saves dolphins in japan

When I started on tumblr I knew I will spend much time on it, so I wanted to make worth it, not just worthy of my time, but everything else. Because today we, more than anyone else, we who are young have any and every kind of entertainment to distract us from what is really important. And right now what television, internet or even books has to offers? Try, turn on your television, what you gonna see is nothing. Nothing that inspire us to change the world or even to change our own world. So today I watched this documentary, The Cove, where there is people risking your lives or your freedom to save dolphins, I know, it’s seems unworthy to lose your life for a few dolphins, but what is worthy of losing your life? You think is worthy spend the rest of your life in front a computer screen or tv waiting the death comes, without never venture, conquer, fight for your beliefs, kill your comfort zone to live at least. I don’t know where I will be in 10 months or and 10 years, but I hope, I really do hope to be serving others, no matter if I’m saving dolphins in a secluded place in Japan or in a forest or desert talking people about the gospel , but that I may be found serving. I hope to use this life, a so precious gift that God has entrusted me, to do more than just live for myself and those I know. And I wish the same for you, that you may find a reason to live, and a cause worthy dying for. I hope that, while I’m here on tumblr I can show you what is worthy living and dying for. This is my hope.