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A Jumin request if I may ask.. ( '°v°) MC gets into some kind of accident and loses her sight, and Jumin finds out about it and comes to see MC to the hospital.. (GAH THIS IS SO MEAN AND SAD IS THIS TOO SAD??? BUT I STILL WANT IT BUT GRR ;^;)

MORE ANGSTTTTTTTT ahhh poor Jumin (;﹏;) ITS OKAY MAH BB I’LL MAKE SURE THE ENDING WONT BE AS SAD AS IT COULD BEEEEEEEE  I have decided that in this scenario you are newlyweds owo

Stacks of papers sat on his desk, each pile bigger than the other, large white mountains about to tip over at any minute. There was a phone call every ten minutes, the ringing sound almost permanent in Jumin’s brain. Work was a pain, the holiday making things even more difficult. Jaehee was taking up all the documents she could, but the amount was so huge that even Jumin had to help out. There was no time for any new cat projects, much to Jumin’s dismay, but he knew that Jaehee was happy about it. Winter was a very stressful season for C&R International.

“Assistant Kang, I will be taking a short break to get some water.” Jumin sighed, rising up from his desk.

“Yes, Mr. Han.” Jaehee nodded, her eyes flickering to him before going back to the paper she was looking over.

Jumin left the room, his muscles aching and stiff from staying in one position for too long. He didn’t want to be there anymore, he wanted to go home and see you. The wedding had only been a month ago, and Jumin couldn’t get enough of you. He had to see your face at least once in the morning before leaving for work, it helped him build his motivation. You were amazing as always, and even better now that you were his wife. Every time Jumin would get home from work, you were always there to greet him and give him a quick peck on the lips or cheek. He couldn’t be any happier.

Work was the same as usual today, Jumin was dealing with the usual as always. A sip of water helped him relax a bit despite the tight atmosphere that surrounded him. Somehow though, today the water was a bit warm. It was supposed to be ice cold, was the machine perhaps broken? Jumin mumbled a small complaint to himself and reached out to place the cup down. Much to his dismay, his fingers were clumsy today and let go of the object early, resulting in the cup falling to the floor and spilling it’s contents on to the floor.

“What a pain…” Jumin sighed, bending down to clean his mess.

It was almost as if all of his luck had vanished in one second.

Before he could even bend down fully, Jumin’s phone began to ring. “What now…” Jumin grumbled in displeasure as he answered. “Yes, this is Han Jumin speaking.”

“Mr. Han,” Oh, it was only Jaehee. “There’s a call for you from the hospital.”

Jumin rubbed his temples in slight frustration. “Are they calling about my father’s pills again? Tell them they called the wrong number.”

“No, it’s about ____.” Jaehee said, her tone a bit more serious now.

Jumin’s heart stopped, his breath hitching for a moment. “What?”

“That’s all I know, they won’t tell me anything else.”

Clenching his jaw, Jumin didn’t bother saying anything as he hung up. He was back at the office in record time, going straight to the phone on his desk. What could have possibly happened to you? You didn’t leave the condo often, and you always tended to stay on the safe side, so how were you injured in any way?

“This is Han Jumin speaking.” He spoke quickly, wanting to get straight to the point.

“Mr. Han, your wife ____ has been in a serious accident.”


There was something about the scent of hospitals that always made Jumin sick. Maybe it was because all of his experiences at the hospital had been negative since the beginning of his life, well minus his birth. Either way, this experience was going to be another unpleasant memory for Jumin. His blood was rushing as he waited for the elevator he was currently in to hurry up and get to the floor you were on, his feet impulsively tapping on the hard floor as he occasionally glanced at the watch on his wrist. Jumin knew that you were in a stable condition, but they hadn’t told him any details on what was exactly wrong with you and what had happened to you. He was extremely anxious, his heart throbbing so hard that it was the only thing he could hear in his ears.

With a ding, the doors finally opened, and Jumin took no time to get out. It was fairly easy to get to your room, the location not too far from the elevator itself. He didn’t want to barge in, just in case you were sleeping or something. But since he was in a hurry to see how you were doing, he opened the door right away.

“____? It’s me.”

You were lying on the bed, facing away from the door. Jumin could tell there was something wrapped around your head, covering your eyes. He had so many questions, quietly walking over to your bedside. He wasn’t sure if you were awake or not, so he didn’t say anything in fear of possibly waking you.

You suddenly turned towards his direction, a small smile on your face. “J-Jumin, you’re here.”

“____!” Jumin took your hand, holding onto it tightly. “What happened? Are your eyes going to be okay?”

Your smile faltered. “I… got into an accident while I was out shopping, I can’t remember much of it.” You tried your hardest to recollect the events that lead to this, but failed to remember anything. “My eyes… They’re probably ruined.” You looked down, your voice cracking as you said the last bit.

Jumin clenched his jaw, his chest feeling heavy as he looked over your condition. “We’ll ask the doctor and see what he can do, we can’t lose hope now.”

You shook your head, your lip trembling as you were overcome with the urge to cry. “N-No, it’s too late, they already said they couldn’t help me.”

“Don’t say that ____.” Jumin took you into his arms, holding you tightly.

You felt so cold, almost lifeless despite the fact that you were wide awake. It was Jumin’s job to keep you warm, to be your safe haven. You clung onto him, as if you had nothing else left in this cruel world. Jumin understood how upset you must have been, the excruciating feeling of hopelessness. You could only see darkness, with only your sight and hearing to aid you. There was something else that would be there for you though, and that would be Jumin himself.

Jumin pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead, trying his best to comfort you. “I’ll find the best doctors in the world, and they will fix you. If I have to give up my own sight to get yours back, then I will. I’ll do anything to make you happy again.” He whispered.

“Y-You don’t have to do that for me…” You said, your voice muffled due to the fact that your face was buried into Jumin’s chest.

Jumin shushed you, rubbing circles onto your back. “I’ll do it even if you don’t want me to, I don’t wanna see you cry like this. I love you too much to see you in pain.”

You managed to smile a little, though it was bitter. “I love you too, sucks that I won’t be able to see your handsome face anymore though.”

Jumin frowned, you were right. You weren’t going to enjoy the same pleasures as before anymore, just the plain color of black. “Yes… That will be a shame.”

You suddenly chuckled at his reply. “Gosh, you’re so serious.” You pressed an ear against his heart, listening to the soft rhythm. “I can enjoy your voice at least, it’s actually pretty deep if you think about it.”

Jumin sighed, though the mood was much lighter than before. “You only notice that now?”

You continued to laugh, though it wasn’t the happiest, it was still something. If Jumin could continue to make you smile in any way, then he would do that for the rest of his life. He wasn’t sure how this whole situation was going to turn out, but he was positive about one thing.

Everything was going to be okay.

Happy ending-ish ending because I can’t stand sad ones, they hurt me TwT Hope ya enjoyed it and have a nice day~!

~ Admin Riri


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thanku for opening requests. can i have tsuna putting mayo inside of reborns coffee as revenge after a rlly weird prank war??

tsuna: *deviously putting mayonnaise in reborn’s espresso*
mukuro: *is here for some reason, kufufu-ing evilly*

tsuna: hey, reborn! i made you your afternoon espresso!
reborn, reclining in a lawn chair: my, it looks very rich.. and thick. and creamy.
tsuna: ~~~?
reborn: you put mayonnaise in it, didn’t you
tsuna: *squirts the entire bottle of mayonnaise in reborn’s face*
also tsuna: *probably trips and falls like a frgjksing loser* I’m Gonna Die


im surprised and kinda disappointed at the sheer lack of tord being characterized as the complete loser he is. 
not in a “teehee such trash” way.
hes some dude in his mid twenties whos obsessed with weapons and violence. (don’t tell me he wouldn’t be one of the crazy pro gun guys on /k/) he unironically wears black trench coats. he backed the girl he liked’s car into a dumpster. he at one point had 90+ gbs of hentai saved and watched it religiously. he lives with a bunch of also loser dudes around the same age who have never been implied to have any sort of jobs (besides edd being a cartoonist) and i haven’t even mentioned all the communist stuff yet. 
tord would write really long rants in facebook comments about politics (mainly communism+why its the best). tord would watch porn without headphones on with the volume cranked up. tord would hoard dishes in his room (this might actually be canon since we see a dirty plate in his secret lab thats been there 8+ years. jesus). 
Lets be honest here, if tord made a dating profile it would be posted on one of the dating fails sites/blogs. 

honestly i said a while back that jake t austin is a solid percy fancast and now i’m off mobile and ready to provide corresponding visuals

lightning thief era percy–cute, scrawny, mischievous looking…imagine this little dude stabbing a minotaur with its own horn

12 yo sea of monsters percy looking in circe’s mirror and wishing he was taller and handsomer :’)

 this dude lowkey trying to murder thalia grace because he’s jealous she’s as powerful as him

battle of the labyrinth era percy growing into his looks enough that rachel elizabeth dare and annabeth chase both have massive crushes on him (or each other, potentially? it was not made clear…but i digress)

this week in “confused loser saves the entire world while simultaneously becoming the teen heartthrob of the demigod world” (side note: this is 100% the puppy dog look piper comments on in moa)

 son of neptune era street kid fending off monsters and mortals alike with his Wolf Stare

percy is seventeen he just wants to skate and live with his mom and spend more than 2 minutes alone with his girlfriend but instead he is on a flying warship trying to save the world :/

tfw you’re an actual child who has literally been through hell and back…someone help him…pls give him a haircut

and lastly, toa percy who has had enough of the gods’ shit and is just tryna prep for his future without being dragged into another massively important quest to try and save the human race

in conclusion, even though ppl fancast jake as leo ALL THE TIME, he makes a much better percy imho. hair and eyes can be changed more easily than any other physical trait for a movie, and everything else about jake, from his physique to his facial structure to his skin tone to his smile, is deadass percy jackson incarnate

BONUS: troublemaker grin?

Ever since these ( @sinfulpapillon && @meowgreste ) two losers wonderful blessings dragged me to ‘ Miraculous Ladybug crossover with Bambi ‘ hell… I’ve been non-stop listening to Bambi songs. Then i witnessed the most precious thing…

Ladybug in trouble

Adrien rescuing the love of his life Ladybug

Ladybug rewarding him with a smooch

Happy sunshine child 


Happy father/Gabes ( he ships it secretly )

Disney Au!

so here, everyone is a disney character but their stories are all messed up and they fall in love with the wrong people and it’s gay and cool trust me

  • Kageyama(Rapunzel) is trapped up in this tower by a witch- does he have the long hair? Up to you, i don’t care, could be cool- but he’s lonely and probably explains his lack of people skills. One day Hinata(Peter Pan) happens upon him and takes him away to Neverland, and they hang out and have fun and it’s Hina that rescues Kags from the witch
  • Asahi( Beast) is chased from his castle and forced to hide in the woods where he is mistaken for a bear and almost killed by Noya(Merida). But Noya decides he’ll help Asahi find his true love to break his curse so they go out looking for pretty girls but Asahi is literally terrified of pretty women. Stuff happens blah blah whatever and Noya ends up being his true love.( Or not, what if Asahi dies? Huh? Somone come on give me angst!)
  • Kenma(Wendy) returned from Neverland but no one beleived him, causing his severe social anxiety. His parents moved them far away to a new city, where he meets the gorgeous, charismatic street performer Kurro(Esmerelda). Kurro takes an interst in Kenma, and shows him the beauty of the real world. (Or the beauty of whats under his pants. Who knows.)
  • Tsukishima(Milo) is searching for the lost city of Atlantis. He discovers a trapped mermaid Yamaguchi(Ariel) who shows him the way to the city and their way of life. In return, Tsukki shows him his human things. Not that complex a story.(Maybe yama is mute? That’s be cool yeah?)
  • Daichi(Prince Charming) is searching for the girl that fits the glass slipper. Instead he meets Suga(Snow White) living in a cottage of dwarves. He falls madly in love and later rescues him from his slumber.
  • Shimizu(Belle) is searching for her father in the woods when she meets Yachi(Sleeping Beauty) who runs away in fear. Shimizu can’t forget her though, and continuously goes to the woods to meet with her, and they become friends. When yachi falls alseep, Shimizu runs to her rescue to wake her up.
  • Ennoshita(Prince Phillip) is on a quest with his best friends Narita(Florian) and Kinnoshita(Naveen). Kinnoshita has been turned into a frog and they are searching for a spell to save him. Along the way they encounter Tanaka(Robin Hood) who manages to steal not only their jewels, but Ennoshita’s heart. ( Is is unrequitted? Will they ever meet again? Will somebody die? 

Nothing  says joy quite like turning my childhood into gay fanfiction material. 

*edit* I put the wrong fucking name in the last one how did i even do that thanks for pointing it out to me i literally just hit myself im so ashamed how do i mix up enno and tanaka???

  • Shiro: Keith, if i don't make it out of here...
  • Keith: then i'll come for you.
  • Shiro: you won't. Voltron can't lose two paladins...
  • Keith: yeah, i'm such a loser. can't save you, can't protect you, you must hate me.
  • Shiro: Keith, that's not...
  • Keith: yeah that's not. you wanna protect me, and i wanna protect you. we're the same. so go get your balls and help me to help you.
  • Shiro: *smiles*

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dp prompt: Dash approaching Danny after Phantom Planet in School

(Okay so I’ve always wanted to write something related to after PP so here we go :D)

Dash had felt the very faintest sense of deja vu when Danny had stood in the place of Phantom after saving everyone. It was a feeling he couldn’t describe, but he knew he had to have known Danny was Phantom, but yet he wouldn’t have known had no one told or show him like Danny had done.

School was out for the next week or so after the event, so everyone could recover and have time to take in their near death experience, and appreciate the Ghost Boy even more now. There was definitely alot of news coverage over it. 

The next day at school, it was definitely different. People were gossiping left and right about the event, about how wimpy loser Danny was the hero that saved the world as Phantom. Dash had his own thoughts about it, still trying to wrap his mind around the whole thing. He was always a fan of Phantom, even much so that he was in the fanclub a group of people had created of him. Yet, when he learned that Phantom was Danny, he couldn’t help but feel guilt. Most days at school, he’d be wailing on his “favorite punching bag” that was his very own hero and he had no idea.

So when he went up to Danny when he’d found him at school, wanting to talk to him, he watched as the smaller flinched, expecting to be punched, when Dash only rested his hand against the locker beside his head instead. 

“Dash,” Danny started, holding his hands up in front of him to protect himself, as his back was pressed against the lockers behind him. “What do you want?”

“Hey, Fenton.” Dash said, completely ignoring him. His voice spoke his name softer than he’d intended, but he put no ill-will behind it. “I, uh,” With his other free hand, Dash rubbed the back of his neck, wondering how to begin. He looked away, staring at the locker behind Danny. “I’m sorry.” He said it quickly, just to get it out, looking back at Danny.

Danny was silent for long moments, not knowing what to say in return, so Dash continued in his panic. “I just kept wailing on you day in and day out and you just took it and I don’t know why, I mean, you’re Phantom for god sake, you could’ve done more than hurt me back, but I just kept hurting my hero without knowing it and it sucks and if I could I would take it all back.” At this point, Dash was rambling, hardly pausing to breathe as he let out his apologies and regrets to Danny. “You hardly deserved it at all, I mean, you saved us countless times, and even the whole world! It wasn’t fair to you.”

Danny just stared wide-eye back at Dash; it wasn’t exactly the morning he had expected when he walked into school again as a hero, but it wasn’t exactly unwelcome either. He slowly started to smile as Dash gushed all about him. “Dash.” Danny said, interrupting the jock, so he wouldn’t humiliate himself any further. “It’s okay.”

“W-what?” Dash asked, taken aback, his cheeks burning bright.

“It’s okay.” He repeated. “You didn’t know, and I had to hide who I was somehow. It’s not your fault.” 

“Oh.” Was all that the jock could muster out, pulling his hand away off the locker now, letting both of them rest by his sides. “How did it happen anyway?” He asked, gesturing to Danny. “Being Phantom, I mean.”

Danny held back a sigh. “It was a lab accident.” He explained, for the probably hundredth time that morning. “The ghost portal half killed me.”

Dash nodded slowly, as he took in that information, and then backed away from Danny a few steps, rubbing the back of his neck again. “Hey Fenton?” He repeated, saying it as softly as he had before.


“Do you think we could… I don’t know. Start over?”

“Yeah… Yeah, I think we can.”

Haikyuu! Au- Tendou

Au where everything is the same except Tendou Satori goes to Karasuno instead of Shiratorizawa.

I mean imagine,

Tendou and Yamaguchi becoming friends that love reading manga and nerding out together and gossiping about the latest chapter of something when Daichi’s back is turned durring practice

Noya and Tanaka and Tendou being super BFFs  and being loud and annoying and following Shimizu around like puppies because they all think she’s so fucking hot

Noya and Tendou coming up with awful names for their moves like the losers they are- I mean, Rolling Thunder and Shooting Star, really, can these two be less fucking dorks

Hinata and him literally just jumping. No one has found any actual purpose to the jumping but they do it all the freaking time

Him actually being super sweet and kind to Yachi and is very protective of her and will absolutely ruin anyone that messes with this little cinnamon bun

Someone needs to save Daichi cuz this idiot will try to copy his answers every single day without fail and he is so obvious about it and Daichi almost gets in trouble every damn time

The utter sass of him and Tsukishima who will just go back and forth all of practice omg they just can’t stop these assholes- but lbr they are actually a great team and they are the best blockers ever and when they joint sass someone it will undoubtedly end in tears.

just… Tendou Satori being a Karasuno loser