This has got to be one of the best Orca moments I have seen.

Orcas are incredible, their grace, speed and agility is pure magic!

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Unbelievable Orca breach 😱😍 -
Via @protectingoceans


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What a big, beautiful creature. You didn’t deserve to die, Tilikum. I’m glad you’re out of misery in a small box of stress and hate. But you were young. In the wild, you could have lived for 30 more years. I’m so angry. We need a change. This can’t keep happening. One day we won’t have these beautiful big angels in our oceans anymore. Sea world needs to be shut down. Not only is this happening to our orcas. They have dolphins and sea lions and walruses and more. They were born there. They don’t know anything else. I’m so angry. These animals were not put on this earth to serve us and entertain us. They’ve been here long before us and hopefully will be here long after. Something needs to change. Tili should not be dead . I have so much more to say. But I’m just getting angry. I’m so upset. Rest in a big beautiful ocean in the sky, whale friend.