It’s not long now until my band’s EP is out!

Monday 28th October 2013 is the day, and you can find it on iTunes and Amazon MP3 and Google Play Store,

while you’re waiting for the release you could check out our video featuring one of our tracks from said EP on YouTube @ Save The Reckless - What’re You Hiding From? (Official Video)


It’d really mean a lot to us!

Follow us on twitter too @savethereckless and like us on Facebook by just searching us!

Stay classy guys! LOVE YOU LONG TIME
Save The Reckless - What're You Hiding From? (Official Video) - YouTube

So my band kinda released a music video! If you like what you hear tell your friends and get them to tell their friends and their friends to tell their friends and we’ll have a happy family! Seriously, we’d be so stoked if you could share this! Enjoy!