saving abel

Signs as lyrics from “Addicted”

Aries, “From all the bullshit I can take”

Taurus,  “It’s not like you to turn away”

Gemini, “We try to make/this love something better than/just making love again”

Cancer, “I’m so addicted to/all the things you do”

Leo, “The sound you make/with every breath you take”

Virgo,  “It’s not like me to walk away”

Libra, “There’s just got to be more to you and me”

Scorpio,  “I want to take my love and hate you till the end” 

Sagittarius, “When you’re going down on me/in between the sheets”

Capricorn, “Oh girl lets take it slow”

Aquarius,  “It’s not like anything/when you’re loving me”

Pisces, “How can I make it through” 

I gotta brand new tattoo
All the colors in it remind me of you
The blue is for the bruise that you left in my heart
And the red if for the color we’re ‘bout to paint this town
Oooh, I gotta new tattoo
—  Saving Abel, “New Tattoo”