This is a follow-up to my original post here:

NIKKI UPDATE: NiKki’s CT scan has come back, and the results are promising!  The tumor is very large, but does not seem to be involving any of the major organs, nor has it metastasized anywhere else at this point. With surgery the entire tumor should be able to removed and Nikki is expected to make a full recovery.

Nikki’s surgery must be done as soon as possible, however we still have not raised all of the necessary funds to pay for the procedure.  Donations can still be made through Nikki’s website: or by contacting the National Academy for Dogs at 407-921-3295.

Also, from now until August 7th, I will be donating any money I make from my Etsy shop towards Nikki’s surgery cost.  Pictured above is just a small sample of some of the items I have available for sale.  you can visit my Etsy shop here:

And of course, if you are unable to donate, please help by spreading the word as much as you can.  Let’s help Nikki girl beat this nasty tumor!