saving grace again

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.
—  Ephesians 2:8-9 (NLT)
DGM -Allen Father Figure  Irony


Something I always thought about, and mentioned on a DGM forum a while back. I decided to go ahead and post it here. Covering some irony, and a potential direction that Hoshino could go, or be going in with Allen + Cross / Mana.

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Could you throw me a short rundown of why other Christians hate catholics so much? I just saw that last post where the guy tried to use you being a catholic to drag you and some shit about that not being a real christian? I never understood that argument since Catholicism was the first version of Christianity and everything else was just a spinoff, but I'm not christian anymore and don't want to do my own research tbh its easier to just ask you

Hoo boy. Okay. Catholics have a tendency to be really confident in their beliefs because we’ve been around for so long. We’re like that. We’re not as preachy as we are people who can tell you for ages why Catholicism is right if need be. But of course, not everyone thinks Catholicism is right, which is why Protestants exist. After the reformation, new denominations were formed, all based around the 5 Solae, which are Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Solus Christus and Soli Deo Gloria.

Sola Scriptura basically means that the Bible is the final word of God. No extra-biblical teachings like the Church does.

Sola Fide means that God won’t pardon you for works, but through your faith in him alone. The Catholic Church teaches that we must collaborate with God as a friend by doing works.

Sola Gratia means that we’re saved by Grace alone. Again, we believe we must do works.

Solus Christus means that your salvation is received through Christ alone, not through good works.

Soli Deo Gratia means we need to give glory to God alone. Most Protestants see the veneration of the Virgin Mary and prayer to Saints as idolatrous as it takes away the glory to God, but not all.

With differences like these, theres alot of debate to be had.

Basically, we’re both at each other’s throats because we disagree for theological reasons and both sides are confident.

The next step.

One of the first things Lyle and I discussed, after the realisation that we were going to lose our baby, was trying again.

We were, without hesitation, in agreement that we wanted to keep trying. We know that we are meant to be parents. Every doctor and specialist that we’ve seen believes it’s unlikely to effect any future pregnancies and they’ve given us the go ahead to start trying when we are ready.

In fact, the thought that we can try again has been a major factor in me hanging on to my sanity. Knowing that this didn’t happen to us because of something I had or hadn’t done, or because of a failure in my own body, but simply because of horrid cruel luck, has been a saving grace.

Seeing as trying again was always our decided path, I didn’t expect to feel this way about getting my period. (At least what I think is my period, it’s certainly not typical to my cycles pervious to pregnancy)

Though the idea of trying again has been a source of strength for me, I suppose the reality of it has hit me harder than expected.

It took us a year to fall pregnant, and though I’ve theoretically accepted that it’s likely to take us a while again, I also know that I was barely holding it together towards the end of that year. How well am I going to handle it now?

This period has barely ended and I’m already dreading the disappointment and anxiety that will come with the start of my next one. How will I cope with four or five failed months.

What if it gets to a year again, what if it’s longer?
What if I never fall pregnant again?

What if I do?

I’m still only wrestling with the idea of trying again and I’m already anxious for this hypothetical pregnancy. I may of portrayed a sense of calm through my pregnancy but I most certainly wasn’t.

I was worried from day one. Every ache, every twinge, every symptom, I was googling and asking my mum and sister about. I was convinced something was going to go wrong.

Every one reassured me that everything was normal. Each doctors visit was uneventful, each urine and blood test came back clear, every one told me that everything was fine. How am I supposed to believe them now?

How can I get through a pregnancy when I can barely get through this post with out breaking down?

The thought of never being pregnant is equally as terrifying as the thought of falling pregnant right now.

I know there are lots of mums to rainbow babies out there, how did you deal with this? How or when did you start trying again?

Topics to Study Sheet!

This has been my saving grace! Thanks to theorganisedstudent again for making this possible for students like me and you! Thank you! Hope everyone else uses it to succeed in their academics!

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Prompt: Monty is always stealing Miller's shirts (even though they don't fit at all and he has plenty of his own to wear) and everyone thinks it's cute. Miller tries to act annoyed but it's clear that he likes it.

I hope this turned out okay! (It kind of became the five times Monty stole Miller’s shirt and the one time Miller gave one to him, but only kind of.)

The first time Monty stole one of Miller’s shirts, it was at an impromptu group sleepover after a fun night of drinking.  Monty had gone to bed on the floor in Miller’s room, and woken up early, the only one to do so.  He figured Miller wouldn’t mind if he just took a shirt, he felt sticky in his own shirt.

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SaturDIARY: I’M ON TV // Grace Helbig

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Okay, okay, I know that this blog is about Steven universe but I have a non related question. What do you mods think of suicide squad?

i hate jared leto, heard it’s really choppy, i don’t like harley’s outfit it’s… demeaning (i heard the actress hated it as well). i’ve been roped into seeing it on sunday so i can give you the first-hand experienced thoughts after -mod e

Oh my god.

But what if Cas does get some of his grace back from Claire?

And he then proceeds to use it to cure Dean? It would basically be Cas superseding Lucifer’s claim to Dean’s soul (that’s what a mark like the MoC or Dean’s erstwhile handprint is, a physical manifestation of angel grace touching and binding a human soul) with his own.

We might get The Handprint The Writers Forgot back.

We might even get a variation on the theme of “You deserve to be saved.”

Cas regaining his grace again only to give it all to Dean, replacing the Mark of Cain with his own mark/claim, saving Dean, and returning Cas to being a human (as we’ve seen before that parting with his own grace doesn’t kill Cas, it just makes him human).

Dean, saved by the angel who loves him too much to kill him when there’s another way out. Saved, metaphorically, from the burden of being his brother’s keeper. Dean, finally able to work through his backlog of issues and put them to rest. Dean having a healthy relationship with his brother. Dean having hope again, maybe still believing he’ll die at the end of a gun or a knife or under a set of claws because that’s how it is for hunters but also not wishing for death. Dean being hopeful and happy in the time he has left. Dean figuring out how to navigate his new, less-burdened life with Sam and Cas. :D