Hey all!

I don’t know if anyone remembers this small campaign, but no matter if you do or you don’t - I have a proposition…

I am going to be meeting Amanda Tapping at Asylum in May, and I thought it would be a cool idea to let her know about the savenaomi campaign (modest as it was). I’m planning to take a print out of one of the posters to give to her - just so she knows Naomi wasn’t utterly reviled by the fandom! :)

But as I was printing the poster out I got to thinking - it would be nice if I could pass on a little more. Maybe some messages from the guys who took part in the campaign, or even just messages from anyone who loves Naomi/Amanda.

And since we have these GORGEOUS headers designed like government letterheads I thought - hey, if I collected all those messages together, I could print them out on paper headed by these letterheads, put them in a manila envelope, and it would be like a top secret file. Befitting of Naomi’s character, no?

So - for anyone who took part in the campaign, or anyone who loves Naomi/Amanda, and wants to pass on a message to her (even if that message is as simple as ‘I loved you as Naomi!’), this is my plan of action:

  • You write the message you would like sent to Amanda in the savenaomi ask box (keep it no longer than one ask please).
  • I will send you an ask in response to let you know I’ve received the message (so if you don’t get a response from me within a couple of days assume tumblr has eaten the message and send it again).
  • I will keep the ask box open from now until 11th May (the last weekend before the con)
  • Then I will print out all the messages on pages headed by the above letterhead, put them in a manila envelope along with a couple of print outs of savenaomi posters and take them to the con!

I will credit each message with the tumblr username of the sender unless you tell me otherwise (which you are welcome to do!).

I will also try and scan copies of the final pages so I can post them on the savenaomi tumblr, along with photos of the 'file’ I end up passing to Amanda, so everyone knows exactly what she received :)

And should anyone have any other ideas about something nice to include in this 'file’ just let me know, I’m open to suggestion!

After my graphics went up on the Savenaomi blog, i received a bunch of interesting replies:

  1.  a-sanguine-heart reblogged this from tsundeanre and added: do we actually know if ms. tran is dead? i want proof!

We do, unfortunately. Kevin says she is dead, in the last episode, she lists her as “a dead mom” in the casualties he had to suffer.
It is true that he assumes she is dead, like we do: because Crowley said she is.
We never see the body, nor any proof of her death, so it is possible for the writers to bring her back in the next season.
Osric Chau also said, on twitter, that she is dead, but we know how little the actors actually know about the characters future.
Amanda Tapping doesn’t know if Naomi is dead, same for Kim Rhodes and Jody, so we can assume they are together in a limbo until next season is written.

Having Linda Tran killed off scene has bothered me a lot. The character was promising and full of possibilities, she had been introduced to the story in an effective way, she wasn’t “Kevin’s mum” anymore, not just that, like in season 7. She was the woman with a secret in her past, a secret that had something to do with Kevin’s father, a secret that Crowley knew. She was the one who was not at her first tattoo and who didn’t even blink when the needle was on her, she was the one who took the initiative, hired a witch, organized a system to fight demons (faulty, and to hire Delta was not a good idea, but, hey…) and actively protected her son and herself. She was sometimes wrong, not experienced, but she was fighting back, hiding, making a difference. She was possessed (and also hit on a little bit… ) by Crowley, and then, after that, she was put in some place safe and disappeared from the story.

After all that, I felt the need of closure for Mrs. Tran story, she was not an extra or an unimportant character anymore. If you make her Kevin motivation and if you give her a personality, you make her joke, laugh, you give her lines and a background, some mysteries and secrets, if you make her a supporting character and not a side character anymore,  I need closure.
I need to know where she was, while Kevin was working on the tablet, I need to know how Crowley found her, what did he say to her and what did she say to him, I want to know how she died and if she is really dead.
And I want to see it, because killing characters off screen because it’s convenient, is sloppy writing, boys.
It means you miscalculated the space those characters were taking and now you need to tuck them away without a proper conclusion.

It’s the writer equivalent of trowing your clothes under the bed and closing the door to your room when you have guests and don’t want to tidy up properly.

  1.  archangel-bonding reblogged this from notturnofelsineo and added: Using that quote about Samandriel in HER favour is basically like campaigning for Walder Frey with a Stark-related…

And that’s exactly why I used it! ;)
I don’t like Naomi because she’s good, I don’t want her redemption, I like her as she is: bad, really, really bad. She is a fine character as she is: strong, determined, cruel, cold and without doubts until the very end. I like her because she is evil without realizing she is. 

Samandriel’s death was horrible, actually one of the worse in this season.
It was horrible because the angel was the epitome of the innocent and because his death was by the hand of a hero, our Castiel, manipulated against his will, after he said he wanted, no, he needed to save him.
And who’s fault was that? Naomi’s.
That’s a character I want to see more of!
Also, I think that Castiel would want to save her, he would need to save her, somehow, to confront her, perhaps to fight her, he also needs to have his closure moment with her.

Naomi is a strong female character, but she is not mother, love interest nor scorned, enraged virago. She is out of the usual roles and tropes and she is fascinating and strong.

I hate Naomi, please, give me more of her!