saving all of my money from now until then

Okay, so our D&D party played with the Deck of Many Things tonight.

First up, the Sorcerer that stole the Deck drew four cards:

Comet - If you single-handedly defeat the next hostile monster or group of Monsters you encounter, you gain experience points enough to gain one level. Otherwise, this card has no effect.


Gem - Twenty-five pieces of jewelry worth 2,000 gp each or fifty gems worth 1,000 gp each appear at your feet.


Skull - You summon an avatar of death-a ghostly humanoid Skeleton clad in a tattered black robe and carrying a spectral scythe. It appears in a space of the DM’s choice within 10 feet of you and attacks you, warning all others that you must win the battle alone. The avatar fights until you die or it drops to 0 hit points, whereupon it disappears. If anyone tries to help you, the helper summons its own avatar of death. A creature slain by an avatar of death can’t be restored to life.

Whoa, shit. He wins though, and as per the Comet card he drew first, gains a level.

Donjon - You disappear and become entombed in a state of suspended animation in an extradimensional sphere. Everything you were wearing and carrying stays behind in the space you occupied when you disappeared. You remain imprisoned until you are found and removed from the Sphere. You can’t be located by any Divination magic, but a wish spell can reveal the location of your prison. You draw no more cards.

FUCKING BYE. So our characters are all pretty scared of this deck now. Our bard is happy that it left the money behind. We collect his belongings and head back across the desert and magical wilderness to the town we were traveling toward.

So a few days travel later we reach the town and my Monk, hoping to draw something to save the Sorcerer, draws one card:

Skull - An avatar of death appears and attacks. I win, but I didn’t have a Comet, so I gain nothing.

Our Oath of Conquest (i.e. Evil) Paladin said he would draw to try and save the sorcerer if I did, and declares he will draw two cards:

Rogue - A nonplayer character of the DM’s choice becomes hostile toward you. The identity of your new enemy isn’t known until the NPC or someone else reveals it. Nothing less than a wish spell or Divine Intervention can end the NPC’s hostility toward you.

So he has a new enemy we don’t know anything about, somewhere.

Jester - You gain 10,000 XP, or you can draw two additional cards beyond your declared draws.


Gem - 50,000gp of gems appear at his feet

So our money troubles are pretty much over with.

Knight - You gain the service of a 4th-level Fighter who appears in a space you choose within 30 feet of you. The Fighter is of the same race as you and serves you loyally until death, believing the fates have drawn him or her to you. You control this character.

His character is driven by his diety/patron to amass power and followers, so this is pretty cool. The first of his army.

Our Bard gets over his fear and declares he is drawing three cards:

Flames - A powerful devil becomes your enemy. The devil seeks your ruin and plagues your life, savoring your suffering before attempting to slay you. This enmity lasts until either you or the devil dies.

Well, shit. The bard, and by extension the party, have been trying to build a trading company in addition to performing around the world as a travelling band, so this angry devil has a bunch of ways to ruin us before killing the bard and maybe all of us.

Star - Increase one of your Ability Scores by 2.

Always good. 20 Charisma now for the Bard.

Vizier - At any time you choose within one year of drawing this card, you can ask a question in meditation and mentally receive a truthful answer to that question. Besides information, the answer helps you solve a puzzling problem or other dilemma. In other words, the knowledge comes with wisdom on how to apply it.

Okay cool, he’s hanging onto it for now, but we’re pretty sure we’ll end up using it to find out how to stop that devil that wants to destroy him.

Did you notice anything about the Knight card? Oh that’s right, the player controls the fighter. So next up, the 4th level fighter, ordered to draw from the deck by the Paladin, draws four cards:

Key - A rare or rarer Magic Weapon with which you are proficient appears in your hands. The DM chooses the weapon.

He gets a +2 cursed weapon that one of the components of the curse is that he won’t give it away. No free loot for the Paladin.

Fool - You lose 10,000 XP, discard this card, and draw from the deck again, counting both draws as one of your declared draws. If losing that much XP would cause you to lose a level, you instead lose an amount that leaves you with just enough XP to keep your level.

He literally just magically materialized here at level 4, so he has no xp to lose. He draws again.

Vizier - Ask any question and receive a truthful, useful answer.

The Paladin lost his memory just before the start of the campaign, so he’s going to have the fighter ask later about that.

Moon - You are granted the ability to cast the wish spell 1d3 times.

Hot damn. He gets 1 on the roll for number of wishes, and grants the entire party permanent fire resistance. Our DM even decrees that the resistance will stack with the Paladin and Fighter’s tiefling fire resist and make the immune to fire, because hey, it’s the Deck of Many Things, it’s real fucking powerful.

The Fates - Reality’s fabric unravels and spins anew, allowing you to avoid or erase one event as if it never happened. You can use the card’s magic as soon as you draw the card or at any other time before you die.

Jaysus. The Paladin and I had agreed that we were drawing to save the sorcerer, and he decides that applies to his servant’s draws also. We use this power to undo the Donjon draw that banished the sorcerer. So he appears alone, naked, in the desert where he had drawn the card. He starts walking, quickly becoming exhausted by the heat and his complete lack of any clothing, food, or water.

But he had declared he would draw four cards. We had undone the draw that banished him, and per the rules of the Deck of Many Things, he must draw all the cards he said he would. An hour after he reappears, a new card flies off the deck, and its effect immediately applies.

He’s lying face down in the desert sands, when suddenly, a 4th level fighter appears, offering him a waterskin and some clothing. They believe that they have been drawn to him by fate, and will serve him loyally until death.

He is saved! But there’s one more thing about the Knight card.

He controls this character. Next week, he’s going to have them draw from the goddamn Deck.


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“Well, doesn’t this look…unusual.” You said after entering home you shared with your husband, hanging up your coat, and finding him in the kitchen shuffling a deck of cards with a bottle of wine laid out on the table.

“Hello babe.” Alfie said as he got up from his seat, momentarily stopping to kiss you hello. You still stood with a perplexed look on our face. Hesitantly you sat in the chair across from him, your eyes never leaving him.

“What is all this?”

His eyes furrowed, causing him to lean forward. “Don’t you remember last week?” The look on your face was his cue. “Right, so you don’t remember. Well… you said you always wanted to do this.”

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My life is at the point where I can finally feel comfortable enough to do actual commissions. 

Why am I doing commissions, you may ask? To make a long story short, I’m trying to save up money so I can finally leave my country and start a much better life (going from a very small European country, to America). I’ll need a lot of money, so I can do all the necessary paperwork, leave the country, and then live for a while until I find a proper job, even if it’s a minimum wage job.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for several years, but now I feel like I can actually do something to make it happen.

So here’s what’s up


  • $10 PER PIECE (but you can offer more if you feel like it’s worth more. This is just a base price // you can also pay more as a form of donation, if you’d like to support me on top of paying me for the piece you request; anything helps).
  • Size/resolution, presence/absence of colors, any background (colored/transparent/somewhat detailed), type of piece, has no effect on the price, at this time. If I get more requests for certain types of pieces, that may change, but at this time, everything has the same price.
  • Depending on circumstances I may not always predict, one piece may take anywhere between 4-8 hours to make, or it could take 1-4 days to complete. Please keep that in mind, if time is something you’re concerned about.
  • Payment methods: I only have PayPal (payments will be accepted via only)
  • If you have a problem with me putting my signature on the piece I make for you (unless it’s a logo/album art, then we can’t do any business.


  • TYPES: Logos (text/image-based, and variations/themes, if necessary), album art, various cover pictures (for Facebook pages, SoundCloud, Twitter, etc.), drawings of original characters, image corruption (as an extra, if you’re interested). If I didn’t mention something, just ask me directly and I’ll see what can be done.
  • CONTENT: It doesn’t matter if it’s safe for work or NSFW (not safe for work). If the context doesn’t bother me, I’ll draw it.
  • STYLE: A variety of things that appear low-poly, anything that can have gradients, just about any amount of shading (or lack thereof), minimal details, simple shapes, anything that’s angular.
  • EDITING: Visual corruptions/tearing/distortion, color adjustments, mixing drawn elements with photos. No additional cost, as these are very simple things I do with a lot of my more recent pieces anyway. You can request to have/not have them.


  • TYPES: Tracing pieces that belong to other people (whether there’s permission or not), complex pieces that have a huge amount of elements (my computer can only handle so much, but depending on what it is, I might be able to do it; you’ll have to ask).
  • CONTENT: Anything tied in with bigotry (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nazi/communist imagery, hate speech in general, etc.), politics in general, pedophilia, abuse of any kind (physical, sexual), extreme fetish art (you can ask, but if it makes me uncomfortable, I won’t be able to do it; in most cases, I probably won’t have an issue with it).
  • STYLE: Anything that’s realistic, high amounts of details. I just can’t pull that off with my style, but there are plenty of artists out there that can do it.
  • EDITING: Anything significantly more complex than the things I mentioned in the list of things I can do, basically.


  • Tumblr: Send me an ask, and I’ll message you back
  • Twitter: @11EYEDROOK
  • E-Mail: (this is not the same e-mail as my PayPal e-mail, please do not try to send any payments there!!!).


Maybe this just works for me bc depression makes me hopelessly lazy, but if you have a problem with spending too much money on stuff over the internet, always keep your wallet somewhere across the room….if I add something to my cart and I have to get up and get my credit card from across the room to fill in the payment info, there’s a 99% chance that I’ll change my mind about ordering it bc I don’t want to expend the effort

It’s harder to do now that you can use paypal for almost everything so it’s only a couple clicks and you’re done, but if at all possible, try to hold yourself to using your actual credit card, and putting it somewhere that requires effort to get to it, to increase your chances of maybe putting off ordering it until later when you have more money saved up

I argue with my parents a lot about how hard my life has been and they always always always tell me off, because I have it WAY easier than they did back in the 80’s.

Something they always bring up is the internet. Apparently they didn’t have the internet!! Imagine that!! Going to the library and looking at references and atlases and microfiche copies of hundred-year-old newspapers. Oh wait, we have the internet now, which also has those things… but not in any order, and who knows if those sites we get that info from are even credible. It takes a lot longer to do research now than back in the 80’s. In the 80’s you didnt need to question every source because there werent ‘bad’ sources. And then you have to consider those really old newspapers and articles and journals, and even scientific papers. Most of them are REALLY OLD. So old that the paper companies havent had time or the will or the want to put them online. So all those sources, which are probably hidden away in storage facilities or hidden behind subscription fees or lost to time are no longer accessible. AT ALL. So yeah, we may have the internet to speed things up a bit, but that doesnt mean it’s speeding everything up.

Next item is jobs. My parents are Gen X. Gen X was almost guaranteed jobs in the 80’s and 90’s when they were graduating high school. My mom has had jobs since she was 11! I work now where my dad got HIS first job when he was 15. A lot of companies needed people back then. The job market favored Gen X. But now, as Gen Z is starting to graduate, a lot of us are finding that there are no jobs for us, and if we are, it’s either by luck or through someone we know. My job is at a restaurant that I’ve been going to literally my entire life. I know them. And I have cousins and aunts and uncles who either need someone to work or know someone who could take me. But even then, those jobs arent paying livable wages. Back in the 80’s when my parents graduated, they had jobs pretty much right away, out of high school. Nowadays it’s expected that you went to college amd have a degree for jobs you dont even NEED degrees in! And as we know from the Millennials, college is a waste of money. It’s actually more worthwhile to get a basic job out of high school now and stay with your parents until either a) you marry and get a house or b) save up and pay for community college. And dont forget all the stress placed on students now. In my parents’ time, C was good. Now, if you’re not getting A’s in every class your parents think you’re the dumbest human on earth. Or even worse, they dont even care what you do! And so now theres a good chunk of Gen Z who just dont have even the basic skills needed to live, or raise a family. And all that stress is also causing some of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, and mental illnesses weve ever seen!

I’ve even done the math on this. The typical college student takes 5 classes, or 15 hours a week. Add to that 8hrs PER CLASS every week to study, as the teachers suggest, and that brings it to 55 hours a week. Next, add commute times. On average the college commuter puts about 10 hours a week just into commuting. So now we have 65 hours in one week of average college. That’s not just a job, that’s a job on overtime! And we have to pay for that!!! And even then our parents expect us to somehow have a job while we’re in school??? That’s 105 hours minimum, assuming you can put that i to your schedule. Assuming you dont miss a train or get stuck in traffic, that means you have 63 hours to live the rest of your life, including eating, peeing, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry etc etc etc. Let’s say you devote 21 hrs a week to that (3 a day, which is very conservative). That would mean you’d only have time for means you’re only 6 hours of sleep every day. Which for all teens and most people 20-25, is simply not enough.

And as a final point. The 80’s were pretty great. It was the end of the visible Cold War, the planet hadn’t been nuked, and the music was okay. Nowadays we have Homeland Security, SWAT teams, police, rioters, LITERAL NAZIS, and a plethora of other bad people in our society that they didnt have back then that we all have to worry about. We as a generation have never known a time of peace. The oldest of us, born in '95 and '96, are included in that too. Because while most people dont realize, weve been at war with muslim extremists since Sadaam Husein’s group sent THE US GOVERNMENT an OFFICIAL DECLARATION OF WAR. AND THEY IGNORED IT! AND THAT WAS 1994. We also have Russia and China to fear, because of Russia’s antics and fear over declaring war on North Korea, which by the way have NUKES, and have been chucking said nukes in OUR DIRECTION, because that would put U.S. troops directly on the Chinese border. Oh, and global warming and climate change. The West coast is on fire, we had 4 hurricanes in 2 weeks, and something is going on in Mexico. Europe is having issues too, and India is literally drowning on Monsoon.

So yes parents, you definitely had it harder than us Dependents do.

Please, help me save my cat

Hello everyone, I never ever thought I would be here asking for donations but you see. I am from Venezuela, the situation here is really tough right now. Money is barely enough to survive but I’m managing it so I still buy food for my cats. Luckily all of them are neutered and spayed already.

I really really need help to save one of my cats. I can’t cover the veterinary bills, I have nothing. I have already lost two of my cats this year due to urinary stones. It was really hard, one was 7 years old.

Today (Saturday)  I noticed that one of the girls was down (she was fine until Wednesday). I think she has some sort of infection in her mouth. That is why I can’t treat her myself, I started giving her antibiotics but I still have to take her to the vet on Monday, this is simply something I can’t cure myself.

This is why I’m asking for help. I think that with 100$ I manage to collect I could cover whatever the vet does to her. If there is anything of that left I will only spend it on cat food or more medicines.

So, please! Help me, I’m not prepared to lose another cat so soon, even if it is 1$  it will REALLY help a lot!

Here is my donation link (click on the image):

If you can send it directly to my e-mail we could avoid losing the percentage that Paypal takes off of every single donation.

Thank you! I will be forever grateful for your help!

If for any reason the link doesn’t work, I have the donation button on my blog!

Overheard in LA sentence me
  • I mean, I know we’re just gonna drive in a Suburban, listen to Radiohead and make out, which is all I really want, so… 
  • To be quite honest with you I don’t give a shit about sea life.
  • Malibu rich people are way cooler to me than Beverly Hills rich people
  • I slept with his guy just for his air conditioning
  • —Before your father had the psychotic breakdown, what was your relationship with him like?  
  • Are Girl Scout cookies tax deductible?
  • Smelling that candle was the least manly thing I’ve done all day.
  • You passed out on friday and came back on Sunday. You are basically the Jesus of Cochella.
  • I’m finding a guy tonight. Do you have any idea how long it took for me to look this free spirited and hot?
  • I’m getting my coffee at mcDonalds this week to save money for all the Cochella drugs I have to buy on friday.
  • I’m turning our dog into a douchebag.
  • Every new friend I make is another person who might ask me to pick them up from the airport. And I don’t need that.
  • I’m an actor, dancer, model, and stylist but right now I work at Chipotle.
  • If I worked out as much as I wore work out clothes, i’d be in great shape.
  • I woke up in his bed wearing nothing but my fitbit.
  • I’ve been ‘faking it until I make it’ so long I think i’m just fake now.
  • I’m done dating other actors. He referred to our second dates as a ‘call back’.
  • I’m not a slut. I just have a lot of soulmates.
  • This is too organic for me. I want Nutella.
  • It’s weird how the phrase ‘he’s following me’ has evolved from terrifying into something to be proud of.
  • I have a really good vegan accent

groaninggranada  asked:

What if boss of the branch Akashi notices all of his employees just stop working at the same time everyday, and like what the fuck are they doing there's work to do. So he sees them looking at the construction workers and he's like "I need to invest on some blinds" then he sees shirtless Bokuto and promptly declares lunch time is 2 hours long from now on.

AMAZING I love the idea that Akaashi is just about ready to dial a drapery company to get his workers back on track until he looks out the window and is like “well that saves us a ton of money, at least!” after seeing Bokuto’s buff bod.

Out of all the office workers who is the most likely to rearrange their office to make looking out of the window easier? 

My money is on Oikawa and Kuroo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So I have loved and supported Cristiano Ronaldo for 13 years of my life. I have wanted to go to Madeira desperately for so long. Me, my boyfriend and my parents finally booked to gontp Madeira next year for my 21st birthday and I was so excited. I was finally going to go to the place Cristiano is from, I would get to see his museum. Sadly I can’t afford his hotel but I’m still gonna go and see it! Then today I wake up and see the company I’m flying with are shutting down and all flights are cancelled. “It’s fine, I’ll just book with someone else”. So me and my mom look and all the flights are £300+ which I simply cannot afford. My mom has now said we need to postpone the holiday and wait until I can save enough money. I am heartbroken. I was so excited and happy to he going to Madeira and now I don’t know when or if I’ll be going. I am truly heartbroken.

The Pros and Cons of Going to College

[Ok. I know. I’ve written about this (but not in the past two years). BUT Someone just asked me this AND things keep changing all the time. So my answer.]

Getting a degree wasted five years of my life. I got an undergraduate degree in Computer Science in three years.

Then I went to graduate school for Computer Science but was thrown out after two years after failing four courses in a row. I wrote three or four novels during that time. Which had nothing to do with my courses.

I wrote a novel about a porn novelist who falls in love with a prostitute. I wrote a novel about a man who invents his own currency. I wrote a lot about my childhood. I wrote a religious history novel. Nothing got published.

I put in my 10,000 hours of programming. I knew how to build an operating system. I could take apart and put together a computer.

If I lived in the 1800s I probably could invent computers. I thought I was good.

When I got my first job in “the real world” I was a programmer. My second day on the job I crashed the entire network and lost everyone’s email.

My boss came into my cubicle (very embarrassing since everyone in the cubicles around could hear and would later gossip) and said, “We really want you to work out but it’s not so we are going to send you to remedial school on computers.”

I drove two hours every day to go to a remedial class in computer programming. I learned how to program then and eventually started three or four software companies and invested in dozens of others.

The above is not saying “colleges are bad”. There are many aspects. The above just says: here is what I learned, here is what good it did me.

Did it even get me that first job? No. I failed the interview miserably. I knew the answers to none of the questions.

Another coincidence got me the job. I wrote about it before. Suffice to say, two weeks later I was offered the job and with a signing bonus. Thanks Rob!

Later that day, my then-boss started yelling at me about something insignificant. He didn’t know that I had just been offered a job.

I held up my hand and said, “that’s fine. I don’t like to be yelled at, though, so I quit. Goodbye.”

He couldn’t believe it. He apologized. He wrote me an email and apologized. I wrote back, “don’t treat people how you don’t want to be treated.” And I still quit.

Six years later when I was running a venture capital firm he even pitched me a deal. I said, “Let me call you back on that.” And I never spoke to him again.

So this is my story of college to establish some credentials. I’ve written a lot about college. I had the #1 book on Amazon about “College Education” for about a year.

But let me tell you the latest pros and cons.

You don’t have to believe me. It’s very complicated. All I ask is that you see that the world is changing very fast.

And again, this is a trillion dollar industry that has other incentives than your education.

This is the honest truth:



There are no parents around. For me, I had a girlfriend for the first time. There’s nothing to prevent you from doing anything you want. So you do it. A lot.


I had never had alcohol or drugs before college.

By the end of my three years in college (I graduated a year earlier thanks to summer classes because I wanted to save money) I had gotten trashed many times and had tried marijuana and LSD.


When I was 19, my friends were 19. When I was 20, my friends were 20.

Now I’m 47. My friends range in age from 24 to 84, all different nationalities and sexual preferences, etc. This is real life. College is just extended high school.

I can’t think of any other “pros”.

What about an education?

I’ve been reading a few books a week since I was 23. It wasn’t until I left college that I learned to appreciate reading.

But other people do learn in college. I can’t argue with that. It’s person by person.

When you are force-fed books to read and facts to remember it’s very hard to enjoy them.

Imagine being locked in a cage and force-fed chocolate all day. You’d soon get sick of it.


1) COST and DEBT

This is usually cited as the biggest negative. It isn’t the biggest negative but I will put it here anyway.

The average college-educated person age 18-35 made $36,000 a year in 1990. Now that same average person makes $33,000. This is taken right out of tax data.

And yet, student loans have gone up from almost nothing to $1.4 trillion.

If you are 25, have a great idea that can change the world, and want to start a company, how will you do it if now you have to be chained to a cubicle to pay back your debt?

You can’t even declare bankruptcy to get rid of your debt. With one hand, the government feeds you to the slaughterhouse (college) and with the other, they seize all of your assets.

It’s a great business to be in if you can get it.


The other day I spoke to Scott Young. For $2000, and in ten months time, he got an MIT Computer Science degree.

How did he do it? They put their entire course load online. Maybe this will stop at some point.

They do it because they know people still think it’s worth it to spend $200,000 to do the exact same thing Scott did but still get that piece of paper that says “BS”.

When employers were asked, “would you hire Scott even though he doesn’t have the actual degree?” (he took all the courses and tests but of course could not get a piece of paper that said he did it) many of them said, “yes. He has initiative.”

Many schools put their curriculum online. Then there are online-only schools like code academy, lynda, coursera, udemy, creativelive, fedora, etc etc. where you can take GREAT courses.


I loved computers. But what if, instead of spending five years learning the academic version of computers (and then still having to take remedial classes), I had just simply started working with computers?

Maybe even starting a business? Who knows?

Many other well-known software companies started by 19 or 20 year olds started that way. What if I had done it?

Instead I had to wait 5 years before even considering it because i was using the most valuable time in my life to take classes that taught me nothing.

I’m not bitter (see the Pros) but I often wonder what would have been different.

What if you are not a scientist? Doesn’t matter. My daughter wants to study acting. Why can’t she just spend that time going to auditions and getting real roles.

I spoke to Mark Messick recently. He’s 16 years old, dropped out of school at 11, and now makes $4000 a month writing books. Living the dream.

He still goes to extracurricular activities at his school to maintain his friendships, but other than that he is light years ahead of his classmates in education and opportunity.


There was a study done: quiz students 1 minute after they get out of class and then 50 minutes after they get out of a class.

After 50 minutes they had almost zero retention of what they learned in the class.

The only way to learn something is to have a passionate interest in it, then learn it, then repeat it, then try to teach it to someone else.

This is not something taught in school. Kids are taught facts and not questions. And yet questioning the world is how all knowledge is learned.

After college, 80% of people never pick up a book again. If you just read 5 pages a day (10-20 minutes of time. The time it takes to read People Magazine) of something you are interested in, you’ll read 1800 pages more per year than everyone else.

Advantages are not created in a classroom, they are created in 1% a day of personal improvement.


Many universities, to tout their benefits, have done the exact same study: People who got a degree, 20 years later, have made up to $500,000, give or take, more in their career then people who didn’t have a degree.

This is a spurious study. It has no control group. It’s based on a demographic from the 1970s and 1980s when people from middle class families went to colleges and people from lower-class families, often didn’t.

This could be the entire reasons for the income difference but the studies don’t mention that.

Here’s a study: take everyone who got accepted to Harvard. Tell half of them you can’t go to college ever. Instead, get your four year head start on making money.

Then see who has more money 20 years later.


I ask my kids: why do you think it’s good to go to college. Despite my insistence (maybe because of it) they still think it’s a good idea to go to college.

My kids are actually rebelling against me by getting a traditional education.

They both say the same thing, “it’s a safety net so you can get a job”.

“Who tells you this?” They have no answer. It’s just in the air.

Forget the income numbers I cite above. There are changes happening.

Just this past week, Ernst & Young, the accounting firm, said they will no longer care if an applicant has a college degree.

Google has said they will stop looking at it.

More and more people will stop looking at whether or not you have a college degree.

And the safety net has disappeared. i see it in my own companies. Middle management across the United States is getting demoted.


  • Study many things. Study things you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy anything, work on a charity or travel the world (yes, this costs money but it’s cheaper than college).
  • Work at a job. If you want to be a doctor, work at a hospital and see if you really enjoy it.
  • Read every day. Five pages a day.
  • Learn these skills that are critical in every aspect of life but are never taught in college:

a. Sales
b. Negotiating
c. Well-being / Positive psychology
d. Failure
e. Communication

I was at a dinner once. Someone who was working for Mayor Bloomberg asked me, “Would you let someone who didn’t go to college give you brain surgery?”

I said, “It’s not about me. Would you let your son who has no interest in being a doctor, go to four years of school and another years of medical school just so he can operate on my brain even though he hates every minute of it and gets a million dollars into debt?”

The average person has 14 different careers in their life. But now because of the costs and the debt, they are chained to that first career forever.

Make the choices that allow you to cast away the chains as quickly as possible.

Go to the COLLEGE OF YOU. It has one course: every day wake up and ask, how can I improve 1% over where I was yesterday in any area of my life?

You have a mission here. Fly out of the nest and accomplish it.

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not to ruin your ring headcanons but how would her uncle have the ring if Sally's parents died in a fiery car crash? ;) (add this to my score sheet for the angst-off)

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What if Sally’s uncle lied to her about it

  • He wanted her to have a piece of something, anything from her parents.
  • So he goes out to town, gets all of the money from his savings account, and buys a ring that he thinks looked like the ring that his brother had given to his sister-in-law.
  • He keeps it hidden until he gets sick, and then he presents it to her, sliding easily through the lie because it’s been so long that even he believes it now.
  • Sally looks so happy that he can’t tell her the truth.
  • The secret dies with him, and he’s never been happier.

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The song 7 Years by Lukas Graham reminds me so much of Eggsy at certain parts and it fucks me up sO BAD. MY FEELINGS AND THAT SMOL EGG WHO'S BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH I CAN'T.

Eggsy is seven when Lee passes away. He knows because the tall man in the suit came to visit his mum, and his mum cries and cries and cries. He knows because the tall man gave him a medal and had him promise to watch over his mum. He knows because his da never comes back, and his mum gives up.

Once I was seven years old, my mama told me,
“Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely.”
Once I was seven years old

He gets lonely sometimes, playing with the medal around his neck. His mum doesn’t let him out of her sight very often, scared to lose him too. He didn’t have many friends to begin with, so it’s nothing new. He just sits in his room reading his books, shaking his snow globes, playing with his toy soldiers.

But then his mum seems to brighten up. She says she’s met some people who also lost their das too, and she’s been talking to their mums. She doesn’t want him lonely, she says, and so he follows her to a “lunch date.” His mum sits him next to two other boys while she talks to their mums. There’s an awkward moment, the other boys shuffling in their seats while Eggsy looks down at the table.

One boy lets out a burp.

There’s silence, and then the three boys are laughing, made happy in the simple way young boys are, loud noises in a silence, and Eggsy has met Jamal and Ryan.

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I’m Giving Everything Up.

So I made a plan. A plan that spans over the next 4-5 years. The end game: save up money, put all my stuff in storage, buy a NASA-engineered camper, and live on the road, hopping from national park to national park (and Burning Man in between) with my partner until we can’t anymore. 

It’s hard to say when exactly it will begin or when it will end, but I know it’s happening as soon as I can afford it. It’s the reason why I work so hard today. It’s the reason for my savings account. It’s the reason why I can still stand living in the city right now. I can’t just keep wishing for the smell of campfires, the starry night sky, and cowboy coffee at sunrise. With all of my being, one day it will be real. It has to be real.

Art Stuff

I’ve been planning to post all of the stuffs I use for architecture, for painting and sketching and others. Most of the the things I use is purchased by me because I want to take care of them. Because if it was given to me, I would just throw it around, plus I don’t really ask money from my parents. It’s not much but here you go



These pencils are saved from June 2014 up until now. Most of the pencils there are from the drawing room. I mean they are all over the place every time we’re dismissed. And the one who cleans the room right after just throws them away so I ask for it every after class. I have:

  • 6H
  • 4H
  • H
  • HB
  • 2B
  • 4B
  • 5B
  • 6B

Color Pencils

The crayola color pencils are from my childhood and I never really got to use it, and I never thought I’d use them now because artists usually buy prisma color pencils, which are expensive. But it’s never the brand, it’s your hand. What.

This color pencils are the ones I bought from NBS. There’s a funny story about this one. I was looking for just a 12 color pencil set that has a black and white color pencil (because what company the fuck that doesn’t put black and white in one set). So what I did is I exchange the black one in the 64 set to the 12 set. And I was just there, standing in the art section for 15 minutes, exchanging colors. So I ended up having black and white colors. And two golds and two greens because I hurried in exchanging. I was nervous. hahaha

Erasing Shields

I don’t really use this one for sketches but I use it for architectural classes. It’s for erasing tight spots and shapes. And it’s sharp af, I cut my thumb once because I was playing with it.


It’s for blending food like fruits, shakes.. wtf. It’s for blending, mostly for graphite pencils (because it really doesn’t blend well with color pencils)

Baby Sharpener and Papa Sharpener

Mighty eraser

The white side is for pencils and the yellow one is for ink. Yup, the myth it for real, you can erase the ink with the yellow side.



These are all of the paintbrush I’ve got buuut…

… I only use these three because the others were solid and it’s impossible to soften so rip. I just keep them for my desk to look cool. From left to right:

  • #3 Pointed brush
  • #5 Pointed brush
  • #7 (i think) Flat brush
  • Triple 0 Pointed brush
  • #1 Pointed brush
  • #3 Flat brush 

I love my babies so much.


My beloved friend gave the tube ones for my birthday last February and up until now I have them. Although some of the colors are gone now (like raw sienna, white, crimson red etc). And the ones on the container are the ones I bought. Because black and white are essential in painting, most especially the white paint (I think I already used two of them).


I use prang because these are the ones recommended by my professor for my visual tech classes. My prof sold these prangs. She told us to pay her at the end of the semester. She didn’t remembered it. Yay for free watercolor paints. I’ve been using this for 4 months, I think. But the white is almost out.


As you can see, one is different from the others, and you’re right. That’s an ice cube tray. I can’t put any more colors to the other palette so I used it. The circular one and the ice cube tray are for watercolor paint and the wooden one is for acrylic paints. And as you can see, it’s dirty because the paint hardened and I can’t remove it with thinner.

Palette Knife

I thought palette knives are for transferring paint to palettes, but it wasn’t. I just learned using them last month. so stupid of me.




Gel Pens

I don’t really use this one, but I have one artwork that I used gel pens. I got this from a sponsored film contest last semester. I only use gel pens for my notes.

Technical pencils 

I use this one for both my artworks and for my architecture classes. It’s useful for outlines and for darkening black spaces. From left to right:

  • Rotring Ink for technical pens
  • 0.3 Technical pen
  • 0.5 Technical pen
  • 0.1 Technical pen
  • 0.1 Technical pen (disposable)
  • 0.05 Technical pen (disposable)
  • 0.5 Technical pen (disposable)

The difference between the disposable one and the pens that aren’t is the disposable pens are thick and easy to dry not like the pens that aren’t. They blot easily. But of course tech pens have great quality ink.


A sharpie that I stole from my classmate and a marker that I stole from my sister.

Rendering Markers

These markers are the ones I mostly use for architectural rendering that’s why they’re not vibrant colors. The colors are for floorings and walls. I have (from top to bottom):

  • Vanilla
  • Red
  • Oatmeal
  • Dark Grey
  • Black
  • Blender (for blending colors duh)
  • Brown
  • Mustard
  • Light brown 

They are expensive (120 pesos a piece) so I don’t buy that much colors, the only ones that I use. I’m planning to save up for copic markers but that’s twice the expense, but it has better quality.

White Inks

I just found the starbucks pen (on the right) the other day and It has a white ink on the other side and brown highlighter on the other. The yellow pen is artline white ink. The white ink is for highlighting but it’s not that thick to cover the layer underneath.


The ones on the top are oil pastels, which I haven’t really used. I don’t like pastels because I was traumatized by using chalk pastels (the one on the bottom) last semester because it was very messy to use, but nevertheless, it has good color, rich and easy to blend. But like I’ve said, very messy.


I use this one for quick notes and I put them on my back pocket. (and it has a signature from VinQuilop hehe)

This journal is for my stories for films and at the back of it is my dream journal.

I used to draw here when I was studying figure drawings but the leaves kept detaching from the spine so I only use it to put pressed flowers.

I bought this watercolor pad for me to practice watercolor. There’s no more leaves so I just left it at my desk for design.

My divine sketchpad. Most of the artworks I post are from this sketchpad. It’s for sketching but I’m a badass so I use water color, rendering markers, and acrylics on it. 



Tapes are important in the fields of mine. It’s for covering parts that I don’t want to get mediums all over. And to tape papers to my desk so it won’t move and many more.


I use containers for different purposes. I recycle them from peanut butter containers, chocolate containers, mason jars etc. I use them for putting water and putting my materials there.


The technical stuff. As an architecture student, it’s a necessity to have these rulers to survive the wilderness of being an architecture student. But I won’t go in to that that much.


It’s to remove dirt from my desk. Fo reals.

Other materials

Ok before you laugh on what you saw, lemme explain first. From left to right:

  • Lead pointer - to sharpen the tips of pencils from time to time. Very useful.
  • Pliers - Who knows when will I use this. (but really I just forgot to return it to my dad’s tools)
  • Spoon and knife - OK OK OK bruh,  I got this from a contest on my school. And I thought I can use this for my stuff (because I really like to use stuff) I use it for getting paint. Booyeah
  • Cutters - I use cutters for sharpening my graphite pencils because I like my leads long and pointed. And I use it for cutting. 


I just named her just right now. Yup, she’s a she. I don’t now where is her foot. She’s a model. For figure drawings. I love her. 

That’s all of my art stuff. I’m still planning to buy a lot of stuff. And after mastering acrylics, I’ll shift to oil paintings then to sculpting. Who knew being an artist would cost a lot. But hey, things will come to you if you’re really meant to do it.

Addiction starts slowly, innocently enough...

You try it out once, a drug that makes you feel really good and forget everything for a couple hours. For me that was pills, opiates, oxycodone or oxycontin. Then you try it again and you really like it, you wish you could feel like this all the time. Now you’re doing it a few times a month. Then every weekend. It starts to become an obsession. Everything else in life takes a back seat to how you’re gonna get fucked up this weekend, school, work, whatever. I completely fucked up all my online classes. Then came the time when it was no longer about just getting fucked up, it was about getting through the week and as my use increased, getting through the day. Eventually it was the first thing I thought about when I woke up and the last when I went to sleep. It wasn’t about getting fucked up, it was about feeling normal. Everybody in my life (aside from my family who I feel is in denial) had told me I had had a problem for months now. By the time my birthday had come around, I was taking two oxy 30s a day, (50$+ a day) and had completely depleted my savings of almost $2000. It wasn’t until I got severely fucked up on my birthday and had a sort of mental breakdown and realized I had spent all my money that I realized I had a problem. I quickly ran out if money and drugs and the first day without oxy was spent puking and going through withdrawal. I then made one of the worst decisions of my life. To combat the withdrawal and to save money, I started using heroin. It started out as me saying I’m just gonna use to get through the day & not be sick, to using 4 or 5 bags a day, stealing from my family to feed my addiction and needing to be high out of my mind just to fall asleep bcuz I hated myself so much. After a few hours without drugs, I’d be deathly sick w the sweats and throwing up. I was taking daily rides to the city w a scummy people to score drugs. I was using abusing and stealing from those I love. I was borrowing money from everybody. My mom started catching on. I was at a bad spot. It came to a point where I literally had no money and decided to get clean. I bought the suboxone and the first few days were the hardest. I literally felt like I was going insane. After a few days, I relapsed and used, went to a meeting, stayed clean for day, used other drugs, stayed clean for a day, used. I’m back in this vicious cycle at this very moment. Except this time I used to the point of sending myself back through withdrawal. I’m a day clean. I feel useless, worthless, disgusting. I let myself believe I was no longer an addict and could handle a day of using like I did in active addiction and now I sent myself back to day one. I could easily have went and bought a to feel better. But I didn’t, I didn’t even let myself entertain the idea. I know I fucked up. I want to get better. I can’t go back to that life. I cannot, I will not. If any of you start to turn to drugs for Abby reason other than yo have a good time once in a while, you are already on a slippery slope of addiction. Honestly, I think people should steer clear of opiates all together. Everyone I know struggling with opiate addiction, started w a 30 ever once in a while. It’s not worth it. Not even once. I wish I could take it all back. But here I am sick as can be, hating myself for being weak….if anyone wants to talk I’m here. You don’t need to take that pill or sniff that bag to be okay. You can be okay with out it. Talk to me. You are worthy of life. Let’s stop poisoning ourselves together

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Where do you get all your crystals/gems? They're beautiful :3

Thank you!

This is my #1 most asked question, and it will be in my FAQ once I remake it.

I get my stones from EVERYWHERE. Really, haha. I spent years trying to find good suppliers from around the world through word of mouth, but by far the best luck I have is at mineral shows. 

I travel hours (next year I’ll be traveling days) to get to good shows and load my car up until nothing else fits lol. I save up money for months. 

We also work with a couple warehouses! 

On a slightly related note… 

Right now my husband and I have been making plans to eventually become suppliers of stones for people who own shops or are starting them. It will take some time, but we’re trying really hard. We aim to make it so people don’t have to buy monstrous quantities of items (like we do lol) to get the best prices on things.

So hopefully in this upcoming year we’ll be getting started on that plan for those of you who are running smaller shops or are trying to get started :) (For now we sell things at the lowest retail prices as possible!) 

I’m not really sure how to start this post other than….. help?

I’ve run out of food for my corn snakes, and I’m running low on food for everyone else. But I’ve also run out of money. So I’m coming to ask my followers if they could help me somehow.

I never wanted to reach this point. I never wanted to find myself always scraping at the last $5 in my checking account. No one ever wants to be in financial trouble, but I’ve had a really rough two years that I still haven’t recovered from. Not to mention the past three months I’ve been plagued with a really weird stomach issue that has wreaked havoc on my ability to do artwork (my only source of income).
I hesitated asking for help because it feels like finally admitting how much of a failure I feel like. Like it’s all my fault, I should have worked harder, I should have saved better, I brought these animals into my home when money wasn’t an issue, and now all I feel is extreme guilt for how I can’t take care of them. And then additional fear comes from the possible responses and judgement from people on how I’m a bad reptile owner. I’m kind of a mess right now.

I’m trying… I’m trying so hard, but I’ve just gotten backlogged on my current workload and I won’t be in a position to bring in any money until at least a couple months from now, so I’m desperate.

So if anyone could find it in their heart to throw a couple dollars my way I would be eternally grateful.
In a perfect world I’d ask for help to buy a better rack for the corns too, because they’re stuck in tubs that are too small and there’s literally no way I can figure out to get them into bigger ones while still being heated properly. However, that would be in the eight hundred range and I don’t know, that’s probably too much. Right now I’m just aiming for $100 or $200 minimum.

My paypal is… even if just 20 people sent $5 I’d be able to get most of what I need. Any extra will go towards future reptile expenses only.

I’m trying to catch up but I’ve just stumbled too far at this point. I have lots of cool ideas for reptile themed shirts and trinkets actually, to try and bring in some extra income, but that’d still be several months until I’d be able to make it happen. So until then, this is the only thing I can think of.

Time for an announcement!

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to do this for about a month but now that I have the time I’m going to go ahead and make an announcement to my lovely followers out there. Many of you know me for my cosplay(either Loki or Winter Soldier/Bucky, or both) and cosplay has actually played a big part in what I’m going to say. After a lot of therapy sessions and self realization, I’m ready to make the announcement: I’m transgender.

Spending the last three years, presenting myself as male through cosplay or in my own free time(in various characters or for events), helped he realize just how much more comfortable I am with myself and with life as a male. I’ve known this for a long time but something mentally was holding me back. Thanks to a lot of research and finally taking the step to get a therapist who specializes in gender identity, I’m 100% comfortable with myself for the first time in my life. Or, I’m getting there, at least.

This is the main reason why cosplaying had been put on hold and I’ve been scarce, I was sort of just doing my own thing and making these discoveries about myself, either alone or with friends and family. I’m super ready to get back into cosplay but there are some things I want to take care of first before I start really focusing on my next project. That said, I’m sure Winter Soldier and Loki will be coming back in the very near future!

I’ve also started saving for my chest surgery, which will be roughly around $6,000. If you’d like to help, I’m not taking donations, but ALL of the money I make with Bucky’s Bomb Yard from now until the end of the year will go toward my surgery. Hopefully around the beginning of next year I’ll be able to schedule it and get the ball rolling. But if you’re a fan of bath bombs or shower fizzies, or you just want to help out, please feel free to click here and check out my shop and see what I have to offer! I’m evening running a sale right now for this very reason, you can get any of my bath bomb packs(6 come in a pack) for $19 plus shipping, instead of the usual $23.75.

I hope to have your support in this, I’ll be posting some progress updates as I go, but for now I just wanted to put this out there! So as of now, preferred pronouns are he/his. Thank you so much for all of your love and support in the past, I hope I can continue to entertain you for years to come! I adore you all.



(A&C: Zico & Pop Time | L: Zico & Mino)

[MINO] When I looked back I had come farther than I thought
I was all alone, and all of a sudden I feared
When I looked at myself, I didn’t know that I was exhausted
I was all alone, and all of a sudden I feared

You’re doing well
When you become confused, just like you’ve done so far, just go
Just do yourself, you know yourself
You practiced around a few thousand times
Broke down once or twice, now it’s nothing
Opportunity has always meant (you know it) standing up again at life’s crisis
You said you’re going on a trip to heaven, Quickly pack your suitcase

Don’t stop, you still have lots of work to do
Look at the photo of your parents who look after you
You’re your dongsaeng’s mirror as well as your family’s star
I musn’t sleep so that they can sleep comfortably
Hey you r*tard, don’t be so obvious
Stand strong, I know, even if you’re lonely
You need to endure this
Are your tears falling, you b*stard
Stop crying and raise it again, your responsibility

[YB] Eh when I didn’t want to see anything
I forced my eyes open because I just feared
It was because I suddenly became afraid eh oh
When I didn’t want to speak at all,
I purposedly raised my voice because
There is no other reason
I fear, I fear

[MINO] I said it like a habit
“I always trust myself”
“There is no opponent”
But enemy was in my mirror
I must’ve lost my mind because of the continuous fight
I killed myself
My mom has become wary of me

To receive the attention of the public eh, to live inside a CCTV eh
I dug at one place to the point of death
The fact that this might become my grave scare me

Father, if you’re looking at me
Tell me the answer
I’m much too young and fragile to be an adult
I still don’t know the way
I know now that it hurts too much to keep hitting myself over something
Maybe it’s too late now
To just keep stupidly whipping
There are too many wounds that won’t close

[YB] Eh when I didn’t want to see anything
I forced my eyes open because I just feared
It was because I suddenly became afraid eh oh
When I didn’t want to speak at all,
I purposedly raised my voice because
There is no other reason
I fear, I fear
I keep getting afraid

[MINO] I’m thankful for everything
Ignoring my religion
From the corrupted directors who tried to use this boy 6 years ago
To my current agency that rescued me
For the numerous contestants who allowed this stage
For my uncle in heaven who taught me how men live
For my family, my shoulders
Even my members who are like brothers
I’ll receive consolation just until today and
From tomorrow, I’ll be mature instead of being a coward
Love ya

[YB] Eh when I didn’t want to see anything
I forced my eyes open because I just feared
It was because I suddenly became afraid eh oh
When I didn’t want to speak at all,
I purposedly raised my voice because
There is no other reason
I fear, I fear
I keep getting afraid

Oh, Can you see me now?

Anybody save me from this fear

Oh, can you hear me now?


Translated by: chrissy96_  &