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Do you know when the winds of winter comes out? :)))

when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. when your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. then the books will return, and not before.

If you love Supergirl check out @plastic-pipes ‘s art, it waters my crops and clears my skin, this piece especially, I keep staring at it, and it’s the one who made me want to draw some supergirl in the first place, thank you for blessing us with it <3


tv meme: [3/70] relationships → Jim & Pam (The Office)

When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soul mates. My kids are going to be be right about that.
CN PLAYIN | Save the Light: Interview with Rebecca Sugar & GrumpyFace | Cartoon Network
Wanna know more about the making of the awesome new Steven Universe game, Save the Light? Check out this interview with Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Univ...

I was very fortunate to sit alongside the inspirational Rebecca Sugar for this new @cartoonnetwork Save the Light interview! Check it out and you’ll catch a few new insights into the making of the game!

Trying to Save: Ending One

Title: Trying to Save: Ending One
Chapter: 1/1
Words: 402
Pairings: Klance
Summary: n/a
Notes: There is a second ending to this which will be posted after this one. This is angsty. Strong language warning. And yes I am aware it switches tenses. It gives a flashback and then what’s happening. ❤️


Keith tried to save him, he really did. Keith was almost in front of the laser when Shiro tackled him.

“LET ME GO!” Keith thrashed against Shiro’s grip. He had to get to Lance. He had to get to his boyfriend.

Lance had been shot in his chest by one of the Galra soldiers. His breathing was shallow and there was blood dripping from his mouth and his head.

“SHIRO GET OFF OF ME!” Keith pleaded. “Please.” He whispers, his voice cracking.

Soon the gun shots faded away as the soldiers retreated. Shiro got off of Keith who ran to Lance.

Keith shook his shoulders, “Lance. Lance please wake up. Please, I need you.” Keith stops shaking Lance. He lays on his chest and lets tears fall down his face.

Shiro lays a hand on Keith’s shoulder. “Keith-”

“THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” Keith jerks away and points at Shiro.

Shiro looked hurt, but looked away from Keith and to his other teammates.

“Hunk, get Lance to the medbay. Pidge, use the green lion to take the blue lion back to it’s hanger.” Shiro’s voice was strained as he glanced back to Lance. Hunk and Pidge nodded.

Hunk gently picked up Lance and they boarded the yellow lion. Pidge hooked her lion to the blue lion and started towards the castle.

“I hate you.” Keith glared at Shiro and boarded his lion.

Shiro shook his head and boarded his lion and followed Keith to the castle.


“Where’s Lance?” Keith storms into the medbay. Allura walks over to him and puts her arms up trying to hold him back. Keith looks around her and struggls against her grip when he sees the running pod.

“Keith, you have to let the pod work.” Allura reasons.

Keith looks into Allura’s eyes. She sees how broken he is; Keith was on the verge of tears. “Please, just let me see him.”

Allura steps aside and let’s Keith go to the pod. Keith presses his forehead against it.

“Is he okay?” Shiro walks in the med bay.

“Get the fuck out.” Keith growls.

“What?” Shiro turns to him.

“I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT!” Keith yells. Shiro looks hurt but nods and leaves.

“Keith was that-” Allura starts.

“Yeah it was. He’s the reason Lance is like this. He’s fucking lucky Lance isn’t dead.” Keith rests his forehead on the pod. “I’ll be here when you wake up.”
‘Game Of Thrones’ Director On Tonight’s Game Changing Icy Episode & Season 8
SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight’s penultimate episode of Game of Thrones’ penultimate season. EXCLUSIVE: Whatever Game of Thrones is cooking up for next week’s Sea…
By Dominic Patten

If you think Jon and Daenerys getting together is “fan service” I invite you to read this article/interview——- Pay attention to question #7 & #8. 

GRRM had this planned 20 years ago ladies, deal with it.

ok but I have questions...

who the fuck is smithing for the white walkers because where the actual fuck did they get these heavy duty dragon lifting chains from out of nowhere?


since the Show has made it clear that they can’t swim…

how the fuck did they get the chains around the dragon in the first place????