The Buried Life came to KSU today.

They came to the green and had a rally for one of the guys here, Richard, who needs a kidney transplant. It was cool to see so many students come together and support him. Not to mention, TBL donated $1,000 to help Richard’s cause.

They also put on a talk tonight. They told us how TBL got started and showed us some of what they’ve gone through to get to this point. 

They were just encouraging us to go out and achieve our dreams while we’re in college and free of most responsibilities that we’ll have later in life. Obviously, we all heard that at some point in time, but it’s so true.

These guys are inspirational. They’re just 4 normal, Canadian boys who had an idea. They took that idea and ran with it, and eventually, they found someone to support them without trying to change what they were about. They’re all hilarious. And sweet. And just seem cool and down to earth. Not to mention, for everything they cross off their list, they help a complete stranger cross something off of theirs. 

They’re just trying to do something good with their life. Gotta love it.

the buried life

came to my school today, which i normally wouldn’t care about, but this is a special cause. A boy named Richard that attends KSU has a failing kidney. His frat brothers decided they were going to do what it takes to help him, so they started tweeting #saverichard on twitter. what started out with just their frat moved to all of greek life, to all of ksu, to anyone who followed anyone from ksu. within hours it went viral. it became the third trending topic in all of atl! do you realize how amazing that is? and the buried life noticed! they flew in early, held a rally just for Richard, with lots of news reporters attending, and they donated about $1,100 to Richard, along with giving him all the exposure he needs to find a kidney. all from social media. i was just amazed last night and today by the power that we all hold at our fingertips just from social media. 

today my heart was happy. i am so proud of my student body for coming together to help this kid. so so happy.