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I think I read somewhere, maybe on your blog(?) that he wasn't really "himself" the day of the guilty plea?

Yes. It’s detailed in Defending the Devil. I posted that part here. A Visual Timeline has a small summary. He was put on suicide watch the morning of the guilty plea and then later on suicide precaution :

May 17-31, 1979: Ted prescribed Ativan for “anxiety” and Limbitrol for “agitated depression.”

May 28, 1979: Ted now taking two milligrams Ativan in the morning.

May 31, 1979: Ted takes 2 mg Ativan in the morning. According to a nurse, “He was depressed and needed to talk to someone” (Nelson 1994, 244). Later in the day he was placed on suicide watch. Ted rejects guilty plea (which would have saved his life).

June 1, 1979: “He was extremely agitated with symptoms of depression” (Nelson 1994, 244). A plan is made to take him o  Ativan and try other medication. Placed on suicide precaution.

June 8, 1979: Ativan stopped. Chlorhydrate (sedative, hypnotic) started.