saving milly

Humans are wird break in

New story about Zhaxu the little alien visiting earth.

Zhaxu dreamt of home. Ze hadn’t been there since coming to earth because of unrest on ze home world .

Not everyone was happy ze family was cooperating with humans and they thought Zhaxu was being led astray by his new friends.
The good news was that human-Jesper had said that Zhaxu could stay with him for as long as was needed.

The even better news was that the videos Zhaxu made about his adventures on earth was being broadcast and people had loved them.

So the religious zealots were having a harder time telling everyone ze was being corrupted. It was especially the videos with Milli people loved.

To think one of their kind was given responsibility for a creature so beautiful and graceful. When the lady from the animal shelter was interviewed, she told the journalists that she had been really concerned about Milli.

Milli had had a rough life and had already been adopted twice but both times she had been given back because she became aggressive. Then the lady had said that Zhaxu had saved Milli and she was a completely different cat.

Now all of Zhaxu’s home world was talking about ze and feeling so proud of ze because ze had been able to give Milli a home when even the humans had to give up.
Pets was a human thing but now everyone saw that animals didn’t care if their owner was human or not as long as the owner loved them.

A noise from the window woke Zhaxu. Ze had left it cracked because it was a warm summer night. Zhaxu looked at the window, a shadow was standing in front of it and now it was slowly opening.
Zhaxu was terrified and ze became almost as white as the sheets out of fear. Ze quickly crawled onto the floor and hid under the bed.

The shadow climbed into the room and now Zhaxu was almost transparent. Ze wanted to scream to human-Jesper would know what was happening but ze was paralyzed with fear.

Now the shadow was moving towards the bed and ze squeezed against the wall in an effort to hide.
All of a sudden a new much smaller shadow leaped from the darkness and with a feral scream it landed on top of the intruder.

The would be burglar let out a high pitched sound and began trashing around the room in an effort to get rid if the attacker. It was chaos. The smaller shadow hissed and refused to be removed and the bigger shadow finally fell to the floor just as human-Jesper opened the door and hit the light switch.

What the h… Yelled human-Jesper looking at the scene in front of him.
A lager version of Zhaxu was laying on the floor with an agitated Milli attached to his head. She had her claws out and from the looks of the aliens head, she had not been afraid to use them.
The alien seemed almost relived to be pulled up be the much larger human.

Who are you and what have you done to Zhaxu? Jesper yelled while he violently shook the intruder. His hart was pounding and he frantically tried to locate Zhaxu. What if he was hurt or worse?

I’m here came a tiny frightened voice from under the bed. Jesper had never been more relieved in his life.

The alien almost seemed to inflate when it saw Zhaxu. The little alien was nearly colorless, when it climbed out from under the bed and it shook when it picked up the meowing Milli trying to calm her down by gently stroking the seething cats fur. Soon Milli borrow into Zhaxu’s lap and started purring and slowly Zhaxu began regaining color.

The bigger alien looked lost for words and it seemed miserable when it glanced over at Zhaxu with a shocked expression.

I was only trying to save Zhaxu. the alien said with a distraught voice. It was nearly colorless as Zhaxu had been a few moments ago.
Ze was told that the humans were mistreating the potling and ze was being held hostage. That humans used a wild animal to subdue the little one and keep ze prisoner.

What? Said Jesper astounded. Who told you this and who are you?

Ze is Whaxu and ze follow the teachings of the ancient. The senior in the monastery told all the juniors of Zhaxu and the horrors ze was being put through. Ze even showed a video of Zhaxu being forced to sleep outside in a fabric construction. Ze volunteered to save the poor potling.

Jesper blinked a few times. Well as you can see Zhaxu is quite fine and the wild animal is determined to protect him from you.

The alien looked around Zhaxu’s room with it’s bright colors and toys neatly placed on the shelves.
Ze see that now. It sounded even more desolated that before. Why would the senior lie to ze? The alien asked with a sorrowful look on its face.

Jesper knew the answer to that. The senior used you and your devotion to the teachings of the ancient. They do not care for the ancient or you. All they care about is power.

The alien looked at him with a sad expression. What happens now?

Source: crasybirdlady