Just letting everyone know I’m not fucking around about #SaveStorm. I have VERY limited income and can usually only buy one book a month. Since July, I’ve been buying Storm.

This represents me sacrificing a portion of my weekly allotment of money for food and transportation for school to support something I believe in.

Stupid? Yes. But if this is what it takes to convince people of the importance of the character to me, I’m willing to be stupid.

Are you there, Marvel? It’s me, Lychee, all the way from Manila! I need you to #SaveStorm because she is such an important character. Yeah, she’s incredibly powerful and yeah, looks amazing, but the strength of her character goes above and beyond that. She represents so much and stands for so many people. And the best thing about this title is that it shows us a Storm we haven’t seen in a long time - someone who stands up for the weak and the oppressed in a context outside the typical superhero situation - because she’s been there, because she understands. Who else can do that? 

If anything, STORM #5 says it best: in it, Ororo narrates how since Wolverine had lost his healing, he’d been getting weaker, getting sick and slowing down… but she isn’t.

She’s just amping up. She’s just getting started, so don’t cut her off before she’s done! 

Remember: Save Storm is Still Going On

I am so proud of everyone who helped to make Save Storm a huge success last month, we got the attention of the comic book world and that’s great. So many people who had never bought Storm went into their store asking for it and that’s great, people who didn’t even know that Storm had a series finally heard about it and wanted to read it.

But you can’t support a book by just buying one issue, you need to keep coming back, and today Storm #6 comes out.

So go to your local comic shop and pick up a copy, but most importantly


This lets your store know that you plan on coming back for more, and they’ll order more to make sure you have a copy. 

So go, get Storm #6, post about it, take those selfies, and tag it all SaveStorm!

anonymous asked:

hello! i was wondering if you're reading Storm's current series? because it's wonderful and i think you would like it a lot uwu

i really want to read storm’s solo title!!  as soon as i get paid this friday my goal is to go into manhattan on saturday with my girlfriend and ask her to come to midtown comics with me so i can pick up a paper copy of issue #1 of that book.

i’m also gonna ask my dad to pre-order me the trade as a christmas present, because i heard about the #savestorm stuff and dude, seriously, i am all over supporting storm’s solo book just because it's storm’s solo book.  ororo munroe is the best goddamn queen of everything, i’m all about that shit

(one of my fave issues of the seventies/eighties x-men comics is when the team is captured by magneto in his volcanic base and she uses her teeth and her lockpicks to get the whole team out of their restraints, she’s so cool and i love her so much)