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CEO: Part Two.

A/N; So from the title you can probably already guess this is the second part to CEO. It will be a small series, maybe consisting of four parts. I really hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,634

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Part One  

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I found these in some Dungeons & Dragons Guide Books… they may or may not be relevant…

The character faces death in many forms. The most common, death due to combat, is no great matter in most cases, for the character can often be brought back by means of a clerical spell or an ALTER REALITY or wish. Of course, recovery of damage sustained might be a problem, but that is not insurmountable.

On occasion one player or another will evidence a strong desire to operate as a monster, conceiving a playable character as a strong demon, a devil, a dragon, or one of the most powerful undead creatures. This is done principally because the character sees the desired monster character as superior to his or her peers and likely to provide a dominant roll for him or her in the campaign. A moment of reflection will bring them to the unalterable conclusion that the game is heavily weighted towards mankind.

3. (Cleric Spells)
CLERIC SPELLS OF THE 3rd, 4th, AND 5th LEVEL ARE OBTAINED THROUGH THE AID OF SUPERNATURAL SERVANTS OF THE CLERIC’S DEITY. That is, through meditation and prayer, the cleric’s needs are understood and the proper needs are given to him or her by the minions of the deity.

CLERIC SPELLS OF 6th AND 7th LEVEL ARE GRANTED BY COMMUNICATION FROM THE DEITY ITSELF. There is no intermediary in this case, and the cleric has a direct channel to the deity, from whom he or she receives the special power to cast the given spells of these levels.

MOVE: 12"
HIT DICE: 12 (body)
% IN LAIR: 50%
NO. OF ATTACKS: Up to 10
DAMAGE ATTACK: 1-6(x8)/1-12/1-20/
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Acid saliva and spitting
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to acid
SIZE: L (36’ long, 20’ tall)
Attack/defense modes:

The dreaded Thessalhydrae are monsters which love dark and damp conditions, so they are typically in swamps, jungles, and subterranean lairs.

5. (More cleric things…)
A cleric who, at this or any juncture, changes deities is going to have a difficult time. His or her former deity will mark the cleric. The new deity (and associated minions) will be suspicious. ONCE A CLERIC CHANGES DEITIES, HE OR SHE MUST THEREAFTER BE ABSOLUTELY TRUE TO THE NEW CALLING, OR HE OR SHE WILL BE SNUFFED OUT BY SOME GODLIKE MEANS. IT IS 90% UNLIKELY THAT THE CLERIC’S FIRST DEITY WILL ACCEPT HIM OR HER BACK INTO THE FOLD AFTER FALLING AWAY, UNLESS SOME SPECIAL REDEMPTIVE AGENCY IS INVOLVED. THERE IS NO SALVATION FOR A THRICE-CHANGED CLERIC; HE OR SHE IS INSTANTLY KILLED. Any change of alignment which causes such a deity change is applicable, unless the change is involuntary. (See CHANGING ALIGNMENT)

Note that the above applies to paladins with respect to their clerical spell powers and to rangers with respect to their druidic clerical spell powers.

(So, those were just a few little snippets I’ve found. I’ve spent a bit of time looking these over and contemplating any relevance or possible meaning to the show. I’ve pinpointed some major similarities and have come up with a few minor theories of my own. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY OF YOUR OWN THOUGHTS/INTERPRETATIONS/RESEARCH TO THIS!)
Redraw of a Monstrosity - Chapter 1 - sayu_is_a_sass_queen - Death Note: Another Note, Death Note, Death Note & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Language: English
Rating: M
Relationships: None (probably)
Tags: Shinigami!Light, Post-Canon, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Grief, No Sex, No Smut, Angst

Summary:  It’s been nearly a year since Light Yagami died and despite recovering from his loss, Soichiro’s death and the kidnapping, both - Sayu and Sachiko - are still facing the problem of not letting the past go, as grief is a cruel companion. One day, however, fate decides to take its turn and the littlest Yagami suddenly finds herself with a Death Note in her hand and a strange, skeleton alike, Shinigami with a weird obsession for apples on her side. However, she doesn’t use said opportunity for killing others and continuing with Kira’s regime but for finding out who that crazy serial killer that apprarently took her brother’s life even was. Sadly, one event is slowly leading to another and Sayu slowly realises that her life is in fact a web of lies. And that behind the beautiful image that she always thought of as Light, lies a horrifying truth.

So happy to finally show this to you all! I’ve been talking about this fic for quite some time now and finally, I can show you my work. As english is not my first language, please point mistakes that I’ve made out! Actually, I’m even quite happy with the reslut, escpecially the beginning (but I hope the end of the chapter isn’t too cliché). Have fun!


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