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on saving monies

ive been telling all my friends about this, but idk im hella excited so im gonna tell the internet. I think  @yocourt posted something a while ago on not using your debit card, and how it helps save money.



For the past month, on payday after i take care of rent, fill up my tank and buy groceries,  i withdraw a specific amount of money from my account. I make sure that i have enough food on me whenever i leave the house so that I’m not tempted to buy any food while im out. Whenever i think to buy anything, no matter what it is, I use cash. That makes me check myself, because

1. I have a limited amount of cash on me

2. I dont like running out of cash, so im always hesitant to use what i do have

It really just makes me be honest with myself like “Do you really need that?” And it really helps. So if you’re trying to learn how to budget and living check to check, this might help you.  Its really easy to swipe a card until you have $5 in your account and a week left to payday. I hope someone finds this useful. 

taiey  asked:

What's the arc in this? /post/156638784670/an-arc-i-have-been-thinking-about-for-no

Ahaha. I was oblique about that because I’m generally wary of seemingly one-to-one comparisons to real life politics, but that one held up so well I kind of want to get into it, so. I am 100% sure that Cersei’s inner monologue is how Donald Trump’s mind works. 

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College textbooks are fucking expensive, always search for a pdf version before dropping $50-$100 dollars on a book you’re probably not going to be using that often… 

BUT if you’re the type that likes to read physical copies of books, look on craigslist or call used bookstores near your campus! Student who’ve already taken that class are trying to get rid of them too lol

DO NOT BUY TEXTBOOKS FOR CHEMISTRY OR MATH. Depending on your class, you can find a lot of other supplemental resources (khan academy, youtube) which you’ll understand better. Also your school library will always carry copies of textbooks which you can check out when you really need it. (but do buy if your teacher assigns HW from it!)

DO NOT BUY REQUIRED EDITION. Companies make new editions every year and the only difference is formatting (esp for STEM classes the material rarely changes). Buy the 5th edition instead of the 8th, you’ll be fine.

*this is general friendly advice so pls use ur judgment

I REALLY want the red Gymshark seamless leggings but I don’t have $50 bucks to throw at them 😭 I mean I do, but I’m trying really hard to save my monies. Ugh!

So I’m making a list of things for my bedroom that I’d like to have-tech, decor, cleaning supplies,new clothes, etc- and I’m listing the approximate prices everything costs, and the best place to get it. Then I want to save all my monies and purchase gift cards to budget for these trips and save all these gift cards until Black Friday/Cyber Monday when I can do all my shopping, save bunches of money compared to what I normally would, and not spend nearly what I’d do if I made it now. I even intend to do this with my Steam account to save cash for the video game sales. Might do with origin as well to get the rest of the Sims expansions I’m missing.

Idk what do you guys think?

Jin is all important beejeunejeu

Q: What are the members’ names on your phone?
- Jin hyung
- Kim Taehyung
- Maknae Jungkookie
- Moni hyung
- Suga hyung
- Hoseoki hyung
RM: Oh, I like that I’m saved as “Moni hyung”
JH: Jin hyung is all business with how he saved our numbers on his phone.
J: Ah, no, it’s–
JM: I’m saved as “BigHit Park Jimin”
RM: Are you from a different company?
J: I didn’t know you well yet then…
JM: What’s my name on your phone now?
JH: It’s still the same now??
RM: “Debut Park Jimin”

I’ve decided I am going to keep this gross job until my birthday. Only because there is a gem show on my birthday and I want all the monies to spend at it so I am saving all my monies from this shit job and this witch is going ape shit on crystals baby. It’s gonna be a rough 2 months BUT its going to be a hell of a gem show lol


So because I need cash monies to save for a car and an apartment (though I might need to work on getting a second job to KEEP said apartment), so I can see my kitties again I am advertising my commissions again. But just to throw this out there,  these are NEVER closed. The top two pictures were actual commissions, and of the four pictures that aren’t charms, the first one, and the middle one, were commissions. 

While I mainly do Pokemon, People and, well, anything else are also available (though complex design may be simplized depending on character). My base price for chibis is $14. Base prices for chibis (of anything) are $14 (for a digital view only give or take a few dollars depending on simplicity or complexity), and charms are a base of $20 (same as before, based on simplicity or complexity), and that price includes shipping anywheere within the United States and Canada (if you are overseas and interested, additional shipping costs will be added )

If you are interested in seeing more of my stuff, I have a blog here, which shows most of my recent (and a lot of my not so recent) work. Charms of non-commissioned characters are also available for $8, including shipping in US and Canada. I will make an alternate post about this in the near future.

If you are interested in commissioning me a chibi, a charm, or something else based off what you saw on my art blog (excluding digital work, as I no longer do that), then please shoot me an ask or fanmail and we can discuss prices and payment. Thank you!

I extreme couponed this weekend.

Pasta regularly $2.35/box 

Store sale for $1/box

1 $1 off one coupon clipped from the newspaper weeks ago

Quick google search for pasta coupons

Print as many as allowed

6 $1 off two coupons


That’s 13 boxes of pasta for $6

Those 13 boxes should have cost $30.55

That’s 80% off

My first stockpile. Will I rush out and buy 100 hand soaps that will never be used or frozen foods I wouldn’t dare eat? No. No way. But if we can get products we actually do go through for pennies? Absolutely yes. 

seriously whenever i imagine makoto alone in his apartment in tokyo, all my thoughts go to;

save tachibana makoto from starvation xoxo

like how does the boy feed himself i am really worried



my good friends @excaliferb and @phinflynn are currently trying to move out of a bad situation, and i’m trying to help them out in time. this is a bit of an emergency, so i’m offering commissions to help out.

here are a few things you need to know:

  • sketches and lineart can be done very quickly, usually within a few hours or by the next day, whereas pieces that require lineart, detailed backgrounds, shading, lighting, and the like usually take a few days, so please be patient!
  • prices may vary a little depending on the number of characters in a given piece – i.e. plain lineart with two or more characters may go up to $12, more characters in a piece with a detailed background may go up a little over $30, and such. however i am very open to negotiation!
  • the closest to nsfw i will go is nudity or suggestive situations (i.e. characters having a make-out session, lying in bed with partial/no clothing, stuff like that), and while i accept light gore i will not do fetish art or porn.
  • i also do character refs! depending on the complexity, they can range between $5-$10.
  • if you need something done by a specific date, i can also work with that.
  • please be very specific in what you want! the less specific you are, the more likely i am to get it wrong. if you aren’t happy with the work, you are more than welcome to ask for a refund!
  • i prefer to use paypal, and my email is message me on tumblr and i can give you my skype name so we can talk over what you want in the most convenient way (for me at least, i’m willing to discuss over any of your preferred methods).

here are some more examples of my work:

if you can’t afford a commission, please just signal boost this if you can!! thanks for reading!!