“Hasu eh ri-hasu torvau tik vath. Rihagik heh hagik sutra-nosahp tik vath. Wu-vath heh pen mesprah tik vath. Pid heh neik mesutik tik vath.

Ni kup-bae’cok kau-bosh vuhlkansu rik’tha-tor fan-vel heh saven-tor rik’taran veh zhit. Sarlah vellar yut t’ko-veh heh ri-pehkau au ko-veh; trasha vellar heh kal-tor au sa’hal-tor ko-veh.

Sha’ko-veh ri-mat, heh bae’cok ri-gishat. Lu shahtau ar’kadan t’ko-veh, nem-tor ko-veh ri-pindor. Nash-po fa-wak palesh-tor ek’wak.”

“Being and non-being produce each other. Difficult and easy complement each other. Long and short define each other. High and low oppose each other.

Therefore the wise vulcan can act without doing anything and teach without saying a word. Things come her way and she does not stop them; things leave and she lets them go.

She owns without possessing, and acts without any expectations. When her work is done, she takes no credit. This is why it will last forever.”

Part 2 Of Gregory Hoover’s Surak’s Analects.

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Until Liam's new article by all accounts Louis was the spokes person of the band, this from his bandmates, Saven Kotech (former band songwriter) & Sony execs. It's one of the reasons Louis has a rep of being difficult. I feel like that Oprah gif, "so what is the truth"?

I think they both were. Liam was the diplomat and “spokesman” who had to thank the management when they won awards and mention all the certain things in interviews. Louis was the one who fought for them all. For new sound, for more solo for Niall, etc.

No creen que si a Vegetta al no agradarle la idea de subir Pokemon Go por solo buscar visitas como hacen la mayoría, borra la suposicion de que Wigetta es comercial y que solo lo hacen por las visitas y vender los libros (lo que es tonto porque todas sabemos que la historia de los libros no tiene nada que ver con su “relación” y no lo compramos por esa ídea) AZI KE, KE SAVEN HUZTETHES ANTISHIPPZ, DEGEN BYBIR ZI HUZTETHEZ NO ZAVEN NAH, NO ZAVEN NAH,PA KE BIENEN KON VOLUDEXEZ PUEH

Me fui al infinito pueh

wigetta es real

comprobado cientificamente por mi