‘We did it!’: Man who was suicidal runs marathon with the stranger who talked him down from a bridge

Jonny Benjamin, who was suicidal, managed to complete the marathon with the stranger who talked him down from a bridge when he was at his lowest point.

The two were elated as they finished the race together.

Neil Laybourne, the “stranger on the bridge”, said “what an amazing experience!” as they ran the last mile.

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Headcanon: During the earlier years of the Pevensie’s reign, Peter actually almost made an entire neighboring kingdom wage war on Narnia because he sassed and insulted it’s king terribly. The reason? Nobody knows for sure, but there is one thing people are certain about, never insult something or someone near and dear to the High King’s heart. Luckily, Edmund was there to smooth things over and apologize on Peter’s behalf even though he explicitly stated that he would “rather have his hair shaved off than apologize to that pig”.

Saber Prototype/Saver (King Arthur)

Ruler of Camelot and husband of Guinevere, Arthur was the greatest King in all of Britain. Legend states that one day he will return in the country’s greatest hour of need and become King once more.

He wielded the sword Excalibur, that sometimes replaces Caliburn as the Sword in the Stone. Along with the Knights of the Round Table and the wizard Merlin, he reunited his country and struck down those who would destroy it.

In modern times, it is hard to believe if King Arthur ever actually existed at all, and evidence points to him merely being an amalgamation of various historical figures including Lucius Artorius Castus, a Roman Military Commander and Artúr mac Áedáin, a famous Scottish hero.