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Kesha premieres soaring new song “Hymn” — and writes about the meaning behind it

On Aug. 11, beloved pop singer Kesha will return with Rainbow, her third full-length album and first since 2012’s Warrior. In the run-up to the record’s release, Kesha has shared a few songs from the upcoming LP — “Praying,” “Woman” and “Learn to Let Go” — along with several essays about her creative process and personal growth. Now, in tandem with the release of yet another track, “Hymn,” Mic presents a new, original essay from the songwriter herself.

Probably the most powerful experience I’ve ever had as an artist is having fans come up to me and tell me that a song or album of mine has helped them through hard times. Some of them have gone as far as to tell me that my music helped save their lives. This is hard for me to comprehend, and for as long as I live, no other honor will ever match that. Hearing those words from fans has changed me.

I think that one of the reasons why my music connects with people who feel like they don’t fit in is because I have never fit in either — this is why the song “Hymn” is so special to me. The longer title was “Hymn for the Hymnless.” And when I say “hymnless,” I’m talking about people who feel like they don’t fit in, people who feel like they don’t have a hymn. Read more (8/3/17)

100 reasons to love Haechan
  1. his voice is so sweet oh my god
  2. how he has two sides to him and they’re both so Good (joking prankster vs super caring member)
  3. he’s so witty?? my quick boy
  4. king of concepts like he can pull off literally everything
  5. how proud he is of his skin like!!!! he’s glowing and he k n o w s
  6. idk if it’s talked about often but you can tell how much he loves dancing honestly and i love it a lot
  7. his english when he sings or speaks in english
  8. yaja time!haechan
  9. his performance face vs his general resting face/demeanor are worlds apart and i love it so much
  11. his neck mole is so cute… 
  12. …and the scar above his right eye, too
  13. all of his moles actually they’re beautiful
  14. he’s proud of his legs and i’m glad like!! he’s so body positive about himself it makes my heart happy
  15. nct’s main visual
  16. sherlock!haechan was legendary 
  17. when they surprised jisung for his birthday and he started crying and haechan and mark immediately went to him to cheer him up..i think about that everyday
  18. the time on mySMT when they all had to smile and he looked at the camera and smiled SO WIDELY my heart was so full when i watched it
  19. pianist!haechan he loves the instrument you can tell
  20. the 19 second recording of baby don’t like it that he sang on NNN
  21. his affinity for bucket hats. can he see with that over his eyes? probably not but it’s okay because we can see how good he looks
  22. his freestyle in his boy video! look at my talented ult
  23. that time on NCT life where he put salt into everyone’s sprite and i think soy sauce into everyone’s coke #prankd
  24. when 127 was on nimdle and answering questions about each other and he asked the members if they knew what body part he’s proudest of and mark went “birdlike chest” or something along those lines and haechan made as if to punch him
  25. he just really loves monster by exo
  26. the almost tangible difference between nct dream haechan and nct 127 haechan
  27. i love his given name btw, lee donghyuck is such a nice name too??
  28. he’s so good at cooking 
  29. mark changed his laugh after being around haechan so much that’s #bffgoals
  30. that time he dressed up as a girl and ended up falling for yuta because..i
  31. his general love for taeyong’s face. like taeyong’s his aesthetic
  33. pink hair pink hair pink hair pink hair (we young) (it looks s o g o o d)
  34. his role is moodmaker in dream and like!! he’s so proud of it i’m so glad
  35. when they had that “All about Dream” special or whatever and he was sucking up to the teacher lol
  36. he and jeno #prankd jisung by changing his ipad wallpaper to a cockroach #ripjisung2k17
  37. his michael jackson impressions are actually LEGENDARY
  38. his opening line in “heartbreaker” 
  39. that one line in Back 2 U that saved literally everyone’s lives (the one after doyoung’s towards the end of the song)
  40. king of 127′s backing vocals. listen to baby don’t like it stripped down. you will cry
  41. his solo dance in cherry bomb
  42. that one time he #prankd mark by acting like seulgi during the smrookies period
  43. i really like listening to him just speak btw like his voice in general is kind of teasing and just nice i really love it a lot
  44. idk if ive mentioned it but his laugh also just!!! pure!!!
  45. king of girl group choreo…king of boy group choreo…king of choreo
  46. “gimme that gimme that ice cream” 
  47. used to mess with his grandma’s makeup when he was younger 
  48. honestly just all of nct life in paju because haechan was so iconic in it like that soccer game oh my god and not to mention snack time and his failed karaoke that was so bad they never showed it and his god tier breakfast the last morning like wow
  49. when he and mark missed that nct life entertainment retreat because of schedules and chenle and jisung roasted them and haechan was like “when i get back you’re dead”
  50. his high note after mark’s “show them how we do it” in playboy
  51. haechan in headbands is a Look
  52. that one meme video with chenle, jeno, haechan, and that stick (i never found subs so i don’t…know what happened in that video)
  53. haechan looks really good in button down shirts…he’s unreal…born to be famous
  54. the harper’s bazaar shoot
  55. him and mark’s handshake has stayed the extra same in all aspects (include level of extraness <3) since predebut days
  56. “swag”
  58. he’s the entire universe in himself - his eyes sparkle like a thousand stars and looking at him is like looking straight at the sun and just wow
  59. whenever he tries to keep his laughter in he makes The Face and i love it
  60. when performing live he sounds like he ate the record for breakfast he’s that good
  61. he lisps and it’s the best thing to happen to me
  62. the ivy club photoshoot. just.
  63. he pulls off like.. everything from like massive sweaters and denim shorts to full like blazer/slacks/dress shirt like…wow
  64. airport fashion on point
  65. bought a radio because jaehyun and johnny host a radio show
  67. haechan + confetti = name a more iconic duo
  68. the shape of his lips is so nice?? wow
  69. his nose too!!! perfect
  70. his teeth are like perfect too like so..nice looking idk
  71. that time where he gave no fucks and took off the heavy ass jacket and threw it to the side during that performance of cherry bomb because he knows what’s Good For Him
  72. the taste the feeling cf 
  73. the camera Look with The Eyebrows
  74. that iconic duet with guitarist!jeno of love yourself by justin bieber
  75. that expression/laugh he did that time he was going to do scissors during That Move in MFAL so he could win against mark but jisung thwarted his plans and mark played rock and haechan got roasted af onstage
  76. i know ive mentioned his dancing before but hes SO SMOOTh his moves are EFFORTLESS
  77. he looks A1 in denim jackets
  78. when he acts cute to get what he wants
  79. looks so excited and happy at fanmeets
  80. apparently he’s really touchy with the members and stuff that’s adorable
  81. never shows how sensitive he can be and tries to make everyone laugh
  82. his head tilt!! you know the one
  83. when he tries to get other members to talk on air (especially with the dreamies)
  84. is a member of the powerful af SM ‘00 line
  85. when nct dream tried to do that let’s dance and haechan kept messing them up because he wanted to dance to the other groups
  86. when he pretended to be a mime
  87. he danced to russian roulette and it was absolutely amazing
  88. his resting face is kind of “bored looking” so when he goes from resting to being really engaged it’s like a flipped switch i love it so much
  89. the cover of billionaire he and mark did predebut
  90. how he puts his hand on yuta’s shoulder to steady himself during the split move in cherry bomb
  91. the way he looks in a basketball uniform (credit: @whoisyuta )
  92. he puts his whole soul into his voice
  93. his vocal range is ridiculously versatile
  94. i love his wrists?? is it just me they’re so pretty maybe i’m going crazy lol but like watches and bracelets and stuff.nice
  95. the cherry bomb outfit with the black sweater and camo pants and camo jacket tied at the waist he !! wow
  96. when he wears glasses!!
  97. hes so young and he still keeps up with all the 127 members and works hard with them and does 12 hour dance practices with them like what a legend
  98. when his members do embarrassing things on air he buries his face in his hands out of secondhand embarrassment like…me too
  99. king of promoting other sm groups
  100. he just puts his all into everything and works so hard and deserves the world and!!!! wow just wow. an angel. an ethereal empyrean individual
Spring Awakening: A summary
  • Mama Who Bore Me: mom, where do babies come from?
  • Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise): mom👏 where👏 do👏 babies👏 come👏 from👏
  • All That's Known: fuck the system. fuck the man. (bonus: me, an intellectual)
  • The Bitch of Living: JERKING OFF, AMIRITE? *loud cheers*
  • My Junk: pure children have crushes sometimes or vessels of sin. you decide.
  • Touch Me: i'm just a lonely gay trying to live my life and masturbate
  • The Word of Your Body: the straights™ can't have a healthy relationship to save their lives.
  • The Dark I Know Well: literally about sexual assault.
  • I Believe: well. Time 2 sin.
  • Don't Do Sadness: Moritz gets emo/ Ilse gets intense.
  • The Guilty Ones: Time 2 sin 2.0
  • Left Behind: Time 2 cry (gay edition)
  • Totally Fucked: GET HYPED!!!! FUCK THE SYSTEM FUCK ADULTS!!!!!
  • Word of Your Body (Reprise): the cute gays are the only happy ones in the end
  • Whispering: that's where babies come from
  • Those You've Known: Pain :))))))))))
  • The Song of Purple Summer: ??????????????
fav little BTS things:
you know you’re on my mind

This is part 1/? of a human AU I’ve been wanting to write for AGES in which Derek and Stiles are long-distance friends/pen pals. Derek lives in California and Stiles lives in Poland. Features brief past Stiles/Malia (Derek and Malia aren’t related in this AU). Idk how long this fic could eventually get; I’m hoping to just work on it as I get the time/inspiration. 

 Title from “Mind Over Matter” by Young the Giant because that song always makes me think of LDRs. 

EDIT: This WIP is now also up on AO3 here.


If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

He’s got dozens of photos of Stiles saved to his phone, and a whole box of letters from Stiles, and years’ worth of emails from Stiles, and a whole wall of postcards from Stiles pinned up on the wall over his bed, and none of it is enough.

He wants to do things to Stiles, okay, things besides just watch movies together in two different time zones or talk on skype.

…which… is kind of a new feeling.

Derek didn’t even know he liked guys until three years ago, freshman year of high school, when Stiles came home from a party raving about this girl he’d kissed, Malia something-or-other, and how Malia’s hair was so soft, and how Malia had the prettiest brown eyes and the best laugh, and—and suddenly Derek wanted to throw his computer against the wall.

“I have to go,” he’d snapped, and slammed his laptop shut and thrown on some jogging clothes.

He was five miles deep into the Preserve before it really sank in, not just the jealousy but the absurdity of the jealousy. He and Stiles had never even met, technically. They were probably never going to live in the same country. There was no logical reason for them not to date other people. Especially given that Stiles might not even like guys, or like him.

Still, he was secretly, guiltily, viciously satisfied when Stiles and Malia broke up barely two weeks later.

And since then the crush has gotten, if anything, worse.

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The Signs as The Smiths Lyrics
  • aries: heavy words are so lightly thrown, but still i'd leap infront of a flying bullet for you
  • taurus: i don't have much in my life, but take it, it's yours
  • gemini: if you're so funny, then why are you on your own tonight? and if you're so clever, then why are you on your own tonight?
  • cancer: you can kick me and you can punch me and you can break my face 
but you won't change the way i feel
  • leo: and you never knew how much i really liked you, because i never even told you and oh, i meant to
  • virgo: if a double decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.
  • libra: in my life, why do i give valuable time to people who don't care if i live or die?
  • scorpio: does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body? i dunno
  • sagittarius: i've seen you smile, but i've never really heard you laugh
  • capricorn: they said there's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life
  • aquarius: don't forget the songs that made you cry, and the songs that saved your life. you're older now and you're a clever swine, but they were the only ones who ever stood by you
  • pisces: i am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar, i am the son and heir of nothing in particular

zarohk  asked:

So, I'm not totally sure the timelines match up, but do you think that Rachel's sisters (especially Sarah who is younger and more naive) could have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and decided that Rachel is the Slayer? Goes out at night, all hours, secret boyfriend who only visits her at night, can't tell their single mom, etc.

[First of all: the timelines do actually match up quite well.  In #20 there’s a brief mention of David’s dad (of all people) watching Buffy on TV, and although Animorphs started and ended first most of its run overlaps with Buffy.  Second, I LOVE this idea so much.  Rachel and Buffy are two of the people who were massively influential in teaching me and my friends that it was possible to be girly and tough at the same time.  Third… Voila.]

It starts as a way to distract her sisters, on the nights when their mom can’t make it home and their dad is too busy to call—Rachel will put on whichever Buffy episode she’s got saved in the DVR and all three of them will watch it together.  However, all three of them fall in love with the show over time, until they’re catching each episode live: Sarah laughs at all the puns and hums along with the theme song while Jordan waxes poetical about how dreamy Spike and Angel are.  

Rachel just loves Buffy herself, because there aren’t enough girls on TV that can look that fabulous and kick butt at the same time.  It becomes a weekly ritual, one that Rachel sometimes has to miss if Cassie or Jake calls with urgent news, but she’ll put aside anything short of the alien invasion to catch it with her sisters.


Jordan meets Rachel at the door, which is a bad sign because their mom and Sarah are both asleep and Rachel herself went to bed six hours ago.  The mission was long, nasty, and exhausting, the way they always are, and Rachel’s too keyed-up from the adrenaline rush to think of a proper excuse for why she’s sneaking in.  

She and Jordan stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, Rachel leaning on the door frame, Jordan holding a comic book in both hands as she sits on the end table in the foyer.  Jordan becomes the first one to speak.  “Sarah and I were talking,” she says.  “And I think we figured it out.”  

Rachel feels her stomach churn.  She’s not as careful with her sisters as her mom.  She never has been.  “Figured what out?”

“It’s okay.”  Jordan clutches her comic book a little more closely, expression solemn.  “We won’t tell Mom.”

Rachel crosses her arms.  “Won’t tell her what, exactly?”

Jordan thrusts the comic book at Rachel.  The cover shows a girl—Buffy Summers, judging by the title—holding a wooden stake in one hand and a sword in the other, her blond hair whirling around her as she thrusts the sword at a spike-covered greyish creature in the corner of the frame.  

Rachel takes a step back from the comic, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.  

“It explains everything.  Where you sneak out to almost every night.  Why you’ve got blood under your fingernails half the time when you get home.  Why you’ve got a secret boyfriend who only comes out at night—”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Rachel says reflexively.

Jordan nods, eyes wide.  “Uh-huh.  So you definitely weren’t seen by half the school at last week’s dance with a mysterious guy who has blond hair and is never seen around town.  You don’t have a boyfriend, even though I’ve heard people talking in your room in the middle of the night.  And you always leave your window open, even—especially—when it rains.  Almost like you’re waiting for a secret vampire boy—”

Rachel snorts a laugh.  “Tobias isn’t a vampire.”

Which has exactly the opposite effect than the one she intended.  “Oh my god,” Jordan whispers.  “Tobias as in that guy who disappeared last year? Everyone thought he died—” She gasps.  “Unless he did die.  And now he’s back!”

Much as Rachel wants to laugh and keep laughing until she falls over, she understands that this conversation actually has serious implications.  With effort she sobers herself.  “Look,” she says at last.  “There are things… Things I can’t tell you.  You wouldn’t be safe if I did.”  

She looks Jordan in the eye.  Jordan is taking this conversation seriously—probably more seriously than Rachel herself, for that matter.  “I understand,” Jordan says.  

“As soon as…”  As soon as the war’s over.  “As soon as it’s safe.  I’ll tell you everything.  Right now, there are things I can’t talk to you, or to Mom, about.  But someday I will.  I promise.”  Rachel can’t be more honest than that.  

“Okay.”  Jordan bites her lip.  “I just wanted you to know your secret’s safe with me.  And if you ever need help, like, hiding a body…”

Rachel smiles, overwhelmed with fondness.  “Thanks.”  She yawns.  “Now, if it’s all right with you, Dawn…”

Jordan makes a face.  

“I’m wiped, so I’m going to bed.”  She walks past Jordan and up the stairs to her room.  


She turns around.  Jordan is standing at the bottom of the stairs, hugging her comic book against her chest with both hands.  

“On the show,” she says haltingly.  “They say a lot about how slaying’s a dangerous job.  About how most slayers don’t live to be twenty.”  There’s real fear in her eyes, as she looks up at her sister.  

Rachel grins, tossing her hair over her shoulder.  “Really, Jordan, you should learn not to believe everything you see on TV.  After all, it’s just a show.  No vampire’s gonna take me down.”  


“You know, my sister thinks you’re William the Bloody.”

«Who’s that, a spokesman for Kotex?»


She doesn’t get much input on the actual headstone; she’s too young for that.  She does, however, manage to put in a special request for the plaque on the statue they erect outside of Washington D.C., a proud grizzly bear rearing up to defend the Capitol.  

Rachel Daniella Berenson, the plaque reads.  She saved the world.  A lot.  

“what do you want?”
i want a life that’s worth living
without a need to turn around
just to say, well damn,
i could’ve treated you better
if i held you that night
would it have made a difference
probably, a life without regrets–
“don’t regret anything you do”
she tells me with a kiss goodbye
and it’s just another one of those nights
when you used to be 15 and you look back
the sun hits you right in the eye you’re 24
now you get it, i understand now
“what do you want?”
i want a lover that’ll tell me no
so that i can respect it
no means no means no means no
i want a lover that doesn’t force
hearts to beat where they shouldn’t
i want a lover that counts the stars
backwards by the thousands
every night just to say
“shit, i almost guessed it right this time”
kiss me slow, kiss me slow
let’s save this moment
like old nintendo video games
and we were too broke
to afford a memory card
so we played it every morning
just to beat it in one try
you grow up too quick
you used to be 7 and
now you’re 24 and
you’re still worrying
about if you said something wrong
or if it was offensive
or if you are liked
or if you are loved
“what do you want?”
i want to be like the greats
that came before,
as a matter of fact
i want to be greater
than the greats–
they’d want an honest fan
i want to be the best version
of myself by following
your inspiration
into the sea where i can see
into hearts where i’ll make art
into the soul where i shall sow
into emotions where oceans dry
into teardrops the shape of your eyes
“what do you want?”
i want poetry to be written for me
when i don’t ask, leave it everywhere
inside of my back pockets
when i grab my cigarettes
and find you there–
read every word,
save you into this moment
love me when, love me then
love me back, love me now
love me forever, love me always
keep us inside your ink
bleeding deep into your pores
regrets as tattoos, a love made for two
a love like this, unconditionally sweet
kiss us slowly, let me feel it until next week
leave the words that you can’t say in person
leave the words under your tongue
leave the words trapped in your throat
pandora’s box, my melody
hope finally finds an escape
hope finally makes it home
hope is finally seen,
fairy dust, stardust
moon dust, phoenix ash
dragon fire, wildfire–
we burn the same
“what do you want?”
i want an alarm for every flower
that’s dying right now
so that i at least have a reason
for why i can’t sleep
when i think about your soft lips
“what do you want?”
i want to know why we look
for each other when we’re away
i want to know why we look
for each other when we’re together
i want to know why we look
for reasons to blame each other
i want to know why we look
for reasons as to why we hate each other
i want to know so much about you
even though we are just strangers
dear lover, oh lover, my lover
we are no longer the same
and it’s this thing called love
that makes life feel insane
“what do you want?”
i want to teach my sons
that a woman’s body is hers
and hers alone, so respect it
i want to teach my daughters
that if a man ever lays a hand on you
tell them that daddy put me
through karate class
and this belt is only white
because i bleached it
just for this day,
i’m about to kick your butt
“what do you want?”
i want my mother to gain more weight
she’s losing much, we’re running out of time–
do you think angels give us signs?
what about god?
is this a sign?
or is it just time?
do we all end up sad and alone?
i hope not, she’ll always have us
“what do you want?”
slowly, with less poetry
more eye contact, less texting
more voice recognition
talk to me like i’m deaf
sign language
your screams
how come you never listen to me?
i hate you. i hate you.
love her like she’s blind,
show up everyday with flowers
even if she hates them,
she will love them.
even if she hates you,
she used to love you.
“what do you want?”
“go on many adventures without me, okay?”
sometimes i want that exact sentence
to not be your last words.
“what do you want?”
sometimes i wish i didn’t have to write so much,
the thing about being in love with you is–
for every sentence, i remember the passionate
fibers you put into each letter, if the word love
has four letters, you made it meaningful
each one had meaning
l stands for lasting,
we didn’t last
o stands for one,
one mistake can make you apologize for years
v stands for very,
very much in my mind
like sands that fall in an hourglass–
drop by drop, hold you until we’re faded
but like all stories, the book has a last page
a kiss is like that page, we just read it too much
loved into it too much, should’ve left
but we stayed, should’ve ended it
but we wanted to make it work–
the youth remembers e
e for ecstasy
e for euphoria
e for evenly empty
e for everything
e for etchings
e for eternity
we remember the ways
to count backwards
for every star
there’s a dark passage
that we can’t return to
and we won’t
“what do you want?”
i want to write it all out
i want to write it all down
i want my first thoughts to be
how can i be a better person?
by being a better person
“what do you want?”
i just want this to make sense to someone
am i making any sense?
jumbled earphone poetry,
no rhythm
no rhymes
no schemes
no iambic pentameter
no lyrics
no style
no structure
just everywhere
like the sound of a heart
removed from a chest
that has been poisoned
because being love sick
makes a broken person
feel like an indention
inside of a paragraph
like a doggy eared page
because love makes us feel
this chaos that’s light enough
to drown out the sun
because love makes us crazy
my dark room is its own brand
of an asylum
because love makes us better
even if soulmates split
and we’re two strangers
all over again
back to the start again
because love makes us contemplate the stars
and how the universe made us into this
because love makes us angry
while simultaneously
forcing us into constant laughter
such a stupid naive kid
who thought that he could contain love
love isn’t meant to be forever
it’s meant to be freedom
you do something wrong
learn how to do it right
and in truth, there’s never black and white
when it comes to love
no who wears the pants
it’s about compromise
and we always learn things
a little too late, when you can’t fix things
you can only dwell on it,
so i’ve been dwelling
“what do you want?”
i want happiness
i want to be poetry
like a link that ties
my past to a red kite
fly it real high,
maybe i’m high
electrocute my lies
into soft butterfly truths
turn the ocean into a huge glass of wine
baby, i’ll have two
one for my apologies
and another for not loving you right
so when i can’t sleep at night
and i find out new ways to treat you right
when i fall in love again
i’ll do it better,
i won’t make her cry
and if she does
i’ll hold her until the clouds get jealous
the only tears running down those eyes
should only ever be rain,
let’s kiss in the rain
to the person i haven’t met
and this is a little long
and this may hurt to read
but if you’re reading this
and i’m asleep
right next to you some day
and you realize that i
have a strange philosophy
on love, love to me?
every person that i’ve
felt full and empty for,
the people that i have fallen for,
i still love them,
all of them
every bit of who i am
shaped by who i should’ve been
every bit of after all this time?
always a thousand times
every single dozen of roses
bought from the very
first moment valentine’s day
was invented,
i will be enough to love you,
even if i get sad from time to time–
and one day, on that day,
when i wake up
and you’re reading this
and i’m less sad
and we might even be happy
if i do read this later
when i’m in my early 40s
with some kids who fall in
and out of love just to live a little
and they need advice
about love poems and sad songs
i’ll tell them to learn the art
of letting go, but also
to save precious moments–
savor them.
dear person i will love some day,
what do i want?
i want to love you,
in the right way.
“what do you want?”
yes. you. the person on this app.
reading this shit poetry.
you’ve made it this far.
don’t stop now.
“what do you want?”
whatever “it” is.
i believe in you.
i am proud of you.
you are great.
you are amazing.
you still have purity.
you are still flawed,
but that only makes you
unusually human.
i love you.
a teacher of mine said
that if a human doesn’t have
human connection at least
once per day,
insanity will sink in.
this is my contact.
i am the first astronaut
to ever land on your moon.
my feet is on your moon dust.
i will plant no flags,
i will sow an idea.
you are beautiful,
remember that.
—  “what do you want?”
Strong love (Harry Styles x Reader)

A/N: I hope this is not too cheezy! You know some of you do not like too much romantic stuff! haha. Anyway, I had this imagine in my head for a week and I was almost going to explode. I had this scenario in front of my eyes. *sigh* Hopefully, you enjoy this and please, PLEASE give me some feedback!!! I really want to know what you think of it! Thx <3

Word count: 1,205

The best feeling to ever wake up is when you notice that you’re wrapped up in the arms of the person that you love more than words can express. Soft breaths on my neck caused me to wake up early in the morning. I slowly opened my eyes. Our bedroom was already illuminated by the sunlight. I instantly could tell that the weather had to be very warm and beautiful. I smiled. I loved beautiful weather. It made me happy.

I became happier when I turned around and was greeted by the handsome face of my boyfriend. The smile on my lips widened. I think I’ll never be able to describe my deep feelings for him. Because I love him more than words can explain.

He was still asleep, soft snores escaped his slightly opened lips. I laughed lightly. He looked like an angel when he slept. So beautiful, so innocent and so pure. My heart always punched harder against my chest when I caught him in a state like this. I observed his flawless features. My fingers traced over his perfect jaw line. He is so damn beautiful. How did I even manage to win his heart? I really had no idea.

My eyes went down to his exposed chest. Last night’s actions were still lingering in the air. I still felt his taste on my lips as he captured his lips with mine into a hungry a kiss. I still felt his weight on me even though he lied next to me. I still felt his hands on me, exploring every inch of my body. I remembered the love, lust and passion in his eyes as he made love to me.

He made me feel perfect. He made me feel loved. He made me feel saved. And I couldn’t thank him enough for that.

Normally, even though I would let him continue sleeping, I had the urge to wake him up now. So, I supported myself on my elbows and leant forward to him. I peppered his face with lightly and gentle kisses. First his forehead. Then his nose. Then his cheeks. Then his chin and finally his soft and pouty lips. I loved the feeling of his lips against mine. The emotions that run through every cell in my body were indescribable every time he kissed me.

I knew he was awake as I felt his lips moving against mine. I slightly pulled back, looking at his mesmerizing green eyes. He smiled at me, tugging a lose strand of my hair behind my ear. His gesture was so affectionate, so loving, so caring. He put his warm hand on my cheek and I leaned against it.

“What a wonderful way to wake up.” He said. His husky and sleepy voice caused chills on my spine.

“Good morning, my love.” I whispered to him.

“Good morning.” He replied.

“How are you feeling?” I asked, letting my hands wander through his hair.

“Perfect…” He sighed, closing his eyes, enjoying my hands being buried in his soft curls. “Everything is perfect at the moment.”

It was. Harry’s solo career went quite well at the moment. 84 countries. He conquered 84 countries’ heart with his song. That was remarkable. He had a fantastic performance on the Graham Norton Show. I could see how proud he was on himself after he hit his last note. And that cute smile afterwards, it was everything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at the show one day prior to support and encourage him. But I watched it on TV. And hell, my tears streamed down my face like a waterfall.

I was so damn proud of my baby. Whatever he was planning in the future, I would always be there to support him. I would be there for him until I would take my last breath. I love him so much.

Suddenly, Harry pulled me against him, his arms engulfed me into a tight embrace. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck. My favorite place. Home. That’s what I’ve felt when I was with him. Home. He was my home.

“What are thinking about, darlin’?” Harry asked. His scent hit my nostrils and I breathed it in like my life was dependent on him. He smelt so heavenly.

“About you.” I admitted. At the same time I was lucky that he couldn’t see how red my cheeks were turning. “And how proud I am of you. How much I love you… “

“Is that so?” He questioned in with a playful voice. I looked up at him.

“Yes, Harry! God, it is insane how much I love you. Look at that, I can’t even keep my hands off of you. You’re addicting to me Harry!” He giggled. I was never embarrassed when I confessed my eternal and deep love to him. He knew how much he meant to me. I showed him every day by little gestures. And he did the same. He bought me a bouquet of roses, sometimes he would even buy lots of sweets and ice cream because he knew I was crazy about them.  

I never knew what true love meant until I met Harry. He showed me the wonderful side of unconditional love. I couldn’t thank god enough for sending such an angel like Harry into my live. He saved me. When I was about to give up hope or even give up my life, Harry was sent to rescue me. I had a reason to live again. Thank you so much, dear god…

“I love you to the moon and back, (Y/N). You’re my life. You’re my everything, my girl.”

I responded by singing a line from One Direction’s song “Loved you first”.

I never understood what love was really like…” I truly didn’t. Until I met him.

But I felt it for the first time, looking in your eyes…” He completed, then capturing his lips with mine again. Every time I felt his amazing lips on mine, it took my breath away. Every kiss he gave me felt like having my first kiss all over again.

“What are our plans for today?” Harry inquired, after pulling away.

I shrugged with my shoulders. “I have no idea. What do you want to do?”

“What about having breakfast outside and then walking through the city?”

“And being photographed by annoying paparazzi all the time?”

“You know we can’t hide forever. I just want to do normal things. I missed being “normal”.”

I kissed him. “Whatever you want, Harry. But before we stand up, can you do me a favor?”

He looked at me questioningly. “Can you sing your song for me again?” I loved “Sign of the Times”. I have to admit that my music taste was different than Harry’s but it was amazing.

“Of course love…” He said, caressing my cheek. Then Harry’s angelic voice filled the room, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the chills that run down my spine.

Just stop your crying, it’s the Sign of the Times

We gotta get away from here, we gotta get away from here

Just stop your crying it’ll be alright

It’s only that the end is near

We gotta get away from here…”

Eight canonical facts about Clara Oswald

1. Clara Oswald gave the Doctor his inspiration and his mission statement, if you want to call it that, when she gave him encouragement as a child in Listen.

2. Clara Oswald scattered herself throughout the Doctor’s timestream in order to prevent the Great Intelligence from destroying everything he has ever done. This means every adventure prior to The Name of the Doctor has some manifestation of Clara nearby making sure all goes smoothly. This includes Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - the adventure in which the Doctor first met River Song. How we know this is because we see a Clara echo gazing upon the Tenth Doctor at the library. The only Doctor she did not meet, as far as we know, is the War Doctor - but Clara!Prime helped him directly.

3. The Moment failed to prevent the War, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor from activating her and destroying Gallifrey. Clara succeeded, absolving the Doctor of what was, by that time, centuries of guilt. (Oh, and she also saved the lives of 2.47 billion children on Gallifrey, by the way.)

4. Every Doctor from Twelve onwards, every single one will exist solely because of Clara Oswald convincing the Time Lords to give him a renewed regeneration cycle.

5. In a purely technical sense, Clara Oswald was the Doctor’s companion for 4.5 billion years. There is absolutely no other character in the series - other than the TARDIS (and yes, she’s a character) - to match that.

6. She is one half of the Hybrid, a pairing that terrifies even the Time Lords. (I’ve watched Hell Bent enough times that there is no ambiguity as to who the Hybrid is. When the Doctor says “I became the Hybrid,” he’s confirming Ashildr’s second theory that it’s him and Clara.)

7. She’s functionally immortal. (We don’t know yet if she can’t be killed a la Jack or Ashildr, but odds are that applies.)

8. She is the only companion to have her own personal TARDIS (I think Romana eventually got one in the Big Finish stories, but that’s not TV).

I’m just leaving this here because I get the feeling some Clara fans are feeling a little abandoned right now. As I’ve written a few times now, it doesn’t matter what happens in Series 10 or Christmas. These facts about Clara stand.

(An important PS: this post is not in any way a reaction to Bill. Just want to make that clear. I’m looking forward to seeing her story unfold.)

The Simulation in Extremis reminds me of the Supercomputer (Earth) in THHGTTG, proposed by Deep Thought. DT came up with the answer 42, but that wasn’t helping, because the people who built it didn’t know what the question was. So, they built a computational Matrix incorporating living beings, that will come up with the question. 

In the end, after Earth gets destroyed before the task is completed, Arthur Dent comes up with the question: what do you get if you time 6 by 9?

Like in Eurus’s Song: six by sixteen … Nine by nineteen.

Will someone totally unassuming be shown as being behind the simulation in Doctor Who, like the mice? Will Earth again be destroyed? Or will it be saved by the Doctor doing something totally improbable?

Because silence will fall when the question is asked. One of Moffat’s catch phrases. But what is the question? Do we really know it?

River featured in this episode by her book (the Guide is a book as well). And those things in the red robes reminded me of a Zombie Version of the Silence.

Not Alone

A/N Lyrics from “Not Alone” by Red.

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic)

Genre: a little hurt/comfort, fluff i guess, yet another song fic

Word Count: 660


Anxiety has a low key love for Logan’s singing voice and convinces him to sing just for anxiety. The song Logan sings? Not alone -RED (low (high) key am in love with this song) - @sanderssides-fics

if you can just… fluff and hugs but with a rocky start??? any pairing is fine im bored - anon

Any bad day can be fixed with a slow dance, Anxiety thinks.

Anxiety tried to hide it – he did, he swore – except Logan was too tuned into his emotions now for him to get away with something like this. His boyfriend had found him in his room, willing himself not to cry, after a stupid fight. It had been a rough day for both of them, and with tensions flying high like they were, it was a little too easy to give into the urge to squabble over a meaningless thing. Nonetheless, Logic found Anx and both of them apologised. They had decided that perhaps it would be best to spend the rest of the day lounging around on the bed and each side readily agreed.

“Logan?” Anxiety asked, head resting on the logical side’s shoulders, eyes fluttering shut as his back was rubbed in soothing circles.

“Mmm?” Logic murmured. He pressed a quick kiss to Anxiety’s hair. “What is it, love?”

“This is really dumb –“ Logan frowned, but allowed Anx to continue, “but could you sing for me? I love your voice, even though I know you don’t like it…  I don’t know, it was a dumb idea, forget I said anything.”

Logan shook his head. “My silence was not a ‘no’. Don’t put yourself down like that, Anxiety. If it makes you happy, then of course I’ll sing for you. Please do not judge me too harshly on my performance as I’ve never been too good at-“

“You just told me not to put myself down.”

Adjusting his glasses, Logic nodded. “You’re right. Here goes nothing, then.” He cleared his throat and begun to sing, already having a song in mind.

“Slowly fading away, you’re lost and so afraid, where is the hope in a world so cold? Looking for a distant light, someone who could save a life, you’re living in fear that no one will hear your cries.”

Anxiety recognised it from all the times he had played it himself, and mouthed the next line.

Can you save me now?”

Logan moved off the bed, pulling Anx with him. Confused, he stood up, and stumbled into Logic’s arms.

I am with you. I will carry you through it all. I won’t leave you, I will catch you when you feel like letting go, ‘cause you’re not, you’re not alone.”

Before he could stop himself, the darker side leant his head on Logan’s shoulders again, willing himself not to cry. His boyfriend was being so sweet. Especially when he felt Lo grabbing one of his hands and his waist, and suddenly they were dancing.

Your heart is full of broken dreams, just a fading memory, and everything’s gone but the pain carries on. Lost in the rain again – when will it ever end? The arms of relief seem so out of reach, but I, I am here.”

With those words, Logan tightened his grip on Anxiety and they turned slowly. “I love you,” he whispered, pausing for a moment to kiss him.

“I love you too,” Anxiety mumbled, a blush dusting his cheeks.

The chorus passed by all too quickly as they simply held each other.

And I’ll be your hope when you feel like it’s over. And I will pick you up when your whole world shatters. And when you’re finally in my arms, look up and see love has a face.”

As he sung the lyrics, he made sure that Anxiety knew he meant every damn word as he brushed away his lover’s tears. He kissed him again and again, suddenly full of the illogical emotion he had come to appreciate. Anxiety was good for him, and Logan could only hope that he would be good enough too.

Their dancing came to an end, but Anxiety clutched Logic like he was his lifeline.

And I will be your hope,

You’re not alone,

And I will pick you up.

And I will be your hope.

And I will be your hope.

“You will always be my hope.”

A/N Not to happy with this but like ehh.


“Hold on" is such an important song to me personally. I was caught up in a tumultuous relationship with someone that I thought could be saved and at the same time I had lost one of my best friends to drug addiction. Losing someone so young really opens your eyes to how precious and fragile life is,“ Overstreet tells Billboard.He continues, "To me, this song is about loving someone unconditionally regardless of their flaws. I wanted to communicate how important it is to love on the people that are in our lives and to take every day with someone as a blessing. I’m glad that I could make this acoustic video so I can convey even more of the emotion behind it.” (x)

dear joshua dun,

thank you joshua.

thank you for understanding what i’m going through. i have anxiety too, you’re not alone. nobody here back home understands because nobody but me has anxiety in this little town i live in. unless there’s like a person that i don’t know about. i’ll find you, person in the corner of michigan.

you get what it’s like to have that thought in the back of your head that whispers, “you’re not good enough. you’ll never be good enough. you’ll never be close to enough. everyone’s judging you. you don’t deserve all your friends. in fact, they’re not even your friends. they hate you. they just keep you around because they pity you. oh, and your best friend? he’s just using you. ever wonder why he always calls you his body guard and stopped saying ‘i love you’?”

you get that.

sometimes i feel alone in my problems, but i look at you. i REALLY look up to you. a lot. almost too much. you’re honestly my hero.

i could be calling anyone my hero. superman, john cena, my dad, my grandpa, my mom, one of my 47 cousins, i don’t know, anyone.

but i chose you, joshua william dun. you’ve really helped me through a lot. tyler does too, but right now, the focus isn’t on tyler, it’s on you for a change. now i’m gonna share a story if that’s okay with you.

a few years ago, i was called on stage with my friend. i hate being on stage. everyone’s always looking at me and stuff. so i got really, really anxious and i fainted. people didn’t understand how bad this awful monster in my head named anxiety is so they made fun of me for passing out. they started calling me goat. because when goats get scared, what do they do? pass out, flat down on their backs, legs in the air. well i didn’t have my legs in the air. but you get the idea.

anxiety eats you alive. and you understand that. you understand what i’m going through. THAT’S what i love about you. i know you prefer “respect” over “love” because “love” is more personal, but i do love you, but in a different way. there’s more than one kind of love, i do believe. i don’t love you because you’re “cute” or “hot” or whatever most of those girls nowadays call you (that isn’t even love, that’s lust. gross.), i love you because you understand. you understand, you listen, you care. i HATE that you get overlooked or taken advantage of sometimes, all because you’re very kind and trustworthy. people SHOULD NOT do that. you hear our stories too, you feel our pain too. and thank you for listening when we need it, and helping to build us up when we’re down, i really appreciate that.

i respect you with everything i have. you’re my role model, my idol, my hero, everything i aspire to be. i love you, i honestly do.

you’ll often find on my media platforms, i’ll call you my “superhero without a cape” – a lot. whenever i type “my”, my phone’s predictive thing always suggests “superhero” as the next word because i call you my superhero so much.

heck, i hardly refer to you as “josh”; i call you joshua. i guess it’s because i find it the most respectful way to address the man i look up to so much.

one of the major reasons i look up to and respect you so much, is because of the things you do almost every night. i’d imagine that preforming onstage in front of tens of thousands of people is pretty anxiety-triggering, i get uneasy just thinking about it. but you still overcome your anxiety and preform those shows with such a strong presence, and i find that so empowering. it motivates me to keep fighting my demons too, even when i feel like i’m not strong enough, or just not enough in general. sometimes even just thinking of you overpowering your anxiety – or just thinking of you – helps when i start to get a panic or anxiety attack. i couldn’t be more grateful that you strengthen and impact me in so many ways without even having a personal relationship with me. that’s pretty darn amazing, of you ask me.

now, one of the reasons why i love you. you’re human. you’re flawed. you’re not too different from me. you’re not a god. you’re a human. you’re not greater nor lesser than me, just like everybody else. and that’s one of the most lovable things about you; you’re human. you make mistakes. you’re not a perfect person. you’re not flawless. but you’re still amazing.

you’re talented and introspective and you have an artist’s mind, you’re amazing at what you do and i couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what you do. you see the world in a splash of color, you don’t see the night sky as black, but as blue with swirls of purple and red. you’re open-minded and intelligent in more ways than one. you inspire me, and so many other people.

you’re an amazing person. you are incredible, and you’re worth every fan you have. you deserve every second you spend on stage, every song played on the radio. don’t stop doing what you’re doing, don’t stop fighting. you’re good enough – you’re more than enough, joshua. i respect you and i love you, and don’t you forget it. keep it up, superhero.

thank you for taking the time to read this, i know it’s long, i’m very sorry. but thank you for saving so many lives and impacting so many people.

eve, from michigan

things that break my heart

-the “it’s quiet uptown” in the election of 1800 -how angelica’s voice breaks a bit in “congratulations ” -HOW HURRICANE IS UNDER APPRECIATED -who did this alEXANDER DID YOU KNOWWW -“the orphanage”. can that be a bonus song or sum? -“one last time” and how daddy won’t be calling anymore omigosh HAHHA -eliza crying omfg im ruined -chris’ voice. yup. -how madison sounds smoooove in “what’d i miss” like whOAAA -“my name is phillip. i am a poet. i wrote this poem just to show it. and i just turned nine, you can SAVE LIVES BUT YOU CANT SAVE MINE” holy guacamole my heart -how hot daveed is. I AINT GONNA GO THERE RN -alaBANZA. rip abuela claudia -pacienca y fe and at the end she’s like “okay mami. fine” sum like dat. -benny and nina and how adorkable they are -hey guys, its me. the biggest disappointment you know. -how sad ant is @ the end of 21 chump street -how much i wanna be naomi rodriguez MWAHAHAHA no but fr -your mom cant take another heart brEAK TFFFF?!? yup i am done xx

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my heaven / lost and found:
 - how the knights sees/feels about the queen
 - the queen gave them light and colour in their lives
 - were probably castaways until they met the queen

overcome / queen’s knights:

 - they failed to protect their queen
 - the queen gives them something though
 - queen is dead or missing
 - they look for their queen despite the environment
 - the snow probably caused this
 - they miss the queen very much
queen ver:
 - wishes that they’ll save her
 - misses them as well

VVITH / in fact:

 - they’re still looking for their queen
 - how they see the queen and shows how perfect she is to them
 - their daily life tbh

emotions / bickering:
 - they had a fight, break up song?
 - misses her
 - they needs her to live, they only have them since she was the one who basically found and save them
 - despite all the fights, they both know they’re meant for each other and they need each other

 - confirms that the queen is near death when they found her
 - they can’t stop thinking about her and crying about it
 - promises to stay alive for her
 - kiss one last time
 - dies in their arms “eternally, in my arms”
 - they die “and softly close your eyes”
 - makes much more sense if you read the lyrics
 - the snow storm probably did kill her “we lingered
   outside and it made the temperature of our mind
   became cold”
 - 「you fought well in the snow storm」they said to her
     "you did your best"



 - before the queen died they drew on the canvas- their love was strong
 - their love was innocent, bright like the moons and stars
 - then she died, they couldnt sleep because of how lonely and cold it is
 - they drew on the canvas again, wanting to remember their love
 - they know they’re not lonely when there moonlight- the
   moonlight reminds them that the queen is still there
   with them
 - they done many things to remember her- reading her
   diary, looking up at the sky
 - when they sleep, they dream about her
 - the house was empty, cold, they were lonely

O.L.T.L / one morning
 - when the queen is alive, they were able to see colours
 - they drew, their love on the canvas with beautiful bright, warm colours
 - they truly loved her, their emotion gets mixed up and all when they’re with her- they know she’s the one
 - they’re both the reason of each other’s existence
 - there’s tomorrow because of the queen
 - they felt emotions with the queen
 - they drew anything about her- because she was the most beautiful colour to them

love paint / every afternoon

 - the queen previously in overcome had died
 - their painting on the canvas (their love) was never finished
 - they want to finish the painting but they’re unable to, they can’t see colours since she died
 - she was the reason why they were able to see colours
 - after the queen died, everything was black and white for them again
 - they don’t know what to draw- their love wasn’t there since she’s dead(nah it’s actually there but), they can’t see colours anymore
 - the queen is the rainbow and all the colours in the world to them
 - the queen shone the brightest in their eyes
 - it hurts them though- things reminded them of her
 - they can only feel, see and be the colour when they’re with her
 - they’re always protecting their queen
 - again, they love her and shes the colour and light to them
 - life is only beautiful if the queen is with them
 - 00:38 there’s no canvas, they have no idea what to input
  into the drawing anymofe
 - 00:53 the thing the queen gave them in overcome was
 - 02:24 they gave up on drawing, but it re-winded again, they don’t want to forget about their love but they don’t know how to remember- they are clueless about how to finish it
 - the painting was still bright and warm even she’s died, this shows their undying love for each other

thank you / evening by evening
 - they’re thanking the queen
 - thank you for giving me colour and show how beautiful life is
 - they didnt know how to thank her- they were so awkward so they were only able to thank her after her death
 - they’ll never forget about their love and the moments they shared
 - they’ll continue to love her
 - they believe she’s still there with them so it’s fine

look / a starlight night

 - they know at night, the queen is still wth them
 - they want to spread happiness and love like what she did to them??
 - they still love her even they’re at a “different heaven”,
   "different time" and “different place”
 - they know the stars are her- somewhat communicating with them as they twinkle
 - the stars are the “beautiful you” (queen)
 - when they die, they want to see their queen again, and embrace her
 - they’ll show their love/a signal to the queen even if the queen is “in a different dimension”
 - if they had the chance to rewind time and see the queen again, they’ll protect her even more and love them even more
 - they’ve moved on, but they still love and remember their queen

this is a mess im never doing this again

Regarding the by-request gig

So, Muse let us choose 10 songs from the provided list and I am afraid that many fans will again make the same mistake.

First, I would like to say that I hardly believe that the whole gig will include only ten songs. I suppose, there will be more, perhaps, 15-18. Subsequently, the 5-8 other songs will definitely be the popular and the most played songs, such as Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Plug In Baby, Hysteria, TIRO, some songs from Drones and ofc the newest Dig Down. 



Second, as we are excluding the songs mentioned above, we need to weigh each our decision. 

Soldier’s Poem should definitely be on the list, firstly, due to some recent events: the fact that Matt actually believes it was on Absolution and now it is a fucking meme lol. Secondly, it hasn’t been performed live for 6 years. Thirdly, I think we need at least one acoustic song on the setlist.

In my opinion, there sould be some songs that have never been played live such as Easily and Falling Away With You. However, I remember Muse saying that the latter is just not for concerts and I don’t really think that they changed their opinion. So I would prefer Easily, and Matt even said that he would love to sing it. At the same time, I want my beloved Glorious to be performed, it was played live only like 5-6 times and like 12 years ago. Nevertheless, with a bleeding heart, I would sarcrifice it for Easily.

Next, if Muse put MEGALOMANIA, which was played live only ONCE, on the list of AVAILABLE songs, it means, they CAN play it and it is a fucking sin not to let this happen.

Next, we need some intense rock songs, so I suggest to add Assassin, Showbiz, Darkshines and Map Of The Problematique/Take A Bow. In case of MOTP, I adore it with all my soul, but Muse have recently included it into their gigs, so I think we should incline towards such a technical song as Take A Bow. Bliss has also been played lately, so I personally wouldn’t put ot on the setlist.

Furthermore, we need more piano involving songs, I would request Space Dementia, Sunburn or Falling Down. VERY TOUGH CHOICE, BUT I’D GO WITH SUNBURN, because it hasn’t been played since fucking 2006.

Regarding some fab B-sides, such as Fury, Agitated, The Groove, Dead Star, yes, definitely, these are some rare and wanted songs to be played live; however, they ARE played sometimes, especially Fury and The Groove, so I would rather prefer Eternally Missed, which was played only 3 times, DAMN THREE TIMES!!! IN 2002!
I’d die to hear Nature 1 and Sing For Absolution live, I love SFA so much, SO MUCH, and Nature 1 was performed only during the Showbiz era….. Eh, I don’t know, I think Eternally Missed is the most rational choice.

In addition, I reckon, one song by Chris also should be included, I’d go with Save Me, plus, we need some calm songs too. 

So, finally, the setlist I suggest is:

  • Soldier’s Poem
  • Easily
  • Megalomania
  • Assassin
  • Darkshines
  • Showbiz
  • Take A Bow
  • Sunburn
  • Eternally Missed
  • Save Me

You certainly may offer your options and opinions, perhaps, they are even better than mine.

Please, reblog this post, so that as many people as possible could see it, including the ones who are actually going to attend the gig and who actually are voting. 

Sonic Music Sentence Starters

Lyrics from various Sonic songs ( ex. Live & Learn ) turned into a sentence meme. Send one or more to my muse(s) to start an interaction.

❝ Can you feel life moving through your mind? ❞
❝ Looks like it came back for more. ❞
❝ Can you feel time slipping down your spine? ❞
❝ You can hardly swallow your fears and pain. ❞
❝ You can’t save your sorrow. ❞
❝ What’s gonna happen to us? ❞
❝ There is no way I can lose. ❞
❝ You drive me crazy. ❞
❝ You think you have all the answers. ❞
❝ Do you remember me? ❞
❝ Can you see all of me? ❞
❝ When there’s nothing left to lose, you win. ❞
❝ Right is wrong and wrong is right. ❞
❝ This power is a key. ❞
❝ Seems you’ve never tasted fear or loss of control. ❞
❝ Truth can run, but not hide. ❞
❝ Come along for the ride. ❞
❝ I imagine that you’re mine. ❞
❝ I only want to protect you. ❞
❝ Whatever I want, I get. ❞
❝ The moon is shining for you. ❞
❝ You’ll see what I mean if you just follow me in my dreams. ❞
❝ No one could take your place. ❞
❝ Suddenly all the sadness will just slip away. ❞
❝ Together, we can overcome all the odds. ❞
❝ Everyone can do something special. ❞
❝ It’s never as hard as it seems. ❞
❝ It’s easier with my friends by my side. ❞
❝ I don’t care what you’re thinking. ❞
❝ Let me show you who I am and what I’m here for. ❞
❝ Let me show you just what I’m made of. ❞
❝ One by one, they’ve all become a number as they fall. ❞
❝ You can take another try. ❞
❝ What comes up must come down. ❞
❝ Feels like a storm is getting close. ❞
❝ I’m not waiting for a fortune teller. ❞
❝ Come on, I’m ready to gamble. ❞
❝ I’m just living by my own feelings. ❞
❝ It doesn’t matter now what happens. ❞
❝ I will never give up the fight. ❞
❝ Time won’t wait, and I’ve got so much to do. ❞
❝ Just ride on until it’s through. ❞
❝ No matter what it takes for me, I’ll find you. ❞
❝ You’ve taught me that life can be revived. ❞
❝ The meaning of my destiny can be changed. ❞
❝ Trust me and we will escape from the city. ❞
❝ Danger is lurking around every turn. ❞
❝ We’ve got ourselves a situation. ❞
❝ No time for relaxation. ❞

Dear Chester Bennington,

I never write letters to famous people, but there’s a first time for everything, and I feel that it needs to be said.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done. You were an inspiration to so many, including me and so many of my friends. Your music struck so many hearts across the world and saved so many people from from the monsters they were fighting. Your songs saved my friend. He was going to kill himself. He was listening to one of your band’s albums, and the words got to him and he stopped. He got help. He lived. He lived because of you. 

You went through so much: child sexual abuse, depression, ptsd, addiction, the death of your friend, and so much more we may never know about. You are the furthest thing from a coward, despite what I’ve seen people say.

You have been a hero to so many. When my one of my friends found out what happened, she spent her entire evening in tears. You saved her life more times than any if us can count. Shes planning to get a tattoo of the band’s logo in your memory. When my friend M found out, he wore his old band shirt from years ago, when we were 13, and watched the videos he took at your concerts he’s been to since becoming a fan. When I found out, I thought it was just a bad dream, surely the guy I’ve looked up to for the last 7 years hadn’t died, right? We became fans during our difficult teenage years, and now, as adults, you still have a place in our lives. We, and so many others like us and unlike us from around the world, have listened to your music non-stop since news broke. We now view the lyrics in a different light, there were so many signs of how you were felling. How did we not notice?

I just hope you know how much you meant to us all and how many of us you helped. Please know we do not hate you for dying by the same thing that you saved us from, we are not angry. We are mourning, but we are sad on your behalf, because we know how much pain you must’ve been in. Your legacy will live on in your lyrics and your love, and to answer the question from One More Light, “who cares if one more light goes out?”, well… I do. We all do.

Space Boy 

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100 for a Starmora marriage proposal.

100. “I love you.”

I really need to stop posting these in the middle of the night but I also just wanted to share this fluffy angst with the starmora world so badly so,,, enjoy!!!

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Gamora feels like shit.

Typically, she refuses to admit that kind of thing, even to herself in the privacy of her mind, but given the circumstances, she thinks she deserves a little leniency. Thanos has been looming over her head for months now, the threats implied by his presence bringing back nightmares she’d finally manage to overcome during her time with the Guardians (who, surprisingly, make her feel safe in a way she hasn’t in a very, very long time). Their most recent fight was rough, like, seriously rough, because Thanos’ people know her and her weaknesses, after helping groom her into the deadly assassin she once was.

The fight left her sick (toxins specifically targeting her species) and broken (cybernetic enhancements not doing their jobs anymore) and, honestly, she’s not even sure how she made it out alive. It could’ve been days, for all she knows, since everything happened, as she’s only now just waking up.

Aside from that, what she does know is that she’s in a dark hospital room in Nova Corps, it’s nighttime judging by the view outside her window, and Peter’s hunched over in a plastic chair next to her bed, his head resting on his arms on beside her thighs the bed as he snores softly. She smiles a little bit at the sight, letting it distract her from the dull pain present in seemingly every part of her body.

The other Guardians are absent, but she’s not surprised; they’ve always respected her relationship with Peter during critical moments like these (during any other time, though, they like to tease and mock in that “loving” way). She cards her fingers through his messy curls with a relieved sigh, resting her head and back against her reclined bed.

Peter stirs at that, turning his head up so he can look at her. He blinks sleepily, as if he can’t quite make out what he’s seeing. “G’mora?”

“Hi,” she manages softly.

Her hand stalls in his hair. He smiles, and she’s just noticing the redness under his tired eyes.

“You’re awake,” he says, his voice cracking at the end as he raises his head. She moves her hand to cup his cheek. He leans into the touch. “You scared us so bad, Gamora.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shakes his head, covering her hand with his. “I’m just glad you’re okay. Oh, God, I’m so glad you’re okay…”

They sit in a comfortable silence for a couple moments then, simply just looking at each other. Gamora’s too overcome with emotion to speak, mentally reflecting on how far they’ve managed to come in the years since they met each other. Together, they defeated Ronan, then Ego, then countless other “baddies” (as Peter liked to call them) in the time since. They raised a tree. They embarked on an adventure of “firsts” together (again, Peter’s terminology) as a couple, dancing through the constant obstacles the galaxy would happily throw in their way.

But, here they are now, on the other side of all those hopeless situations, even one that left Gamora fighting to her last breath.

She’s pulled out of her thoughts when she notices a tear escape Peter’s eye. She gently brushes it away with her thumb. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

“Yeah. Guess I missed out on collecting on your life insurance.”

“Are the others alright?”

He nods. “They’re all fine. They’ve just been pretty shaken up about your condition; it was touch and go for a while, but…”

“But I’m here now,” she quickly reassures him.

“You’re here now,” he echoes, gently prying her hand off of his face and cradling it between both of his. He stands up from his chair, opting to instead sit on the bed beside her legs. He leans down, gently kissing a non-bandaged part of her forehead and whispering, “Don’t leave me.”

“I don’t intend to,” she whispers back, meeting his eyes. “That’s why I want to finish this fight with Thanos as soon as we can, so we can all move on with our lives together without having to fear him.”

He pauses, pressing his lips together. She recognizes his expression as one of hesitation, typically before he’s about to ask her something meaningful.

Then, “Do you want to be together forever?”

She looks at him, confused by his wording, but he continues, “I mean, I don’t know how many different Terran songs and dance moves there are out there, but if there’s an eternity’s worth, you’re the person I’d want to try to discover them all with. Among other things, of course, like saving the galaxy every time a new all-powerful villain enters the picture, or even just collecting bounties on dumb criminals for the Nova Corps, or even just retiring to some random planet where we just do touristy shit all the time, or whatever. I just want to keep doing all of that, with you, forever…”

He trails off, looking at her with a mixture of uncertainty and hope. She blinks.

“Peter…are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?”

“Depends what you think I’m asking,” he answers, his tone just as surprised as hers. “All I know is I love you so much that it, like, actually hurts sometimes, and whenever shit like this happens, I feel like I’d die if you died, which kind of makes sense because our whole team is somewhat codependent on each other in a way, you and I especially—not that that’s a bad thing, of course, I’m proud of the strength of our relationship—and…” he pauses, looking a little flustered. “Okay, I kinda lost my train of thought there.”

She tries as much as she can to sit up, but the moment she starts moving her head forward, pain explodes in her chest and he reacts quickly, leaning in and placing a hand behind her head, gently easing her back against the pillow.

“Careful, babe, you were seriously hurt,” he murmurs, combing a hand through her hair. “You’re gonna have to stay put like this for a while.”

The absurdity of the situation actually makes her laugh. Her smile widens when she notices the way it brightens his expression. “Peter, if you’re asking what I think you’re asking, the answer is yes.”


“Maybe you should try asking the regular way, just to make sure,” she teases.

“Uh, if I get down on one knee down on the ground, you won’t really be able to see,” he points out. “…Or is that just a Terran thing?”

“Just ask,” she repeats, more impatiently.

“Okay, okay,” Peter says with a laugh, taking her hands in his and squeezing them gently. “Gamora, after all this craziness is over and Thanos is dead and gone and we can just go back to some semblance of normalcy, whatever the hell that means in a family like ours, will you please marry me?”

Briefly, Gamora remembers the time spent as a little girl admiring her parents’ strong relationship, wondering who she’d experience that same love with. When Thanos had taken her, those dreams had been crushed quickly, replaced with machinery and a new “purpose” for living.

But now, she’s past that, and come back to where she began, hopeful and curious.

So, she takes a deep breath, smiling, despite the pain holding her body back from embracing Peter, and nods.


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