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Warning: spoilers 12.01

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‘Sam! Cas! (Y/n)!’ dean yells after he see he blood after he tells his mother to stay put and gave her a gun he walks off to try and find you. After hearing a commotion he runs towards it hoping to see you but just sees his mother holding a gun towards his best friends face

‘Whoa, whoa hey he’s a friend,’ dean says to get his mother to lower the gun,


‘Dean’ they both hug each other

‘I thought you died’ Cas says surprised. Dean introduces Cas and Mary to each other dean asks the question that has been on his mind since he realised that he didn’t die

‘Cas where’s (y/n)?’

‘She’s not back yet’ Cas says regretfully knowing how much you and dean meant to each other

‘What do you mean not back yet?’ dean asks worried all of a sudden. Mary has been watching the whole ordeal silently

‘She, for all I know, never came back, a lady was here and sent me away I don’t know what happened to Sam either’ Cas says worried as well for both yours and Sam’s safety but before anyone can say anymore they hear the door to the bunker open

‘Sam! Cas! I brought some comfort food and some movies to distract ourselves you know!’ you yell. You have just come back from a hunt that you took as you didn’t want to be a sitting duck, if you were going to die you were going to down your way, saving people, hunting things the family business. Also not wanting to say goodbye to dean.

‘(Y/n)’ dean questions as he hears your voice

‘Dean? Oh my god you’re alive’ you both run towards each other and hug you both pull back to give each other a passionate kiss. Surprising Mary but also making her somewhat proud as her son has something normal in his life.

‘I was worried when you weren’t here; you said you’d be back by now’

‘Is that your mom?’ you say ignoring what dean said not wanting him to know that before you arrived home you went to a park and cried not ready to accept the fact that the love of your life was dead.

‘Um, yeah, um (y/n) this is Mary, mom this is (y/n)’ Dean says all of a sudden nervous, and so were you. Mary smiles and surprisingly gives you a hug whispering in your ear a thank you. You both pull back and you sigh 

‘Well looks like we need to find Sammy.’

Ijirag Kidnapping- quick writers note, to lazy to write descriptions for the other kids, so picture them how you will :) Reader is six or seven in this one shot. Enjoy.

You sit at a picnic table coloring just minding your own business, Cas keeping an eye on you because your brothers were ‘working’. The angel looks away for one second, and when he looks back you’re gone; your coloring book and crayons are still there and one crayon is set in the crevasse of your coloring book as if you just set it down… but you’re nowhere in sight.

Castiel looks for you for over an hour with no luck in finding you. “Cas, where’s Y/N?” Sam asks when the angel zaps into the bunker only holding your coloring book and crayons.

“I don’t know.” Cas answers. “I spent over an hour looking for her, one second she was there the next she was gone.” Dean glares at the angel. Cas was supposed to keep an eye on you so nothing like this would happen. Cas mutters an apology Dean looses it.

“You’re sorry that our little sister went missing?! If you kept a better eye on her then she wouldn’t be missing!” Dean snaps. Cas hangs his head before zapping off somewhere leaving your coloring book and crayons on the table.

“Smooth Dean.” Sam mutters. Cas had zapped off to the police station that was near the park where you vanished from. The cop sighs when he goes to file a missing persons report.

“Sixth child this week that has gone missing.” The cop says. “All of them between the ages of four and seventeen years old.” Cas masks his shock/horror very well. The angel thanks the cop before walking out of the station and then zapping back to the bunker.

“Y/N isn’t the first child to go missing.” Cas states. Sam and Dean look up from what they are doing.

“What?” The Winchesters ask in unison. The trenchcoat wearing angel then tells the brothers what the cop told him.

♦ ♦ ♦

You’re in the middle of nowhere- hot, thirsty, tired, hungry and very scared.

“Sammy? De?” You call out hoping your brothers would answer. The answer you get isn’t what you were hoping for. A boy about eleven years old sees you, and walks over to you. His face is covered with dirt and grime. You cower away from him.

“Easy, I’m not going to hurt you.” The boy says. “I’m Matt.”

“Y/N.” You reply sniffling. Matt smiles kindly.

“Let’s get you out of the sun, and get you something to eat and drink.”

♦ ♦ ♦

“I think I found something.” Sam states. Dean walks over to his brother. Sam turns his laptop screen towards Dean. “Ijirag, an Inuit shape-shifter that takes pleasure in kidnapping children, hiding them away and abandoning them.”

“We’ve never faced one before.” Dean points out. “I’ll go check dad’s journal.” Sam nods in agreement. When Dean gets back to the library with their dad’s hunting journal in his hands, both of the brothers have a bit of information to tell the other.

“According to what I found, the ijirag are sometimes helpful, other times fatally deceptive.” Sam explains. “And according to this if you’re hunting somewhere that these things inhabit it is a guarantee that you will see them in the corner of your eye for a fleeting moment, look at them head on they’re invisible.”

“Dad has something similar written in his journal. He also has this note here that reads; One of the most noted places in the Arctic for sightings of these shape-shifters is the Freeman’s Cove… a caribou hunting ground located on Bathurst Island. It’s located in the center of a horseshoe of dormant volcanoes.” Dean reads. “Dad also wrote: the home of the ijirag is often said to be cursed, and one will lose their way, no matter how skilled or familiar with the land.”

“Distinctive red eyes no matter what form it takes.” Sam then sarcastically adds. “Sounds like a certain king of hell we know.” Dean chuckles. He then notices something on Sam’s screen.

“Hey Sam did you read this part- a manmade pillar of stone called an inukshuk, will help the kidnapped children to find their way back home if they can convince the ijirag to let them go?”

♦ ♦ ♦

Matt introduces you to the other kids. His twin brother Danny, Katie, Alex, Mary and Sam. Your head perks up when you hear Sam, you look around looking for your older brother. You pout when you don’t see him.

“You hungry?” Alex asks. You nod. He smiles and leads you deeper inside the makeshift shelter. “It’s not much but it’s enough to keep everyone fed for now.” In front of you are tree nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, trail mix, and some granola bars. Like Alex explained, there isn’t much but it will do.

♦ ♦ ♦

Sam and Dean do what they normally do to get information and find out the names of the five other kids that got snagged. A fifteen year old boy scout named Alex was the first one to go missing, the second one to go missing was an eight year old girl named Katie, twin eleven year old boys- Matthew and Daniel, a sixteen year old certified lifeguard named Samantha, and a five year old girl named Mary. Sam and Dean get into the impala and Dean starts to drive.

♦ ♦ ♦

Alex isn’t really sure why you followed him, it was his turn to patrol and look for any kids that’s in the same situation that you were in before Matt found you. Instead of kids, there are three adults. You squeal in excitement. “Y/N, wait.” Alex says. You don’t pay him any heed as you run over to your brothers and Cas.

-little later-

“So none of us will remember the details of what happened?” Matt asks.

“You’re memories of this incident will fade within twenty-four hours.” Dean explains. “If you want to remember what happened, write it down before you forget.” Alex asks if he can take a picture of everyone. After the picture is taken and contact information is exchanged, everyone goes their separate ways heading home. You’re asleep by the time Dean carries you to the car.

♦ ♦ ♦

What happened to the others? Well the last you heard, Alex and Samantha found one another and they’re dating now.

You ran into Mary a few days ago, she was slow to recognize you but when she did she gave you a bear hug.

As for the twins; Matt and Danny, you’re not too sure what happened to them. The last time you heard from them, they sent you a postcard from the Bahamas. As for you: well you’re doing the family business with your brothers… hunting things saving people, the family business.

Saving People

Warnings: Angst, I think that’s all
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You get tired of killing demons instead of exorcising them
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 576

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: So this idea came from talking to my friend, @one-giggling-unic0rn, we were just talking about how we miss the days when S&D tried saving the vessels instead of just killing them. So yeah! I know this is short but oh well. Enjoy!

You and your brothers were packing up from killing some demons, Dean shut the trunk of the Impala and walked over to the drivers side door, while you and Sam rested your elbows on the roof of the car. “Don’t you think this stuff is getting easier and easier every time?” You asked.

“What do you mean?” Dean asked, placing a hand on the roof of the Impala.

“Well, it’s just… It used to be Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Business, right?” The boys nodded, “But, years ago we used to actually try to find a way to save the person being possessed by a demon instead of just stabbing them, and killing them I’m the process.”

“Y/N, that’s just the easiest way, do you really want to go through all the trouble of setting a trap, luring the demon in then having to go through the whole exorcism just to find out if the person is still alive or not?” Sam pointed out.

“But it’s Saving People, not killing them because that’s the ‘easiest’ way, I mean it’s getting to the point where it’s just stab, stab here, and stab, stab there!” You made small ‘stabbing’ motions with your hand. “Aren’t you guys feeling at least a little bit guilty? Haven’t we all been possessed and know the feeling of not being able to control your body? Just think if the person, they think someone will save you, then they just end up killing you.” You started getting angrier.

“Y/N, we understand where you’re coming from but-“ You cut Dean off before he could finish.

“What if they have families? What if they have people who miss them? We have the chance to save them and we decide to take the ‘easy’ way out! Tell me, when have we, Winchesters, decided to take the easy way out? Our lives are the hard way, why can’t we go out of our way to save someone!” You threw your arms around to emphasize your point.

“Okay, Y/N, just calm down a little.” Sam said.

“No, Sam, I’m not going to ‘calm down a little.” You mocked his voice, “I’m just… I’m just tired of killing innocent people that had to suffer.” Your voice was quiet, you stared down at the ground.

Dean walked over to you and pulled you into a hug, “I know, I don’t like it too, but… We are saving more people by doing it, sometimes there are just too many demons in one place to be able to save everyone. And by killing them, we save more people.” Dean rubbed your back, “We’re hunters, we have to make these kinds of sacrifices.”

“But, I don’t want to kill anyone else…” You said into his chest, Dean pushed you away, his hands resting on your shoulders.

“I know, how about if it’s only one demon, we can do the exorcism.” Dean compromised.

“I think we can bump that up to two demons.” Sam chimed in, a small smile on his face.

“What do you say? Two demons and we do the exorcism.” Dean turned his head back to you.

“Yeah, thank you.” You hugged Dean once more.

“Where’s my hug?” Sam acted offended as he walked over to you and Dean, arms open. You chuckled and hugged Sam.

You pulled out of the hug and all made your way to the Impala. Finally, it’s back to Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Business.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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My mom:Mary Winchester
  • Dean: Cas this is mom,Mary.
  • Cas: Nice to meet you,ma'am.
  • Mary: I should check is there anything to eat.
  • Cas and Dean start to talk not knowing that Mary hears them in the other room.
  • *Cas hugs Dean*
  • Dean: Put that thing back in,my mom is here.

I really want an episode where Dean has pretty much just given up on the job and life and he’s just been injured on a hunt and he’s starting to close his eyes when Sam runs over and hugs him and starts shaking him.

“Dean, dean come on! Don’t close your eyes on me. You can’t give up! You have to be here, who else is going to join the family business with me? You know, saving people, hunting things, the family business!”

Dean, upon hearing this realises that although Sam may want a normal life, he would pick this life with Dean over anything else, and he sits up and chuckles slightly.

“Stop being such a whiny bitch”