies the delay, yes?)

Summary: You prepare to move out even as Steve does his very best to convince you to stay

Warnings: Language, marriage problems, some serious angst like honestly I am so sorry, BUT ALSO SOME LIFE-SAVING FLUFF 

A/N: Finally finished! A very intense and heartfelt thank you to @aubzylynn the love and light of my life for helping me through all of the anxiety and writer’s block. The song of this section is “Love in the Dark” by Adele. This one is tough, but I promise the next part will be much lighter. Stick with me, guys. I’ll get you that HAPPY ENDING IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!

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Your mind was a jumbled mess. There was so much to do, so much to take care of, and though you knew how vitally important it was to get every step of this process of separation exactly right, you couldn’t focus. But it wasn’t the endless scraps of paper denoting all of the things you needed to pack, not the glaring debt you now owed to Tony for procuring and purchasing a beautiful three bedroom apartment for you, Maggie, and James when you had him – a debt he assured you did not exist – that preoccupied your thoughts. Nor was it the precarious pile of boxes, the few pieces of furniture Steve insisted you take, the fact that the movers were supposed to be here soon and God you weren’t ready to leave. Even the wind and rain lashing against the windows and that scratchiness at the back of your throat that signaled you were getting sick again did not once draw your attention.

It was worse than that. So, so much worse.

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f4llen87  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity feed 💕💕

Shari! Thanks!

1. coffee and water which has been my saving grace today lmao

2. @victoriasugden because she is amazing and always recs me awesome songs and shows and jokes around with me and is just all around amazing :)))

3. @dingleminyard & @sapphicsugden because they enjoy making me suffer and for some fucking reason I Love 2 Suffer and I’m just waiting for the day they finally band together and kill me dead with angst and pain  💗 💗 💗

4. the fic this fandom churns out cause it makes my life DAILY

5. @smittenwithsugden because she makes me smile and laugh and FUCKING PULLS OUT THE RECEIPTS ON ME I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU SCREEN SHOT, POSTED, AND TAGGED MY BETRAYAL WHAT KIND OF NEXT LEVEL BULLSHIT   😂 😂 😂 amazing, truly

i know i keep saying this, but in the 8 years ive been playing sulpicia, i don’t think i’ve ever wrote with the amount of talented writers i currently write with !! 

this is my 4th ??  sulpicia blog !!   and i can happily say, this time, i’m PROUD of all the headcanons and threads i have currently going !! 

i just want to say a       H U G E      thank   you     to everyone who puts up with my shit !!     ily all so much <3 <3 

** if you’re not on this post, i still love you and love your muse !!   i just wanted ti put my main loves here !! ** 

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Sunday (April 23th) - Something Else (Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader) - NSFW

Monday (April 24th): Don’t (Drabble) (Steve Rogers x Reader) - NSFW

Tuesday (April 25th):  Beautiful Angel (Drabble) (Crowley x Reader) 

Wednesday (April 26th): Hold me Down (Pre Epilogue) (Dean x Reader)

Thursday (April 27th): Laughing Out Loud (Drabble) (Dean x Reader)

Friday (April 28th): All the Pennies (Drabble) (Bucky x Reader)

Saturday (April 29th): Hold me Down (Epilogue) (Dean x Reader)

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I have like 0 money, but I love your art so much and I appreciate your blog a heck ton! I'm literally saving up as much money as I can so I can buy like all ur stuff bc it's so cute, and aaaaa I just need it in my life

oh my god this is so sweet thank you so much (ノД`) i dont deserve it tbh 

mockingjay42  asked:

Hey :) I read about your condition and just had to stop by and finally fight my fear of sending asks! Just wanted to give you all the encouragement you need, and to say that you're awesome! You really saved my writing when it was bad and that means a lot to me. I'm sure that even in a time like this, you'll keep being awesome!

Hi! :) Oh my goodness, that is so sweet of you! Thank you so much. <3 Your kind words really, really mean a lot to me. Gonna keep on trying to get out of this hole. :)


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.

“Why do you write sad things?” is one of the hardest questions I’ve always been asked.

How could I answer that? How could I tell you that all I have is sadness, and all I can share to the world is sadness? How could I tell you that every time I get a little glimpse of happiness, I always just save it for myself, keeping it close to my heart, memorizing every details and feelings, and not writing it down because writing it down feels a lot like giving it away, like I am letting that little happiness go. How could I tell you that I write sad things to purge it out from my system? That it is impossible to write sad things without sadness consuming you to the core to the point that all you can do is to bleed it out on the paper. How could I tell you that? That I write sad things to let it out, hoping that one day it would never come back, that maybe one day, I will finally succeed in writing all my sadness away.
—  cynthia go // Why do you write sad things?


okay, i did it. i remade

so this blog will be inactive from now on, i’m on @alexbenedetto now :P i’m going to try to follow most of my mutuals there  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Saving All My Love For You
Whitney Houston
Saving All My Love For You

Whitney Houston released “Saving All My Love For You” with her 1985 debut album Whitney Houston. The song was originally sung by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr., but Whitney Houston’s cover was far more successful than their’s.

“Saving All My Love For You” was Houston’s first of many songs to chart at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song is about a love affair with a married man and the woman’s pledge to wait for him. This song is much more meaningful, heartfelt, and ballad-y than other songs on the same album, namely the pop hit “How Will I Know”. With “Saving All My Love For You”, Whitney Houston won her first Grammy Award in 1986 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

“Saving All My Love For You” is often used during weddings for the couple’s first dance. The song is sweet, romantic, heartfelt, and sentimental.