YAY! I finished something! Sorry for the wait.. I stink at writing fast. For those who haven’t read them yet, I recommend you read the previous two parts to this story. Yes, this is kind of a Part 3. This and Part 2 were requested. Thank you for requesting! Sorry it took so long. Enjoy~ 

Part 1
[Can’t Always Get What You Want]
Part 2 [Rescuer] 

For the G-Dragon Biased

You were running. Running not in fear but in excitement. You had your arms out, wide open for him, your love, Jiyong. He was also running. You could see his gummy smile glimmering brilliantly on his face while heading towards you. When you both met you bounced to a stop, taking his hands in yours. You leaned against each other, as if the other were the only thing to keep you both from falling. Being so close, your lips were only mere inches apart. He moved closer. Inch by inch. Slowly. Your heart raced. Your eyes fluttered closed. You tried so hard to carve the feeling of this moment with him deep into your memory. You could barely start to feel his lips brush against yours but suddenly, you felt as if you were being pulled away from his grasp. Something or someone was calling for you, begging you to come. Come back? You knew this voice from a time in your past, but your were not sure of the exactness of it. You were sure that it terrified you. Jiyong looked scarcely worried and tried to hold on. After what felt like an extreme amount of struggling to hold on you still ended up falling. You fell and fell down into a deep dark abyss. He disappeared, everything faded into black and…

You jolted awake. You were breathing heavily and you felt a cool sweat on your forehead. You looked around. Everything seemed to be in it’s normal place. You looked at the spot next to you. Empty. You looked the other way to check your clock.

7:30 AM.

“Crap..” You said while sliding out of bed.

You were suppose to be at work by 8:00.

It has been nearly three months since that awkward morning with Jiyong. It has also been about three months since you broke up with your crazy ex-boyfriend. He never hurt you but he became threatening. Only managing to breaking a few little things such as picture frames or plates. You finally became brave enough to leave him for good. Somehow, meeting Jiyong had to be on the same day. When you think of one, you think of the other. Both put you through a spin of fear and confusion.

Oh well, you thought, Time to get ready for work.

Jiyong’s POV

He woke up on another usual morning. He noticed the sun shining through his curtains. He looked over the the empty side of his bed. The same spot where you had slept just three months prior.

Jiyong let out a sigh thinking of you. The small subtle things that seem to have always happened in his life now remind him of you. Waking up, making breakfast, simply driving his car all trigger memories of you. He only knew you for a matter of hours. Yet, your face can’t seem to escape his mind.

Upon finishing getting ready for his day of work he decided to walk there instead. The YG building was only a small distance away from where he lived. Also hoping the fresh air would help clear his mind a little of you.

He leads his way out of his home with a dark pair of sunglasses and hoodie. He looked up and enjoyed the sense of warmth from the sun that has rarely appeared in the weather recently.

As Jiyong walked along he decided to take note of his surroundings. There were various people walking about. Older couples, younger couples, a few stray people, some joggers. There was one in particular that seemed to catch his eye over everyone else. A somewhat clumsy looking girl, with stacks of paper held messily in her arms, was running towards what looked like somewhere important. Her hair was covering her face so it was impossible to see. She seemed oddly familiar though.

Almost like y… NO! Jiyong cut the thought off.

“I’m not going to think about her.” He tells himself out loud and charges on to YG without looking back.

Your POV

You let out a long sigh as you finally got to leave your office building. You were just 10 minuets late to work and your boss decides to keep you working overtime. You checked your watch and noticed the little hand pointing to somewhere after 9.

“It’s already 9 o’clock?” You ask yourself.

That means you missed your bus ride home. You worked in a part of town where not much happened so not many busses pick up there, especially later at night. The walk wasn’t horrible but after the day you had, it didn’t seem like something you’d prefer to endure.

As you walked home you started to get this odd tingling sensation on the back of your neck. It was as if someone was watching you. You decided to take a cautious look back. You didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Taking a few more steps you bumped into something. Quickly you looked forward only to end up staring into the face of a man in front of you. Your heart feels as if it were going to pound out of your chest.

It was him. And he looked angry.

Jiyongs POV

After what seemed like a pointless day, Jiyong decided to call it quits early. Yes, 9 o’clock was early for him. He hadn’t been putting in many long hard days recently. He couldn’t. His thoughts were distracted from accomplishing work and you’re to blame. Heck, he didn’t even know your name.

He gathered up his things and proceed out the door of the studio he was in. Before he could leave the room he bumps into Taeyang.

“Oh, sorry man. Didn’t see you there.” Taeyang apologizes, “Hey, I was going to ask, are you okay? Some of the guys have noticed you acting strange, including me. What happened? Are you mad at us? Because Seungri said…”

“I’m fine.” Jiyong cut him off from his rambling.

Taeyang narrows his eyes, not believing him for a second, “Okay then. Be careful on your way home.” He steps aside for Jiyong to pass.

Quickly Jiyong exits the building in his hoodie and sunglasses without any eye contact from anyone else to avoid another unpleasant accusation.

I am fine. Jiyong tells himself.

I am fine. I am fine I am fine.

Jiyongs thoughts are abruptly stopped by a.. Scream? A girls scream?

Jiyong immediately becomes alert of his surroundings, only to notice a girl unwantedly being dragged by a much larger, loud man across the street.

You. Jiyong thought.

It couldn’t be. The color of her hair, the way it laid, although messy. Her figure. Her skin tone. It was all… You.

Your POV

“You’re coming home. Home! With me!” Your ex kept shouting at you.

“Yah! What’s wrong with you?! We are over! Let me go! This is crazy!” You attempt to pry at his hands but they don’t seem to comply.

He firmly gripped both your upper arms with either hands while pushing you with his body to keep moving forward to where ever he had in mind.

“All I want is for you to come back. Why can’t you?” He attempted to reason with you as he forcefully pushed you along.

“…because I don’t love you.” You whispered, slightly scared.

Apparently he heard it because the next thing you knew he whipped you around and shoved you backward. You began to stumble and was about to fall until two more strong arms prevented you from doing so. Since you were so close to the ground your masked saver sat you down gently.


Before you could say another word your ex ripped you from Jiyong’s hold. Jiyong managed to hang on to your hand and you tried to hold on to his for dear life.

“No! No! Come back to me!” Your ex screamed crazily as if Jiyong were a mystical force pulling you from his life.

In the midst of the struggle your ex, being the stronger one yanked you away from Jiyong with all the power he had. Not only did it separate you from him but he couldn’t stop you from going farther, flying back towards a street sign. You heard a konk and hit the hard ground.

All you saw was red but you could hear your ex cry out in distress of what just happened and seemed like he’d turned his anger toward Jiyong. Scuffled, yelps and foot steps were heard. Then nothing. Nothing but black.

When you woke you found yourself on a strange but familiar uncomfortable couch. You sat up. It was morning and the sun was relentlessly shining into your tired eyes. Memories came rushing back painfully.

Then you remembered, “Jiyong!”

You stood up extremely fast only to fall back down due to dizziness and a major ache coming from your head. Probably due to a concussion. Someone had come out of a room down the hall and walked toward you with a glass of water.

“Yes?” Jiyong asks.

“You’re… okay?” You stare wide eyes at him.

Once he came closer though, you could see he had a gash on his lower lip and a bruise coming in above his eyebrow. Not to mention the giant purple spot on his arm.

“Yeah,” he replied, “I’m okay. You however need rest. I assume you have a concussion from that blow to your head.”

He reached out and brushed his fingers over a spot on your forehead. You flinched away from the sudden sting. He retreated and decided to hand you the glass of water.

You took it without hesitation. Once you finished the whole glass you noticed him staring.

“Umm…” You began, “I guess I should thank you. But, how did you…”

“I have friends.” Jiyong smiled.

Your eyes trailed around the apartment. Remembering that morning just three months ago. You to lost track of time while reminiscing when Jiyong brought you back from your trance.

“So what can I call you?”


“Your name. You never told me.”

“Oh.” You looked down just coming to this realization, “ it’s ______.”

Then there it was. That same gummy smile that you saw that morning. Your heart beat quickened with finally seeing it again. You figured now, that you’d be seeing that smile a lot more from now on.

”_____-ah.” He let your name escape his lips, “I like it.”