Rumour about Jong Suk’s upcoming work

(Cr:  乐扒)

An insider who often shares news on Korean drama DC (ID: “fact man”) shared some probable rumours. The information he shared before about TV drama arrangements and actors had come true, so he has relatively high credibility.

(T/N: I will just translate the bit related to JS.)

Choi Ran’s new work “Saver” will be a big production of MBC in early 2016, Wed/Thurs drama slot. Choi Ran was also scriptwriter for God’s Gift- 14 Days and Iljimae. The script has been given to Lee Jong Suk for his consideration.

(Cr: Baidu via 李的泪痣)

As for “Saver”, it is a drama about rescue teams, a guy whose mother died in a tragedy involving more than 100 casualties in a truck incident in a supermarket 17 years ago, how he became a member of the rescue team in order to search for the one responsible for his mother’s death.

Also on Movie DC, it was rumoured that he will start doing a movie soon.

(Cr: xina)