saving norman

5x10: Theories and Expectations
  1. Alex and Mother showdown.  I think Mother is going to go “Norma” on Alex and that’s not going to work OBVIOUSLY because it’s Freddie lol and Alex is going to realize it’s all too much.
  2. I’m like 87.5% sure that Alex will shoot himself after seeing Norma’s body.  He’s lost control and seeing her body is going to be way too much for him.  They’ll both just be dead together, laying right there in the snow, AT PEACE, finally.  I love suffering.
  3. Alex won’t be able to kill Norman because a) Norma wouldn’t have wanted that obviously and b) I’m guessing Mother will let Norman take over so he’ll be more sympathetic and that will play a major role in Romero not being able to do it.  Alex saved Norman once because Norma would have wanted that and he won’t be able to end him… again because of Norma.  I’m still suffering.
  4. I WANT NORMAN TO ADMIT THAT HE KILLED NORMA.  Just to see Freddie act that out.  Would be amazing.
  5. Emma and Dylan will live.  
  6. Norman will die after a time jump.  Have I mentioned how much I hate time jumps?  BECAUSE I HATE THEM.  I’ll be over here suffering.
  7. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Vera!!!!

This season of Bates is giving me everything I want, really.  I hate that Norma died obviously, she deserved better, IMO.  But moving on from that, everything is going how I want it to go in s5.  Vera is getting more screentime.  THANK GOD.  Alex has lost it and is going hard, love it.  Freddie Highmore has reached new heights. Caleb and Chick are dead.  Norman/Mother switch-up scenes.  There is Normero closure, thank GOODNESS, I needed it.  I had honestly lost hope that we would get any closure of ANY SORT, but Kerry and Carlton, you got my back dudes, thanks.  Besides my mom and fave Norma being absent, I’m really enjoying it as much as I possibly can.  One thing is for sure next week: I WILL BE S U F F E R I N G.


“To Daryl, we are still here. We are both here for Beth. It might feel like we’re not the people we were, but there are parts of [who we were] that simply can’t be destroyed.” -Scott M. Gimple

My predictions for 5x10 series finale

Norman gonna take Romero to Norma’s body, Romero is distracted by crying over her body and hugging and kissing her, Norman whips Romero’s gun outta his hand points the gun then Dylan rocks up tries to save Norman from shooting Romero.. Shoots Romero anyway, Dylan in shock. Norman shoots himself. Dylan lives to see another day. Then we get to see Normero in the after life being all cute and shit. Then we see Norman and Mother together again.