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To Continue to Believe in the SamCait Ship Extreme Shippers Have to Dismiss A-L-L of This Evidence Against the Ship

Extreme shippers (ES) have a long history of working hard to dismiss the huge amount of evidence against the ship, typically using extremely flimsy rationales or conspiracy theories to do so. What is interesting however, is that each time the ship hits another “iceberg” (i.e., when more evidence against the ship emerges) it is like they forget that they themselves had invented their previous conspiracy theories and rationales and they get angry and blame Sam and Cait for leading them on. Then Sam and Cait do something “shippery” and all is forgiven. New rationales for the latest iceberg are constructed and they keep sailing along.

Once the ES dismiss an iceberg, they seem to forget about the previous ones. It is rare for them to consider ALL the “icebergs” together. Here is an (incomplete) list of all the things the ES have had to excuse since October 2014 in order to keep their fantasy ship afloat (in rough chronological order):


  • “Poolgate” (i. e. Sam and Amy playing together in a pool in Oct. 8, 2014). Note that even though Amy said years later that Sam was not her “boyfriend” that doesn’t mean they didn’t date casually or weren’t FWB. If nothing else, it is evidence that Sam can have a flirty friendship with a woman (just like he has with Cait.)
  • Photo/ gif of Cody at a Young the Giant concert/ Timberland event with Sam (10.21.14).

  • Cody goes to a car show with Sam and is photographed at the Back to the Future exhibit and Sam comments on the photo “88.8mph girl…” (10.24.14).
  • Sam is reportedly seen kissing Cody at Matthew Morrison’s Halloween party. Photos of Sam and Cody at that same party (10.25.14).
  • Just Jared posts a story on 10.27.14 stating “ Sam Heughan and his gal pal Amy Shiels cozy up to a super cute puppy while attending the Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue Benefit held on Sunday (October 26) at Tiato in Santa Monica, Calif.” Cait is not with them at the time.
  • Sam out with Amy and other friends at Crustacean in Beverly Hills on 10.29.14. Sam and Amy pose as if they are a couple. Cait is not there.
  • Cody in Mexico with Sam while Cait is celebrating Thanksgiving in LA with her friends. A picture is posted of Cody with snorkeling gear and a picture of Sam in snorkeling gear (Nov./ Dec. 2014). 
  • Tony’s friend Gerry B. innocently outs Cait and Tony by tweeting “Outlander to be screened in UK next year. (and I get to see who my pal Tony’s girlfriend is” (12.10.14).
  • Cait, Tony and friends are photographed at an airport in December 2014.

  • Cait is seen in a photo with Tony and friends on 12.30.14. 


  • Cait sitting on Tony’s lap in a New Year’s video is posted on IG 01.01.15 while Sam is seen with friends in the UK photo posted on 01.02.15.

  • Gerry B tweets a photo of Cait and Sam from the PCA and commens that “the one on the left [meaning Cait] is McGill’s girl…” When asked he confirms he meant Caitriona. (01.08.15)
  • Cait posts a picture from the opening of Tony’s second bar in London just before Valentine’s day. (02.12.15)
  • Sam reportedly seen looking cozy with a brunette (later identified as Abbie) at the Great British Film Reception at the London Hotel in LA on by a fan who took a photo with Sam; Abbie supposedly took the photo. Abbie and Sam (02.22.15) also posted photos around that time that appeared to have been taken at the same place.
  • Cody’s mother Jinx confirms that Sam and Cody had dated for four months and that Sam left her to return to his girlfriend in London (March/ April 2015).
  • Photo of Abbie in New York around the time of the April mid-season 1 premiere (04.04.15).
  • Photo of Tony at the mid-season 1 premiere on 04.01.15. (It was the back of his head but it was Tony. BTW a fan did have photos of Tony at the premiere that many of us–including myself–saw but we were not allowed to keep the photos bc of concerns that the photographer could be identified.)
  • Abbie was with Sam in Miami in April 2015 (verified by witnesses and a fuzzy photo). During a Q & A on 04.24.15 Sam acknowledged he had been in Miami.
  • “Rumgate.” Abbie was with Sam in Barbados in April 2015 (she posted a couple of photos there and his presence there was reportedly verified). Upon returning to Glasgow, Sam gave Davie some Barbados rum on 04.19.15. During a Q & A on 04.24.15 Sam acknowledged having been there. 
  • Former super-shipper K going to Tony’s bar in April 2015 (with the s-shipper elite’s blessing) and finds out from the bartender that Cait is Tony’s girlfriend.
  • A photo of Abbie with Sam at his birthday party with his family sometime around 04.30.15.
  • Newspaper interviews where Cait claimed that she “doesn’t date actors” (03.30.15) and she was dating a “civilian” (05.17.15). Cait stating to the LA Times: “We’re not dating” (05.28.15). Sam also denied they were dating in a 05.07.15 article in the Herald Scotland where he said of the fans who believed in the ship: “It is very sweet that they think that.”
  • Tony with Cait at the Roland Garros French Open, including a video where Tony kissed her briefly (06.07.15).

  • Video/ photo/ gif of Sam with Abbie arriving at the hotel and walking the red carpet in Monte Carlo for the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo (06.13.15).

  • Pictures and video of Tony with Cait at the EIFF (06.17.15).
  • Diana Gabaldon stating that Sam and Cait are not a couple: “No, they’re not. They_are_really good friends and great actors; they play wonderfully together.” (06.18.15).
  • Sam with Abbie in Paris, based on her IG pictures of Paris (06.20.15) and Sam later acknowledging in a 07.15.15 Access Hollywood interview: “I obviously had to go to Paris to do research and…uh yeah drink some wine.”
  • Terry Dresbach stating that Sam and Cait are not a couple (07.24.15).
  • A picture that indicated that Abbie had been Munro bagging in Scotland (07.26.15).
  • A photo of Abbie in Sam’s kitchen (late July/ early Aug. 2015).
  • A photo of Tony hanging out with Cait and Trouble Jones in London (09.09.15).

  • Sam going with a friend (probably Marina) to Islay for the Laphroaig 200th anniversary event on 09.24.16 (none of the women the ES said were Cait in pictures/ videos from there were Cait).
  • Tony going with Cait to a play on 10.03.15, the night before her Sunday birthday while Sam was at a rugby game. (Can see the back of Tony’s head in the picture. We now all know what the back of his head looks like, his hair is distinct.)
  • Sam having breakfast with Abbie at 26 Grains in London on 10.25.15. (A picture of Sam at 26 Grains and a possible picture of Abbie walking into 26 Grains; a witness saw them there together.)
  • Sam flirting online with model Rachel Mortenson (11.03.15).
  • Sam going to a Megadeath concert without Cait (11.11.15).
  • Terry tweets some comments indicating she doesn’t believe that Sam and Cait are a couple. She also reacts to a manip she is shown of Cait looking pregnant and it is clear from her reaction that she is not (11.09.15).
  • Abbie and Sam going skeet shooting in Scotland on 11.15.15. (A couple of pictures of Sam skeet shooting. A post by Abbie talking about skeet shooting quickly taken down. A picture of food at a restaurant in Scotland on Abbie’s IG.)
  • Grant O’Rourke commenting when asked by a fan if he is going to Sam and Cait’s wedding in December: “What in the name of Zeus’ beard are you talking about?” (11.18.15)
  • The Anglophile Channel commenting when asked by a fan if they had heard the rumor that they had seen Sam and Cait “kissing in the corner” at SDCC before their interview with them: “What? NO. That’s funny. I’m not even sure they walked in together” (11.20.15).
  • Sam being in Thailand for both Christmas and New Year’s (confirmed by Nell Hudson, the Muay Thai gym guy and Sam himself; pictures and videos of Sam in Thailand). Pictures of Cait with friends in New York for Christmas and in Costa Rica for New Year’s. A neutral fan later reporting she saw Cait and Tony at the CR airport.


  • The KDS/ IFH video/ gifs where Cait and Sam both firmly denied being a couple (01.08.16).

  • The numerous interviews of Sam and Cait throughout 2016 where they denied being in a relationship. For instance, in one interview published in The Sunday Times on 01.10.16 Sam indicated he had recently ended a long-distance relationship. In an interview with Vanity Fair Italy published 11.02.16, Cait stated “What really bothers me though is when people insist [or claim] that we’re together. It’s not true.”
  • Photo evidence of Tony showing up at the GG’s parties (January 2016).
  • Sam is reportedly seen holding hands with a blonde at a Guns ‘N Roses concert in LA (04.01.16).
  • Cait sitting next to Tony and kissing him at the Outlander season 2 premiere captured on videotape. Tony is also photographed with Cait at the season 2 premiere after party. (04.04.16)

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