Save The Last Dance || Hyorin & Siwon


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Hyorin absolutely hated social gatherings. She hated that she always had to go alone, and she loathed the fact she would ultimately end up bored. There was no one, and nothing, interesting, ever. She knew before she arrived she would spend the night pressed against the wall, listening to people whisper about her as they danced the night away. The only reason she was going was because she was personally invited by someone she wished to do business with. Her goal was to be the leader of the most powerful mafia, not only in Korea, but in the entire world. Not even a night of being berated and belittled by strangers would keep her from her dream. 

She had no idea why it was her dream. She had enough money to live comfortable for the rest of her life. Well, now that she was a vampire it seemed she could live comfortable for at least the couple of decades. However, she always aspired to be the best. She had worked very hard to make the small street gang she formed with her boyfriend a successful organized crime unit. She learned numerous skills and languages to help keep them undetected for years. She was proud, but not satisfied. 

Perhaps she would have been happy if her boyfriend didn’t turn out to be the abusive tool that he was before he died. Perhaps she would have spared his life, and they would get married and leave this all behind. She sighed at the thought as she walked into the mansion the ball was being hosted at. As much as she knew she shouldn’t miss the man that she had personally murdered, she couldn’t help it. He was the love her life. It was a shame he had become so different from the man she fell in love with, even worse he had turned her into a monster. 

As always, her thoughts soon turned to Minho. She had no idea how she felt about him, or what would become of their friendship. Her thoughts were interrupted when she entered the room she was directed to. It was decorated nicely, however, Hyorin paid no attention to the decor. Her eyes scanned the room for the man who had invited her. She heard his voice before she saw him, but finally, she was able to make her way over to him.

“Wah… Jinho-ssi! You’ve outdone yourself once again.” Hyorin said in her usual warm tone that was used purely for business. She smiled brightly and bowed when she finally made her way over to the group he was speaking to. She tried her hardest to maintain her calm as he kissed her hand. With his hand on her lower back he began introducing her to everyone in the group. She couldn’t help but find him a bit distasteful and disrespectful. With his wife on the other side of him, what did he think he was doing? Trying to seem as if she wasn’t as uncomfortable as she actually was, she politely introduced herself and bowed accordingly. When she found it appropriate, she excused herself from the group, venturing off to find a glass of champagne, which she knew wouldn’t be enough to give her the slightest buzz, but at least it would get her away from people for the time being… And just like that… The gossip about her began… She hadn’t even been there for an hour. 


Lol remembering Save the Last Dance. How I first remember Ms. Washington. Sassing as usual.

save the last dance —

(* she’s not used to the notion that she has to base the color of his hair now off a picture and not being there in person when she normally was— or, at least, she saw him after he had changed it but there she is, wandering around, searching for the blue hair he updated about and unable to find anything right away. leo’s not trailing too far behind her, as he wants to meet byunghun in person and she’s spent a majority of the night thus far ( and the ride to the party in the first place ) trying to convince him that this certainly wouldn’t be the right place for it ) but when she spots him, she forgets. forgets her brother is behind her. forgets that he looks so different yet still the same with his new hair. forgets practically everything but the fact that he’s a trainee so hugging him unabashedly wouldn’t be the best choice so she settles for something else— sneaking up on him and covering his eyes with her hands, voice lowered to a soft whisper ) guess who