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OMGOMGOMG! The story from ur anon reminds me of my new years eve kiss 3 years ago! It was from a boy who wasy friend and i didnt look at him in that way or like him at all and after that it had me thinking and i didnt talk to him but after we started talking and 3 years passed and were still together and hes the love of my life ❤️ so trust me anon, take a chance ull never know he culd turn out to be ur love too! :)

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favorite song: Mac Miller - Goosebumpz (Prod. by Diplo)

least favorite song: N/A

have i ever seen them live: No but I will for MDBP ;)

favorite part of him/her: The variety in his production

least favorite part of him/her: N/A

how many of their albums i have: 2

favorite album: Revolution EP

~ Andrew

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