Tumblr documents the Chicago Sun-Times' descent into iPhone photography

“Sun Times/Dark Times” compares the Sun-Times and its competitor, the Tribune, since 28 photojournalists were laid off.


Some nice words here! But…

“And it’s also hard to miss the irony of a blog lamenting the demise of print journalism, using one of the very social media platforms whose easy image sharing and proliferation is most directly responsible for leaving professional journalists without careers.”

Whomp whomp. :(

I’d seriously hand out little leaflets if I could.
"See What You Missed" Photography Exhibit - Chicago Photography Center

Join us for a very special photography exhibit of current work by the former Sun-Times photojournalists.  The opening reception will be Sunday July 14th from 1-3pm.  The exhibit will run through July 28th.   The Chicago Photography Center presents “See What You Missed”, a photography exhibit of current work by the former Sun-Times photographers. 

blueechoesphotography-blog  asked:

Love that you are monitoring this and documenting it. I actually think the Tribune is going out of it's way to highlight photography more now. Bravo to them. Hopefully all the photographers that were let go land on their feet elsewhere and end up much happier.

Thank you! I hope this helps people realize how important photographers actually are. It’s more than just pushing a button or owning an iPhone.