saving muslim women

international womens day don’t forget that muslim woman are not oppressed. its fair that some people are oppressed by ideas that are twisted and implemented differently but islam as a whole does not oppress woman. i know my rank as a muslim woman and i know how islam honours me. 

I have something to say

Anytime you say COUNTLESS people of an oppressed group did something bad, you are connecting that deed to that identity. This isn’t just an ace issue, isn’t just a queer issue, it’s done with race all the time.

If your “"activism”“ is making direct negative comparisons you are being racist, or homophobic, or transphobic, etc.

It’s similar to how Trump says "most people agree with me”. That’s what “COUNTLESS (diversity shaming here)” is. You aren’t saving Muslim women by ripping a part of their identity way. And when others not versed with the group think for example “"Oh Black Lives Matters is racist everyone agrees.”“ and they stop listening to the needs of that group.

Physicians, heal thyself.