Finally put together this thing that’s been in my head for a week or so now. Bad-guy-gradually-turns-good is one of my favourite tropes when it’s done well.

Little doodles can’t express enough how much I love this show

and how important it is to me.

It has been a year since the finale of season two aired.

I miss everything about it.

And the best thing happened during this year must be I got the chance to study social work in America.

Thank you Wander, for giving me motivation to learn English hard.

Also,  thank you for making me want to help others in the first place.



Look what I found on twitter. We need to watch all the Wander Over Yonder episodes they give this weekend. This is one of the chances that we need to proof to Disney how much we love the show and how we want and deserve a third season. I don’t care how long this takes, the show ended unfairly and we need to watch all marathons they give. We can’t give up I mean Kim Possible didn’t give up and neither did Samurai Jack. We need to do this for Wander.

When a show with a dedicated fan base gets cancelled, those fans will do anything to get word out and show the network that people want to see more. But along with these dedicated fans, you’ll find people who say that fans don’t have any say in what happens, that it’s all about the money. But who gives them that money?

Shows will come and go, but people never quite stopped talking about this one. Wander Over Yonder aired its last episode over a year ago, ending with an open door. The plan was to have 3 seasons to wrap up the story, but it was only given 2. Fans have been signing petitions, writing letters, doing whatever they can to get word out about this show and bring it back.

The original run of Hey Arnold ended on a cliffhanger, and it wasn’t until the past weekend (13 years later) that the show was finally given the proper wrap-up film that was originally intended. It was another case of fans doing whatever they could to hopefully get the show a proper closure. So was it the fans who were responsible for the movie finally getting made, or was it just the right time to make money off nostalgia? Maybe both?

This message that aired during the credits should be a reminder that, if anything, fan support does get recognized. Whether it’s writing in letters or drawing fanart, keep doing what you do!