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What I Want from QoAaD (LoS spoilers below)

•Julian releasing his anger and sadness and frustration (i.e. throwing and breaking things) and Emma finding him and calming him down (He breaks down in her arms and just sobs for hours)
•Julian not shutting anyone out, but taking time alone to channel his emotions into painting
•Everyone to realize Livvy died a freaking hero. She saved Julian and who knows who else that saved in the end too.
•None of the Blackthorns fall into a serious state of depression after Livvy’s death (especially Ty)
•Kit *really* being there for Ty.
•I want what happened to bring the Blackthorns closer, especially in Dru’s case.
•Badass Blackthorns™+Emma and Cristina and Diana (and Kieran?) avenging Livvy. And for them to realize how much of this is Zara and her Cohort’s fault, and like, destroying them.
•Zara to be ended one way or another (death, imprisonment, something beyond exile bc she’s not worthy of it)
•The Cohort’s failure. The Registry not to be passed. CC stated that The Wicked Powers is going to be set to resolve some problems from TDA that left some people short of their rights.
•Cristina to end the Cold Peace
•More Cristina x Mark
•More Kit x Ty
•Dru being the real badass we all know she is
•Diana to become head of the LA Institute (Mortal Sword is gone). Or Helen with Diana as the tutor like before. I can’t choose
•No more Blackthorn deaths. None.
•Cristina and Diana can’t die either
•Clace engagement (or even wedding)
•The Lightwoods take time to grieve but Simon and Izzy still get married
•Magnus is okay! Tessa is okay! All the warlocks are okay! (except for Malcolm. He can rot in hell)
•So much of Emma’s sass and sarcasm
•Helen’s exile to be lifted. Helen should run the LA Institute with Aline and be close to her family, but if she can’t, Diana should definitely get the job.
•Malec exploring the idea of marriage???
•Kit really showing off his Herondale™
•Ty to be the one to avenge Livvy (killing Annabel? idk)
•The r u i n a t i o n of Julian and Emma’s parabatai bond if it means they can be together. Can’t Cortana cut through anything? Cut the runes with it idk
•If they can remain parabatai and be together, that would also be splendid. Even better. FIND A WAY.
•More Jem and Tessa. They were absent during like all of Lord of Shadows
•More Sherlock and Watson moments between Ty and Kit
•THE EXPLANATION OF HOW BRIDGET IS ALIVE SHES A N C I E N T (is it in the last hours? or the bane chronicles? i’m planning on reading tbc next so i guess i’ll see)
•More Wise™ Cristina
•Okay who tf is Ash? Is he really Sebastian’s son? Please make him not-bad. He’s a child. He can be good
•Dru to have a major storyline with the thingy Jaime left (for her)?
•Go, Diego, go!

New Favorite Book Couples

1. Will Herondale and Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices)

2. Elias Veturius and Laia (An Ember in the Ashes)

3. Khalid Ibn al-Rashid and Shahrzad al-Khayzuran (The Wrath and the Dawn)

3. Magnus and Cleo (Fallen Kingdoms)

4. Feyre and Rhysand (A Court of Mist and Fury)

5. Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)

6. Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs (Lady Midnight)

7. Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell (Stalking Jack the Ripper)

8. Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows)

9. Noah Shaw and Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer Series)

10. Adam Decarie and Charlotte Blake (Saving Wishes)

10. Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII (White Princess - not from this book specifically, but I am trash for these two) 

He imagined doing this every day. Living in a house he’d designed himself— like this one, it would have a view of the sea. A massive studio where he could paint. A room for Emma to train. He imagined waking up every morning to find her beside him, or sitting at a table in the kitchen with her morning cereal, humming, raising her face to smile at him when he came in.
—  Lord Of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

gracieu-x  asked:

Hi Cassie!! You're such an inspiration to me. I love your books so so much, and I literally cannot wait for LoS. It would really mean a lot if you could answer a question of mine. I was just wondering: Will Emma explain to Mark why she asked him to pretend they're dating? Besides that it would save Julian's life. Thank you so much. I hope you visit the Philippines soon! :)

I hope so! Of course Mark asks Emma’s reasons, but the reason she gives him has nothing to do with Julian. She is protecting not just her own secret but also Julian’s: that they broke this massive  Law – a secret that if anyone, say, tricked out of Mark, would put Julian in enormous danger. Besides, she knows Julian well, and knows that this is bad enough: it would be worse for him to have Mark’s pity.


Octavio: Just so you know, I think the way everyone kisses your ass is ridiculous. Who do you think you are? We’re here for Perry, not you.

Marcus: Excuse me?! Julian, say something!

Julian: She is right, you know.

Marcus: I can’t believe this!


Fuck Killbane, he ain’t worth losing our girls.

50 Reasons Why Emma and Jules Are Perfect Together (pre-LOS)

1. They met when they were only, like, five

2. They’ve been best friends since they met

3. Emma was the one person that got Julian through the time when his mom died

4. Emma and Julian both lost their parents in the Dark War/Dark War time period

5. They got through that together as well

6. Emma helped Julian raise his siblings and they all basically became their children

7. They needed each other so much that they decided to become parabatai

8. Julian knew that Emma needed him and his siblings as a family so he became her parabatai even though he knew he was in love with her

9. They write on each other’s skin

10. Julian has been with Emma from the start and she him. They understand how the other thinks like the back of their hand. They know what makes the other tick and they have a mutual respect and understanding for each other. 

11. Julian takes that trip to England with his family in an attempt to get over his feelings for Emma because he knows that moving on is in both of their best interests but when he sees her when he gets back, he realizes that it didn’t change anything that he still loves her. 

12. When one of them has a nightmare, they go into the other’s room and sleep together (lol platonically) (but not for long lol wink wink) because the other’s simple presence calms them

13. Julian will do absolutely anything for her. Literally. 

14. He memorized the number of gold flecks in each of her eyes. 

15. He hides his feelings for her and has been for 5-7+ years to ensure her safety

16. They are parabatai, and parabatai have an emotional connection that is like no other

17. He knew that if anyone saw his paintings of Emma, they’d know he was in love with her and so he started painting her in secret

18. He has a room solely dedicated to painting her in secret

19. He annoys himself because he can’t capture the beauty and essence of her in a painting

20. Julian is jealous and agitated by Emma’s boyfriend(s)

21. When Emma dons the ivory dress, he cannot take his eyes off her and it turns him on and makes him nervous

22. They have a very intimate dance at the Midnight Theater like can i just say damn

23. Julian saves Emma from drowning at the Convergence

24. They made love together on the beach

25. The morning after their night on the beach, Julian pushes her away to protect both of them

26. Julian understand’s Emma’s need for vengeance/closure over the deaths of her parents and he helps her with it

27. Emma refers to Julian as her “best friend and best love”

28. Each of them puts the other’s needs before their own

29. They are mentally and physically stronger together

30. In the car after Julian gets shot with the arrow, Emma is tending to his wounds and there is LOTS of sexual tension

31. When Julian takes Mark’s lashes, Emma gives him a Sleep rune to put him out of his pain and whispers, “Sleep, my love”

32. Emma takes Julian’s lashes

33. Julian sometimes thinks as if he and Emma are married and that his siblings are their kids

34. They both know that they cannot love each other and yet they can’t help it

35. When Emma finds out about the parabatai curse, she immediately breaks things off with Julian to protect them both

36. Emma does everything in her power to make Julian not love her in order to protect him

37. She loves him, but every chance that she has gotten to tell him, she hasn’t

38. During the night on the beach, neither of them thought about the consequences of their actions because they were so caught up in enjoying that moment

39. Emma recognizes Julian’s beauty and is entranced by it

40. Julian has only ever loved one girl in his life, and that is Emma

41. They are a blonde/brunette couple

42. Emma used to always be taller than Julian when they were younger and they made a game out of it. Emma gave up playing the game though after Julian had grown a head taller than her and realized that there was no catching up to him

43. They are each other’s best friend before lover

44. Their names sound good together

45. They’ve risked their lives for the other numerous times each

46. Each of them thought that they were unrequitedly in love with the other at some point. 

47. Julian calls Emma Em/Ems. She calls him Jules

48. Emma was Julian’s first kiss and she took his virginity

49. To wake her up, Julian once stuck his tongue in Emma’s ear

50. They are starcrossed lovers.

You need that little bit of luck if you want to win here in Munich. I think the decisive factor was simply that we always gave it everything, that we always managed to get a foot in and that Roman made some very good saves in goal. We knew that we would always be capable of making our mark on the game. And luckily we managed that. In the end nobody cares whether we were fortunate or not. We’ve reached the final, that’s what counts!
—  Julian Weigl
Julian Blackthorn and Character hate

DISCLAIMER:  THIS ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAVE A GO AT ANYONE AND IT ISN’T AIMED AT A SPECIFIC PERSON! IT IS JUST WHAT I HAVE NOTICED AND HOW I FEEL! Please do not get offended. This isn’t supposed to hurt anyone in any shape or form.

Okay, so I have noticed a lot of Julian and other character hate. Fictional characters are supposed to have flaws just like we do; that is what makes them relatable. If they were perfect and didn’t have any flaws the plot won’t be that interesting. We as humans aren’t supposed to hate them because they have them since we have them ourselves. One character that gets a lot of hate for his flaws is Julian Blackthorn. Julian is morally grey. We all know that. Yes, he is considering cutting all the parabatai bonds and yes he has done a lot of shady things but he is doing it mostly for the people he loves. I agree that cutting all the parabatai bonds is not okay but the thing is I don’t hate Julian for considering it since he is doing it out of love. It is selfish, yes, but Julian has been doing stuff for others his whole life and it makes sense if he wants to be selfish for once even if it is really bad.Moreover, it makes the plot more interesting! If Julian was all sunshine and rainbows then it wouldn’t be realistic since no one who has suffered as much as him comes out unharmed. One of the reasons I love Julian so much is because he is a complex character. Actually he is the most complex character I have ever read about. Julian isn’t perfect but then no one is. Julian’s flaw is being morally grey. He shouldn’t be hated for it.

Another character is Emma. Okay I saw this post that said that Emma is using Julian and Mark- like she is trying to break both of their hearts and overall hating on her and Tessa because apparently they were both in the same situation and just want to hurt everyone. No Emma and Tessa’s situations were VERY different and they weren’t using anyone. Tessa was in love with both Will and Jem- she wasn’t trying to turn Jem and Will against each other. She simply loved them and they loved her, there was no cruel thinking. Emma wasn’t even in love with Mark in the first place and neither was Mark- he was in love with Cristina and Kieran while Emma was in love with Julian. Emma decided to hurt Julian to save him from the curse- not because she wanted him to feel bad or because she wanted any drama. Emma is in love with him just as he is and neither of them want to hurt each other. Emma too, has her flaws and that’s her love for revenge but that doesn’t make her a bad person. 

Another person is Alec Lightwood. I still can’t believe there are people calling him out with the situation with Magnus. To clarify Alec was confused. He never wanted to hurt Magnus. He went to Camille 3 times. One was to see what her offer was. The second was to clarify it and the third was to tell her that he didn’t want to go with anything she wanted to say. Alec was scared and confused and he made a mistake. Don’t we all make mistakes? Do we really deserve hate for making a mistake. What is important is that they LEARNED from them. Julian, Emma, Tessa and Alec aren’t bad people. They have simply been pressured too much, been scared, or confused, that might have made them make a mistake. Although in terms of Tessa- I don’t see her doing anything wrong- she was simply in love with two boys. In addition, I just wanted to say that I don’t think Julian will cut all the parabatai bonds. He might come close to doing it but he might stop because he knows Emma wouldn’t want that to happen and we all know he would do anything for her because he loves her so much and she will stop him. But back on the essay, I just wanted to say that all characters have their flaws but that doesn’t give us a right to hate on them. Kieran is another example. He made a mistake but only because he was scared and loved Mark. He deserves to be forgiven and not hated. He isn’t a bad person like Zara or Manuel who want to see people suffer. There is a difference between having a flaw and being an overall bad person like Zara/ Sebastian/ Manuel.

To wrap this essay up I’m going to tell my flaws. I am really stubborn and can be really salty. But I don’t want to see people hurt and I believe in equality and peace. I know I am not a bad person despite my flaws. I have done things that I regret. But haven’t we all. I usually don’t write essays but this has really been bothering me for a long time. There is a difference between stating your opinion and being overall mean. It’s okay to not like Julian/Kieran/Alec or any other character but it is not okay to hate on them for making a mistake or for having their flaws. Again, I am not talking about actual bad characters who have done horrific things like Sebastian and Valentine. So please guys do not hate on characters that have their own flaws. I am tired of seeing so much hate.

Secrets Revealed - Julian Albert

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- Could you write a Julian Albert x reader fic where the reader is Barry’s sister and Barry walks in on Julian and the reader cuddled up on the couch maybe asleep? Thanks! -anon // “pls write more julian albert x readers-anon


Word count - 1,371


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Imagine Julain Saving You Life. Then Kissed You

“Thank you for saving my life Julian”

You said to your boyfriend Julian. You have been in a secret relationship with Julian for 3 months. Why you ask. Because you are the baby of the group and they are all overprotective of you, especially Caitlin and Cisco. You, Caitlin and Cisco are the 3 musketeers. You three tell each other everything. so you had to keep this secret to yourself. Plus you and Caitlin are twins so you tell her everything, and I mean everything but that little secret.

“Anytime Y/N”

He kissed you and you kissed back.


“I’m so sorry baby”

“It’s Fine just kiss me”

This contains spoilers. Sorry

For Some reason, It’s not working. So if on phone download it by holding your finger and press the download button and on laptop drag onto your screen

on a completely different note, i cannot physically wait until john cameron goes thru some serious character development. like. john cameron discovering that julian provides him his acts? john cameron constantly mulling over the fact that julian saved his life? john cameron acknowledging that julian idolizes him in a lot of ways? john cameron realizing that, despite the fact that julian arguably Messes Everything Up Always, the show could not have gone on for this long without him? 

like. once those realizations fall into place for our dear idiot of a host, his perception of julian will be changed forever. and i am so here and so ready to see how those discoveries will change the dynamic of their relationship 

DS9: Rules, Games, Winning

One thing while watching Season 7 I keep thinking about is how DS9 deals with success and continually redefines what it means to “win”… and how the lessons they learn by playing games for entertainment informs how they make sense of winning real-life victories.

1) The take-home message of Take Me Out to the Holosuite is that “manufactured triumph” can be just as good as actually winning– the Niners team of misfits was never going to win against superstar Vulcans in the baseball game, but they can win by ~having fun~ and infuriating the main Vulcan guy anyway.  If you can’t win, change the goal.

2) Miles and Julian’s obsession with the Alamo shows also how losing a battle can mean winning the war– in the Battle of the Alamo  the Texans (who are the heroes in US history narratives) are outnumbered, outmatched by Santa Anna’s Mexican troops, and the Texans are slaughtered while standing their ground.  This is a losing battle!  However as Wikipedia further informs me, “Santa Anna’s cruelty during the battle inspired many Texans to join the Texan Army” eventually leading to them winning the overall revolution.  This is Miles and Julian’s escape into fantasy to take the pressure off, but also is a way for them to make sense of the casualty lists.  Will their co-workers and allies have died for nothing, in the end?  If they themselves die will their lives have been worth it?  The desire to avenge the deaths of the Alamo led for Texan victory, and so the DS9 crew has to use their grief over Federation/ally deaths to fuel their will to beat the Dominion.

3) oh and the Season ½ pointless plots with aliens that like to play games that don’t seem like fun to us (Move Along Home, Captive Pursuit, Rivals, perhaps even Q-Less… Battle Lines is not a game in terms of entertainment but it is like a neverending laser tag with real weapons.) is an attempt to set up further questions on what winning means– how can you win when you don’t know what rules you’re playing by?  what happens if you refuse to play the game?  what happens to your honor and integrity when the game isn’t fair to begin with, and in that case what’s the point in playing? (why not just punch Q in his smarmy face?)

4) in Our Man Bashir, Julian and Garak have to win the holosuite game to save the crew trapped from the transporter malfunction, but in the process might be killed themselves.  Garak tries to save him and Julian, but it would kill the crew– this attempt at victory isn’t acceptable to Julian who shoots him, and Garak is pleased at Julian’s commitment: “He showed me that he had the spine to play the game as it ought to be played”.  In the end, Julian “saves the day by destroying the world”– to save the real lives of the crew, he has to lose the expected endgoal of the holosuite game.

5) All of this builds to our more seriously treated plot arcs that deal directly with these themes– how will our heroes save the day, what will they sacrifice in the process, how will they know what victory is and if it’s worth it?  The first related ongoing arc is Bajoran independence and their ongoing struggle with self-governance and rebuilding, as seen through Major Kira: the black and white of the Resistance against Cardassian oppressors doesn’t apply to the murky grey politics of democracy– how to do what is best for the Bajoran people while also letting them make their own decisions. When Bajorans disagree with Bajorans who is the enemy?  How do you deal with nebulous objectives?  Winning was easy, governing’s harder.

6) Sisko’s confrontations with the Maquis culminates with his pursuit/standoffs with Eddington– Federation values don’t generally allow for officers to poison whole planets, not for any reason, but for Sisko to win he has to play the game that Eddington has set up for him, he has to be the Javert to Eddington’s Valjean.  This is against standard Star Trek rules!!! but it pays off and he wins.

8) Sisko’s struggle to win the game while playing by the rules– and then having to overstep those rules– is most obviously dealt with in In the Pale Moonlight.  “I lied. I cheated. I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But the most damning thing of all… I think I can live with it. And if I had to do it all over again - I would. Garak was right about one thing: a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant."  No subtext here, this is the thesis statement of this whole theme, from the mouth of the Sisko himself.  This is followed up by the Section 31 episodes, which reveal that the Federation itself– who has set those rules Sisko breaks/bends!– is willing to sacrifice its integrity in order to win in the end.

Whose rules do you play by and when?  If you play to win what do you lose in the process?  By saving the day, do you destroy the world?  Is it worth it?