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Peter Pan knew he shouldn’t have wondered out this far into the ocean. He couldn’t believe he broke his own sole order he told his Lost Boys, “Don’t go past  waist deep in the ocean or the sea wenches will get ya”. She came up behind him and dragged him underneath the waves, and with a gasp Peter was gone.

He kicked for his life, trying to scratch and punch the woman with the glimmering tail but her dagger nails dug deep in his skin. Who knew sea wenches even physically attacked? Didn’t they just lure senseless boys in? Apparently not, as this one dragged him further down and he felt the oxygen escaping from his lungs bubble by bubble.

Peter felt an overwhelming pressure begin to build in his head and a white hot pain in his lungs. His limbs ached and he had trouble fighting back, even letting the fish drag him through the water hurt. Peter accepted his stupidity and with a spluttering cough, the king of Neverland blacked out.

You had watched your sister Adella dragging the body of a boy behind her. He was long, dressed in rags of green and brown with coral pink lips. What made your eyes pop out of your head was his boyish face, a face you’d seen on the island of Neverland.

Your sister had successfully attacked a Lost Boy.

She left to go find your father, leaving the boy sitting propped against a tall rock. In a split second you decided his fate.

You darted out and grabbed his limp body, hugging him to you while you furiously pumped your tail upwards. His unresponsive limbs dragged along behind him, and his wheat blond hair floated around his head. You decided you were not going to let this mere boy die, whoever he was. You could feel the ghost of a heartbeat still inside of him, and it only encouraged you to swim faster.

Dragging your body onto the sand along with his was difficult, but you were able to get him out of the water. Leaning over him, you wiped his hair from his face. He was… beautiful actually, with a sharp jaw and long eyelashes. Your breath caught in your throat as you cradled his cheek to stroke droplets off his skin with your thumbs. Was it possible to fall in love with a human? Someone you’ve only ever laid eyes on once?

You pressed your mouth to his and breathed air into his lungs.

“Please, please.” You whispered. You knew he was still alive, he had to be. He couldn’t of been under for that long? You weren’t really sure how to do it, but you started pressing against his stomach, encouraging the swallowed water to come out.

To your happiness, he kicked out and coughed, lurching up and emptying his stomach out beside him. He breathed heavy, greedy gulps of air, accompanied by more coughing and spluttering.

You tried to calm him in his panicked state by softly singing under your breath. It worked, as he turned his head and met your eyes with his. You smiled and were about to speak before someone beat you to it.


Your head whipped to the side as did the boy’s, the sound of multiple male voices in the distance coming closer made you flip around and head back to the water in a haste. Pan’s cries for you to wait went unanswered and he watched you disappear under the sea with a splash.

He continued to breathe heavily. A mermaid had dragged him underwater and he thought he was going to die, but it seemed another one had saved him? The footsteps of his Lost Boys interrupted his thoughts.

“Pan! God Pan, you scared the living hell out of us!”

“Yeah!” Another boy chimed in. “Felix here watched you get pulled under by that sea wench but you were gone before we could save ya!”

Pan looked back out towards the water, then back at the crowed of boys.

“Well — well I did get pulled under but this other one saved me!”

Felix, who leaned down and helped Pan stand up, rolled his eyes. “Wenches don’t save you Pan. How much water did you swallow?”

“No! No I saw her, she pulled me back up and she saved me,” He motioned to the sand. “She was beautiful, too. God, she was breathtaking, actually.”

A few of the younger boys snickered at his nonsense. Everyone knew mermaids don’t save people, especially young boys and men. They do just the opposite.

“Let’s get back to camp, Pan. We’re all hungry.”

While Adella was angry that you saved her catch, she didn’t care much as Lost Boys were dumb, and one was bound to stupidly wander in the water again.

That night in your seaweed bed, you daydreamed of the boy. He was the most beautiful human you’ve ever seen, with his green eyes and broad shoulders. You wanted to go back and try to find him again but you knew you couldn’t. Mermaids and humans don’t belong together, they’ve been enemies all throughout  history.

But you couldn’t get his face out of your head. Was he thinking of you too? What has he doing right now? The desire to become human was strong, as Neverland wasn’t far away and you would know him exactly when you saw him.

There… was a way to become human though: the myth of Ursula, the sea enchantress who could transform mer people into humans. You didn’t know what it was going to take to give you legs, but you decided you would visit Ursula tomorrow. If it meant seeing that boy again, you would do it.

I Hear Your Silence

AN: Finally, the long awaited fluff-packed oneshot has arrived! I am so happy this is done like. It took over my life. I thought of nothing but this story. >.> I know you’re going to love reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Seriously, I really enjoyed writing this. I was smiling pretty much the entire time and gigging to myself and going “awww” and just. Yes. xD 

Now, on another note. This particular oneshot is for my girl and mistress @grapefruitwannabe because what seems like for-freaking-ever ago, she gave me a prompt that went something along the lines of how Inuyasha would react to innocent/subtle touches from Kagome. See, I haven’t forgotten about that dear! Haha. I think this oneshot accurately depicts that, and it delves a little deeper into their relationship as well and I am SO VERY RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY with how this turned out! So doll, I hope this is up to your expectations and you enjoy my gift to you! ^_^ 

And of course, this is also or my wife @purekagome, my girlfraaaaan @inunanna and I can’t forget my lovely @inu-yas-ha! Ya’ll need to let me know which scenario is your favorite! For myself, it’s a tie between “Peaches” and “Brownie Batter.” xD 

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough. Enjoy the twelve pages of fluff, lovelies! 

P.s. What do you think of the title? Make sense?

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