Assembling Team Europe

Jane smiled as she kissed Thor goodbye after lunch and ‘lunch.’ It had been a very productive hour. “I love you!” she called out after him, watching as he left her lab. She watched the way he walked away; the confidence in his stride complementing the relief and relaxation she’d just provided.

The scientist secured the door and sat back down at her desk. She noticed she’d received a high priority folder. Someone must have delivered it while she was in the spare room with Thor. Hopefully they hadn’t been overheard.

Reading the contents of the folder, her eyes widened. She felt her heart sink in the familiar pang of abandonment that had come to accompany anything and everything 'Indiana Jones’ in the past decade. But now Indy was in trouble.

“Oh no you don’t. Not this time. This time I’m coming after you,” she mumbled, standing. A concerned look to her emergent belly, she closed her eyes for a second. Everyone’s going to be pissed at me. Even Indy. Oh well.

Using her keys, she unlocked her bottom desk drawer and pulled out a small travel bag. She also had a few changes of clothes at the office because - well, mainly because of the lunchtime antics she enjoyed with Thor. Now she packed these clothes, along with several small pieces of scientific equipment and tracking technology and some charging devices. Her keys and phone were the last things she picked up from her desk, and as she locked up behind herself, she called Agent Braiden.

“Please pick up. Please pick up…Agent Braiden? This is Jane Foster. I’m on my way. I’ll be leaving from Connecticut in approximately four hours,” she said, whether to agent or machine. “Get me a car,” she said to one of the agents who automatically trailed her every time she left her office alone. “And once I meet up with Agent Braiden, you’re off my tail. Got it?”

A few hours later, she arrived at the familiar house in Bedford. She left her equipment in the car and instructed the agent to stay there. She ran up to the door as best she could with a somewhat protruding belly and rang the bell. And knocked, intently. “Please be here, Mutt. Please be home.” She spied a motorcycle in the driveway and had no time to deal with the cornucopia of emotions she felt every time she stood in front of this door.